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And even with the ACC being absolute garbage now, a 7-5 Pittsburgh or a slightly better than average Syracuse still screws around and beats Clemson every other year
I love losing money on USC every time they schedule an out of conference opponent. Who in the world would've seen the VA loss? I sure didn't. You're welcome, Harrah's
How many Pharisee's do you know? Or are you stealing this joke from your kid's Veggie Tales videos?
Ha, no kidding. This might be the year he messes around and goes 13-1. The stage is set nicely; lot of people want him out, no proven QB, everyone expecting Gus to flounder...
I don't know. Army took OU to overtime. TX lost to basketball school Maryland (and beat Kansas by 7). Baylor lost to a private evangelical Christian powerhouse by the name of Liberty. Iowa State beat Drake by three. You don't think Les could fake field goal one of those above games in to a win?
How do you not love Les Miles? I hate that he left the SEC. It's not that dumb of a move to go to a basketball school as no one has expectations of Kansas football. He'll knock off one of the big boys within the next two seasons.
I think the only thing you have to fear is fear itself
The boosters are filling a U-Haul with cash as Saban speaks, preparing for a short drive up I-85 just across the South Carolina border.
Those forums are boring as crap. I'd rather post about Missouri's attendance records.
I want to apologize for disturbing everyone with my obsession(s). I feel just terrible.
The Florida D should be concerned that they gave up 300 yards to Feleipe Franks. I think my Gam-gam's crocheting club could limit his success.
GA should put powerhouse USF on the schedule with that opening, to garner respect from Dan Mullen.
Missouri AD said they expect around 195,000 people to be there.
Called out by a fan from the academic school. Burn.
Now when you say "boy," do you mean...?
Not a fair comparison. A chemistry degree can never be taken from a graduate. Athletic ability can be taken a kid from that decides to play for another year. Also, you're ignoring the fact that a lot of these kids that we worship on Saturdays do not have much of a professional future outside of running the football. As much as we love to follow these kids and hope that their ability makes "our" school win...after their two (three or four) years on campus, what else do they have? SEC network only has so many openings.
Saban could make a statement supporting Al Qaeda and the fans on here would say "well pork really isn't that good for you, he's kind of right"
Dabo vs. Coach Baker Mayfield. Should be a fun series. Manziel will go by "J Manziel" by then.
I'll give you 3M right now. Or you can roll the dice and maybe make 18M in a year. You have to keep playing a high impact game with a high propensity for injury. Succumb to one of those injuries and I pay you nothing. You wouldn't take my 3M now? I don't know that that's smart business. Again, a lot of these guys don't have the future careers that us fans have. How many cornerbacks are on the leadership team at your company...?
Completely side with the player. What Saban doesn't realize is that even money that "...isn't that great" is great money for a kid that doesn't have much of a money-making future outside of playing football. Everyone doesn't own half of Mercedes dealership.
It's a tough 2019 for Auburn; tough loss in hoops and having to hire a head football coach all in one year.
Oh yeah Dan, that away game in Tampa will be a nice little field trip for gator fans that have never been to central FL. Couldn't even play the better of the second-tier FL schools?
Amen. Why does everyone from ATM keep coddling this guy? And don't give me the mental illness narrative. Prisons are full of mental ill folk about which no one cares.
I think Ingram was joking. That dress sure ain't joking.
Could you imagine how demeaning it would be to attend "an anti-theft program?" Ok class let's go over this again. This is your stuff. This is NOT your stuff. Your stuff. NOT your stuff. Now which of these two groups should we not take and claim as our own?
What does a full page ad in the Knoxville Gazette cost you these days?