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these are good points. however, those rushing yards we gave up were all really when the backups were in the late third, early. other than that one long play in the first, they could not run the ball at all. however, its the sec, so anything can happen.
i think the only reason the guy is saying this is because of how quickly wade has turned lsu basketball into a top place to guy. he seems to click with recruits. I think all the recruits will come. Only way that wont happen is if the ncaa finds something. highly unlikely, but with all the hidden ncaa rules, god only knows
Still on the kentucky is going to beat florida thing. all we heard was that last year, and when they played, we know what happened. I don't understand why you think florida will lose. The offense is more talented than last year. Kentucky is a much improved team, but they still have a long way to go. Thats just my opinion.
LSUSMC i live in gainesville. Apparently, the bouncer who works the club said the women punched him in the face multiple times, and then she slipped and fell when he tried to get her off. The "witnesses" have changed their stories. If i was a player who could make a big check, i would lock myself in a house.
anybody think the gators can do it, or will they split carries between to many backs. feel free to add your opinion.
all the salty ut fans now like "going to get pummeled by bama." Who was the pre-season favorite, ut. Just can't do it can you guys?
Georgia won't beat florida. Georgia can't even beat candy at home during homecoming. You guys might want to be the ones who cancel.
Georgia doesnt get ranked after losing to Vanderbilt on homecoming.
I think we now what will happen when Florida plays Georgia. 27-3.