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Stomach bug flu ran rapid through the team that SECCG week of practice. Jordan Davis along with some other our defenders were exhausted and energy drained also dehydrated because of what the flu does to a body. Watch the SECCG again and you will see.
Clemson in the ACC didn’t mean much on their 15-0 run. LSU did the unthinkable in the SEC with their SOS.
Yes, me too. Thank you for the reference of “live” tv nowadays. I was 14 when I saw 2 of the best defenses go at it in the Superdome.
Great article Connor! Thank you. What a great day of celebration it was on Saturday! GO DAWGS!!
The red and black Huey is already making the rounds.
GO DAWGS!! Sometimes, it’s better to be “Luckie” and good.
Ga Tech has the Waffle House deal. Georgia has Zaxby’s.
The real company Jones back spewing his Gator dung again. C’mon bruh! Let it go, let it go.
Yes, but I at least thought he would be here for 1 more season. The secondary is not Addae’s fault due to lost DBs in portal and injuries. We had very little depth in the defensive backfield this whole season.
Yes. Fact: all 3 national championships we won have been led by South Georgia high school quarterbacks. GO DAWGS!!
Bamatime, we’ve had our differences. Thank you for the congrats and staying classy.
It was a bad call but c’mon man! Don’t throw stuff in the field. Stay classy.
Thanks i4. It didn’t come easy. Bama came to play and it was a constant battle the whole game. Hats off to Bryce Young and his play. That kid will be back next season.
Red neck Riviera Gator, I wouldn’t be talking about embarrassing the SEC East if I were you. You don’t have a Gator leg to crawl on.
Branson Robinson is Nick Chubb 2.0. He’s a beast! We got the right guy for the RB position, no doubt about it.
“Character flaws in this one I foresee” says the Jedi Yoda.
Past is the past Chump-Chump! You gators are always living in the past. My word...
A & M may have #1 class after all said and done. That’s fine as long as we are in top 5. We shall see.