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That last season Odom struggled was some questionable managing with horrendous offense from Derek Dooley's playcalling; but his defensive management was solid. I figured Odom would be fired but I was concerned this would be a mistake.. I figured we'd give him one more season with another OC. Turns out Odom is still fine managing defenses, as Arkansas has benefited from.
I don't think Drink is on the hot seat.. yet. I do think this puts pressure to force an OC conversation. If he resists I think you let him go. I actually saw the defense take a nice step forward today so props to Blake Baker (the crazy high score was not the D's fault, they were on the field 75% of the game and have several turnovers from the offense inside the 50). Drink needs an OC. He's a good team manager. But his offense is hit and miss. His recruiting and team building are tops. If he fights the OC discussion you let him go. Simple as that.
I feel like Brady Cook is to Mizzou what Geno Smith is to Seattleā€¦ a good backup. Cook is a three star. He looked fine. Our run game and receivers looked great though. I hope he dials it up a notch against K-State.. That game will be a true test if Mizzou is ready to keep pace with the midfield of the SEC this year. I kinda wish Sam Horn would have gotten a series today
Yeah I wish Cook was able to lead him better on some of the deep passes. I feel like Brady Cook is to Mizzou what Geno Smith is to Seattle... a good backup. Drink should have given Horn a series at the end today. Cook is a three star. He looked fine. Our run game and receivers looked great. We need an O-line and QB who can match.
Likely a a good amount. It's a bit of a surprise he was undrafted considering his pre-draft rankings. Mizzou is effectively getting a AA or AAA prospect with true MLB potential long term assuming he develops. That said.. I think everyone knows the Baseball team will have to take a back seat to the Football program's needs for Horn.
So our QB lineup is Abraham QB1 then Horn QB2 then Cook QB3 right? Temporarily. Then 2-3 games in or so Horn slots up to QB1. Anything less is asking for trouble at QB. I just don't think Cook or Macon will be anything other than backups... at a UGA or Bama or Clemson I doubt they'd be rostered. Nothing personal, I want to win. Get Horn familiar with the playbook and get him out there. I do think Abraham will start first though due to experience (and he does show some flashes of talent here or there so you never know, anyone could have a career year.. An Abraham career year is probably middle-of-the-pack for SEC).
Our App St. coach still has a better 2020+2021 record than yours pigboy
A few thoughts.. A) thank goodness we didn't get a L vs Vandy (again) B) Macon could be interesting at QB C) please for all that is holy fire Steve Wilks
What concerns me is the Wilks is to our defense what Dooley was to our offense.. traditional minded and only successful with top-end talent. When Mizzou was flush with talent Dooley flourished. But when Lock went to the NFL and Bryant was only a so-so QB with less receivers, the offense collapsed. When Drink and Wilks keep pointing the finger at "talent".. what if this is as good as the talent on defense gets in the next few years? Drink is great at getting the offense to play above their level, Odom was like that on defense. If Wilks' schemes only work with top level talent, they just won't work at Mizzou any time soon and the team record will reflect our disastrous "aggressive" (traditional pass rush) defense
"Elite" is a bottom feeding record in the NFL and a mixed bag history in college. You got our good DC in Odom. Hope you guys are enjoying having him
I wish Drink would just come out and say it.. our defense sucks asterisks.. and Wilks MUST get it right. This isn't about "talent"... are we really suggesting our talent is the problem when Mizzou is near last in FBS in defensive stats? Are we suggesting seriously we have Kansas or Vandy level defensive talent? Come on let's get with it.. Wilks' schemes aren't working. Maybe it's the newness of the schemes and the players just aren't clicking yet.. there's all kinds of theories.. but in the end; Wilks MUST get better. Or the AD should force a DC change at the end of this season if not.
Lol ok let's look at this objectively now. Drink is fine. He's been a great hire. That OT call was stupid, I agree, but the offense is fine. The defense is an absolute dumpster fire burning tires in a radioactive dumpsite filled with dog vomit... in the state of Kansas. This defense is honestly the worst I have ever seen in my 10 years of being a Mizzou fan... it's basically Vandy's defense. How is that possible? Either a) we have Vandy's talent on defense... or more likely b) Wilks is the problem. Bad calls, out of position, that starts with Wilks. He's the hot seat. Not Drink.
I'm not normally a fan of "this guy is on the hot seat" after only 4 games. Wilks is on the hot seat. This is the worst Missouri defense I have seen in at least 10 years. It's not just bad, it's effectively non-existent. I've basically given up hope on this season being more than 6-6. That was vomit-inducing to watch.
I must be the only one who likes the idea of Jeff Fischer at Vanderbilt. I mean, he did take the Titans to the superbowl.. but I guess maybe that horrid stint with the STL Rams is maybe too much to overcome
Yeah I think Mizzou has a strong likelihood of finishing 6-4 (and bowl game I assume if those are still a thing in 6 weeks or so); "correct" those two silly Arky games stolen by the officials and assume Arky drops next week vs Bama, Arkansas is .500. Both programs going the right direction.
I think Arky is on the right track with Pittman and Odom. A lot of people will complain about giving up 50; well Mizzou gave up 48, I'd say both are outliers. This Arkansas team is lightyears ahead of last year's. Great game, catch ya next season.
I think we gambled with Drink but found a lucky 7 here. Drink seems like the first "big league" coach I've seen at Mizzou. One season is a bit premature, but if he repeats success next year, Mizzou should pony up 6-7mil a season to lock this one down before someone like Auburn does (assuming ole Gussy is finally on the chop block after a season or two)
Yeah agreed. I think people have ridiculously short memories and ridiculous expectations. Our pass defense is a weakness and some teams have exploited it this season, however teams that can't we're crushing defensively. Just tells me we have some work to do recruiting d-backs. Walters having a single rough day to a team successfully passing the ball doesn't mean he's worthless at DC.
I heard someone mention Jeff Fischer.. I like that idea, offer him 5 mil x 3 years and see if he wants to get off the couch for a bit
I think Bazelak has the better arm but Robinson is the stronger "moving" quarterback. Since we have a weak O-line this year I think I prefer Robinson in scramble plays, actually it complements Rountree's rungame and should work well with shorter routes too. Bazelak's arm is less of a factor if he is getting pressured every other play As for Tennessee, agreed. I actually saw a lot of things that made me optimistic against Bama, I think we have a pretty good shot at surprising at Tennessee
Oh come on, we're at least NCAA Div II this year ;)
Idk I think there is a lot of media trashing Mizzou. Not saying we're particularly great or anything, but I have a pretty good feeling this week against Tennessee who didn't seem too strong against SC saturday. I really think Mizzou has a shot at a 4-6 or .500 record this year even in the all-SEC schedule. Just will depend if Drink can get the team firing on all cylinders (if not.. well hey XFL is back in spring??)
Lol we beat you guys last year literally at the peak of our historically collapse.. even then we beat you.. Give up troll, Arkansas is awful, move on
Arkansas wishes they were in the Sunbelt, might actually get a win once and a while
I think coach Drink has done a pretty good job so far filling the staff roster. He kept a lot of defensive coaching pieces (the strong suit of Mizzou last year) while replacing, and arguably upgrading (though time will tell) others. I'd like to see how he fills out the rest of the recruiting class now. It's a long shot, but I'd love to see one more 4 star come join the class if possible. At least Drink kept Robinson for our QB next year to supplement Bazelak as he starts to change from backup to starter over the next couple years.
^wolfman exactly. If he's leaving Mizzou and lower end B10 Illinois is his best pick, probably we can find someone better to fill his spot (for goodness sakes I would hope so anyway)