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Rodgers also said Bo Nix would throw for 4 touchdowns against UGA. He's one of the worst symptoms of terrible announcing that's raging across college football right now.
Umm... DeSantis has significantly better numbers on Covid19 than any other similarly populous state. California and New York have had far higher infection and death rates than Florida, he's actually done one of the best jobs in the country.
How about we don't ascribe any positive or negative virtue to allowing individuals to determine their own risk and decide accordingly. So far Florida has such staggeringly low Covid rates compared to other similar populous states, I would be willing to trust the governor's judgement at this point. Let the people make decisions about their own lives whether or not they want to attend the game, you can't make their decisions for them (as much as you would like to). Thankfully we live in America where (usually) we get to choose our own risks.
"Could the Saints be marching down to Baton Rouge?" No, because New Orleans is about 30 miles south of Baton Rouge. Not unless they plan on circumnavigating the globe.
On the fourth down run, a side step to the right would have led him easily into the end zone.
What a lazy way to write an article. Instead of watching the interview and writing it out using the appropriate quotes, you write one paragraph and then just link a bunch of tweets. Such sorry work.
Yeah, that's why his Covid numbers are so much better than New York and California.
Herd immunity is a myth? Sorry, I'm a Dr. and that is 100% wrong. Sweden does have a higher mortality rate (6% vs 2%), but they have half the number of infections and their testing is nowhere near as extensive as the US'. Approximately 2% of the American population total has been infected, compared to 1% of Sweden. Only 1% population infected with zero social distancing...
I mean, right off the bat your article is wrong. Jackson had 10 steps on the closest Auburn defender. A "perfect strike" would have resulted in an easy touchdown, but instead Jackson had to slow down for an underthrown ball that he was lucky to catch. There's a serious problem with a lot of people in sports media who immediately start hyping up the storylines week in and week out. Try being objective and not hyperbolic in your descriptions.
There's no medical reason to wear a mask when separated by 6ft from anyone not in your household per the CDC. The seats are 6ft apart.
There's no medical reason to wear masks as long as you have 6ft of separation, per the CDC. Go Karen somewhere else.
Auburn has scored 4 touchdowns only once in the past 7 years against UGA.
Rodgers is a total moron. I don't see Nix scoring more than two touchdowns against Georgia's defense unless it's a total collapse.
An Open Letter to SDS I have been a fan of this website for a long time, checking it daily for years. Unfortunately, there is a disturbing trend I have noticed on your website: strangling the discourse on certain articles. One of the most important things in America is the free exchange of ideas, the ability to debate and discuss. Sure, some of the discourse can be “toxic,” but shutting out everyone from the conversation just because of a minority of opinions (that could be moderated, anyway) seems more like you don’t want to have your opinions challenged, or that you’re too scared of criticism to be open with your fans. This is a service, you are not necessary, so removing the ability of fans to discuss articles on your website will only hurt you in the long run as we move to other, more open and less political websites. This letter is directly in response to your previous article: “‘I don’t feel like any progress has been made.’ On the past, present, and future of Black coaches in positions of power in the SEC.” Immediately from the name of the article, this is a political article. Pushing the “power dynamics” argument for disparity between races is a common tactic of left wing pundits. You list the few black head coaches we have had in the SEC, while also listing the overall number of black coordinators and coaches in the league as it relates to population demographics (a terribly flawed metric, but we’ll address that soon). You bemoan the lack of any additional black head coaches, quoting Croom and Malzan as stating that there are many great candidates, but you fail to mention a single instance during an opening at a head coaching job where a black coach was overlooked for a white coach (either fairly or unfairly). Basing your reporting on facts and empirical evidence instead of quotes and demographic statistics, one would expect you to discuss the last few hires in the SEC and find black coaches that would be better hires than Mike Leach, or Lane Kiffin, or Jimbo Fisher, or Dan Mullen, or Kirby Smart, or even Will Muschamp at USC. Instead of analyzing any of these hires from the last 5 years, you make vague statements insinuating that black coaches aren’t getting the chances to be coordinators or head coaches. You also fail to