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Heck I thought y’all already used “SC”. I worked with a subcontractor group from Carolina and they usually referred to USC as “SC”.
Oh big Freddy couldn’t throw an accurate pass further than 15 yards but it to 2-3 guys to take him down. Was like watching a lineman play QB.
Yeah it’s much better to buy them from a Jr college after they steal a laptop. That way we can win just one NC and over pay the worst coach we can find.
I guess the best scenario would be to go pro and if that didn’t work out AND Bama was hunting then come back to to Bama. Just like Saban. Otherwise it would come across too much as a betrayal.
For sure. I’m just glad we didn’t get shut out. I guess we’ll have to settle for an a$$ woopin and 14-1 season.
“A&M and Missouri are proving how great the SEC is lol.” That’s an interesting take on evaluating a conference. Seems a little desperate. Do you also consider how West Virginia finally became a top 10 team after it joined the Big12-ish conference? How about just waiting for the top 10 final ratings to see who has the most? Good job on beating Georgia but y’all should “act like you’ve been there” instead of trolling like UCF
He referred to them as “exhibition” not normal games which is pretty much what you described. All the things you said are true but bowl games also helped determine final rankings and gave conferences a chance to compete. It kinda of still does buts its all changing and moving more towards irrelevancy as players sit out and the playoff takes center stage.
He also said the B10 was the only conference we had a winning record against ignoring the ACC 1-0 he posts. He’s definitely an expert on how “non-believers” feel.
Connor, You never fail to show your disdain for the SEC, it’s pride and chant. I understand that it’s hard to understand the SEC pride when you grew up and graduate from a different conference. But regardless of how you and other outsiders feel the SEC is the better football conference. The and reality is that College football is an emotional venue. That’s why I prefer to watch it over the NFL. Because of that emotion any “very good” team can fall to a more emotional and driven lessor talented team. So how do you choose a “tougher” or “better” conference? There are many factors such as the “eye test”, statistics, and wins but the most convincing is consistency. The SEC has consistently had the better bowl record for decades. And sports writers and fans like you have tried to nick pick our loses or low points since I can remember. Let’s be clear the “Vegas odds” are not based on what is predicted to be an actual score difference but a number that is designed to entice someone to bet on the under dog. We can always expect a few surprise SEC loses but we can always expect to see more SEC wins. That said because of the playoffs the bowl games are loosing their importance and more elite teams will lose to under dogs as time goes forward. Sent from my iPad
I hope those injuries don’t linger mentally because they impact his accuracy significantly. But even if they do he’s a young man and will come back even stronger next year.
Yeah and it shows they don’t do it enough by the poor blocking. I miss the “run it down their throat” Bama. Georgia sure reminded me of old Saban offense.
Lol. Really? A Mississippian critiquing another states education?
Lol yeah that was not very proper. Mama is going to have something to say about it and Dad will never let it die.
My point was Kirby Smart is better than any of those that are in and around the top four rankings.
No but like Kirby’s call poor execution in these type plays is always a higher risk that neither coach should have taken.
What? Who out there is any better? GA will kick the cr@p out of Notre Dame and Ohio State and make a good game with Clemson. GAs offense was old school balance and the D line were monsters not to mention the Dbacks. Kirby out couched Saban 3/4 of the game. Jalen’s run ability made up for Sabans lack of run game calling and the D final got going late. Outside of the bad fake punt I thought Kirby out coached Saban. Fate took Tua out not Saban.
Saban’s call to block a punt that led to a penalty was not much worse. It was just got buried cause it was early in the game. Kirby saw an opportunity but it just wasn’t executed correctly.
Yeah it seemed like Kirby was coaching old Bama balanced offense and Saban was coaching PAC 12 offense. Frustrating as heck.
Awesome game! UGA and Kirby Smart are awesome - that was another classic SEC at its best. That was the National Championship game. Roll Tide!