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This is a stupid take. When you look at common opponents Georgia handled Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, and Auburn all without issue (they were each verifiable blowouts). 'Bama struggled against Florida, Arkansas, and almost lost outright to Auburn with a hobbled 2nd string QB, and gave up significantly more points to Tennessee.
Well, if you’re advocating for race-based hiring like RG3 is, you have to ignore all the white head coaching no candidates. Leaves a pretty bare cupboard, huh?
Well, the broadcast was pushing race-based hiring, so their garbage opinions match their garbage crew.
The guy’s first name is Scott, not Steve.
Stubborn loyalty? It was his terrible post game interviews and losing the locker room that did it. If he gives the right answers after games, he’s still the head coach. Mullen can blame his ego, not his “loyalty.”
So you moved OSU, who lost to an Oregon team that just got shellacked by a three loss Utah and had their first comfortable win in over a month against a power 5 team, over a Georgia team with zero losses that has handled every team they’ve faced easily. Yeah, you’re either a provocateur or a moron.
Harrison is currently a 3 star prospect and is listed as the 100th cornerback and 1,051st player nationally. Who cares?
Are you seriously giving the selection committee flak for leaving Cincinnati out? The Cincinnati that should have been beaten by a terrible Tulsa? Tell me anyone in the top 5 that Cincinnati has a chance of beating on a neutral field. Schedule matters, otherwise bring on SMU and Wake Forest.
How are you so wrong on every single one?
No, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. If we go by your assertion, then there would be a substantial number (5%) of all those accused of rape that would go to jail as innocent men. It's better for 100 guilty men to go free than one innocent man to go to jail. If you disagree, consider if you were that innocent man.
I don’t understand this take. Kentucky, a very solid team that also beat Florida this year, lost to UGA in similar fashion. It’s gonna take an elite team to do anything against them. I think he’s on the hot seat if he turns in a similar season next year, or if he falls flat in another game this year, but this loss is perfectly reasonable.
Well, when you've been hearing about how Mullen is a better coach than Smart despite a head-to-head losing record and no division championships in your career you should expect dog fans to pile on. I don't know how many times I've read articles on this UF homer site that pushed the ridiculous assumption that Mullen was the better coach over the past 3 years.
I'm sorry, but what film were you watching? Fromm outplayed Fields significantly during his time at UGA. Fromm may not have been as athletically skilled, but Fields didn't know how to run our offense. Don't compare the Fields at OSU to the one at UGA, they're two different players with significantly different offenses and levels of experience.
Luke Fickell is the guy, no other candidate should be pursued until he says yes or no.
This is laughable. At Clemson Dabo has a great school, excellent recruiting, and (most importantly) a schedule that is nothing but cupcakes. Why would he take what is at best a lateral move to join the same division as Alabama, A&M, Auburn, and Ol Miss? He would have to be stupid, which he isn’t.
I'm someone smart enough not to throw a punch at a guy in a helmet. I'm someone who doesn't physically assault someone during a football game. You know, a normal intelligent human being, not a thug.
I think you mean Tennessee is used to dealing with adversity, if they were used to overcoming it then they wouldn't be SEC bottom-dwellers for the past decade.
But he does have big lips...
To further my point: with 1:07 left in the 1st half, they go for it again on 4th down. LSU has only one deep safety and he's covering the right half of the field, man coverage is left across the board. Three seconds after the ball is snapped, Nix has a clean pocket and only needs to lob a touch pass for his running back on a wheel route that will be not only wide open by the time the ball reaches him, but no one defending the left side of the field and should be an easy run in for the touchdown. Instead, Nix holds on to the ball and starts scrambling before the pocket even collapses, holding the ball for an additional 8 seconds for a harder throw for the first down. Not only is he incredibly lucky to not have a turnover on downs, but he also should have had a touchdown if he read the defense, stepped up in the pocket, and made a relatively easy throw.
These kneejerk reactions to Bo Nix are hilarious. In the video you use, starting at 7 seconds and extending for three solid seconds, Jarquez Hunter is wide open for an easy toss and first down and Bo is looking right at him. Instead, he holds onto the football for an additional 4 seconds and is almost tackled 3 times (should have been tackled). This was not a good play. 99/100 times this play would have resulted in a sack and turnover on downs, but thanks to Bo's athleticism and LSU's inept tackling and inability to contain it's instead a miraculous play. Georgia's linemen and 'backers are stronger, faster, and more sure tacklers than LSU's. These plays won't go Auburn's way, and seeing how plays like these were the only way Auburn was able to score, I wouldn't be surprised with another shutout. It's baffling to me how people here just look at a stat line and make expectations based off that instead of using your eyes watching the actual games. Bo was the same Bo he always has been this past Saturday, there was no sudden maturation or epiphany between last week and this week. People will be clamoring for TJ Finley again in 2-3 weeks.
Arkansas was one of the leading rushing offenses in the country. Did you use their offensive ranking before or after the game to try to diminish what UGA's offense has done? If you chose the ranking post-UGA, obviously they're going to drop because we held them to zero points and only 160 yards of total offense. But, of course, UGA "hasn't played anybody" still.
No way Notre Dame should be ranked ahead of Arkansas.
He had nothing to do with it? Mistakes and penalties, when they're that consistent, are entirely due to preparation. That's the head coach's job. Not to mention the "interesting" play calling. QB runs up the middle worked pretty well most of the game, Jones almost ran one in during one of the false starts, but they immediately go away from that.
Not surprised these Florida homers didn’t even have a single picture of Florida fans. I wonder: were they too lazy to scan their Twitter feed long enough to find a single picture, or too embarrassed?
It’s embarrassing that we have by far the best conference in the country while also having by far the worst officiating. Not only this year, but for the past decade.
We’ve had to put up with about four off seasons of 1980 jokes from this site, many of whom are Florida alumni, and are clearly biased against UGA (have you ever seen them making 1939 jokes about Texas A&M’s last championship?). I just want to see some crow eaten.
Yeah, this is a stupid comment. 2017 and 2018 Georgia defenses had Alabama on the ropes and were only a play or two away from winning. This defense is Berliner than the 2017 version.