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What a bunch of classless, obnoxious and bonehead TN fans! 1st, you cheer that Matt Corral for got hurt on a play, then you throw stuff on the field hitting their own with bottled waters, etc. just absolutely inexcusable!
Yes, Pollack was absolutely relentless on defense and had a motor that would not quit.
Coming from a Vol guy named “Biggie”. Now there’s a picture I don’t even want to know looks like.
BTW, UGA commits Morrisette and Killebrew will be playing for North Cobb tonight.
Collins Hill defense also hadn’t given up any points all year except last night. My Alma Mater, Walton High School plays North Cobb tonight. Should be a good one! Go Raiders! GO DAWGS!!
That Asani Redwood, DE for Collins Hill last night was balling. Man, he looked good. 2023 recruit and hopefully Kirby took notice. He plays soccer mainly or at least his sport background, that’s what he had playing mostly. Just picked up the game of football last year they said.
No, because we will be there WAYYYYY early to be tailgating before the game.
I like Scott Howard, but I still miss Larry Munson with all those off-set one liners.
Hey, there may be an NIL deal somewhere for Stetson, or maybe a commercial for the US Post Office as the “mailman”.
Who’s Nakobe Deal? I do know we have a Nakobe Dean on defense.
I love Sam Pittman. He’s an outstanding recruiter, great man, and players will absolutely run through walls/fires for him. He loves his “kids”. I still miss him at UGA but only wish the best for him except when he plays UGA. Can I get a “YYYYEEEESSSSSIRRRRRR?!?!?!”
This game will be a battle of the trenches, a game of men among men, Dawgs vs Hawgs. Take cover, it’s about to get good! GO DAWGS!!
I have a feeling he’s going Ole Miss.
So there’s no homeless problems in Knoxville I take it?
Bennett is starting. Call him what you want, he knows the plays and offensive scheme more than Beck does.
Our offensive production was not well executed because our offensive line did not pass block well, penalties on offense, receivers not making their blocks, missed route running by receivers and give Clemson credit for their DB’s down field cover. Clemson has one of the very best DC’s in the country in Brent Venables and they weeks to scheme against the Monken offense. They executed their plan by not giving us a big play downfield by showing something different than what the UGA staff and JT saw on film when they studied Clemson’s offense. It’s about the x’s and the o’s also along with winning the battles in the trenches. I still think Clemson has the best if not, one of the best in all of college football.
A win is a win. I thought Milton held on to the ball way too much. He’s got to learn to get the ball off quicker because once he’s going against SEC teams, he will not afford that luxury. Now nothing to take away from the OL, because they certainly have one of the best OL’s in the conference.
I thought it was pretty funny actually. C’mon man, you gotta have fun with it.
It’s Kohl’s shoe dept., TDOW! Get it right man.
Way to go Gators! Now, you really can talk Smack!
Yessir. I agree. I remember the Danny Ford days with “The Fridge” Perry at DL/Nose. You are right though, it was an annual rivalry in the 80’s.
Jordan Davis will be a 1st round DL next season so your point will be void.
October 30th, 2021 @ 3:30PM In time, you will know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail all the same. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.