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Finebaum asked him a pointed question and he answered it honestly. For a program with such great pedigree and success you certainly come off salty with this comment. Just enjoy (another) national championship.
Yeah, go ahead and criticize a guy for going out and playing in the national championship knowing that it would be his last collegiate game. He was cleared by the medical staff and knew that he could not make either of his injuries worse. Of course he could have suffered a different injury, but so could every other player on the field. Lawson felt that he could help his team and he played well despite not being 100%. I think it showed a lot of guts and character to go out there and play against the juggernaut that is Bama even while being limited. Bama won the game. It took an onside kick and kickoff return for a touchdown, but they earned it on the field and won it fair and square. Maybe a healthy Shaq Lawson changes the outcome, maybe it doesn't. Having Mackenzie Alexander on the field in the second half would have made a bigger impact IMO. Suspended freshman WR/field stretcher Deon Cain being on the field could have made an impact on the outcome. What would the difference have been? The answer is: it doesn't matter. Every team has to deal with suspensions, injuries, and other adversity. What happened on the field happened. Bama won and Shaq accepts that. He is not making excuses, keep in mind that Finbaum asked him a pointed question and he answered it honestly. I respect that.
The pictures aren't tagged and the seller has no account history. I am not convinced that this is a legitimate auction.
Well, that Clemson fan was certainly off base and ignorant. Vols program is much more storied, no question there.
As someone who spend 4 years in Columbia (aka Satan's Anus) getting graduate degrees this comment is laughable.
Today I learned that being dominant in the SEC east and being at the top of said division includes one championship (getting blown out by Auburn) when the Tennessee and Florida programs were struggling. Then calling out LSU for only having one during the last 5 years when they share a division with Alabama who happened to have claimed 3 titles in the last 6 years. South Carolina had a great run with elite in state talent. That run is over. Tennessee is coming back in a hurry and Florida is already there. Scar will not finish higher than 4th in their division in the next 5 years.
Continue to represent the east time and time again? Scar has one east title to its name and that was when Tennessee and Florida were dumpster fires and UGA couldn't make the opportunity count.