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Why in the world would Emmitt wear GA gear? I can't think of a scenario unless he's on the coaching staff/his child attends UGA.
I don't think you're supposed to use "co*ktail" as it offends the snowflakes.
SEC Storied is doing a thing on Laura's family having to move out of Alabama because of "the" new law. The whole 30 minutes is filled with her carrying boxes to a U-Haul and saying "but it's my choice."
Why would typing O-U autocorrect to A-R? That doesn't even make sense. He typed as the words sounded in his head. Just a joke guys, take a breath. If I would say "you pansies need to learn to take a ducking joke"...that would be autocorrect.
The best part of this back and forth is the UA graduate using "are." Sports Business major, I bet.
Hold on. Pump the brakes. You think Saban cared about giving someone a second chance or he wanted a beast of a lineman?
Saban is answering his cell phone, "...is that right? A receiver, you say? Hmmm. And it happened over a year ago? Let's give that kid a call."
Wait. Is that when the courts think most violence happens in bar towns? Wouldn't banning him from 8PM to 8AM make more sense?
Does Vandy have all the majors that athletes "study" at the big schools? I could see "Sports Business" not being on the bulletin for Vandy
I don't think Auburn uses the "The." Kid's probably never heard of them anyway.
The bar will have a Brian Kelly countdown clock. Meaning that as soon as the clock strikes zero and the Notre Dame faithful want a coach that won't embarrass the school in bowl games...Urban's heart won't hurt so bad anymore and he'll be the next coach.
I don't know that I'm buying the Catholic kool aid. Don't forget academic school Vanderbilt lost by five...in South Bend.
This guy pooped on the entire SEC east when he slithered his way out of FL. I'm over him.
What are you talking about dude? Clemson plays three teams with a winning record, every single year. Must be tough.
I don't know. I'm not sold on Texas. They lost to MD for crying out loud. I believe a mid-range SEC school would beat them 9 out of 10 times. At the Sugar Bowl, Texas definitely wanted it more. Hats off to them. Not sure they were the better team though.
haha. You win the internet for today. Well done.
Ha, exactly. Or "I can't take the stress of coaching in the SEC so I'll go to a small school like OSU."
The ACC is such a joke when NC State is the only shot of Clemson losing.
I still can't believe the love that Franks gets from the media. I'd take Bryant, Burrow or Bentley any day of the week over Franks.
dude that would've been a sweet burn if you had nailed the grammar on the initial attempt
How refreshing to hear a state's attorney use logic and common sense and not over-selling a BS charge.
Wait wait wait. "Steele didn't want to be around a guy sexually assaulting him"--as in Jones was sexually assaulting Steele? I just assumed the victims were the girls that follow athletes. Jones was assaulting other players?
If only there was a punctuation mark to show when adding an S would show possession versus plurality...
Holy cow. Florida reels in another one.
This is a no brainer. Not because Clemson is inherently better, but because Clemson plays two decent teams all year (and will play 7-5 basketball school in the championship game).
Oh wow, Adam found 10 Tigers in the NFL. Impressive.
How ironic is it that in the photo, the SC QB is holding a football that reads "college football playoff?" I don't think SC has to worry with seeing the playoff before the Barron Trump presidency.