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Are the guy that drowned in a creek bed and came back to life as a circus peanut?
The Prophets from olden days said Stetson would lead the tired, sick and delusional of Athens to the light and all that is wonderful. Amen
If it’s close in the 4th, Kirby will step in and make another bonehead decision.
Georgia’s D is no doubt the real thing. But Nix freaking out and leaving the pocket after every snap gives the impression of some scary pass rush coming that’s not always there.
Kiss of death. Now Conner likes the little guy. Stetson will suck Saturday.
The better team on paper has oftentimes lost in this rivalry. Even though Georgia has won the last three, we tend to think of em as long term losers.
Congratulations. You won a football game. By all means, crowd the microphone.
Everything you said is the truth Corch. 6-4 is your ceiling.
You’ll probably won’t think they’re fun to watch when they upset the gators.
True. Emory Jones saves the day against pesky Kentucky.? Good lord
Kentucky has the season to sort it out........Hilarious. They’ve had ample time to sort it out. I’m thinking 75+ years
Never happen. You guys are always the most talented screw ups.
Yep. You are the tiny “t” hittin fat bama rednecks.
Your fellow Dawgs are laughing at you right now. Muschamp prove that sideline screaming and other antics, don’t equate to wins or motivation.
Archie? Geez that was 50 years ago. Not a whole lot of passing. The kids played in Louisiana.
I think Dabo told Paul he was gonna snap his like a no.2 pencil if he didn’t back off.
The first step to winning is believing you can win. We get a consistent running game going, we’re gonna get to 9 regular season. Defense is going to be salty for year 3 in same system.
If they don’t wanna play, there are plenty of one and two star athletes that’ll be happy to accept a scholarship.
Absolutely. That’s why we lead the SEC in attendance. We expect to win regardless!