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The worst part of this situation is that it is detracting from such a wonderful moment. We beat LSU!!!! It was a great game on both sides. We should still be celebrating, instead we are trying to figure out who started what and why.
I think we should have the 3 in a cage fight and see who wins.
This guy who wrote this article must have smoked himself retarded. Sumlin is loved by most Aggies. Spavital is a different story. And where did he get this information that we Kyle field was not happy that we beat South Carolina? We yelled for our boys like we do every Saturday. This dude must be a Walmart t-sip or he must be partying with Sark!
This is the best posting week after week on SDS.
Good thing this piss poor officiating crew didn't make a bigger mess. This crew belongs in the pop Warner leagues not in a great conference like the SEC.
This dude is something else... I agree with him on a few points, but I think last weeks kick in the mouth by Arkansas will awaken the Aggie D. It should be exciting to see Myles Garret, D-Hall, and Dylon Mack pressure dak all game. I am hoping to offensive game plan is dynamic and the ags take the attack to msu's D.
I would love for this to be a home and home series. Loathe Jerryworld. Love Fayetville(SP). We went as a family a couple years back and the Ark fans are great, plus the Catfish hole is a great little place to eat before the game!
I agree. I love Auburn, but after the past 2 weeks, I highly doubt they should be ranked currently.
Whoop!!! Welcome to Aggieland, enjoy your stay.
Lol. That's way to complicated to check it on your phone. SDS to the rescue
Come on Rockytop. Beat the hell outta owho!!!
This doesn's surprise me. As an aggie coming from the big 12, I have never gone to an SEC game home or away that I have not met some of the most wonderful and friendly people. The SEC has the best fans in the nation!!! Auburn is one of the classiest of them all! Thanks and Gig'em