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Whew...was worried about the coach getting fired. He’s bringing the program back. Just need to stick with him for another 10-15 years. He’ll get his recruits in place by then.
These are nothing. Just keep Pruitt and all the coaches and administration. They’re on the right track. Heading to a championship in what? 15-20 years? Sounds about right.
Tennessee is more than a small dumpster fire, the entire dump is a blaze. With Foolmer piloting the garbage scow it’s well deserved. He made it his mission in life to bring Alabama down, how’d that work out for him? He might have won a small battle but he’s lost the war as bad as the japs. An A-bomb has been dumped on his cesspool and he’s steered the ship into oblivion. How righteous. Well deserved for that back stabbing cretin. I hope they stick with Pruitt and keep Foolmer in charge for years to come. He’s burnt it down so bad Tennessee has become a directional school. Those diminishing crowds might render the stadiums better use as a waste water treatment facility. Probably smell better too. Good riddance to the orange hoard and that phat fool leading the clown parade.
Typical Texas attitude. Texas no more “prefers to challenge themselves” then any other team. I’m not even going to comment on the great rivalries in the country and TX vs OK is clearly one of the best but this Texas knob gobbler is nothing short of a doosh nozzle.