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I’m thinking we may score 2 TD’s, one short pass to a running back and 1 to Pickens or a TE. Mix in a few FG’s by Hot Rod. Auburn will have their FG’s as well. We may have 1 blown coverage passing TD against us. We cannot let their speedster, Schwartz, burn us either with a deep route or jet sweep. Go Dawgs!
Looking forward to the challenge of our defense vs LSU’s offense. Man-o-man will that be a good game. Burrow deserves the Heisman. The dude ,as far as quarterbacks, is as mentally and physically tough as they come.
I would not be too sure about Gervon Dexter. He may flip.
I believe S.C. will beat Clemson this year. N.C. should have won the game against Clemson, but Coach Mack Brown decided to go for 2 for the win instead of sending it into OT.
First, before you post your comments, you must make sure your typed English grammar is correct especially since you are commenting or criticizing. After “spelling class”, there should be a question mark and not a period because it is a question you are asking. Then you typed “don’t know what your saying”, which is indeed incorrect. It should be “you’re” or “you are” and actually the Board of Regents in formal writing does not like contractions used. “You are” would be the most appropriate grammar. By the way, “i” should be capitalized since it is a personal pronoun. You have several incomplete and run-on sentences.
OK, again to clear this up, the official called it a catch. When it went to the replay booth, it has to be absolute conclusive evidence to overturn the call that was first and foremost a catch. There was not enough absolute conclusive evidence to overturn the call. That is what the replay booth had determined. OK, enough said! Just forget it and move on please. Time to prepare for the next game. Go Dawgs!
There were several missed calls. Can not control what refs do, just control what you can control. There were at least 2 false starts in FL’s offensive line that were not called. There will always be missed calls. Just do your job. You cannot control what the refs call or do not call.
FL’s defense played incredible against our run, hats off to them. Our defense won that game. Penalties still hurt us. Got to clean that up. Overall, it was a very good SEC football game. Go Dawgs!
And dag gum it, we need block Zuniga this game. He ran rabid in our backfield on the goal line unblocked like 4 plays in a row!
Mullen will use his receivers as decoys and throw to Pitts, Toney and Perine. He always has something up his sleeves. Maybe, we will even see Trask throw the ole Flea Flicker 1st FL offensive play of the game.
Sounds good to me Connor! You and everyone at ESPN picking the Gators. We will be happy to be the Under-Dawgs! I love it when someone says I can’t do something. It just makes the win even sweeter! GooooooooooOOOOOO Dawgs, sic’em, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof!!!!!
That god awful Florida orange is just not in my color wheel! I bleed Red and Black.
I always thought John Gruden looked like the Chucky doll.
Trask is a much better QB than Franks. I also think Emory Jones (a Georgia High School product I watched play) is a very talented QB as well. He just needs more playing time and experience. Our D better be ready. Gators have many playmakers on offense.
Nope. Fromm won the position every practice. Fromm earned the starting WB position, not Fields. Fields just did not have the college football experience, nor did he have the QB savvy/check down/visual quick thinking mentality at the line of scrimmage.
Can’t blame Coley for the 4 turnovers. Players are responsible for holding on to the football and catching the football.
Really man?!?!? He didn’t even have FL on his top 5 list. Are you kidding me?
Ye of little’s rivalry man. Throw everything out the window at this point. GA-FL in J’ville. It’s always a toss up no matter who is ranked.
I have a strange feeling we will be getting the TE’s involved on more passes being thrown to them.
We have young players and yes, they get too emotionally high in the game and commit those bonehead penalties. Just a lack of discipline on their part...that’s why coaches always have to stress that.
Absolutely the truth spoken. Turnovers and penalties are what make teams lose.