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He does define his metric: "in terms of top to bottom depth" is the metric, which I agree on. If you were to look for the best chance of winning the SEC outright, LSU, Alabama, and likely Auburn vs Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky, then yes the west is stronger.
People said the same stupid crap about Urban Meyer when he won his last NC, now look at him. Not that Dabo will end up like Meyer, but the conversation is moot until one of the other coaches working today wins another 4 or 5 NCs.
The hypocrisy of Mullen's quote is the reason, dumbass. How is it better for FU's QB to stick around for only 3 months, when Fields waited a year before transferring? I don't understand the lack of logic in you gators, but that's been consistent my entire life so I shouldn't be surprised that you have the dumbest fanbase in the country.
No, just the hypocrisy of talking smack then turning around to have it slap him in the face. We'll see you in October, with Mullen shaking in his boots.
You're right, Fields actually stayed for a year, competed, then left when he couldn't break out. Jones left after just spring training, hinting at some problem(s) other than just being buried under the depth chart. Which is worse?
This article should have been Georgia fans not happy with Tom Crean. Let's see that story.
UGA has at least some talent, but the problems are stupid, fundamental things. The ridiculous number of turnovers has been a consistent problem, and that's all on Crean.
You fail to mention that Terrell Davis was also a UGA alum.
And your points lack any context. The point is, players get paid in incentives/benefits, which do hold monetary value. I paid roughly $150,000 in student loans, which was used to pay for food, housing, books, tuition, fees, transportation, and tutors. These are costs that no scholarship student athlete needs to worry about. If you want to pay them, fine, but they should do away with scholarships and give stipends, then force them to pay for everything. Then we'll see how many people gripe about being paid, but having to spend their money on the same thing we non-athletes have to.