Best Mexican Skier from the South. Wooo Pig!

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Pittman has personally stated that Arkansas will be his first and last head coaching job. He also plans to retire in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It's certainly possible he may leave, but not as likely as many other coaches in the business.
Great job, Razorbacks. Y'all play like a family... a family of Wild Hogs! WPS!!!
Looks like Mizzou was the one "taking" in this game... taking a beating that is! Wooooo Pig Soooooie!
This beatdown of Mizzou is satisfyingly tasty... Better than fried Turkey! Wooooooooo Pig Soooooooie!
Drink has a horse grill. Couple that with Mizzou's 5 in a row wins over AR, and that's why I agree with ESAD. If Drink didn't coach Mizzou, he'd probably alright in my book... WPS! Arkansas punched Mizzou in the gut and then came with the upper cut in the 2nd half. KO!
(Just a day before the 20-10 loss to Arkansas in Jerry's World) AggieRider: "Get out of here with that ***t. I’m already sick of all this Arky love." Well, the Razorback love ain't gonna end this week. Yessssir!
Where is AggiesASAP12? Where is AggieRider? Please stand up, so we can all throw tomatoes at y'all! Arkansas manhandles Texas A&M 20-10.
AggieRider, how do you like the taste of crow?... more like D!(kRider.
I hope someone falsely accuses Connor O'Gara someday. Punishment in response to accusations and without due process in a court of law is unjust. You, Conor, are an absolute disgrace.