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If I've counted correctly, Arkansas is 6-0 vs teams in the Top 10 and 6-3 vs teams 11-18 making them 12-3 vs teams in the top 18. Pretty convincing evidence they are indeed #1.
Nobody's perfect. BUT, replay is supposed to even the playing field. Just get the dang call correct. The SEC officials can't even do that right. COME ON MAN!
Why can't the public find out who the refs are? I know fans would probably go crazy, but there should be a roster of officials without their contact/personal information. What if the same refs called the Arkansas/Auburn game and the Ole Miss/Auburn games? There's gotta be a way to find out, right? And don't forget Auburn got a beneficial call in the Kentucky game as well. It's not all about the refs, but these bad and non-reviewed calls toward the END of the game can't be overcome. Best Conference. Worst Refs.
This year's game is actually in College Station
Seems like the Hogs are getting more commitments, but sure seems like all of them are of the 3 star variety. Is this helping or just filling the roster? Just wondering.
Maybe if the SEC would move Arkansas-LSU back to Thanksgiving weekend there might be a a better turnout in LR. That game was always exciting even if both teams were dismal. Don't expect Arkansas fans to show up for a game with Missouri in LR, Fayetteville or Columbia. It's just not that big a game for the Hogs. I know they have not beaten MO in a while, but it's just not a rival, regardless of how the SEC is trying to force one. Bring back LSU to LR every other year. That was a real rivalry game that brought out hte best in both teams at the end of the year.
Once again Arkansas gets no respect. Obviously Alabama is #1, but the Hogs gotta be no lower than #3 in this list.