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You're right, I feel just terrible. Are you really gonna say that you think Franks can lead the gators in to any significant level of success? Try something new. Give Trask a chance.
I think that injury might be the best thing about that game from the viewpoint of gator fans. Now your season can heal and move on from the dumpster fire of Franks.
The rich get richer. Sucks. Scoreboard doesn't reflect the tone of this game. SC looks good.
Because TX can't win on the big stage. They beat up on the mediocre teams in the Big12 and get lucky every three or four years against OK but ultimately, TX isn't a powerhouse. TX is entitled.
What do you think the spread is next week? -17? These ND message boards are filled with optimism...possibly irrational, but optimism nonetheless
I picture the Canadian media companies and the Canadian cable providers saying "oh sorry, yeah no sorry let's keep those fans happy yeah sorry"
Looks like dad is doing some damage control for his son's next program. If he's struggling with academics, which school has easier classes? Vanderbilt? Princeton is even in NJ.
I am so over Texas. I don't love LSU but thank you for stopping that madness. Back to irrelevance to Texas...until you maybe accidentally beat an OU team that is much better.
Speaking of Clemson's terrible schedule...there's an article about how we should all stop talking S about Clemson's schedule cause they've now beaten A&M, SC, and Alabama in the past year. If you want a good laugh, read all the comments from the Clemson folks talking about how legit Clemson's resume is.
Las Vegas has A&M forecasted to win 7.5 games. I know in the ACC that gets you a spot in the title game, but in the SEC that's very average. I'm not saying Clemson is bad. Clemson can easily defeat Alabama and UGA. My point is that Clemson plays no one. The ACC, aside from Clemson is absolute garbage. That's not Clemson's fault but it is what it is. When you play in the SEC you have to get up 8 or 9 times for games that you can easily lose if you don't bring it. Clemson does not have that reality. Think back to 2017 when Auburn beat Alabama and made it to Atlanta. Do you really think Auburn was the best team in the SEC West that year? Of course not. But Auburn beat Alabama on a day when Alabama didn't show up...so Alabama was sitting at home in December. Clemson has no situation like that. Your mom could QB her way through a schedule with Duke and NC State. That's the whole point. Not that Clemson is bad. Not that Clemson couldn't beat SEC schools. But that Clemson plays one decent team per year and they sleepwalk their way in the playoff.
I'm not drinking the kool-aid yet. Tulane ain't exactly a powerhouse.
First of all, Franks is garbage and Burrow is not. If Burrow played as terribly as Franks did/does, and he taunted, then the media would rip him a new one too. I don't think the rest of the world views the only difference between Burrow and Franks is "well Burrow has beaten GA and Franks has not." One could also say "well Franks has lost to FSU and Burrow has not so Burrow is a better QB." It's like comparing Schrute bucks to Stanley nickels. I know that you're a Gator fan but if you could possibly remove yourself from central Florida for a second...put Burrow and Franks side by side. You have two positions to fill. One is gonna be the QB for your college football team. The other is going to be working at a bar in Crawfordville telling everyone about how he hooked up with those two hot chicks that one time... Which one would you choose as your QB? Be honest.
Ummmm no. A&M is an "average" SEC team. Consider if Clemson was, divisionally speaking, where USC is. Clemson would go through the east schedule, have two west opponents, and then see Alabama/Auburn/LSU again in Atlanta. Do you really think that's the same thing as beating A&M, USC and Alabama in the title game? No way.
Ouch. I was pulling for you. At least LSU will quieten this Texas noise in a few
You Cocks think Bentley starts again? I don't see how he does (not related to the injury).
I don't care if South Carolina is beating up on a high school...Bentley won't start again, even when he's not riding that scooter.
When I heard Gus say that, I thought he was referring to Oregon being one of the best teams in the country. Delusional or not, huge win for Auburn and way to represent the SEC when TN, SC, Missouri and FL didn't look so hot.
I thought the 22 point spread was F'd after GA went for it (and failed) on fourth down. I want to thank Vandy for not kicking the field goal on their last possession.
I'd like to hear from some of the common Gator posters. Are you currently in "oh boy, it's gonna be a long season" or are you more "we came together and overcame adversity and got the W?"
Why in the world would Emmitt wear GA gear? I can't think of a scenario unless he's on the coaching staff/his child attends UGA.
I don't think you're supposed to use "co*ktail" as it offends the snowflakes.
SEC Storied is doing a thing on Laura's family having to move out of Alabama because of "the" new law. The whole 30 minutes is filled with her carrying boxes to a U-Haul and saying "but it's my choice."
Why would typing O-U autocorrect to A-R? That doesn't even make sense. He typed as the words sounded in his head. Just a joke guys, take a breath. If I would say "you pansies need to learn to take a ducking joke"...that would be autocorrect.
The best part of this back and forth is the UA graduate using "are." Sports Business major, I bet.
Hold on. Pump the brakes. You think Saban cared about giving someone a second chance or he wanted a beast of a lineman?
Saban is answering his cell phone, "...is that right? A receiver, you say? Hmmm. And it happened over a year ago? Let's give that kid a call."