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Not this Dawg, I would say “now it’s time for a rematch on neutral territory.” (I still think AL going to win the Iron Bowl, though).
If Fromm gets hurt, Eason comes in at QB. That’s pretty much it. Any questions?
Hey B1G Connor, not nervous one bit. Have you heard the expression “FIDO”? Forget It Drive On!!! We’re moving on to the Kentucky game. Ooh-ra!
Good luck wherever you go Caleb. Maybe we will see you on the other side of the ball one day. Go Dawgs!
Fromm didn’t struggle. His receivers dropped passes. They were catchable balls.
Because Fromm is the QB now. If he gets hurt, then we will see Eason. The play calling was terrible. There was not a single screen pass and I didn’t even see any short passes in the flat to a back. Chaney had a bad day of play calling. what’s LSU’s record thus far? Do you think you might have a chance at the SEC Championship game?
My bad. Troy, an FBS team. Still, Troy??? You got beat by Troy.
What are you talking about Ryan???!!!?? Did you not see the game?? Fromm played as well as any one would with the support he had. (Which was next to nothing from a blocking standpoint and several thrown passes to the receivers that dropped them, and yes, they were very catchable balls). Fromm played his position very well and as a truly poised true freshman QB on the road against one of the best defenses in the nation. You obviously did not see the game. Before you write an article, you better do your homework.
Man, you’re right. I didn’t see any passes to our backs that I know of or maybe I just missed it. The play calling was terrible but we have GOT to block better. No penalties, no turnovers, open up some holes/gaps for the backs and yes, some passses in the flats to our backs. If there is space created for our backs, they can maneuver their way for some yardage. It’s just plain and simple fundamental football. Be more physical with the man across the line...that’s it. What’s so difficult to understand about that. I didn’t see one trick play either the whole game, not even an insides kick. And of course, Malzahn had a bunch of his trick plays coming out of the old playbook. Stop, reset, focus.
Look, FL and TN both have had down seasons this year and I didn’t expect UGA to go this far. I was really expecting this to happen next year when we get all the new recruits Kirby had coming in to be in play. But now we have a shot in the SEC Championship game and that the winner will determine who will be in the Final Four Playoff scenario.
“WAY overrated”. OK, guess we will see after the SEC Championship game. I mean Troy?!?!??....really?!?? You got beat by an FCS team...really??!?? Who’s overrated??
Hats off to Bama. Man, it’s hard to go undefeated in the SEC but they just keep rolling. State did play a heck of a game though.
It was not Fromm’s fault. He played a good game. Our line let us down and could not get any push or gaps. I told you this game is won in the trenches and we lost it on both sides. It came down to this: Penalties after penalties, turnovers, no blocking to open up holes for the backs, no blocking to give Fromm time to throw, dropped passes, poor time clock mgt and poor play calling. That’s why we lost, period. As I had said in previous posts days ago, if we played sloppy and don’t get things cleaned up, that we would lose and we did.
Mike Leach has a few screws loose. Wouldn’t you be tweeting about your own team you’re a head coach of like saying “Go Cougars” or “Let’s roar Cougars”, I just don’t get him.
We need to win the coin toss to start off with the crowd out of it. We always defer when we do so we can get our defense on the field first.
“Like you’re saying I have a chance in 1 out of 100?” No, more like 1 in a million. “So you’re saying I have a chance!”
I always thought it was pronounced “Ahhh-bunn” as many of the “Biff’s and Buffy’s” from Auburn call it. They are the preppies of SEC West.
It makes me cringe when saying this because other than FL, I despise Notre Dame, but Notre Dame is a much better football team than Auburn. I really can not believe I said it, but the truth hurts sometimes.
Fromm is one of those athletes that has success and winning instilled in him. He has grown up knowing how to win and has the leadership skills and qualities you can not teach. He has the “it” factor. If his back is up against the wall, he will find a way to resist, pursue and win. The kid is a natural born winner. You either have it or you don’t.
Yep, Auburn is task at hand. Focus, focus, focus on this game which is the only game of concern right now. ATD today!
Herbie, the B1G joke, OSU fool...please quit with the “Fromm has yet to be tested in big 3rd down situations”. You saw what True Freshman Jalen Hurts was able to do last year. It’s no different with Fromm this year. He has come in on the biggest stages of college football and performed better than has expected. It’s time to buy in now Herbie.
All year I have been saying the 2 games I was worried about for UGA are FL (always a toss up) and Auburn. After all the disarray of FL, that definitely had an impact on this year’s game. Auburn again like every year seems to improve throughout the season, so it will be a big test for us. I am looking forward to another smash mouth close football game.
I too am a ND hater but after we had played them I really was surprised how they played. The always pre-season top 25 ND ranking I can not stand just because of the old tradition ND had made but this year they are actually legit and proved it. I just can not stand ND, but they do have a good overall football team.