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You are a classless loser, Stupid _unt. Yes, your name says it all. Are there any Tennessee fans out there that have any class?
Preplanning for his man. (No pun intended) Hawks Ridge is an unbelievable golf course and community not far from my residence. Nixon involved will make it a PGA caliber course. Lake Burton has some pretty good fishing to offer as well. Saban’s Lake Burton house with golf and fishing to enjoy will be a great retirement place.
DGD! Already ready for the next season to start. When is the G-Day game?!?!
Keith Jackson was an icon in broadcasting and had his own style. The man will be missed in the sports broadcasting world.
No, we will still be the University of Georgia. We have our own indentity, thank you.
Forgot to mention James Cook also in the backfield.
No, we have another backfield that could very well surpass what we had this season. Swift, Holyfield, Herrien are back. Zeus White will be installed probably later next season due to his ACL injury. Mecole Hardman, even as a receiver, will be involved on some jet sweeps and end arounds. The running game will be better and also a more experienced, bigger and better offensive line to open up some gaps and holes.
I’m not crying. We deserved to lose that game. Parrish got burnt all night and he contributed to a lot the blatant penalties called on us. Fromm has a few bad timely passes thrown. We did not execute like we should have in the 4th qtr.
Please change this narrative. WE ARE THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA. There is no Alabama East. There is no “angry Kirby”.
Well, they have until Jan 16th (deadline) to declare.
The Chattanooga Choo-Poo is at it again. Why the hate , why so much hate??!!!??? “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!”
11. The playoff committee and possible selection of Ohio State.
Mecole and Tyler both made their presence known. All these guys including Coach Kirby are DGD’s! Go Dawgs!
Notre Dame is scheduled for 2019 (per Coach Kelly). This time in our house.
Damien reminds me of Mark Ingram. He is a great all purpose back with great field vision.
Can’t wait to see Zeus in action, but yes I agree with you about his ACL injury. He may should sit out at least 1st half of the season. Then when some of our other guys are beat up heading into the gauntlet, may want to start putting him in the games along with James Cook. Thunder and Lightning Part 2.
Is Benny not declaring for the NFL? Najee Harris is a beast. Even Damien Harris is a top RB. Surprised he wasn’t on the list unless he is declaring for the NFL.
How’d y’all do this past season?....(crickets sounding)...That’s what I thought.
Much hate from the dark side is in this one he has.
Crawl back under the PeeDee River bridge where you came from you troll.