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Well, Trey should have committed to UGA. Good luck and we will see you in Jacksonville swamp lizards. My Gator Hater clock has now officially started for this year. Go Dawgs!
Nope. We are too busy being RBU. Besides, LSU is now the DBU FYI.
You can have Marquan Manual. The Falcons defense really stunk this year. I did not like him being the DC, anyway. The Falcons used to have a good defense with Dan Quinn’s first few years at the helm.
He did, “In fact, that feat has not been accomplished by any NFL player since Terrell Davis did so with the Broncos back in 1997.”
I don’t like the Saints anyway. I was glad to see Stinkytown lose. Happy for Gurley and Michel in the Super Bowl along with other Dawgs, like Andrews, Wynn, and Ramik Wilson. DGD’s.
Why do keep saying “we”? There is no “We”, Voltrain. Go back under that orange and white checkered rock you crawled out of.
Yep, it’s the ATL. Buckhead isn’t exactly what it used to be like in the 80’s. I’ve been seeing a lot of these “sliders” robberies lately on the news.
Alright, now maybe we can start involving the TE’s more on passing routes like 3rd and 4’s/5’s/6’s downs. Thank you Jesus!
Well, actually he did in his last year against UGA. Tenn lost 41-0. (That was in 2017, the year after the “Dobnail Boot” Hail Mary game.)
Trump probably looked at most of the players and said “these guys are HUGE!” “We will need more burgers and fries because this is going to be HUGE!” “We don’t need a wall built, we have the Clemson offensive line to be the wall. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be HUGE!”
As long Saban is still there, Bama will keep getting one of the top classes, if not, the top class every year.
He cannot help it if he has Tourette syndrome. Y’all leave him alone. Bless him.
...what is this Kirby Effect everyone keeps bringing up? I don’t get it. Can someone please expand on this for me?
What is this dad-blame Kirby Effect y’all keep taking about? I don’t get it, sorry.
Well, Chaney back home now on his rocking chair porch on his farm in the hills and the hollers singing “RockyTop”.
The DC Mel Tucker-LOSS The OC Jim Chaney-NOT A LOSS
Isn’t Smokey a real live dog? It’s only one hire we are looking to fulfill, and that is the DC.
Coley is the OC. It’s official. Thank you and have a great day! Go Dawgs!
It’s official folks! Coley is our OC, period. It has been officially reported to the public by the UGA AD. Now you can quit with the fake news! Go Dawgs!
My choice is still Coley. He’s familiar with the players and plays along with being a great recruiter.
Well, you just got your wish, the whole ‘Gran’ scheme of things. (sorry about the cliche’ joke—I know, I know, pretty bad)
Alabama and Saban have been dealing with the coaches carousels for years. That’s just what happens with elite/rising programs. UGA has to get used to it. We don’t have to like it, but we to accept it.
Martell is transferring and funny how he tweeted last month to Fields about the situation. He also said this: “Why would I leave for someone who hasn’t put a single second into this program?” Martell told the Athletic’s Ari Wasserman. “I have put two years of literally working my ass off into something that I’ve been waiting for and a dream I’ve had my whole life. To just run away from somebody who hasn’t put a single second in at winter workouts and doesn’t know what the program is all about? There’s not a chance.”
Our UGA coaching staff do not have a good relationship with Grayson High. (to be honest, a lot of their kids have great raw talent but very undisciplined)
He was great DC at Bama. That’s who I wanted for our DC before Richt hired Pruitt, but of course, my alumni/booster friends told me Kirby was waiting for the UGA HC job to come open.
Come on Voltrain, quit trolling! You are such an embarrassment for your fellow UT brethren.