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While I will admit that sounds good, I don't think the Gators defense can hold anyone to 6 points! They give up too many big plays. I think at least 17 is more likely!
I vote the "Heave to Cleve"!!!!!
“Got a little banged up in camp and missed some time.” So I guess there was no follow up as to when he might be ready to play???? He is either really hurt or is a very slow learner!
Great news!!! Go Gators!!! Let's now get Grimes, Toney and Copeland back to practice!!!
If this staff can't recruit better, then these type of bowl rings are the only rings they are going to see!!!!
I am just praying for a college football season, no matter how short it is! My fear is that it may not happen at all!!!
Tim Brewster was just in Texas recruiting! Just a coincidence that this occurs, maybe, maybe not!!!
Definitely not the response any UF fan wants to hear!!! So if Jerry Jones calls he is listening and I guarantee if it gets out he is looking, recruits are going to get worried and other teams are going to use it against him!!! BAD!!!!
Token effort to try to get Trey Sanders. Another swing and miss at getting a 5 Star!
What happened to Copeland getting some Kadarius type plays against Kentucky??? I may have missed it, but I don't recall seeing him play at all.
Brian, why didn't you ask him why he has such poor judgement despite this being his 4th year???
I think Mullen is doing the best he can with what he has to work with, but we can't forget this is a 4-7 team that he is trying to turn around in a new system. I think I was naive to think it would turn around faster. I think we will lose to UT 28-10. Unless the recruiting picks up, it is going to be a long slow rebuild and it will be years before we are contenting for even a Eastern Conf. title. Go Gators!
Florida can't expect any significant offensive recruits to commit without knowing who their OC will be!!! It is going to be another mediocre recruiting class. Out recruited again by lesser teams.
Unfortunately it appears that Mac recruits coaches as well as he recruits 4 & 5 star players. How can Georgia, Tennessee (except 2016) and even South Carolina, who we consistently beat out recruit Mac??? Elite players are just not buying whatever Mac is selling. If 1or 2 new top notch recruiters are not hired ASAP we are going to be in for many years of mediocrity!!! The offensive mind and quarterback whisperer we that we were getting is turning out to be anything but!!!
The Gators need a lot more help recruiting than a staffer monitoring Twitter! The class right now is so weak, they will end up 3rd or 4th in the SEC East unless things change in a hurry.
As bad as next year's recruiting class looks, they need to hire the University of Louisville's basketball recruiter who hired hookers for the recruits. That is the only way Mac is going to turn things around!!!
Right after a new quarterback the Gators definitely need a kicker! Eddy, welcome to the Swamp!!!!!
Let's revisit your predictions for the Oklahoma and the Florida games!!!! Go Gators!!!!