Grew up liking LSU, hating the Gators, and then I saw Hershel. Wow. Eventually got a scholly to Ga so while I still like LSU I’m a Dawg. Still hate Florida.

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Tremendous COLLEGE QB running a COLLEGE offense. Can be successful running the same offense. Who volunteers to run that? He has never been good at pre-snap reads and consistently making progressions. Big complaint of holding ball too long is a direct result of him not processing the situation on the field quickly enough. It takes a certain ability to see the entire field in a couple of seconds and process where everyone is, where everyone is going, sense the pressure around you, and deliver the ball to the right player. Not everyone can do it and it doesn't matter how fast you are or how strong your arm is. This is what distinguishes the successful NFL QB and everyone else.
Bruh, Stokes just ran a 4.246 forty at the House of Athlete Combine showcase in Fort Lauderdale. That’s a ticket to the first round. Reports are that fire department personnel had to use a fire extinguisher on his shoes after they caught on fire from that BLAZING speed.
Florida loses to Georgia, Kentucky, and Ampersand U. Georgia loses to Bama. And Bama. Unfortunately.
I call for mass abandonment of the big 10 and pac 12. Anyone committed to the schools should decommit and send them the only message they would understand. Presidents, chancellors, and Warren would be sent packing.
Dear NCAA, Let me solve this issue for you. Everyone sits out a year for any in conference transfer. No exceptions. Everyone does not sit out a year for a non conference transfer. No exceptions. Done. Everyone knows ahead of time the consequences of their decision and no one has to wait on a ruling.
Never saw a problem with arm strength with Tua. That ball comes out like a laser. Maybe Joe needs glasses?
Can’t imagine how that kid won so many games. Maybe Florida fans know. I heard he never lost to them.
One of the reasons I hate the PFS is his insistence on exhibiting a plethora of illiterate unintelligent redneck hillbillies whose very comments are highly suggestive of a strong history of consanguinity. Not to mention the ones who are obviously under the influence of mind altering substances. The only mildly redeeming quality is that he occasionally has a good guest (not caller) who is talking about the only thing that matters: CFB and preferably SEC CFB.
They win four or five games. The buyout may save him though. That’s a lot of money. The boosters would have to have a Willie Taggart moment and tell the admin that they will fork out the dough.
On Tucker: Everyone of us would leave for a better job at double the pay and more resources to succeed. Especially at a place we have ties to. The outrage is ridiculous. Did he make a mistake with the stupid tweet? Of course. But if you are a high school recruit who does not understand that CFB is a business then you should put down your phone for a minute and get a clue. STOP COMMITTING TO COACHES! Commit to a school. The school isn’t going anywhere. Your coach is. Sooner or later—either by choice or firing. As for Sark he’s a good coach. Baggage? Sure. Lots of good coaches with baggage. Up to UC to decide if he’s worth it.
Too many. You don’t need to add teams. You need to get rid of these teams that don’t take this seriously. I don’t care what they do with basketball, baseball, and women’s field hockey. Who gives a crap. I’m talking about the only sport that matters and that’s football. Jettison Vandy, Syracuse, Maryland, Duke, wake forest, NC State, all of the Big 12 except ok and ok state, Texas and Baylor. Boot Illinois, Indiana, Northwestern, and Purdue. Get rid of Oregon State, Washington state, Cal, Arizona. Force ND to join a conference or miss out. Make three or four conferences with teams that compete year in and year out. Tell the NCAA to kick rocks and negotiate your own TV deals. And if you suck you can get booted out and replaced by somebody that gives a crap about winning.
I’m not buying the 67 percent and he will throw double digit INTs. But yeah he can throw for 3000 yards and mid to high 20s in TDs.
Maybe someone with some insight can answer this point made here regarding Nick Starkel. “...I’m not sure many quarterbacks could have succeeded in Chad Morris’ offense”. Or something like that. I thought Morris was some offensive genius at Clemson and SMU. Is he not? What was the problem and what does that mean for Auburn and Nix?
Weird. I’m getting a feeling this kid may be trouble. No reason to act this way.
I don’t get it either. Auburn is 3-12 vs UGA the last 15 games. Nothing wrong with Auburn the place but c’mon—have you ever been to Athens? And you get that super easy SECW schedule at AU too. And then there is that thing about being a Georgia native playing for the home team. When it comes to life after football that means something to the tremendous and very wealthy Ga alumni network. If you look at Ga over the next four years I think you will see something special. How sure are you that Gus will even be at AU in four years?
Not only are the kids are high quality athletically, I think there are some real leaders in this class. Kendall Milton, MJ Sherman, Sedric Van Pran-Granger, Kelee Ringo, Tate Ratledge, Ladd McConkey, and Jalen Kimber are all going to be great in the locker room. Of the ones who got away, the only two I'd really like to see at GA were Bresee and Sewell. I'd rather have Darnell than Arik, I'd rather have Milton than Bigsby. Dexter is going to be great but I don't want anyone dumb enough to pick Florida over Ga. He can be great while playing in the Outback Bowl or whatever you get for losing to GA every year. Next year's class led by Vandagriff has the potential to be a real doozy so I think Florida is in for a long losing spell.
Outside of about the top 100 players the rating services miss ALOT. That three star doesn’t mean anything. What matters is the film and Smart and Monken’s opinion of how he fits in the offense. And this kid is tailor made for the slot. High character, high academics, in state kid who runs. 4.5 forty and has hips like Shakira? No brainer there. Even Kelee Ringo was impressed with this guy. Great pickup.
Old post. No update but he cancelled his Auburn visit. Staying committed to the G.
Just want to say that I hate any collegiate sport not played with a football. Or hot chicks. So that’s definitely not basketball.
I can’t find much to nitpick. I will say Isaiah Wilson is going to be a much better player than people anticipate. Someone is going to get a steal if he goes in the second round. Kindley should go in the fourth.
Yeah they have only signed more five star recruits in the last four years than any other team in the country 2017-2020.
Only in the SEC can you be 7th nationally and FIFTH in the SEC.
Jake Fromm is a nice guy. Don’t know about Mahomey. But from everything I have heard A-rod is a tool.
I’d like to see four 16 team super conferences that is self governing. Tell the NCAA to kiss rocks. Arrange your own TV deals. Each conference has two 8 team divisions. Every team plays each team in your division (7 games), rotating cross division 1 game, 2 rotating cross conference games, 1 G5 game. One conference championship game.
You nailed it. There is nothing wrong with the rule as it is. Both cases were good calls and the players who were ejected were at fault.
I’ve got a better idea. Anyone can transfer 1 time. And there are no waivers for anyone for any reason. Sit your butt down and wait a year. Graduates can play immediately.
I don’t see you guys losing to anyone but LSU and UGA. I will give y’all credit for winning the games you should win which is something we can screw up on. You might even beat LSU. So the WLOCP is going to be a humdinger!