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It’s a local charity. My guess is Camp Twin Lakes. For the kids...
Amen to that! The man lives, leads and preaches the Lord’s Gospel. He has a lot on his plate. He is using the talents Hod has blessed him with.
GO DAWGS!! (I’m sorry we missed on Arnold today. We really needed a safety of his caliber).
I told you so. Best recruiting class ever. Congrats on getting Terrion Arnold, the best safety recruit. We really needed him but Saban got him. Congrats Bama.
I know how talented Jones is because I saw him play in high school here in Ga. But he still has to work on his accuracy on throws, he is dual threat QB that can better than he can throw. Mullen has not utilized his talents that he has. He should have given him more playing time last season.
He may not even be eligible to play next season per NCAA interconfertnce rules. Besides, who’s gonna throw to him?
Well, of course we are. Everything will be “free”. Give the admin a few years, socialism is right around the corner.
There’s something seriously wrong with Vol1. Got Georgia on his mind, all the time. “Paranoia Big Destroya! There is a little red man in his head.” —like The Kinks song.
Well dagummit! That stinks. Hope he has a speedy recovery.
Yeah, right. Just like the undefeated Cincinnati team last season before the bowl game.
Gators defense has a huge amount of talent. Jones has a lot talent but just needs more snaps.
Y’all probably had the very best recruiting class of all time this year and Saban just keeps reloading. Kirby is trying his best to keep up. One day...
Somebody’s got to go...I get it. Just have to wait and see who. Someone will definitely transfer, though.
No McD’s bag along now.
Yep, I see your point because look at what Saban has done with QB’s over the years. He has always had at 2 Elite Star QB’s at the helm. Competition breeds competition; that is just an overall success model in anything and Saban has mastered that aspect.
It is a great day to be Georgia Bulldog!
Yes, but we have both back to back. QB room is full. Monken has weapons at his disposal.
GO DAWGS! #1 and #2 QB’s in nation commit to the G! QB room is full now at UGA. Let the competition begin.
Yes. A matter of fact, I was at the Ga-FL game that season with the “Run Lindsey Run” game. I got to see the greatest college running back play. 1980, I remember it like it was yesterday thank you very much. If you can’t take a joke, get off the site. Sorry your feelings were hurt...keep on crying Vol.
“Alright fellows, back the roll off dumpster this way, and now throw those UCF National Champions signs in there. Make sure we have enough gasoline and matches please to keep it lit.”
We have a lot to fill back in at DB. I am looking forward to see how Kelee Ringo will work out and hopefully be completely healthy for upcoming season.
He’s underrated and may jump to 4-star status next season. GO DAWGS!