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Well, Gators will have a stable of running backs this upcoming season. Damien Pierce, Lorenzo Lingard and Demarkcus Bowman (Clemson transfer) are all top backs in the country. We Dawgs have our hands full. On top of that, the QB Emory Jones is also a dual threat to run as well. Should make for another close game as is every year.
If grades are an issue, he will not be coming to Georgia.
Best of luck to you Major Burns on wherever you end up...just not FL please.
Corch, I believe I’m detecting some animosity toward Jamie Newman from you.
NFL is bigger up North but down here in these parts, it’s SEC football.
Riley played for the Dawgs and Calvin played for the Tide. Yes, I agree with UGARMY. Falcons don’t like drafting Dawgs. I usually see a lot of LSU, San Diego State and a few from Bama but that’s it. I believe if Arthur Blank wants more support from local fans, you’d think there would be more UGA and Ga Tech drafted. It has always baffled me.
Are you kidding me!?!? Dylan Moses should have been off with at least 3rd or 4th round at worst. He is a baller! And DJ Daniel, what a surprise he too was not drafted! C’mon man!
I was thinking the same thing. Kanell always has something negative to say about the SEC.
That proverbial committee called “they.”
Sorry for my ignorance in the texting acronym world.
I guess they have the time to sort it all out before 2025 rolls around.
Yep, no more of the “Firecracker Dud Bowl” or the “Off-Brand Generic Toilet Bowl” games.
Stay calm! All is well! Please just relax and take a breath. just take it easy. It’s still early Spring. Everything is going to all right.
Jermaine Burton was one of JT’s goto guys last season. This stinks! Wish for a speedy and healthy recovery!
I was thinking they may have inserted some mass quantities of tungsten bullet weights in the largemouth bass fish they had caught before weigh in.
Why would anyone take this person serious? Maybe he’s an opium poppy farmer and likes kicking his poppies around before he crops them for his heroin dealers.
“Chubbs”. Really? Wasn’t he in the movie Happy Gilmore?
Jake from State Fromm, it’s always good to have great insurance. That’s what Buffalo has in Fromm.