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Fromm will not be disrupted with lack of confidence. I will assure you of that. The kid oozes with confidence.
Their defense is very good and physical. If we get a big lead and in the 2nd half, who knows. Maybe, Kirby will put Fields in the game. I just think being 2nd game of the season and in Columbia, that this game will be close.
The talent IS there. What planet are you from? Haselwood, coming in will be put in Week 1 to get some reps. Blalock, who I know (from my high school Alma Mater) reminds me of Malcolm Mitchell, a very intelligent, multi-faceted and talented receiver. He is a great route runner. Godwin, leader of the receivers corp, will be the key impactful player on 3rd down and long plays. Riley Ridley will be a go to receiver for Fromm as well as Isaac Nauta and Woerner. The list goes on and on.
No crying here. What we accomplished last year was beyond what I had expected. Now, it’s time to focus on THIS season. The past is the past. Let it go, man. LET IT GO! You can not control the past. Week 1, we focus on preparing for Austin Peay. What we must do and have to prepare: Execute Discipline Composure Physicality Winning the game starts with winning in practice. You must have the will to prepare to win in order to win in the game. It starts in practice.
Kirby will not put Fields in for that game. Unless Fromm is injured, Fields will be sitting this one out.
“benifit”??? Is this his job? I really thought journalists knew how to spell.
Wow, you sure do have a bad case of potty mouth “Gatorplaynopoop”. (Yes, I have kids; please do not criticize me.)
Classic! I feel sorry for the reporter, though. Hope he doesn’t lose his job over that question he asked. Everyone makes mistakes.
I believe it may be a non-UGA troll disguised in sheeps clothing.
Wouldn’t that be the Razorbacks? Bacon grease popping....
Jerry, when you have 4-5 of the best RB’s to hand the ball to, why would he run anyway along with a great arm to throw the ball as well. Now, he will have a huge blocking crew to protect him so I do not see much of him running anyway. But if he has to when being rushed out of the pocket, he has the mobility to do so.
Absolutely. I will also throw in that if healthy all season, Jake Fromm will be in the Heisman conversation since he’s the QB and most times the QB position is looked at with drawing votes for the award. I would not be surprised if ended up winning it.
Fromm is considered pro-style ,but he has more mobility than what most people think he has. He’s not just a pocket passer. He is much more in between a dual-threat and a pro-style QB.
What other running backs does Kentucky have? If he gets hurt, who comes in his place? Maybe, Benny you need to keep that on the down-low. You are a very good running back but best in the SEC, best in all of college football??
Harvey Updyke? Wasn’t that the guy that poisened Auburn’s trees and got busted, thrown in jail for it, after Auburn beat Alabama in one of the Iron Bowl’s a few years back?
OK, so when UGA beats Bama in the SEC Championship game will Bama still qualify to be in National Championship game? I would love to see a rematch.
Yea, they are GameCOCKS, right? They have to be “cocky”.
Did a UGA fan pee in your cornflakes or something? All you do is criticize UGA. The Bama legacy will have to come to an end sometime, right? You must be seeing it sooner than most because you are so critical of UGA. You guys had a good run though, I must admit. The tide is shifting Bamatime. (Yes, pun intended)
Thanks Tori for the bulletin board material. We have posted in the locker and weight rooms now.
YESSSSSSSSSIRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Stable of backs and now a stable of WR’s!
It’s early season and on the road in Columbia. It will be a heavy task for sure. Our younger defense will be tested but I am afraid Deebo and Bentley will have a good day against us. It’s a question of how well we play defense in the 2nd half to slow them down with a halftime game plan from Mel Tucker. I am nervous about this one.
T A&M and Kansas State in the SEC. That’s a lot of traveling my friend! 14 1/2 hours to drive to these from Athens. Even Notre Dame in South Bend is closer to Athens but it’s Notre Dame not an annual conf game. You’re talking about every year a team has to travel and vice versa.
IAATF U20 in Finland was on and Schwartz placed 2nd. A guy from Indonesia won. Great race in the 100M. Harrison came in 3rd.
In state rivalries wil always be a challenge, but I am just saying that Jimbo will be contending more in the West than what Sumlin could do. He will have better in state recruits but also have the FL recruit experience. TX and FL are 2 of the best states to recruit from in those regards. I agree Auburn will still be there but TX A & M will also from now on.
Like Ga, Auburn has a stable of running backs. They are a run first team and Mizzou is not. I don’t know the numbers, but I’m sure Lock had double the pass attempts than Stidham.