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The OL better step it up this week if they do want to run the ball. They were beaten bad on the line against MS State DL. Got to improve the run block offense.
Daniels had a “knee cleaning out of cartilage/tissue” on the already repaired knee surgery at beginning of the year. I have said this over and over that he could not maneuver well in the pocket and step into his throws which is why he was not put in at QB. When will everyone get that!!!!????!!!! By the way, he is still not 100%. I don’t fault Kirby one bit. To be honest, I’m surprised Kirby let him play that game.
So if Arkansas, and I mean a big if, they win today over the Gators, will the Gator team go in into COVID relapse team shut down until end of season prior to 10-14 days before the SEC Championship game? Just a thought....
I’d rather run the football in in-climate weather. We have been practicing with wet balls this week which should help somewhat.
The cocktail party is always 3:30 on CBS. It has to do with contracts.
No, a great defense beats a good offense all the time.
Yes, but man c’mon, KY scored 3 points....3. They are supposed to one of the best O-Lines in the country and 3 really good running backs and they were only able to score 3 points at home.
ANYONE and I mean ANYONE that comes to Georgia is not promised anything except at a chance to compete in practice to win the starting position or at least some playing time.
What should have happened is that it should have been a “roughing the passer” penalty and with a defensive penalty with time expired off the clock, the half cannot end on a defensive penalty, so FL has one non-game clock play left before going in the locker room. Mullen was so irate that I think he was looking at bunch of people (refs, players, coaches) amidst the elevated situation. But now, I do not condone the actions Mullen took, though. Being a head coach of a Div 1 top ranked football team does not exemplify good behavior nor does it teach/display an example for your players and coaches. I do believe that it sparked a fire in the players in the second half especially Trask running the ball with a “man on a mission” authority to help his team win the game convincingly.
I love Monken on what he’s been calling. The play calling on offense has been 110% better than the last 2 OC’s we’ve had. I’m extremely happy with Monken’s play calling.
Yes, I agree with most you had said. But as far as who is at QB, Monken chooses who is at the helm for the best guy to put the offense in the best winning situation at that time. Kirby just approves it when it is all discussed.
If Pickens is able to play this Saturday, let’s hope Coach Kirby puts a Dawg muzzle on Pickens mouth to keep him under wraps.
To be honest, I think Grantham has really, really rubbed off on Mullen. Grantham has always been a hot head.
You ought to be ashamed Pollack! I thought you were a DGD.
Campbell looks pretty good. We will have to have him in check.
“Hello, I’m the dead horse! Keep beating me up please!” Would all the SDS staff please quit with the Justin Fields narrative? It’s in the past. Please stop.
I agree. Toney had a better game than Pitts. Just replace Pitts with Toney and we’re good. Toney looked like Percy Harvin on Saturday.
Also, add in K-Mac at RB out George Pickens (questionably out) Quay Walker (questionably out) ———just a plethora of starters that are hurt...and I still think Stetson’s hand is still banged up to be able to make accurate and long throws.
WWE Thunderdome time! Smackdown in the Swamp!
Being on the field with close contact to players/coaches/officials without a mask on, would that constitute for a suspension? I’m not too clear about the regulations and rules for the coaches’ COVID protocol.
I don’t know. I think we may see him back for the Vanderbilt game.