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“What if we had all those 4 and 5 star players like Georgia have, then we would beat Alabama.”
Tim, Tim, are and will be sadly mistaken when playoffs come around.
Exactly. Entienne is a good back, but #1. Najee Harris should be above Entienne. Swift and Harris are the 2 best backs in college football. Also, a great back does not fumble the football. You are a BALL CARRIER. That means holding on to the football. So why is Taylor #2 again?
If you’re going put Sanders on this list, then I believe Zeus should be on here, too.
So sad with heartfelt prayers and thoughts going to his family.
Do not mind him. He was “rasied in the swamp.” Grammar is not his strong suit.
Sorry, but does not have any “wild cards” on the team. You come to practice hard or you do not play. You show in practice or you do not play in the game. No position is secure/set until after practice. You play your best game ever in practice. Again, there are no “wild cards” on the UGA roster.
Yes. The in-state talent has been here for decades but the recruiting from past coaches could not keep most talent in-state. Kirby has been better at it than any coach besides Vince Dooley.
We are so blessed to have Dr. Ron Courson on staff! Praying for a continued speedy recovery D’Wan.
I think it’s a tie between Delpit and McKinney for the overall top safety. They are both lock down safeties. J R is a close second.
He should be much better and more familiar with the system as he was Mecole’s sub last season. I know Blaylock is a true freshman but I see him playing. He will not disappoint.
Yes, he is a grad transfer from The U and he will bring some good experience to the receiver corps and a tall target for Fromm to throw.
Ouch l! That hurt. But as hard as it is for me to admit, it is true. Good one, LSUSMC!
I agree about Monty Rice. He just needs to stay healthy and for crying out loud stretch really good this time.
Zuniga would be my pick for FL. He created havoc in our backfield last year especially on the goal line stand. Good golly that was so frustrating and no one would block the man. Kirby and the def staff thought he might not have the speed to get around the edge but he after play after play.
He came to Athens and dominated throwing on our defense. He really made us look bad. Dude did have a canon of an arm. The only other QB/Ath/WR form Kentucky that I remember dominating or winning against us was Randall Cobb. He was just an overall great athlete that could anything on the football field and be very good at it. I’m sure the UK’rs will remember him, also.
Thoughts and prayers go out to he and his family. That dude was a load. First time I saw him play,I was like “why is the offensive guard in the shotgun formation taking the snap and why is he wearing the number 22?” My brother looked over at me and said “that’s their quarterback and he’s a very good one at that; he’s a bit tough to bring down, also.” God bless he and his family.
Yes, Oregon will surprise some folks this season. You forget Mario Cristobal (who was asst Head Coach at Bama like what 2 seasons ago) has much improved with experience under his belt along with assisting Saban on recruiting and coaching. They will have most of their starters back this year as well. Auburn should not take them lightly. Just saying...
Really man? I graduated high school in 1984. I was a freshman in high school when we were on top. I should have known the reply would come from an ‘Awe-Bun’ fan.
Yes, like the SEC Championship against Auburn or last year’s game against Auburn at home. It’s called the “dead leg” move D’Andre has when he makes a cut getting to the second level. Classic!
Wait a second...they have Alabama and Georgia backwards. It should be Georgia 1. and Alabama 3.
You do realize we run the football first and foremost, right? Do you think we are any bit worried about the receiver depth? Give me a break. So, just for kicks and giggles, here is a list of the experienced receiver depth/Corp: Matt Landers, Tommy Bush, Tyler Simmons, Trey Blount, Demetris Robertson, Lawrence Cager and Kearis Jackson. These do not include any TE’s or RB’s either.
I believe Zirkel is a 2-star, but hey, he is a kicker. If we finish in the top 5 recruiting classes, it will be all fine and dandy anyway. Clemson looks like the pull ahead runner right now and will be tough to pass them.
No, actually we don’t. We have more receiver depth than you think. You cannot discount the running backs and TE’s, either.