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It’s passing efficiency. QBR is not listed on the official NCAA Football website. Fromm is a better QB. Period. Tua is better than Hurts. Fromm is also a very good baseball player. If who to choose between Fromm or Hurts to QB my college football team, I would choose Fromm. And no, I am not being a homer. I’m just being honest.
9 Jake Fromm Georgia Fr. QB 15 291 181 7 2615 24 160.120 Jalen Hurts Alabama So. QB 14 254 154 1 2081 17 150.7
Please go crawl back under your TN Orange Double-wide where you came from Tru-Tenn.
Crean will keep GA recruits in state. Good hire. Go Dawgs! Now let’s start getting the football equipment out! Is it Spring football yet?!?!?
It was a missed assignment on defense in the last play. We needed to acccount for his alt-blind side being a left-handed QB. Also, the DB getting burned on the go route. That’s why we lost. Fromm had no part of that play.
It’s basketball man. It will always play second fiddle to football at UGA.
I heard Rotten Tomatoes gave it 5-Star.....wait for it.....hearts.
Trump is too busy trying to get things back in order. He actually, now what do you call it again?....yea, that’s right. WORKS! Do you honestly think he has time to fill out a bracket?
Matta’s out. So, I believe we need to offer Grant from College of Charleston next. He’s young and an upward mobile Coach trending more and more as he’s come up the ranks. Do not know much about his recruiting, though. Did I mention I was ready for some SEC football, especially some Hairy Dawg GATA smash mouth Spring Red & Black game football!??!?!!
It wasn’t Ga. The first half of the game, Lock burned us deep on several plays. The 2nd half not so much, but he still had a good game against us. I believe that was the most points scored against our defense last season.
Come on Matta, just say yes. Take the job.
I would not consider “draft QB’s”. Maybe they mean top coaches’/ranked QB’s in the next season.
Bentley has Debo Samuel coming back but lost Hayden Hurst to draft. I’d put Bentley after Tua. Drew Lock at 1 and Stidham at 2.
Is it Spring football, yet?!? Please, SEC football come back, please!
Is it Spring football, yet?!? Please, SEC football come back, please!
You’re a good man Mark Fox. Thanks for keeping the integrity in the game at UGA and for these young men that played under your leadership. Best wishes in your next coaching endeavor.
No. And no! Matta would be my pick if we can get him.
It’s a stepping stone and while there can learn a lot from Saban.
Big surprise win over a very good Mizzou team. Way to go Dawgs! Keep on keepin’ on! Now, Big Blue! The mountain keeps getting higher to climb.
There is a big difference between farm pond fishing and pressured big lake tournament fishing. That’s why they call it fishing and not catching. Tight lines!
Well, at least Ogletree will be playing with former UGA WR Tavarres King. Gurley ain’t happy, though. I just can’t believe the Ogletree deal. IMO, that was not a good trade at least for the Rams.
No, Georgia has their hands full. This is a very all-around talented Mizzou team. They also have the number 1 recruit on their team. (Not sure if he’s still hurt or not, will not matter). Mizzou has more depth. We will have to bring our best from each player to win. Maten can not keep carrying the team. We really miss J. J. Frazier. If we play like we did against Vandy, it will be much closer.
Mullen will bring the true freshman Emory Jones to give FL life again. Let the Gator Hater clock start ticking down to kickoff. Is it Spring yet?!?
Jackson should know there are others out there that can run faster than that in the Track & Field world. Take Christian Coleman from Tenn, for instance, who actually ran 4.12 in the 40. That’s world class speed. He runs sub-10 sec in the 100 Meters. And yes, he has beaten Usain Bolt(after his prime of course) in the 100 Meters. His indoor 60 Meter runs are even more impressive.