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Look, let's just all agree that the East is up for grabs. No one has really shown an absolute dominance yet. Muschamp and his defense will win in this one. I must say though that Bentley and Deebo look really good.
Yes, agree on most points, but I feel Chaney needs to throw the "Wild Dawg" or wildcat, whatever you want to call it, out of the playbook. We need our bread and butter running plays and play action passes. It's plain ole' fundamental football. If Fromm viewed some of the plays Aaron Murray had, maybe he can bring it to the attention of Chaney. The game is won in the trenches and on the line. If we could just get better blocking for the best running back duo in college football, it would open up our pass game to let Fromm show his arm off.
It's probably because the student base is studying those difficult exams. The alumni are top executives or business owners that are working on Saturdays or playing golf. Just saying....
Amen to that! I thought Atlanta traffic was bad...well, actually it is.
Yes. The answer is yes, but we need a title-winning offensive line.
The offensive line did show improvement, but PLEASE, oh PLEASE throw out the "Wild Dawg" play. It is just way too predictable!
We had a true freshman QB starting his first game on one of the biggest stages of a regular season game at night? They were a 4pt favorite and on their field. What was impressive was our defense. Penalties and turnovers turned out to bite us in the butt, again. Looking forward to coming to Knoxville. We will talk then, sounds good?
Amen to everything you said Mtn Dog! It was a very big stage for Fromm as a true freshman QB, but he handled himself well. It was Notre Dame in South Bend for crying out loud. (Yes, it's a team I love to hate but they are a "tradition" name in college football. But man, the speed and hitting from our defense was very impressive! As I always say, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!
(This was a reply to Volmaster...btw).
I beg to differ. Watch out for the RB J. J. Green( was a Dawg at one time). He's a talented kid--good speed, footwork and vision. He's a senior and he reminds me a lot like Sony Michel.
Yes, he has said that. Most teams this time of year are, the DL usually will start less conditioned along with the OL.
Agree to all your accounts Mtn Dog. Nauta at TE and Eason have great chemistry with one another. Hoping Blaze will too coming in to alternate at TE. Godwin will be the deep threat and maybe Chigbu as well. We will see some surprises also at receiver from our new recruits(FR/So's). Chubb will be a lot closer to 100% this year and as you said he only gets stronger as the game goes on (a trait of a great running back). The key improvement will need to be at defense though. Hopefully Coach Smart has these guys prepared and stick to their assignments. Again, as I always preach, we must minimize the penalties and turnovers along with fundamental football: wrapping up in tackling, fast pace team corralling to the ball carrier and force turnovers(tip passes, strip ball from carrier, etc.). Coach Smart will be improving his decision making as well (please no lineman or LB's downfield in Hail Marys---how about having our best receivers and DB's only for that PLEASE!)
With a duel+ running back backfield, it will be tough for either one to pass Herschel. Chubb sharing the carries may be better off anyway so he can stay refreshed and healthy.
I guess the only one I'd change is Coach Dan Mullen's song to the Saturday Night Live's skit with Christopher Walken with them playing Blue Oyster Cult's song "Don't Fear the Reaper"! I've got a fever and the only cure is MORE COW BELL!
Alright Swamp Rat, it ought to be a good love-hate rival game again this year. (Kirby, as a former Bulldog player, has it out to beat FL.) I guess we will see who has the better defense. It will be a defensive battle and I'm liking the direction we are heading with the process. We will see you Oct 28th @ 3:30. I know it's not Gainesville, but we will drain the swamp.
Yes, please do not rank us in the preseason top 10. It always seems to jinx our team. The lower, the better.
(Of course, referring to the awful o-line and not the backs.)
Georgia-In 2016, from running back U to running back pew.
Yep, the "Mail Man" could show some people that he can compete. Quick release throws, speed to run if necessary w/ 4.5 40 speed, and not to mention a good head on his shoulders. He has had offers from Harvard, Yale and Columbia. He also plays baseball and runs track. It will be fun to watch the QB competition in the next few years.
I see Guice winning the yards contest in the SEC. Chubb and Michel maybe 1000-1200 each.
Boom not there anymore; I see Snell getting 1500+, if healthy that is.
So let's see, 2 games against us as wins(?). 2. Is that a winning streak? Correct me if I am wrong, though. Listen, just get rid of Butch and bring back Fullmer. He was a much better coach and class of person. Why y'all got rid of him, I will never know.
1. 5 star hearts 2. Champions of Life 3. ? 4. ? 5. ?
ACC....soooo, that many from Clemson and FSU...who else is there? I guess throw a few from V Tech, Ga Tech and NC.