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Towles doesn't have what it takes. I will always remember him for being the QB with "happy feet" and for throwing the football poorly.
Well, Towles cut his hair like everyone suggested and that didn't work, so give Barker a try at starting.
Watching this team is like going to a comedy club. Stoops needs to resign or at the very least refund his salary back to the University.
Stoops should resign or at least refund his salary back to the University. UK is a comedy show.
This team is a comedy show. Stoops should resign or at least refund 1 or 2 million of his salary back to the University.
It takes more than five, this ain't basketball.
Towels needs to shave his head. Stop playing with his hair. It's all about the hair. Maybe a Mohawk bleached blond? The hair. It's all about the hair. Maybe a Mullet? Yeah, a Mullet. That's it. The hair.
Towles needs to cut his hair. Towles, stop playing with your hair. Get a Mohawk, bleach it white. It's all about the hair Towles.
My Mildcats are falling apart, but basketball revenge season is on the horizon.
Wow. SAOTY (Stiff-Arm Of The Year)? Since when is grabbing a man's facemask real cool and manly?
Georgia's Keith Marshall grabbed Kentucky's Chris Westry by the face mask and the punk got away with it.
Give Drew Barker a chance. Towles is only regressing. He's inept. Stoops should start calling the offensive plays. Shannon Dawson is horrible at play calling. That's why he did not call the plays at West Virginia.
Where is that little pipsqueak Maty Maulk? This football team has imploded. Hard to believe after wining the SEC east championship the past two years.
There are Knuckleheads everywhere. What an embarrassment for Alabama.
Emmanuel Mosely's facemask made contact with Garrett Johnson's facemask. The impact turned Johnson's head. It's on film. Why deny it. Move on already.
He tackled the QB, so what? The QB is fair game when they have the ball just like a running back.
This team has become a comedy show and they get worse with each passing game. Towles is horrible. His crappy passes over the middle are going to get Garrett Johnson killed one day. Towles should be riding the bench. Ryan Timmons has no business returning punts. He cannot catch the ball and he makes stupid decisions. I'm sorry, but he is dumb. The offensive play calling is nonsensical. Dawson never called the plays at West Virginia and he is a failed experiment at Kentucky. I could go on, but I would rather go bake a cake.
Mikel Horton's success hinges on whether or not UK's offensive line shows up to play.
Chicks that never played football acting like football experts is an Oxymoron. I think Georgia could beat my Wildcats with one of their Cheerleaders at QB :o(
No surprise here. Julio Frenk sounds like an illegal who is lacking in American values.
Nothing made me happier this season than seeing pipsqueak Maty Maulk implode!
Chris Wuensch knows nothing about UK's football team. "Georgia owns a five-game winning streak against Mark Stoops’ program." False. This is Mark Stoop's 3rd season at UK. "Patrick Towles is steady under center for Kentucky." False. He stinks. He's horrible. 10 TD passes and 11 interceptions. At times he looks totally confused, lost, makes horrible decisions and has poor accuracy throwing the ball. He does have a nice head of hair this season though. aka Bo Wallace. Kentucky won in overtime "at home" against Eastern Kentucky University, an FCS team.
I wish half the team had been caught smoking Doobies. Then my Wildcats would have a chance to win this Saturday.
I'm afraid UK is going to be in deep do do.