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I think coach Drink has done a pretty good job so far filling the staff roster. He kept a lot of defensive coaching pieces (the strong suit of Mizzou last year) while replacing, and arguably upgrading (though time will tell) others. I'd like to see how he fills out the rest of the recruiting class now. It's a long shot, but I'd love to see one more 4 star come join the class if possible. At least Drink kept Robinson for our QB next year to supplement Bazelak as he starts to change from backup to starter over the next couple years.
^wolfman exactly. If he's leaving Mizzou and lower end B10 Illinois is his best pick, probably we can find someone better to fill his spot (for goodness sakes I would hope so anyway)
Correct. I have a feeling that most will recommit. I would actually be surprised if any will leave. Mizzou is a green-ish pasture, and for many of these guys Mizzou is the best choice. We shall see. Also might be interesting to see who Drink can bring over from his connections at his old stomping grounds in the south and southeast.
So far Coach Drink has had a great 2 days. Keeping all the defensive staff and recruits is very big; very smooth transition. It will be interesting to see 2 things: A) What additional recruits can Coach Drink bring in this offseason B) Can the defensive staff reproduce Odom's defensive results sans-Odom If both those go favorably, Mizzou's schedule would suggest an 8-win rebound season is a pretty decent possibility; maybe even more if the stars align just right.
I'm just saying I'm glad they didn't cheap out; it shows that Mizzou wants to at least try to really compete in the SEC. And to be fair, Odom had the defense working pretty well this year.. Dooley's offense though was horrendous the second half (I personally think he should have been canned and Odom given another shot, but I think Drinkwitz will likely be an upgrade so not complaining too much).
It's good to see Mizzou is paying what they are for coaches. I was mildly concerned they might try to be cheap again, but 4mm is fair (actually a bit high I think) for Drinkwitz. Mostly, it makes me believe if Mizzou was willing to pay 4mm for Drinkwitz, they probably offered more than that for Harsin and he just turned it down. Conclusion: Harsin probably has no desire to leave his alma mater for any job (except maybe Pac12). Instead of Mizzou spending big money for a .500-ish history coach, they went big with youth and high potential. For the old Mizzou fans, I'm a newer one (5 years or so now). Mizzou has a MASSIVE opportunity. There are literally no other power 5 contenders within about 6 hours of Mizzou. Illinois is "meh" at best, Arkansas has been down-looking-up in the West for several years. Mizzou can draw from a massive region; the only football competition is the KC Chiefs. They SHOULD go big.. I like the drive to try to be top-25 year in year out. How else are you going to get me to drive 2 hours out to Columbia from downtown STL? Cheap beer?? Brewery's right there buddy. I want to see Mizzou emerge as a proper contender. I think Drinkwitz is the right hire to get us from a 6-7 win team to an 8+ win team each year to make the school really shine and draw in the wide, if a bit spread-out, potential fanbase.
I like it. I was hoping for Harsin, but I figured it would ultimately be too difficult to get him to move (so far no team has to be fair). After that my preference was Will Healy. I think Drinkwitz might actually be a better pick than Healy even. I think he's a good pick, but obviously let's see what happens. For the haters, he's got App State at #21 in the nation, 12-1 record. Also, young coaches think outside the box; that kind of thinking will be needed for Mizzou to get 8-9 win seasons with our run-of-the-mill talent at the moment. We shall see.