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This is an incredibly stupid question. Jimbo Fisher won a nattie, UGA won a conference title, the rose bowl, and were a play away from a championship with Smart.
Worth noting that they played cover two almost exclusively to shut down Lock, so they would have played a lot softer against the run. UGA hasn't played a lot of cover 2 all year, so that certainly contributes to the running lanes.
Yes, let's stop trying to cure this terrible disease. These people don't understand that without animal testing, the cure for Polio, small pox, and hundreds of other diseases would never have been discovered.
Maybe firing another 150 employees will help them get their act together...
Funny how not a single doctor was at this panel, I'm sure they neglected to reference any relevant research material, too.
How did Alabama pass this "eye test" better than UGA? They both beat a two loss SEC foe 24-10. LSU's best win was against Auburn, USC's against NC State. LSU's worst loss was to Troy, USC lost to Kentucky and A&M. UGA had 438 yards of offense and gave up 270. Alabama went 299 and gave up 306. UGA had a +1 turnover differential, Alabama was -1. UGA had 26 first downs, USC had 14. Alabama had 14 first downs and gave up 16. You get paid to write articles online about football, how about you actually cover stats instead of making knee-jerk reactions based on a preconceived bias for Alabama.
As many ties to Florida as Dan Mullen has, the difficulty coaching there seems like it would be a turnoff. Tennessee, having the rough Jones and Dooley years, would probably be a much nicer atmosphere.
Those pants are way too white. Everyone in Tuscaloosa will be able to see the moment they crap themselves.
A member of my immediate family was actually in rehab with Davis over the summer. Dude had serious drug problems (heroine and opioids) that the school pretty much enabled until it got so bad he had to do a rehab stint. So it was probably the drugs that got him kicked out...
He's probably just advising on what uniforms to wear this weekend. You know, because it's so important.
4 years ago, if someone at ESPN had said that Barack Obama hates white people, they would've been fired immediately. This ridiculous double standard is why ESPN is losing so much viewership.
Really? You're going to try and throw out last years score? I would much rather get beat by a last second hail mary than take a 41-nuthin' ass whuppin up and down the field. Good luck finding a coach that doesn't suck harder than Vince Dooley.
Watching the highlight from the Miss St game and comparing it to the one in Knoxville, I'm amazed at how much better our field turf is in Athens. Huge chunks of turf fly after the first play from scrimmage in Neyland, and the field still looks pristine after a full game in Athens. Vols should be ashamed of themselves, how can you aspire to be an elite program with a MAC turf management team?
What a douche. I swear this guy looks like he has an extra chromosome...
I'm sorry, I was expecting a modicum of professionalism from someone who's sole job is to know about Georgia football. Go nurse your ass whuppin for the rest of the week, you'll probably get a few more in Rocky Top this year...
Ryan, your bio says that you cover Georgia football. How the hell can you mistake Chubb for a 5th year senior, he's the biggest star on the team, get your facts straight. How the hell can he be a 5th year senior if he started in 2014? Just plain sorry...
Yeah, too bad he can't have 10 straight bye weeks.
Georgia would see a lot less injuries inside Neyland Stadium if they didn't have the worst field turf in the SEC. It's honestly embarrassing how bad it is, and now we can add classless frat boys to the mix. Good look, Vols, good luck with the new coach search.
People have the freedom to express themselves, and they can do it on their own time. No one wants football politicized except politicians and the media (including the sports media). They can protest on their own time in their own ways, but when it's your job to play football, shut the hell up and play football. If I went to my job and protested something every morning I would be fired.
Or, you could stop having your feelings hurt by some stupid college kids. Words never hurt anyone, unless you're a friggen pansy. Grow a backbone or melt, snowflake.
"Crossed the line"? Seriously? What a snowflake, dude, get over it. I live in South Georgia, no power for 5 days, and I think it's hilarious. If trash talk hurts your feelings it's your problem, not theirs.
If that pitch was made on time, likely a conversion and a win. Tennessee got lucky.
You've quickly become my favorite writer on this website. Well thought-out articles with little to no grammatical errors, but most importantly you seem to have some common sense. Keep it up.