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“Now is not recruiting season, when we get there then we will worry about recruiting.” Oh my…Darth Mullen.
Or Mertz with a QB sneak and let the 2 big men push him over the line of gain.
Whatever happened to the “tush push” teams are running now to go a yard. It was actually less than a yard and you do a play like that. I just don’t get it. Doesn’t FL have 2 guys on their DL that are over 380lbs. Line them up behind the QB and push the pile while Etienne gets the handoff. Hello McFly Billy Napier?!?
Dinich needs to report on women’s sports. She has no idea about college football. Even her take on why UGA would lose to FL because they were without Brock Bowers. Big 10 homer. She knows nothing about football.
I guess “if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’”. That must be Jim Harbaugh’s philosophy. He also used to visit SEC camps and practices early season and spring training “to see how they do things”. Too funny.
Beck has been better with his check downs and dispersing the ball to many different receivers. And I am so tired of hearing about Bowers being a “security blanket”. Delp is just as capable of doing the job. He has had a lot of touches so I’m not worried. Beck has a plethora of receivers to go to out there.
Really Dez? “Who are they going to look for?” Uh, we have at least 6 WR’s/TE’s and a couple of RB’s that can catch the ball and make plays. What kind of question is that? Let’s see: Rosemy-Jacksaint Lovett Bell A.Smith Delp Luckie Rara Thomas McKonkey Daijun Edwards Kendall Milton ….to name a few…
I kinda miss ole Spurrier throwing and slamming his visor on the ground! Too much fun seeing him get frustrated on the sidelines. “Click-clack” Even at SC, so enjoyable…”we have Clowney, he will make a difference against them bulldogs.” Oh the memories…
FL doesn’t claim that as a game evidently. What if they won that game, then it would be a different response from them.
Yessir. Don’t be surprised to see a handoff to Edwards then pitch back to Beck to hit Arian Smith deep downfield on a flea-flicker 1st offensive play of the game when Dawgs on offense.
The players, the players not the fans. Do I have to spell it out for you? Longer bus drives for the Georgia players. We also don’t get to recruit or host recruits at the game. That’s one less game every other year we don’t get to host recruits.
Sir Mertz-a-lot. The Mertzinator Mertz the Magnificent Mertz-a-million That’s about all I recall from the Gator faithful posters unless someone has more to share. We just have this guy named Beck. That’s it, just Beck. And by the way, he is from Jacksonville. Should be another great match up and game.
I like the enthusiasm and positive view. As always, it’s a 50-50 game. Throw out the stats, the wins vs losses, who’s ranked where and who’s injured. This game is an all time rivalry and the hate for each other will continue to exist long after I am gone. But I do have 2 words for you, go Dawgs!!
Y’all drive 71 miles to Jacksonville. We have to drive 344 miles to Jacksonville. It’s pretty much a home game for the Gators.
Well, it’s next man up mentality. Always. Kirby has always said there will be injuries especially playing in the SEC. It’s the middle of the season and most are dealing with some type of injuries on their team. It will give other guys more opportunities to prove themselves. Through every adversity, there is a benefit. I’ve been a “glass half full” kind of person anyway. Delp, you’re in and Luckie, you’re in. Sperlin, you’re next on the totem pole.
Delp is good and still developing and Luckie hasn’t had enough snaps with the ones yet.
He should be back for the SECC game, but time heals all wounds. I would not push it, but I know Brock wants to help the team win in any capacity at his best. We shall see as time goes with the healing process and PT.
Beck threw to about 10 different receivers this past weekend. I think Bobo is doing better at the play calling than what most Dawgnation faithful thought. There’s been a few hiccups, but I cannot pin it on Bobo.
Give me a freakin break! All QB’s. The Heisman Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the most outstanding player in college football. Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work. Heisman= BROCK BOWERS He is THE BEST and most outstanding football player in all of college football. Period.
Agree completely. Our identity: grown man physical football in the trenches offensively and defensively. Identity mostly has always been be and have the better defense. Kirby has always promoted that. Defense has always been our strongpoint and will continue to be. You know the cliche’ but still holds true: DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! GO DAWGS!!
C’mon frozen, the West is still up for grabs. There really has not been one totally dominant in the West. This is indeed a very strange less than par season for the SEC overall.
That can also apply for defense.
“2 on me, someone’s free.”
We don’t have to have sacks to be successful on defense. We create havoc for QB’s to rush throws or make wayward passes. We close gaps inside the tackles which is why Auburn was successful running outside the tackles because we didn’t contain the edges and our LB’s were out of position for the most part. It will be corrected by this Saturday.
Hillbilly is jealous because they lost their top RB in Len’Neth Whitehead to UGA. I’d like to see our RB stable stretch their legs some so to speak against UAB and also see Fairchild in there at OL put some of that wrestling fundamentals in leverage on their DL’s. Open up some gaps for the backs to run in. It may still be some vanilla play calling so don’t expect much from Bobo in this game…just saying.
Lane will utilize motions and Judkins will be a decoy to pull LB’s away and hopefully the DB’s will man their positions on one on ones especially when Dart moves out of the pocket to find an open receiver. It will be a good game nonetheless. Bama in the past has had trouble with mobile QB’s and hope it they him at bay.