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I'm Sorry, So Sorry... OSKI: they always find a way to blame the ones that have the least of anybody to do with it...
I thought Herbstreit was going to the NFL... hurry up and get going...
BYE!! Just do it! Don't let the door hit you in the @ss, Go with that feeling, You've come to far to back out now. You'll be missed(not).
You are correct there are rules, they are in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
If the People around me are afraid, then they need to go hide in their homes... no one is FORCING them to go anywhere, just don't think your going to FORCE me to stay in mine. FREEDOM!
@oldfla Amen. I'll take "Dangerous Freedom" over "Safety and Suppression" any day.
Also Jim Tomlin has shown he doesn't watch football. The Vols Linebackers are their biggest flaw.
Balance. To SDS it would not look right to have 3 east teams and only 1 west. while they remain undefeated they are contenders.
You need to look to see who started talking the trash. I didn't say a thing to his "going in the right direction" post... then he wanted to talk smack to Tennessee Fans... So see you in 3 years when Arcky gets its next conference win.
Congratulations, On showing one pulsation on a 3 year flat line.
The Game is going to come down to Defense, and I personally think UGA has the better D.
The Dawgs wearing the cones is absolutely brilliant...
Hooker:"A person who willingly uses his or her talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, usually for money." it fits...
Joe, its time for you to show your colors. I am going to assuming it's Clemson Orange.
Maybe the Vols can beat the spread by 15 points... maybe... IDK...
That Victory should be good enough for the Vols to drop 2 more spots in the AP.
Impressed with the O-line... boy, its feels good to be saying that...
My heart will fail while watching a Tennessee football game.
He's the same troll we have every year, Belichick/SevenT, he just changed his Nick because he forgot his PW in the off season.
"College coach quits, leaves sign on his office door" I support this Coach... SDS is about censorship by disabling the Comments on these type of articles.
JG is good with Touch passes. but the other passes seem to be off target either high or behind the receiver.
I guess I am a bigger Vandy fan than you, I want Vandy to beat everyone but Tennessee.
If USC and Tennessee were to switch QBs, Tennessee would have won by 21. Hill looks to be a better passer.