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Haha. Yeah GA really lucked out by avoiding ATM. Genius scheduling by the SEC. Idiot.
Lady gaga is a Gator fan? I had no idea. What makes her a bad fan?
FSU typically "owns the state...?" Ummm what? How did you arrive at that?
One Nicholas Lou Saban Jr. has had the same number of head coaching positions as Kiffin: Toledo Michigan State LSU Miami AL
Agreed. You sound like an idiot when you list "game day experience" as a reason a coach would stay. I hope Ole Miss pays him and he stays. Keep improving the program. Don't get in the middle of Auburn booster mafia that actually runs the program.
Newsflash...the west isn't harder than the east anymore.
I have never been a USC fan but please dear God can we stop with the Notre Dame bias? I get it...Rudy, NBC, Manti Te'o's girlfriend...but still.
What if ATM somehow shows up this weekend? According to the transitive property (that always works in college football)...AL barely beat ATM...LSU barely beat AL...might be close.
Haha. Wow. Embarrassing. Maybe Kiffin is joining the Auburn (Virginia) Eagles. That's a thing.
Following gwhite’s “logic,” I guess TN was intentionally not wanting to win tonight so they didn’t have to bother with playing in the playoff so they could instead prep for the more prestigious Sugar Bowl
TCU isn't for real. Why is everyone so impressed by them? Was it the 8 point victory against national champion SMU or the 7 victory against Kansas that is really impressing everyone? Michigan--yawn. C'mon.
I don't think the FBI cares about Vince's grave or any consensual partners that Barbara may or may not have.
I agree. 12 is way too many. This is gonna create a more magnified Clemson scenario--play nobody during the year, maybe lose a game or two and sneak in to the playoffs. Then the lesser deserving team could knock off a more deserving team. Picture Clemson beating TN this year. No one thinks Clemson is more deserving. Penn State is currently 11. Do they really deserve a shot to hoist the trophy? Name the best team that PS has defeated this year. I'll wait.
How can you say the West is not "down?" AL could have easily had four losses and don't forget that LSU barely beat Arkansas (with the third string QB). LSU has extremely over-performed for year 1 but let's pump the brakes a little on how LSU is "good." You watched the Arkansas game, right?
As a TN fan sitting at #5, I don't know why you'd support having conference champions automatically get in. Take a look at the Big10 divison that currently has a three-way tie for first amongst Iowa, Illinois and Purude. All three of those teams are hot garbage (have at least three L's) and would get completely steamrolled by TN. Yet, one of those three teams is about to compete for the Big10 championship. If one of those three could somehow pull off the upset and win the Big10, do you honestly think they're more deserving a playoff spot than TN? No way. Not in my America.
The "west is better than the east" narrative is no more.
One could also articulate that AL is a few small moves away from being a four loss team. If idiot had run Achane, AL would have lost to ATM. AL could've easily lost the TX game also.
TN will not be losing again in the regular season. The committee will have to keep bypassing the other teams around TN until the final rankings. TN will be in the playoff--rightfully so. Who else would come close to beating TN? Maybe the Big10 winner? TN would curbstomp any of the garbage in the Big12 and probably every Pac12 team.
Jermaine Burton exiting the playing field was pretty...wait for it...OFFENSIVE
Why was the Philadelphia Phillies TV broadcaster calling the GA/Auburn game on CBS? Was there not anyone available that actually knew the players on GA/Auburn?
fuzzy, I think that's "titles" as in the like the big words written on the cover of a book
"It’s pretty much a given that if the play doesn’t work the highly ranked opponent points." The highly ranked opponent points at what? The scoreboard? The possession arrow?
And "new money" is a bad thing? I thought all money was a desirable thing. Is that like when T-Bone spends money to put gold in their mouth yet they can't afford to pay their child support?
Why do you keep using "new money?" What does that mean to you? Isn't UGA about 70 years older than Auburn?
"Something something Kevin Sumlin's recruiting class" "We'll be there next year" "Something something entitlement"
This narrative is gonna be hard for you (or any other ATM fan) to comprehend. The rest of the country think ATM is a clown school. Yet, you guys keep making excuse after excuse after excuse about why you're "elite." You're not. Arkansas should've won that game. Period.