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Yep, and with Tech getting Coach Collins now, that rivalry will be even better.
Is it August 31st yet?!?! It cannot get here quick enough. Go Dawgs!
Heck, that does make a lot of sense. Maybe UCF should schedule a home and home with some SEC opponents that way they don’t get “cheated” out a playoff contention.
Can anyone tell me why Notre Dame can’t be in a Power 5 conference? I would think the Big 10 or Big 12 would be a good fit for them.
He is. He too will be competing for starting QB next season or even as back up this season if Fromm gets hurt. Fields is good but could not beat out Fromm for starting QB. I wish Fields the best, though.
The only bowl they will playing in is the Toilet Bowl. That is where turds like TruTroll belong.
That’s funny Tiger! Ask Tennessee fans how that turned out.
It’s a reality now that 1980 is historic and the narrative will be changed after Kirby’s first National Championship coming up this season. The timing of the field named after Dooley is perfect. Go Dawgs!
Yep, saw him run in the SEC Outdoor Track & Field Championship in the 100 meters although he came in 6th or 7th overall in the field but the dude is still fast. UGA has a committed sprinter named Matt Boling coming in for next year Track & Field. He will give Schwartz a run for his money ;)
Yep. That sums it up. UGA Great Wall of Georgia or how about “Georgia Trench-coat of Arms”? ...maybe not.
#3! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...oh my word! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard!
Amen! Jake is a class act! It all stems from the upbringing of the parents. Investment in your kids is hard work but a labor of love and you eventually see the return when they make a positive impact for society and the world. It’s an awesome experience to see it happen before your very eyes. God bless all the moms out there and Happy Mother’s Day!
Harris is a very good bruising back. I agree, the 40 time is with running backs is overrated. Nick Chubb ran a 4.53 40 at his best time. Harris has great running back fundamentals...runs shoulders squared, runs downhill, blocks well and has good size to him.
All I got to say is LSU better not sleep on Georgia Southern. Just saying...
Yep, McGarity just gives the OK when Kirby brings the proposal. Of course, I think Morehead has also a say-so in the matter.
Excuse my ignorance, but would this be considered decruiting rather recruiting? Mullen has now mastered the art of decruiting.
Yea, I guess the nickname “Tank” is out of the question for him at UGA.
Yes, Mike Bianchi said it at the Orlando Sentinel. “Hey Mike, how you feeling about your statement now?!? Would you like to take back what you said about Georgia, oh, and also what you said about Georgia better enjoy their time this year because it will not last because Florida’s program will be back to winning the East again every year.”
Oh yeah! This guy is a playmaker! Big, fast, great tackler, fundamentally sound! Just stay healthy dude! Go Dawgs!
I thought Louisiana was. Isn’t half the state under sea level as well?
I heard a coach say one time, but I cannot recall which one but he said “embrace the suck”.