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They receive free housing, free education, free tuition, free gym, free training, free tutoring, free food, free medical care, free transportation, and a chance to make millions of dollars in the right system. Seems like they get what they are owed and then some.
There is a 0.2% chance that someone under the age of 60 will die from Covid-19 if infected. There is a 0.9% chance that you will die from a vehicle accident. These kids are almost 5 times as likely to die on the way to practice than they are getting the coronavirus. This is utterly ridiculous.
When was the last SEC title for Florida? What was the score to the cocktail party the last 3 years?
Don't read 1984, it will scare the britches off of you. Incredibly eerie how things like decrying wrongthink and constant surveilance of your behavior are becoming the norm.
I mean, he's saying the same thing I have been for the last 2 years.
Why don't you take Gene Chizik and Chris Doering, we can do without them...
Um, wtf are you talking about. Everyone in America agrees that this cop should be fired, arrested, and be imprisoned for murder. No one is debating that. The debate is that this isn't a symptom of systemic racism, it's a tragic event that is an outlier and not systemic. The facts of the matter are: 9 unarmed black men were shot in 2019, 19 unarmed white men were shot in 2019. Comparing actual confrontations with police (instead of overall population in the US), you are more likely to be shot in a confrontation if you are white than black. Statistics don't lie.
All must bow at the altar of wokeness. If you haven't committed a racist hate crime, then you must donate to BLM or some other equally woke group to ensure that you follow the tenets of PC.
So now we have a college football team, full of people whose brains haven't fully developed yet, that get to hold a team hostage because their coach hasn't knelt at the altar of wokeness to profess his sins strongly enough yet. How can a coach lead a team when the players have all the power? This is how college football dies.
There is no way in hell that anyone could take any list like this seriously if you're ranking Mullen ahead of Smart. Smart's played for a NC, won an SEC 'ship, and is SEC east champs 3 years running. Not only that, but the most important factor is that Smart has beaten Mullen in each of their matchups, 2 by landslides. You can make yourself do mental gymnastics to justify it, but the facts don't change: Mullen hasn't beaten Smart, how can he be the better coach?
Somebody stands on my doorstep and threatens to kill me, they're catching a bullet. He better be glad he wasn't shot.
Who the hell would want to wade down to Gainesville that wasn't already stuck in that crappy school?
I wanted to comment on O'Gara's newest article about Mike Leach's tweet, but the comment section appears to have been disabled so I'll comment here instead. Such a pedantic, weak argument for people who are so ready to be outraged that they pounce on a freaking "wife can't stand husband" joke. What a total tool. In the article you state everyone is entitled to their opinion, then why disable the comments? What a freaking pansy. If a player leaves because of a joke, then they don't have the mental fortitude to handle real life, maybe not even college (though college kids are so protected from anything "offensive" now that it's a wonder they can even survive after school ends).
Whew, this aged well... even though it was already a pretty stupid article. How is Florida's #7 ranked class making up the distance when not only is UGA bringing in the #1 class this year, but has been head and shoulders above FU for the past 4 years with two #3 and one #1 class?
The point is it doesn't protect you from getting suspended or fired, your employer should have every right to fire you for whatever reason.
This aged well. Just like all those great "Phillip Fulmer will fire Jeremy Pruitt and take over as head coach" articles. Speculative fiction belongs in the bookstore, not on the sports sites.
I know you're flying high on the Iron Bowl win, and you're an Auburn fan to boot so you're intelligence is somewhere in the mid-60's, but it's clear he's being hypothetical and isn't saying this is going to happen. Think before you post.
What a strange headline. How about we hold the standard that no one should get death threats? The wording seems to imply that someone deserves death threats, which is just ridiculous.
I'm pretty sure the lesson is "Don't Cheat!" Seems pretty simple. So as long as no one currently at the school actually cheated, they could've been cheating for over a decade and not expect punishment? It's not the players, it's the school that's penalized. Players are welcome to transfer to wherever they want. This is like getting upset that Penn State was punished if Sandusky hadn't worked there for 5 years prior to being indicted.
I don't know if this is a very good take. Mike Bobo had great success with pro-style offenses, many years he had averages of 35-42 points/game with a similar offense. The problem is the play calling and execution, not the style of offense.
Players already get paid: tuition, housing, meal plans, medical care, tutors, transportation. All these are included and expensive.
Another enjoyable article. Connor, you're the only reason to keep coming back to this site.
Felipe has serious problems when the opposing teams are able to generate any kind of pressure. Against an inferior this past weekend Franks had great stats, but most of his long throws were after huge amounts of time sitting in the pocket. He won't get that against Kentucky. Florida wins if their defense plays lights out. If Kentucky can get more than 24 points, I think they win.
I mean, did you watch the games? Mond kept missing receivers, Burrow made extremely accurate throws (that dagger to end the game he was almost smothered with defenders). Clearly the more accurate passer: even if he was playing against a weaker defense, his passes were on the mark even when pressured.
It’s not hard to have an amazing stat line when you’re widouts are uncovered. If you watch the games (instead of just checking the stats after the fact) you would see at least 5 if not 10 yards of separation for each td throw. You won’t see that against most sec defenses.
I think his "emotions" and "antics" are him running to the sideline and talking to fans, looking for the cameras as soon as he's made a play. Guy is immature.