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The SEC needs to grab Clemson and let Missouri go to the Big 10 cause they haven't accomplished much in the SEC besides the 7th round fruity pie coming out.
Georgia has the best tight end room in college football. The Arik Gilbert and Brock Bowers combo will be unstoppable this season on the way to another National Championship.
BamaTime me and Gabriel RTR go back a few years. He's been in denial about Georgia's rise. I said even back then Georgia's is going to dethrone Alabama. Now Gabriel RTR is in denial about the championship Georgia earned. Auburn is 3rd rate program. Tennessee is a 3rd rate program. Georgia is a Tier 1 football program, no doubt.
Gabriel RTR let's see, the past 5 years: 2 national championship appearances, 4 SEC Championship appearances. Georgia has the best recruiting classes over a five-year average entering 2022. The reigning defending National Champions! That sounds like a first rate program to me. Most college football programs would trade places with Georgia right now.
Watch the film. What I say is true. I speak the truth to power.
Georgia Left Tackle Broderick Jones shut Will Anderson down in the 2nd half of the National Championship Game. Alabama couldn't get any pressure without sending a blitz.
Not one former Alabama football player was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame today. However, Richard Seymour represented the University of Georgia well. Congratulations!
Georgia's Nolan Smith has the physical tools to put up stats similar to Will Anderson. Look for Nolan Smith to answer the call this season and become the best pass rusher in the SEC.
I assume Bryce Young's fastball throw on Cameron Latu's touchdown drop in the National Championship Game injured his hand. A Heisman Trophy winner should know how to anticipate the right touch on the ball.
It's just such a good feeling to be the National Champions and hold that trophy up high. I look forward to Georgia doing it again in 2023!
Bamajamma 18 That's how the data incrementally loaded into the SSAS cube from the Data Warehouse using SSIS. I spent many years learning that stuff, don't stress yourself.
darthA Power BI wasn't out 13 years ago, SMH. IT jobs is all about riding the wave. Power BI, Azure, Snow Flake, and Amazon Web Services are what is hot now.
LOL! I am the Director of Analytics. Before going into management I starting as a Business Intelligence Developer in the Microsoft Stack using (SSRS/SSIS/SSAS). After 13 years of doing that I upgraded my skillset and switched to Power BI where I was building corporate reporting dashboards using the Dax Language for the all the key stakeholders in the organization. Then out of the blue last year I got promoted to Director without even applying for it. I have forgotten more than you will even know buddy.
The best team did not win in Atlanta. That was Georgia's trap game much like Alabama lost to Texas A&M. Georgia would win 7 out of 10 match ups head to head against Bama starting from last year going forward.
I work in Corporate America and the Alabama trolls are even worse at office than at a bar.
Tr@sh talk is apart of football. Maybe you should follow a sport like badminton or competitive bingo where the fans are a less passionate about it.
We'll by your logic Mississippi State can be the favorite since we not are using last year to judge who can be competitive this year. Please think about what you type cause people will think you are incompetent.
Gabriel RTR I told you Georgia was going take over college football 2 years ago. I called it exactly chump. You are jealous that Georgia is going to replace Alabama and soon Alabama won't be relevant just like Florida and Tennessee fell off.
sds1967 I would be embarrassed to take credit for a consultation prize. Though you are just another Red Knick Alabama Fan who lives in a trailer or deep off a dirt road so I expect a lot less from your kind.
Tim Tebow made the same prediction last year. Tebow accomplished a lot as a SEC Football player but his analysis is off the rocker. Alabama lost to Texas A&M last year. A&M lost to Arkansas, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and LSU. How does that resume possibly make Alabama a favorite to win a championship in 2023?
Luvdaride Actually is about to go another commitment binge in August.
Gabriel RTR I thought Capstone stood for the BEST??? You can't lose 33-18 in the Nation Championship Game and be a Capstone program. Nice try.
The only thing Saban did correctly was hire the greatest recruiter in college football history and now the best head coach in college football Kirby Smart.
South Carolina football is a joke. When Texas and Oklahoma come to the SEC, I totally support the decision to give the Gamecocks the boot from the SEC.
Rick Sandidge made a bad choice picking South Carolina over Georgia. Rick could have had a Natty Ring and been off to the NFL. He was not developed and conditioned at South Carolina enough to where his body his body could avoid serious injury. South Carolina is a 3rd rate football.
That crushed Georgia during the Mark Richt years. But Kirby knows how to go national and get the next best or comparable player.