list any of the coordinators that were hired to head coaching jobs outside of the SEC (Mel Tucker to Colorado State, for example). Another instance of failure in this article is the lack of evaluation of the performance of these black SEC head coaches. You fail to mention that the only successful hire of any of these men was Franklin, with Sumlin having some success to a lesser extent. As head coaches: Croom was 21-38, Phillips was 13-24, Mason is 26-46, Franlkin was 24-15, and Sumlin was 44-21. Franklin left for a better coaching job after turning a perennial bottom feeder to an upset machine that routinely beat Tennessee, Sumlin was fired after four straight years of mediocrity, and the rest all had abysmal careers as head coaches. Ignoring the facts that the majority of these men were terrible hires as you push for more black coaching hires is glaring, making it clear that you have a bias. Your lack of any better alternative or any suggestions to fix the “problem” is also glaring. You, like so many other in the media today, point out a discrepancy, give it zero context or nuance, and declare that this is something that we should “do better,” usually to make yourself look more virtuous. I am writing this letter for a few reasons. No doubt it will be taken down shortly after I post it, but hopefully some of you will read it before that happens. Identity politics will only harm our beloved sport. Pushing partisan politics into everything and then shutting down the debate will only harm this website. There is absolutely room for articles questioning race relations in the sport, but they shouldn’t be one-sided hack jobs with little to no empirical evidence. They should be opinion pieces that are supported by substantial facts, where every side of every argument is analyzed and honestly considered. Thanks, a fan
I'm sorry, placing Jacob Eason over DJ? DJ could arguable be over both him and Stafford, since if it wasn't for an injury UGA could have been a one loss team. DJ took his team to the SEC championship, won it, and was SEC champion MVP. Eason got put out by Fromm, tucked tail, and fled to Washington where he had a sub-par career (even for Washington).
Interesting that you report that the presidents and chancellors' votes, but neglect to mention that the athletic directors unanimously supported starting the season.
They receive free housing, free education, free tuition, free gym, free training, free tutoring, free food, free medical care, free transportation, and a chance to make millions of dollars in the right system. Seems like they get what they are owed and then some.
There is a 0.2% chance that someone under the age of 60 will die from Covid-19 if infected. There is a 0.9% chance that you will die from a vehicle accident. These kids are almost 5 times as likely to die on the way to practice than they are getting the coronavirus. This is utterly ridiculous.
When was the last SEC title for Florida? What was the score to the cocktail party the last 3 years?
Don't read 1984, it will scare the britches off of you. Incredibly eerie how things like decrying wrongthink and constant surveilance of your behavior are becoming the norm.
I mean, he's saying the same thing I have been for the last 2 years.
Why don't you take Gene Chizik and Chris Doering, we can do without them...
Um, wtf are you talking about. Everyone in America agrees that this cop should be fired, arrested, and be imprisoned for murder. No one is debating that. The debate is that this isn't a symptom of systemic racism, it's a tragic event that is an outlier and not systemic. The facts of the matter are: 9 unarmed black men were shot in 2019, 19 unarmed white men were shot in 2019. Comparing actual confrontations with police (instead of overall population in the US), you are more likely to be shot in a confrontation if you are white than black. Statistics don't lie.
All must bow at the altar of wokeness. If you haven't committed a racist hate crime, then you must donate to BLM or some other equally woke group to ensure that you follow the tenets of PC.
So now we have a college football team, full of people whose brains haven't fully developed yet, that get to hold a team hostage because their coach hasn't knelt at the altar of wokeness to profess his sins strongly enough yet. How can a coach lead a team when the players have all the power? This is how college football dies.
There is no way in hell that anyone could take any list like this seriously if you're ranking Mullen ahead of Smart. Smart's played for a NC, won an SEC 'ship, and is SEC east champs 3 years running. Not only that, but the most important factor is that Smart has beaten Mullen in each of their matchups, 2 by landslides. You can make yourself do mental gymnastics to justify it, but the facts don't change: Mullen hasn't beaten Smart, how can he be the better coach?
Somebody stands on my doorstep and threatens to kill me, they're catching a bullet. He better be glad he wasn't shot.
Who the hell would want to wade down to Gainesville that wasn't already stuck in that crappy school?