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Quality journalism once again, SDS staff. Podlesney’s career long is 51, not 49, he kicked the game winner against Cincinnati in 2020. A quick google search would have helped…
Auburn used to steal all those Columbus kids from UGA (DeMarcus Curry, Dell McGee, Chris Shelling, etc).
I would love to see an actual debate between Hayes and someone else on NIL just to see if he can make any reasoned arguments to defend it that stands up to the least bit of scrutiny.
“All because 19-22 year olds now get a piece of the action.” Are you serious? Players were compensators with free training, free education, free healthcare, free nutritionists, free food, free housing, free school supplies, free tutoring, free transportation, and the opportunity to compete for an NFL slot, but they were poor exploited unpaid workers. You people need to come up with another line. On top of this tired schtick, you’re being willfully ignorant of the serious detrimental effects that an unregulated NIL will have on college football (along with the “transfer anywhere on a whim and play immediately” portal). You clearly either have a bias that is clouding your vision or you want to fundamentally change the game we all love so much to make it unrecognizable.
Just googled his name, no Dawgs sites have published articles about offering a 3 star player. They don't typically publish articles about offering 4 star players, either, in my experience. Curious why Grant Bricker didn't just say "3 Star Player Offered Scholarships from Multiple SEC Schools," I guess he realizes only Florida fans would get excited about their school offering a scholarship to a 3 star prospect...
Yeah, gatorfan8115, you're showing off your UF education here. I didn't say that they didn't offer him, I'm saying they wouldn't report it because it's not news for UGA. We already have too many articles about 4 and 5 star recruits, why waste time publishing one about an offer (not even a commitment) to a 3 star player?
Pretty sure you won’t find any dawg reporters writing articles about his offer…
Slow news day, huh? If Florida’s really, really lucky, they may just snag this big fish. He may rather go to UCF, though…
"Hey, someone put out a list of coaches. I'll write 5 sentences, publish it on the website, and then watch the clicks." Lazy "journalism," at least you could go through the top 25 and give an actual opinion.
“Conservative decision at quarterback 2018-2020?” You mean playing the quarterback that performed the best and outplayed an arguably more talented but poorer performing quarterback in 2018 who then left? This has been debunked so many times, it’s honestly funny when hacks like Hayes bring it up. You don’t play a quarterback you think will play more poorly than another just because they have a stronger arm or better running ability, you play who you think gives you the best chance to win the game. Fromm had very good stats 2018 and flat outplayed Fields in practice and games. Pretty sure if Hayes wasn’t a Florida alum he wouldn’t be beating this dead horse. Oh, 2021 was so sweet!
Yeah, real smart take there, “poppy kicker,” Georgia was named after George II, who was dead by the time the Revolutionary war started. Florida literally means “full of flowers” in Spanish. Don’t throw rocks in glass houses…
What the hell are you talking about? Trolls crawl out of the woodwork hard after getting their assess kicked over here...
What game was he watching? Young played like a Heisman winner, he had one bad pass. He was harried all game, still throwing dimes falling on his tail that should've been caught. Blame his O line and give credit to UGA's front 7.
That's the state of college football announcing these days: special interest stories that have to be crammed in the middle of games to push emotional stories to the detriment of calling the game on the field. The only people who seem able to do proper color commentating now are Blackledge and Danielson.
The best color commentator in college football? Herbstreit? Todd Blackledge is worlds better than anyone broadcasting now, with Gary Danielson in a distant second. This isn't an indication that Danielson is any good, it's just that everyone else is so terrible. Trying to listen to Jordan Rodgers fumble his way through his 14th special interest story during a close game in the 4th quarter where he's used his telestrator for all of four combined seconds is what you get from the vast majority of announcers these days, if it's not straight up race baiting from RG3.
Matt Hayes is so clueless and off base. Pretend this year is 12 team playoff… anyone think that Alabama and Georgia don’t beat everyone they face by 20 points and meet in the final anyway? If anything, this year should be a resounding cry that there SHOULDNT be a playoff expansion, otherwise the top 3-4 every year will be all SEC
This is a stupid take. When you look at common opponents Georgia handled Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, and Auburn all without issue (they were each verifiable blowouts). 'Bama struggled against Florida, Arkansas, and almost lost outright to Auburn with a hobbled 2nd string QB, and gave up significantly more points to Tennessee.
Well, if you’re advocating for race-based hiring like RG3 is, you have to ignore all the white head coaching no candidates. Leaves a pretty bare cupboard, huh?
Well, the broadcast was pushing race-based hiring, so their garbage opinions match their garbage crew.
The guy’s first name is Scott, not Steve.
Stubborn loyalty? It was his terrible post game interviews and losing the locker room that did it. If he gives the right answers after games, he’s still the head coach. Mullen can blame his ego, not his “loyalty.”
So you moved OSU, who lost to an Oregon team that just got shellacked by a three loss Utah and had their first comfortable win in over a month against a power 5 team, over a Georgia team with zero losses that has handled every team they’ve faced easily. Yeah, you’re either a provocateur or a moron.
Harrison is currently a 3 star prospect and is listed as the 100th cornerback and 1,051st player nationally. Who cares?
Are you seriously giving the selection committee flak for leaving Cincinnati out? The Cincinnati that should have been beaten by a terrible Tulsa? Tell me anyone in the top 5 that Cincinnati has a chance of beating on a neutral field. Schedule matters, otherwise bring on SMU and Wake Forest.
How are you so wrong on every single one?
No, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. If we go by your assertion, then there would be a substantial number (5%) of all those accused of rape that would go to jail as innocent men. It's better for 100 guilty men to go free than one innocent man to go to jail. If you disagree, consider if you were that innocent man.
I don’t understand this take. Kentucky, a very solid team that also beat Florida this year, lost to UGA in similar fashion. It’s gonna take an elite team to do anything against them. I think he’s on the hot seat if he turns in a similar season next year, or if he falls flat in another game this year, but this loss is perfectly reasonable.