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Yeah, this is a pretty stupid article. No one has had the WR talent that Alabama has fielded for the past 3 years, including the best player in all college football this past year. Not overtaking them any time soon.
This is ridiculous. The Crusades were in response to a violent invasion of Muslim nations, you have to remove all context for this to fit the narrative they are pushing. These people have no clue about history.
The people on the cover were already graduated, they have never used an image of an underclassman on the cover, so he could still be there.
Please, that would be awesome. I didn't even know Martinez was still coaching. He managed to be worse than Grantham...
Including Rhule in that tweet removes all context from his career at Baylor. He started 1-11, then was 7-6 with a bowl win, then he went 11-3 with a Sugar Bowl loss. That's a pretty impressive job.
Another SDS writer that willfully ignores that not only did CKS say that JT was cleared but not physically ready, but that JT's dad also enthusiastically thanked CKS and UGA for waiting until his kid was healthy enough before putting him in a game. The kid was coming off a serious injury and still wasn't game ready, at this point it seems like you have an agenda with the constant second-guessing of Kirby Smart.
Uh, mostly it's people hear stupid kids talking about something they seem to know nothing about since they're only parroting talking points they hear on television. Talking about the "systemic injustices" of our country yet being unable to defend their opinions when scrutinized by discerning voices.
What a stupid article. Tennessee has and always will have the potential to be a national power, all they lack is the right leadership in their program. Sure, it will be hard as hell to get to the level of Georgia or Florida, and almost impossible to get to the level of Alabama, but to sit at your keyboard with Cheeto-stained fingers and type such a declarative statement isn't just stupid and insulting, it's unprofessional.
The willful ignorance of the staff writers for this terrible website with regards to JT Daniels' recovery from a terrible injury is astounding. The kid's own father came out and said that his son wasn't physically ready to play after he was medically cleared to do so. But what can you expect from a bunch of Florida alums with a clear bias.
Your take on opting out is ridiculous. Kirby Smart coached at Alabama for over ten years, helped them win multiple championships, then decided to stay on to help win them another championship prior to moving on to coach at his alma mater. How in the hell is that any way comparable to a player quitting on his team for the final game of the season? Opting out is quitting, just with a nicer connotation.
That reads as "We're putting out this statement to curb any criticism of our program and pretend like we're actually doing something about this, but you'll all forget after a couple of weeks and nothing will come of this."
Mullen is the king of passing the buck. When his idiot player throws a shoe, his response is "I didn't see it, I guess that's a penalty" instead of "that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen a player do, that's not how we do things here." It's not a surprise that he's making excuses.
Maybe if you morons stop pretending that "opting out" is anything other than quitting and give it the proper connotation it deserves (like, that it's selfish when you consider the money the university has spent on these players to feed, educate, house, care for, and prepare them for the NFL and they refuse to play one final game with their team because they're scared of getting hurt).
I'm surprised you guys aren't yelling at CKS to play all these injured players and lamenting the chances lost by not doing so. That's what you've done w/ JT.
If you want to assert that he's biased, why are you showing a bunch of no name tweets instead of clips of what he's being criticized about? A good journalist would source their criticisms, but I guess one can't hope to find good journalism on this site.
Nice straw man. No one said he owes the rest of his life to UGA, but sticking around for the rest of the season, practicing with the team, no maybe gaining some experience is warranted at least.
How is it a "huge commitment" if you can leave penalty free after a single day? I have a contract with my employer and can't just up and leave on a whim.
How does that make any sense? TAMU beat UF head to head, they deserve the higher spot.
Um, I will fault him. He got free housing, free education, free healthcare that included life saving diagnostics and procedures, free food, and free training. I think plenty of people are sick of kids transferring mid-year, running from program to program instead of sticking it out.
Alternate headline: key Kentucky defender decides to abandon his team and quit with only a few games left in the season.
Her improvement: she started by kicking it only 20 yards, now it goes 30 yards.
What a ridiculous headline. Urban Meyer won a NC in his second year, the only way Mullen would be able to say he was off to a better start would be to have already won a NC. Clickbait bs.
Interesting take, seeing as how Mullen makes a beeline past the refs in order to yell at the players. He doesn't turn his full attention to the refs until one of his staffers grabs him and pulls him back.
Rodgers also said Bo Nix would throw for 4 touchdowns against UGA. He's one of the worst symptoms of terrible announcing that's raging across college football right now.
Umm... DeSantis has significantly better numbers on Covid19 than any other similarly populous state. California and New York have had far higher infection and death rates than Florida, he's actually done one of the best jobs in the country.
How about we don't ascribe any positive or negative virtue to allowing individuals to determine their own risk and decide accordingly. So far Florida has such staggeringly low Covid rates compared to other similar populous states, I would be willing to trust the governor's judgement at this point. Let the people make decisions about their own lives whether or not they want to attend the game, you can't make their decisions for them (as much as you would like to). Thankfully we live in America where (usually) we get to choose our own risks.