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It was a light push but Drew Lock played the part well and got the flag. We just have to stop with the knucklehead things. Please run through the end zone with the ball and kindly hand the ball to the official. It’s that simple. Keep the composure and discipline on every play and crying out loud, use common sense. Am I asking too much? It’s fundamental football folks!
Glad to see awe-bun get beat. That makes the Baton Rouge game even more competitive to look forward to playing. We will see you guys in the bayou! Go Dawgs!
Walton Raider pride! Way to go Raiders! All the way to state!
I agree. I hope we see a lot of “anchor downs”! Please beat the Irish. I have a lot friends that are Notre Dame fans and they said the SEC only usually have 2 or 3 teams at best that can compete against their team. I’m cheering you on Vandy. Go ‘Dores!
Kirby has made it clear that we must,first and foremost, stop the run. Win in the trenches first then we work on skillfully rushing the QB. If even if we do not any sacks, the goal is to disrupt the play whether it’s to knock down passes or get some kind of pressure up front. That’s what we have to do.
My 5 things I want to see: Execute Discipline Composure Physicality Sound Fundamentals
Y’all need to play Emory Jones. He would be a playmaker for the Gators. I know he’s only a true freshman, but the kid can play.
Sorry Ole Miss folks, but y’all haven’t faced a defense like Bama’s yet. Ta’amu will be tested or should I say their offensive line will be tested.
I thought it went “these boots were made for walkin’”????
How do you know it is going to be a night game? If it is on CBS, it will be a 3:30 est game.
The long answer is no. We can only beat ourselves.
When I saw Mullen doing a little dance trying to “have fun” in front of Felipe Franks during their first game on a timeout, I thought it was first weird, then looking at Franks’ face while Mullen was trying to get him to do the same was priceless. Thought Mullen would turn the program around but I may be sorely mistaken. The state of Florida has so much talent. The recruiting will be a key factor for them getting the program back where it was.
I don’t think he took any consideration for conference championships.
I know what it is. HE WAS DRINKING THE ORANGE GATOR-ADE AGAIN! C’mon man!!!
“Weak schedule” eh? Why would you say that when your very own team is on our “weak schedule”?!?!
No, Auburn is over-hyped ranked at 7 in the country. Sorry, but LSU is a better team. My prediction for the game is LSU 20, Auburn 10. Their defense is much better. They are a better team than Washington as well. Good luck “Aw-bun”!
I told you they were going to use it for bulletin board material. Eventually, the teams we play will learn about not running their mouths. Or, maybe they won’t.
I really like the “human joystick”. There has got to be a team that can use or need his talent in playmaking ability.
Agree. Tua definitely is a very smart QB and has very good QB savvy if you will. He is light years ahead of Jalen in that retrospect but the better athlete and runner as well as breaking out of tackles would be Jalen.
Yes. In the vernacular of my southern brethren, “dem are some big ‘ole boys.”
Good golly, there were a lot of freshmen playing in the 4th qtr. Glad to see they got some playing time. LSU is looking pretty good fellas. Their defense I believe will be better than SC’s we just played.
Yesssssssirrrrrrr! Amen! Way to go Wildcats! The chomp was stopped! Gotta love it.
Thanks tm! Edwards looked good for y’all. Deebo and Bentley cannot do all the work. Wishing you guys better success rest of the season. Beat the Gators please!
Yep, I’m rooting for A & M. I don’t like any teams that wear orange.
All these analysts are trying hard to sell the game for better ratings. I get it.
Bulletin board: “WHO?” Deandre, you got this. In time, you will know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail all the same. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.
May our UGA fight song ring in your chicken heads for all the duration of the game.