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so your telling me if he brought LSU offense and LSU as a while back to the top. That wouldn't look better than keeping BAMA No. 1
This is just a report this . This is probably 100% false if you ask me. Judging of the last reports that turn out to be absolutely wrong
Win a damn game then and we wouldn't have having to talk abt this
Yes he would are you kidding? He would be paid more. You know very well that Sabin and Kiffin don't get along very well. Oregeron and Kiffin are close friends . He would be the highest paid coffinator in football if he went to LSU. And it would give him a better chance to be a head chance if he brought LSU back to what it was. And turned the offense around. It would look better to bring LSU back than keep BAMA at No. 1 he would have a better chance becoming a head coach at LSU I promise you
Lane will be paid more at LSU close to 2 million and if he brought LSU back to the top. That looks way better than keeping BAMA at NO. 1
SEC coach of the year should've been Mark Stoops. Or Coach O from LSU
LSU wants him but they know he won't fit the offenses they are trying to run. Myles is a great kid but if he reopens his recruiting because he offered someone else. He needs to battle for the position if he doesn't wanna battle he doesn't belong in the SEC.
That's exactly why they haven't raised Lanes salary yet. Cuz if he leaves they already have a guy that's had the similar success as lane.
He has a better chance at getting a job
He would go to LSU. He would do great, with how bad that offense is right now. If he brings that program back
The fourth down play was supposed to go to the right but the O line didn't go that way I would rather have Guice with his speed to the outside then fournette
Dressed or not. He might have been laughing. But it's wasn't cutting up
I was at every home game and he was always involved with the players on the sidelines. In pregame he was doing drills with the RBs. If he wanted to "cut up" the coaches would have sent in to the locker room. They had already suspended him anyway.
He's not the type of person. He's level headed and a Florida player did got in his face on purpose