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Kirby’s defense always comes up short when faced with elite qb play. Go back to 2008 against Florida, 2010 against S. Carolina and Auburn, 2011 against aTm, 2013 against Auburn and Oklahoma, 2014 against ole miss and osu, 2015 against ole miss (and a near loss against Clemson), 2017 against Bama, 2019 against lsu, 2020 against bama, and 2021 against Bama. Now, I am not saying that each game kirby lost in each of those instances were against elite qbs, just elite qb play during those games. Often, the qb is a dual threat-type player. There’s just a type of qb play that Kirby has never been able to defend against. He’ll dominate everyone and then look silly against that one qb and get stopped. He refuses to evolve!
Have you been paying attention to the nfl lately, Tua’s been soaring and miami has won five or six in a row. Tua’s far from a flop!
Schools just have no patience these days. Where’d Michigan be this year if they had done what everyone was clamoring for and fired their coach. It takes more than three years to pull a program out of the gutter, which is where miami had been.
If there is one. And, if there is a rematch, I would hope that UGA fanatics would learn to just shut up and sit down about what UGA is going to do and let the game play out. RTR!
What I find ironic is Dabo outright mocked Saban in the past because Saban kept losing his assistants and coordinators to head coaching or other jobs of increasing opportunity. He thought it was better to have continuity. Now, a decade later, his coaches are leaving and he has not benefited through these years of the fresh ideas new coaches bring in. Dabo’s entire system is outdated. It first showed up in the 2019 CFP against osu and then lsu. It showed up again last year in the CFP against osu. His warts were never apparent until he faced real competition outside of the acc. But, this year, the stitch of how stale his football philosophy was couldn’t be hide even in the weak acc. I am not sure that dabo even realizes just how much dodo he’s in right now. This just highlights the genius that is Nick Saban!
That’s exactly what I was thinking! His progression that third year was obvious every time he came in to relieve Tua. It’s the reason he was to lead Bama to a comeback win over UGA in the sec championship in 2018. I don’t discount his continued improvement in Oklahoma. I would not argue with a Sooner who wants to claim him, but to say that Bama cannot claim him is lunacy. Riley wouldn’t have wanted Hurts if Hurts had not improved so much his final year at Bama.
You really can’t base anything on what happened with Tamu to forecast Bama and UGA. Tamu was totally jacked for that game, their fans were out of this world, and their qb played the best game he could have ever dreamed up. And, Bama didn’t take tamu seriously seeing that tamu struggled to beat Colorado and lost to Miss St and Arkansas. I am not taking anything away from tamu … they deserved to win that game. I don’t believe that UGA will sneak up on Bama. UGA might win, but don’t be too confident. The teams UGA has beat have been limited in offensive power. Back in 2018, folks were saying that that Bama squad might be the best team ever. They dominated everyone until the sec championship and the natty … teams that were competitive. Bama barely got past UGA and then got roasted in the natty by Clemson. Don’t be surprised if UGA looks a little less immortal in December and January. Not saying that they cannot or will not win. If they do win, they might not look so invincible in doing so.
Fuzzy, you should have checked before taking a knock on Bama’s defense. Tenn only converted 2 of 11 third downs and failed to convert its only fourth down attempt. Outside of three plays, which those mistakes can be fixed, Bama absolutely dominated on defense.
Fuzzy - Bama held Tenn to 2-12 on 3rd down and 0-1 on 4th down. How many more stops do you believe is needed to be deemed a successful night?