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Don't knowck a 3rd String QB- We are playing to revenge 2015 abd a 3rd String! An Elephant NEVER forgets #rolltide
Jalen will be the Heisman Triple Crown Winner coming out of OK!!
There’s reports that say he left in an ambulance! Prayers for Tua
As an Alabama fan trust me when I say we understand your pain. At least y’all could count on him and not get your draws in a bunch when the kick is up! One missed kick is a lot different than I made field goal- y’all gone be alright... just win out the rest of the way and y’all will be in the hunt again! Good luck SEC Brother
It’s looking real rough for the SEC today... Gotta say I agree that Kirby was revisiting that Kick 6 in the Iron Bowl and got nervous- cost the Bulldogs the W