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He did do some “curls” with some multiple catches of 5+ lb largemouth bass fishing on Spring Break.
Jake being Jake. Not the will to win is as important as the will to prepare to win. Jake Fromm is absolutely a great example of how a team leader and winner should act.
Just so you know, UGA would kick the crap out of Smokie in a dog fight.
Come on “Tru-whoever” you are. Please come up with another Voltrain Conductor profile name.
Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand? Couldn’t resist, but I must say Coley won’t change the game plan too much. We will continue to run the dang football and that will open up some pass plays. Not much to read into Joe. No, we will not surprise anyone. We just dare the opposing defenses to stop us, that’s all. It’s fundamental old fashioned smash mouth physical football! Oh, and Joe, GO DAWGS!!!
I’d like to see Zeus healthy this Spring but it doesn’t look like he is quite ready.
That’s what someone had told me, but they said they had Smith machines.
Dudes, get your facts correct. Nolan is already enrolled at UGA. I’d have to say bad form on the calf extensions. It would benefit him more to do less weight and a longer extension back and forth while keeping the legs/knees straight. The leg sled is OK but I prefer the old fashioned squat rack for both exercises.
If Mullen and the Gators were smart, they would put Emory Jones in there and run an up-tempo offense. Good for us I guess.
We have had Ga Tech players/fans destroy some our hedges before but nothing to the degree that Harvey did, though.
They were chanting his name in the previous game before this past game...”we want Murray, we want Murray...”.
That’s alright BT. I ain’t hate’en on you. The UGA inside information is coming from Jeff Sentell at Dawgnation, so you may want to express your opinions and viewpoints to him since he has the inside scoop from the UGA Coaches’ interviews. Go Dawgs!
“Hey Coach Smart, who’s picture is that on our bulletin board in the locker room?” “Why that’s the OC for Kentucky, Coach Eddie Gran fellows? Look very hard so when you defensive guys get out there, look at their players with his lying face on them.” We will see you in Athens Coach Gran! Go Dawgs!
D’Andre “dead leg” Swift will be the lead back but there will be others coming in to share the carries. Cannot wait to see Zeus in action.
Company Jones, I have a Florida Gator doormat in my basement where I like to stomp and wipe my dirty shoes on it especially during football season. My emphasis is on stomp. Yes, I stomp the chomp. GA-FL is such love hate relationship. I love to hate FL.
Sensitive, no...passionate, yes...oh very passionate. Go Dawgs!
Company Jones throwing smack around again. You and all your chump chomps will be shut after we get done with you in Jacksonville.
DJ will go to Bama or Clemson. GA is not going to recruit him.
Company Jones, why are you throwing chump talk around when you guys have not even been close to winning the East first and foremost.
CO Jones, sorry you Gators missed out. Actually, I am not sorry. Mullen should have been doing his job and HE missed out on getting the best QB out of FL.
His length, size and physicality will put him at the top much like a Julio Jones type receiver.