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If USC and Tennessee were to switch QBs, Tennessee would have won by 21. Hill looks to be a better passer.
Not all honesty by the way they played its about were they belong if not lower.
They did ask me for my opinion, I would have rejected the Grays if they would have.
I wonder if he'll get to play right away when he finds a new home? Good luck to him..
To say it was an open hand slap was the first thing you got wrong.
Tebow is a class act... Elway can sUck it.
Vandy IS a Founding Member of the SEC, and have every right to be in the SEC until they deiced to leave, if they ever do.
Vandy if a Founding Member of the SEC, and have every right to be in the SEC until they deiced to leave, if they ever do.
I support all the home teams, this includes Vandy when they are not playing the Vols. BUT, Vandy did this to save face, they could not find 20% before the KFlu... Its also in Dem ran Nashville.
Purina is Red and White... Your schools colors qualify, Funny I did try to find a company that used orange and white checkerboards to be humorous in a google search. maybe it would return some strange Kool-aid or something, nope it was 100% Tennessee...
I don't only blame the Democrats, The Republicans that are remaining silent about what is going on are as much a part of the machine as the Democrats, and need to be voted out too.
I wonder how long this POST will last, SDS is about censorship for the SJWs...
You must be a CityVol... I would not mess with a p!ssed off chicken. those things can be down right mean...
Amendments. 10. I would do the 5 P5 Conference Champions, then the top 7 using a BCS type system that are not Conference Champions. 11.The first round of the Playoffs should start earlier, like the first week of Bowl Season.
Dear Czar. My Votes 1.Yes 2.No 3.No 4.No 5.Yes 6.No 7.No 8.Yes 9.No,No & Heck No. 10.Yes
BigVols does not reflect the opinions of of all Vol Fans... but he has the right to have it.
I with you, I'm not going to watch it.
Do you think the Media and Government would lie to you? well they did, the Civil War was over Cotton, Tobacco & Taxes. if the Civil War was about slavery why was the Civil War in its 2nd year before the slaves were freed, and then only the slaves in the south were freed, the north got to keep theirs slaves.
I had to turn the Volume off on the Football games yesterday. due to all of ESPNs Preaching... I am sick and tiered of them call for the end of racialism without them showing any real prof of racialism. I am also surprised that SDS is letting us comment on this story, they have been locking the comments on the other BLM stories.
We really only hate each other for about 4 hours a year... if you don't count the other sports...