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Really? Next year? Are you playing Jedi mind tricks on yourself?
Kentucky…….losers. It’s the law of the land.
We spent that already when Dooley was here. Just adding on again w 30 mil more.
? So Georgia’s clodhopping hicks are more intelligent than our hillbillies? Give it a rest. Fool
We’ve got around 11 players injured. Need a week off badly.
LSU is not losing to Kentucky. CEO is coaching for his job and players know it.
Lord help us. Milton is not the answer. Unfortunately it’s going to take the first half of the Pitt game for JH to realize he’s waisted snaps with this guy. At least run the Statue of Liberty play a few times for this nut.
Somebody’s going 0-1 and it’s not UT!! Woooohoooo! Thought I would enjoy this before it all goes to he..
This is funny. Must be a 500 words or less contest. “The next?” Lol
This is gonna blow up like a bomb. College football as we knew it is done. Can’t wait for the jealousy to run rampant through the locker room. Nuts