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Coley will still remain as assistant head coach but will no longer be the OC. He is a very recruiter so I see why Kirby wants to keep him. Coley said this today: “You know what? I’ve got to do a better job, first and foremost, starts with me, right?” Coley said. “So I’m looking at myself hard and criticizing myself and busting my tail to get that end better.”
What is impressive to me is that 2, yes 2, Georgia teams beat the Tennessee Vols in a single season! ...Georgia State, dude, GEORGIA STATE!
Yes, scary to think our defense will be even better next season. Shut Down U. Man o man, looking forward to seeing our D! Go Dawgs!
Y’all had your 2 top DE’s playing in the game. They were back from injury after the bye week.
Guess we’re going more vertically downfield more often along with the run game. We are still RBU, though. We will still run just with more passing. Go Dawgs!
From Bogart, that’s right around the corner from ZOOM Bait Co. Vandagriff would be a great addition.
Attrition?!? Really Mark? We are loaded with depth in almost all positions. I wouldn’t say attrition, though. Tennessee will be a much better and improved team next season for sure.
Attrition?!? Really Mark? We are loaded with depth in almost all positions. I wouldn’t say attrition, though. Tennessee will be a much better and improved team next season for sure.
Zeus’ YAC is insane. You saw him carrying people as they tried to tackle him. He will be a beast next season. Cannot wait.
I believe we can pick and choose from a plethora of OL grad transfers in the portal. Xavier Truss should help also as a seasoned sub. With Matt Luke at the helm, I really don’t much drop off on the OL. He is more hands on and energetic on the field with his guys. I like his enthusiasm and demeanor.
Congrats LSU! Way to represent the SEC! Burrow showed why he won the Heisman. Clemson got ‘Burrowed to death’!
Alright, McKitty’s a Dawg now! Wait a second, that just did not sound right...oh well...anyway, go Dawgs!
Yep, and we all saw how the “ACC” Miami grad transfer Lawrence Cager worked out. I’d say he did a very good job of contributing to the success of the offense last season. The injuries did plague him, but even playing hurt, he did a good job.
Sorry, you’re right. My bad, he played at Miami but coached QB’s and OC at FSU.
I did the hashtag from last season because Mullen and his Gator fans kept using tweets and hashtags about Georgia’s days from last national championship in 1980. I still don’t think they understood my hashtag based on the day we played Ga-FL game.
Yes, so where does Trask fall in those ratings? ...crickets chirping... Thought so. Do I need to start my hashtag Gator Hater game date, again?!?!?
Me too. Let them and the proverbial committee called “they”, keep saying the same narrative.
We have to play Bama in Tuscaloosa next season. Good grief. That will be a knock down drag out smash mouth football game. Looking forward to the challenge.
Welcome Newman! You will be faced against “Clemson” caliber teams in the SEC now. Prepare yourself and go Dawgs!
Richt has been a QB coach and offensive coordinator many years past and played QB at FSU. I respect his opinion. We will see how it plays out. Kirby likes lots of competition in leading roles, so these guys will compete hard in practice to do their best to start in the games. Competition breeds great input to produce great output and effort.
Go Dawgs! He will have a much better offensive line protecting him than Wake Forest. Yes, the defenses will be much better playing in the SEC, but he will adjust accordingly along with practices and coaching with our defenses.
Yes. The question is does Beck have the “moxie” that Fromm had in his freshman year?
Bruce Arians at Tampa Bay raves over and over about Jake Fromm. Fromm could go 1st round to Tampa Bay.