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Georgia at 5 is too high. We should be 7 or 8 at best for the unknown offense with new OC, scheme and QB position.
I’m sure the Gators will give us some flack as well! Wait for it... Wait for it....
There are just too many unknowns right now and looking like a reduced game schedule but I do hope for an all SEC game schedule, though.
I detect some sarcasm because you and I both know Saban is the best, for now.
I like the competition, actually. They will both have to raise their level of play in practice to compete for the QB position. With Kirby though, it will be a week by week competition. I do have a feeling there will be someone transferring. Let the competition begin.
Not this one Dawg. I have been a skeptic since he transferred to UGA. I have seen his film and the hype is so overrated. He has size and a good arm but again, where has he been proven in the SEC? Against Clemson, he looked awful. Now, I do take in consideration the fact that he did not have a very good offensive line blocking for him, but he did have a couple of key playmakers for receivers. That’s my take on Newman. We shall see once he plays against some of these SEC defenses.
Smith and Vann are very good receivers actually. They have a highly RB coming in also to help share carries with Lloyd.
USC is closer to home for him but he has made some Tweets about playing with Maason.
Maason Smith and Korey Foreman. Stingley at CB. The D will be stellar.
They are about to get 2 5-Star recruits in a pkg deal. That’s why.
He falls in my Top 5 most disliked coaches. Good ole Urban Liar.
I wish at least give us his pregame press conference. Should be priceless.
Oh my word! I think that was the running back play of the year and I’m a doggone Georgia Bulldog.
NashGator speaks the truth. There is hope for the southern border brethren after all. What you said Nash is spot on especially when you look at the S.C. game loss last season.
We have the ‘Zirk’. We always have good kickers so I am not worried about the kicking game.
I really don’t like all the hype about Newman. He has graduated. That’s great. But he played in the ACC with an average at best OL but did have a couple of really good to receivers. Truly the real test was against Clemson’s defense and he did not fair well at all which would be a very similar situation against a good SEC defense. Our OL may be a little better than Wake’s but again, there are a lot of unknowns at this point of juncture.
I agree Fuzzy. There are a lot of unknowns right now.
I don’t know. Sanders will be coming back healthy for you guys, so I would think there would be shared carries with Najee and Trey.
Yes, Zeus should be included but I agree that Tank Bigsby is a beast. Najee Harris is also a great back and also a beast. Wait until Trey Sanders gets some playing time and we will see another one come out of their stable. I am looking forward to seeing Kendall Milton get some touches as well.
Have you BEEN to Miami lately?!?!? You better know how to speak Spanish. The crime rate down there is ridiculous, too. The Miami campus in itself is nice but the influx of Cubans and New Yorkers/Jersies are unbearable in that area.
Yes, he kind of reminds me of a Percy Harvin type. If he gets into open space, he can be dangerous. Mullen is a good coach, but if he utilized his position players better and in more jet sweeps/bubble screens/reverse field play action plays, they would be more explosive on offense.
My bad, Amarius Mims(Bleckley Co) , then Ferguson(Peach Co) are the OL’s in dire need and targets for offense and Mondon for the D.
He and Ferguson, Bleckley Co lineman, are the 2 most important targets. Go Dawgs!