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Well, the GA-FL game is still a ways off, so we are focused on Arkansas right now. You will get your chance to chime in with your smack talk soon enough. Go Dawgs!
You guys have some very good young talent on both sides of the ball. I don’t think anyone has them play yet because of the 2 newer classes coming in. TN will surprise a lot of folks this season.
You do anything and everything to motivate yourself, your coaches and your teammates. Bulletin board material is part of that, bub.
It’s called bulletin board material and I am happy to see everyone picking Florida this year to win the East. Our defense will be so fired up and prepared to play. Go Dawgs!
Tennessee has a better chance of winning the East than Florida. I believe they have better and more depth of overall talent than Florida. Defensive head coach in Pruitt will prevail over an offensive head coach in Mullen in the SEC. That’s just the way it is folks.
It’s still not South Georgia High School football. We live for it in South Georgia. Faith, family, farming/food and football. (Learn the F’s)
The Voltrain keeps blowing steam but still does not seem to go anywhere.
This is the game (week 5) that is being overlooked especially after Auburn, Tennessee and Alabama in that order. I feel like we will be beat up and also not mentally prepared. We will be traveling to Lexington after traveling to Tuscaloosa.
They have a guy named Harrison Bailey out of Marietta High School. He has a better chance to help the Vols win than Guarantano does.
Ha-Ha. Touché my friend...always a great and close game when we play each other.
Yep, like Kirby has always said, “we are just one week away from humility”. In other words, you ain’t all that you think you are. There will always be someone bigger than you, stronger than you, faster than you and smarter than you.
“You can win 90 percent of the play, but the last 10 percent of the play, the wide receiver catches the ball, you didn’t do your job,” Lanning said. “If you don’t get to the quarterback, you might have a great pass rush move, but if you don’t finish on the quarterback, it doesn’t matter. You can fit a gap perfectly, but if you don’t make a tackle or get the ball out, it doesn’t matter.” That’s what happened against LSU in the SEC Championship game last season, over pursuit on rushes, recovering fumbles and not just creating them, a timely missed assignment on an open receiver as Burrow had time to scramble around (1 or 2 could sway the momentum of a team in a game). Lastly, timely and very costly penalties on the defense gives the team another set of downs along with the defense being on the field longer than they are supposed to be.
Bryce Young will surprise some a lot of people. I’m not counting him out.
Nope, they have a lot of depth and also, their defense may be young but with their talent and Venables at the helm, they will overcome Notre Dame’s offense.
Special teams/kicking will be the difference in the game. The team with the better special teams wins the game in J’ville.
Please don’t play that awful sounding rooster on the PA! That’s got to be the most annoying sound there is in all of college football.
3rd and Grantham...well, not much to say about it. I don’t think they will have the defense they had last year. They may be a little better in the backfield but not on the line. Pitts is probably the best TE in college football. He will be tough to cover. Our linebackers better be ready.
Yea, why not? Lawrence or Bryce Young will.
Gunner definitely looked better than Brock. You guys have a great QB waiting in the wings. (pun intended)
Bummer dude! I just hope he will be ready for the Bama game.
Yep, I hate it for him but it looks like he will be spending some time behind bars and not in the bars. ;)
He’s got length and a good catch radius with some height to him. Go Dawgs!
Don’t know yet about Colzie. We may still have room for him. De-commit from Notre Dame and with the COVID situation along with knowing Brock V being a local guy, he may still commit to UGA. We shall see.
Kirby always puts a “we need to be better or improve” complex on all his press conf/media meetings. He does it on purpose folks. He’s been doing it ever since he got hired.