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You’ve got your fair share of dorks. Don’t kid yourself. People move to Nashville not Atlanta
Interesting. Mother’s Day. Pruitt working it regardless
Are GA fans going to stfu when they go 8-5. Please land this hot air balloon.
Here’s wishing you wipe ur arse w the remaining military toilet paper available. It hurts. Like reading this garbage.
You’re gonna record 6-7 years of Carson running and throwing.
Florida: All white w black stripes and a minimum of 4 numbers on the jersey. County Clerk phone number on helmets
Clean house before you get busted.
Since you graduated in 98... You must have watched in full color the Vols whipping your azz.
Doesn’t take much to get ga fans hysterical
You’ll know the apocalypse is here when Georgia wins a natty.
They’ll be fine. Your quarterback gonna get his azz hammered.