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IMG yes, but I believe he is a Georgia native. Go Dawgs! Donovan Edwards is next for the RBU! Keep ‘em coming Coach!
Welcome big man Micah Morris! Go Dawgs!
Leave it to good ‘ole Herbie to leave state his ‘medical’ opinion. “I do not concur Dr. Herbie.”
Saban losing Kirby was definitely bigger than Cochran in my honest and humble opinion. Saban is Saban and he will have them boys ready to play and when we have to go to Tuscaloosa, this is more fuel for the fire for Saban. It will be an awesome game. There are still a lot of unknowns for our QB situation especially without seeing any Spring practices or the G-Day game we have every season. I am ready for some SEC football.
No, he’s more suited at Tampa Bay under Bruce Arians. Also, Brady will help Fromm develop under his wing.
Yes, amen to that! Yes, I second that motion a million times!
Alright, DQ/TD are finally seeing the light! Go Dawgs! Now, go Falcons!
Urban Liar, please just shut your trap! This is Mullen’s team now, not yours. As always, the game is 50/50 on who wins. No matter what the rankings are, it is always a toss up.
You guys are stacked with HQ QBs Mack, Tua’s brother, Bryce, etc. NC’s program is improving each year hopefully will give Clemson some competition. Mack Brown is a good coach and he is a local kid.
I know! It kills me. What in the world does DQ and TD have against UGA RB’s?!?!?! ...or any UGA players for that matter. Andrew Thomas, Kindley, for the OL would help Matt Ryan stay upright. I just think they need to start with an edge rusher 1st then see who is available for RB after that.
I am Falcons fan and I believe if Zuniga is available in 1st round, they should go after Zuniga. I believe he’s the best available edge rusher for the Falcons in their 16th pick. (Yes, this is coming from a Dawg fan.) I saw what he did in our backfield 2 years ago and it still lingers.
Good golly. 4.28 40. That’s moving bro!
He’s a running back playing QB. The dude is an elite athlete. Strong and Fast.
He should since he has his Brewster’s Millions to lure them in. (Just a joke) Congrats on him. I think he is actually better than his 3-Star rating.
Yes! I love it! We get “lil ‘ol Clemson” to start 2021 season in Charlotte. Gonna have to make the trip. This used to be a great rivalry every year. Maybe it will open up to future games each season. Go Dawgs!
Bold considering the West as strong as they are and the fact they have some tough teams on schedule from the West and of course the 50/50 chance of the Ga FL game in the East. I like the talk though; it keeps the bulletin board material fresh in the locker room for the Dawgs.
Dylan Moses should be #1 and Najee Harris #2. Bama really missed the leadership and playmaking on defense from Moses. That guy is a baller. The Bama-UGA game is going to be the best game to watch next season. I’m looking forward to the match up. Go Dawgs!
The gap is closing so I guess Kirby should be shaking in his boots. (Lots of sarcasm implied)
Not such a surprise coming from a classy Gator. Why don’t you crawl back in your swamp turd-infested hole where you came from?!?!
You can’t turn back time. It is what it is. People make mistakes, I make mistakes so no use to complain or get mad about it. It will not change the outcome. Go Dawgs!
I don’t think he’s committed yet, but he is from Carolina and his most recent tweets show a lot of Carolina Tar Hill Blue.
Good luck and best wishes at N.C.. I’ve always liked Coach Mack Brown.