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And there’s company Jones again flapping his toothless Gator gums! You are such an embarrassment to your Gator fan base. Why do you continually criticize us UGA folks? Rivals, yes, but why all the hate?!?!
Alright! Proud of you David! I’ll see you at next week’s game against North Paulding! Coach Warren is a great coach! Glad you guys hit it off with him. Go Dawgs!
Yes, but Bama will miss the play and leadership of Dylan Moses on defense which is why I am giving S.C. 23 points in this one. Plus, they are playing in Columbia which will give them a slight boost.
Hilinski is better than Bentley. Bama 34 SC 23 FL 27 KY 31
Y’all better not take Kentucky for granted or lightly. Their defense is very underrated and their back up QB Sawyer Smith is experienced and talented. I have Florida on upset alert this Saturday.
Tough loss but Kentucky has Sawyer Smith who has experience under his belt from Troy. I think you guys will be just fine. I actually have Kentucky upsetting Florida this Saturday. Hope for a speedy recovery for Terry.
Amen! Well said Coach Anderson. Dawg Nation is praying for you and your family through this! Pink, not Red and Black for this Saturday will be worn.
That’s it exactly. I said that to my buddies last night as we were watching. What are they doing in practice to where in the game looks like they have not had a practice? Pruitt has not prepared them properly.
I have a feeling this game will be similar to the Tx A & M vs LSU game of last year with the OT’s, maybe not quite as many.
...and on top of that, she can take a hit on the sideline.
Renfrow seems like a player that Belichick would have snagged up for his Patriots offense. He is that ‘type’ of receiver.
1. Run the dang ball! 2. Run the dang ball! 3. Run the dang ball! 4. Run the dang ball! 5. Run the dang ball! Fundamentally sound football—limit turnovers, penalties, wrap up in tackling, etc. Execute Discipline Composure Physicality Do more!
Sorry, but my upset game of the week is N.C. beating S.C. I would like to see S.C. win but N.C. will surprise some folks this weekend.
Yes, Moses is special but I think they will be alright. Bama is deeper than the Pacific Ocean with linebackers.
You guys need to get it right. He signed in the 2019 Class. He is enrolled and is a freshman.
You are already exposed. Get over it you Debbie-Downer Florida throw-my-visor-on-the-ground fan. #8 preseason ranking? Preseason rankings don’t mean didley. #11219
Emory Jones should be your QB. I said that last year. I saw the kid play in high school. He has the talent and the intangibles to be a very good QB. Maybe Mullen sees something we don’t. Agree, the play call with 4:26 to go in the game and FL throws the ball! Really? You have 2 talented running backs. Their defense was getting tired so you run the ball. Heck, Franks is even a good runner and hard to bring down. Why didn’t he run more?
That was the first thing I thought was his antics reminded me of Cam Newton. He needs to act like the veteran leader QB as he should and not act like a doofus. I ALMOST feel sorry for you FL fans.
I don’t really see these as bold predictions. They should be attainable for the swamp geckos.
Good luck and wish Eason the best except if we play Washington.
Yes, and Clemson will have Trevor Lawrence (UGA didn’t get this recruit) who is a Cartersville, GA native. That would be pretty cool to add.
Would everyone please quit with “doubting Thomas” receiver narrative!?!?! No worries here. Games are won in the trenches and defense wins championships. Fundamentally sound football is what we need to focus on for the season. We run the ball. That is our bread and butter. It opens up the passing game.