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Yes, half and half. ;) I actually have seen some good talent come from Austin Peay and play in the NFL.
We’ve got Austin Peay first. It will not be a walk in the park with this team. They always have great NFL talent come from this school.
Yep, this conference is full of Defensive led Head Coaches! Saban, Smart, Pruitt and Muschamp! I still think Venables is one of the DC’s in the country. Chalk one up for Muschamp!
Pruitt’s defense will be top notch. As far as the offensive side of the ball, it is very questionable at UT. I believe Mullen will play Emory Jones. He just has too much talent to keep him on the sidelines. Got a feeling there will be a lot of experimentation.
I just don’t understand with the great opportunity they have, and if guilty, they have just blown their chances to play football and get a great education at one of the best Power 5 conference schools in the nation.
Well, I hope the best for Jacob Eason at Washington. Maybe the faster pace of plays by his coach will speed up his decision making. I ditto you in the QB we have currently with Fromm. He will only get better because that is who he is in general.
“What you are feeding into our players,’s like poison, it’s rat poison!”
You kidding me? Alabama has another cupcake scheduled again!?!? Why couldn’t it be Washington? A power house defense against a power house offense.
He will drop it like it’s hot! (Sorry, could not resist.)
In the end, defense wins championships. Alabama’s defense played better than ours. We should have accounted for Tua possibly coming in and prepare our LB’s and DE’s to counter and rush for him being a left-handed QB. He had too much time to check down and did not get enough pressure. You must account and prepare better for the ‘what if’s” on game plans especially on the defensive side.
That’s why I like fishing with weedless lures. Pig-n-jigs, TX-rigged worms, etc.
It’s not a Zara Spook, maybe a Creek Chub. The barbs are the worst in getting them out, push, pull, push, pull and will take a little bit of flesh/skin with it.
Yes, Ga vs SC in Columbia will be the MOST hostile environment and not LSU.
Exactly. Does not matter what the press, the fans or bloggers say. Point taken. Hope to see you guys again and hopefully in the SEC Championship game.
Bunker, you do not end a sentence with a preposition. (Just messing with you)
Mullen should start and play Emory this year. We cannot keep all the talent here in GA. Hope he does well except when we play at the cocktail party in Nov, of course.
We have not done anything yet?!! I don’t speak for those smack-talking “fans” you to refer to, anyway. We have a long way to go. We have only just begun for what needs to happen to have a consistent winning program. Besides, there were comments from your Bama faithful brethren at the golf tourney said to Kirby and he just smiled and said “Go Dawgs”. I understand there will always be smack talk in football, but as mt dad who coached football said to me, “son, don’t listen to what the other team’s players are saying to you. Don’t feed into their mental game, just go out there and do your talking in your playing on the field. They’ll shut up when they see #33 go across the goal line for a touchdown.”
No, that’s not winning comments. We at UGA call it bulletin board material. I’m referring to the snotty comments hurled at Coach Smart.
A winner is never happy where they are. You always want to be in the process of succeeding and improving to do better.
...keep it the old saying goes...what comes around goes around. Or actually my favorite, you reap what you sow. All you Bama fans just keep it up...
Fromm is an absolute hard-working student of the game. He will push hard on himself to only improve and better himself in all areas of the WB position.
He’s a ball hawk. He needs to try out for the Dan Quinn defense of the Atlanta Falcons. Come on Coach Q, give him a shot!
That will be some fun football to watch!
It is Cleveland we are talking about here. There may not be much sitting. The fans may riot if they don’t see their #1 on the field. Johnny Manziel 2.0.
SC for certain. It is a very loud and aggressive environment to play in Columbia. In Columbia, MO not so much, but Drew Lock will again be gunning for downfield bombs on our DB’s. I just hope we learned our lesson from last season.