Grew up liking LSU, hating the Gators, and then I saw Hershel. Wow. Eventually got a scholly to Ga so while I still like LSU I’m a Dawg. Still hate Florida.

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At the very least I’m positive who I don’t want at QB and it’s the guy who can’t read defenses, turns the ball over, holds the ball too long, misses the open man, stares down his primary, and relies upon great catch from his receivers to catch his inaccurate passes. And if the coach had a history of making good QB decisions he might get the benefit of the doubt.
That means half the Georgia fans are blind, drunk, high, and delusional. And so is Kirby. Bringing SB to a championship game against Bama is like racing at the Indy 500 with Ford Fiesta. JT should have been starting since the Tennessee game.
No argument there. I said exactly the same thing on another site and had to school the idiot who disagreed. Yeah that was you Lesko Brandon.
JT hurt his oblique August 19th. It showed in the Clemson game that was only 2 weeks later.
The better coach won. Saban displays an adaptability that Kirby doesn’t have. The old dog learned new tricks. The young Dawg got schooled and is too dumb and stubborn to change. This loss is on Kirby. Great at most things. Totally incompetent in the most important thing. And the only stat that matters is the score.
If that’s your criteria for being a successful QB then you are a moron
If not now then when? In 2 or 3 years probably. UGA takes a step back next year as this incredible defense moves to Sunday’s. But the young players behind them may be even better as they develop and grow. And with Brock Vandagriff or Gunner Stockton leading the way Georgia fans will finally have a strong armed mobile QB who can do it all.
Ya not a Dawg fan! Ya is a troll. And ya don’t know football. Ya ya ha ha. Betta luck next time.
Great hire for USC. I wonder if he takes Caleb Williams with him. I also wonder if he thought he might actually win something in the PAC 12. He was going to get spanked in the SEC.
Sorry but Florida stopped being a top two program in the SEC thirty seconds after Meyer got a headache. Or chest pain. Or whatever made him tired of dealing with “Florida man”.
If my son were a defensive player then Kirby would be right up there. A quarterback however? Hell no.
Murray is a tool. He’s just afraid JT will do something he couldn’t which is win it all. His takes are worse than hot garbage. They’re rotten Gator meat. But he was a really good college QB. But still a tool.
If he’s guilty then cut it off. If not then there should be some sort of consequence. Suspicious story. Negan is crazy and most of post is BS but dang if he didn’t raise at least a couple of relevant points.
88and 99 are far too valuable on D to risk them on O. A better solution is to use 77 Devin Willock who is actually as large as Jordan Davis and is actually well versed in blocking. He’s your backup offensive guard for goodness sake. Throw in 73 Xavier Truss at 6-7 and 335 pounds to replace Carter because he’s your other backup offensive guard.
I think UT has a good offense. I’m looking forward to a great game. However the best team UGA faces all year shows up Monday through Friday. No wonder their backups are formidable—talent and going against the 1s I’m practice.
Greg McElroy is a tool. Pretty good for general commentary on the radio but almost as annoying as you know who on game calls. Georgia receivers made a lot of good catches on poorly thrown balls. Bennett did make two nice throws though. I don’t think I’d call him “beloved”. Most people want him to be abducted by aliens just because Kirby’s handling of the situation makes QB recruiting a dicey situation. Why would a 5star QB want to subject themselves to such coaching fickleness? They wouldn’t.
I have never seen a worse thrower of the football than Macon. But dang he can run.
They can discuss hiring him all they want—just like I dreamed of Princess Leia in the slave outfit. End result the same. It takes two to tango.
Derrick Mason was a pretty good NFL player. But that’s been at least a decade ago.
If Kirby is smart (yeah pun intended) about the QB situation (and mind you he has never given any indication that he is) then he puts this all to bed by starting JT next week and in perpetuity. Win a natty and both JT and SB get lots of praise and glory. JT goes to the NFL and SB gets a high paying job with some chummy booster. Brock and Gunner can fight it out next year. Beck transfers and starts at Penn State. Win win for everyone.
Y’all lay off my boy Dam MuLLLet. He’s a fine coach. His play calling yesterday was a thing of beauty. I was bedazzled by his brilliance. He fits in with Florida and their fans. A match made in heaven I’d say. Give Ole Dam a pair of jorts and another extension. We like the direction UF’ers are going. Yep, he’s something else.
Try listening to Aaron Murray call a Georgia game. You’d swear he roots for Georgia to lose because he’s afraid to see them win a natty when he couldn’t deliver one. It’s ok to say great things about your alma mater WHEN THEY MAKE A GREAT PLAY! And then you crush them when they pull a boneheaded play. That’s balance. Just be honest about the football in front of you.
He’s got options. Georgia isn’t one of them. SMU, Houston, UCF. Shoot even Penn state or My Chicken. But not Georgia.
Tucker wasn’t great at Colorado and wasn’t good last year at My Chicken State. Not sure half a season of success and a history of not sticking around would help him that much.
I wouldn’t even bring up Bama when they spank that Volunteer bottom every year. How many years has it been now?