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That $8mil is going to be paid out over decades most likely. Probably $500k x 16 years. Mack Brown just finished his $5mil from Texas this year. Tennessee isn't even flinching at Butch's buyout.
Dear author, I just wanted to ask you why you're almost exclusively listed in all mediums by your full name? I mean, it's weird right? Do you introduce yourself as Michael Wayne Bratton? When you call your cable company do you give them all 3 names? Do you just hate the sound of 'Michael' and 'Wayne' independent of each other? This distinction has some rather dubious company too. Just as John Wilkes and Lee Harvey. My suggestion? Just go with Michael. Anyhoo, Tua is a good QB.
O/T - Anyone else being driven crazy by the new inescapable ads/videos on this site?
Yikes, that headline is brutal. "...in NFL history" is unnecessary and redundant. Welp, see ya later!
Uhhh what is the point of this article? "Former co-worker of Nick and Kirby to call and say hello." Man, you're seething with "expertise".
(Watches King Arthur literally converse with himself, grabs popcorn)
Venables Foster Pruitt Brown Would have said Geoff Collins but I didn't realize he now is the head coach at Temple.
"...arguably the nation's best defensive coach" I'd like to hear that argument. Everything I hear/read about him points to him being great, but I can think of 5 coaches off the top of my head I'd take over him.
Not sure when he attempted to call, but the quiet period ran until November 25th so they (legally) may not have been able to answer. But carry on, I find UGA's new found confidence positively adorable.
Muschamp would pound Harbaugh so thoroughly his ancestors would be reeling.
"Mayfield leads the nation with 75 completions of 75+ yards" Uhh is that accurate? That's 6 a game that have only yielded 41 TDs? I mean I guess that's feasible but it doesn't add up right? Has Oklahoma been scored on enough per game to even be getting the ball at (minimum) their own 25yd line 6 times a game? Hell, that's 450yds a game on those average 6 throws a game.. Actually, that can't be accurate.
Isn't it blatantly obvious in the video he's saying "go F yourself" while grabbing his crotch? Think the one finger salute is the more benign gesture there.
I agree. Since making the move to college he's been fantastic.
Technically he coached the Jacksonville Jaguars for 5 games. Outside of 2 seasons in Chicago he's actually been a very above average coordinator in the NFL and College. Just playing devil's advocate.
Pollack has rapidly evolved into one of my least favorite personalities. When he was first brought on by ESPN he had this "I'm just happy to be here, I'm going to do my best to provide in depth, objective analysis" appeal that is now totally gone. He's comfortable and insufferable. On Gameday at the OSU/PSU game he vehemently asserted (like weirdly aggressively, look it up) Saquon Barkley will win the Heisman come hell or high water, using only the descriptors "nasty", "baller", and "man". Point is, he's de-evolved into a moron, and next round of layoffs will hopefully include him and Galloway.
Uhhh what metric is being used here? Is this human(s) opinion(s)? Didn't ESPN already have (their own metric, FPI) both SEC squads favored in the playoff?
I read Fayetteville PD was brought in by Kirby as analysts to prep for Mayfield. Seriously though, everything I've read about him points to him being a garbage human, and I miiiiight venture to say I wouldn't be saddened if he went the way of Colt McCoy vs. Bama back in the day.
Why is Tennessee looking for a new coach I though Butch Jones was their coach
Leach has a Doctorate in Law and a Master's in Sports Science. Pretty sure any conversation of substance between the 2 would give Leach a headache from Spurrier's profound stupidity.
I despise Cowherd as much as anyone. I used to listen to him semi regularly years ago and when he does these lists weather is one of the most important factors to him.
Oh man, this is meta, you don't even know what's going on do you? (Psssst - Google my name and donkey brains)