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Nolen’s father also noted as saying that "Mullen's wife was a good kisser"... my apologizes for trolling...
I think "Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" when I hear the Omaha... man, I'm old...
I have been working from home for a year now, and I am ready to go back... its better when they buy the coffee...
beats me, I always thank him for his service and move on...
I believe I heard the Bear would take players just to keep the other teams from having them, this maybe the same case.
Best of luck to him, I hope he earns a NC ring. and some how bama doesn't..
I find it funny, that some years there are no offensive players on the team, other years there is no Defensive players on the team, and some years there Offensive & Defensive players but there is no coaching. This year it appears we have the first real coaching staff unlike any we have seen for a long time, but very few real Offensive & Defensive Players. I feel like I'm in the movie Major League, ask myself who heck are these guys?
@DieselNove, You are so correct! my feelings have been hurt to the bone. anytime I get a called red neck I go into a blind rage were I should not be held responsible for my actions, and we won't go in to what happens when I get called a Hillbilly.
When someone does something like this I doubt their Parent cares, and I would not be surprised if the Parent is defending their child because they did nothing wrong "Cus it was just a cat".
@fuzzyvol01, I have, the term Nega-Vol has been around at least 5 years.
I wish him nothing but the best of Luck... (I don't blame him for do what he thinks is best for him)
I'm Sorry, So Sorry... OSKI: they always find a way to blame the ones that have the least of anybody to do with it...
I thought Herbstreit was going to the NFL... hurry up and get going...
BYE!! Just do it! Don't let the door hit you in the @ss, Go with that feeling, You've come to far to back out now. You'll be missed(not).
You are correct there are rules, they are in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
If the People around me are afraid, then they need to go hide in their homes... no one is FORCING them to go anywhere, just don't think your going to FORCE me to stay in mine. FREEDOM!
@oldfla Amen. I'll take "Dangerous Freedom" over "Safety and Suppression" any day.
Also Jim Tomlin has shown he doesn't watch football. The Vols Linebackers are their biggest flaw.
Balance. To SDS it would not look right to have 3 east teams and only 1 west. while they remain undefeated they are contenders.