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Did you see the play in the Auburn game (second quarter, setting up GA's second TD) when Bennett under threw the receiver? WR had to stop running (when the defender was burnt) and wait for the pass to come down around the ten yard line. Should've been a TD pass but due to the under throw, it wasn't. Bennett does this more often than Daniels does.
Did you watch the Iowa game Saturday? I know Ohio State is down this year, but is there any doubt that tOSU would beat Iowa by 10 if the two teams played today? Iowa's QB looked like warm garbage.
You guys have an elite defense? You did shut out Alabama State. But then you gave up 24 to Georgia State so I wasn't sure.
Fine, so if you guys finish the season 9-3 (with a victory over AL), as an ATM fan, would you consider this season a "success?" Would you honestly say that you're happy with where Jimbo has taken the program in however many years he's been here? Kind of like Mark Richt at UGA. "Nicest 9-3 coach you'll ever meet"--but that wasn't good enough for GA.
I mean fine but this is nothing like the "life champions" idiot at TN. A year and a half ago you guys were hoisting a trophy. "What have you done for me lately," right?
Disagree with this "the sky is falling at LSU" narrative. It's LSU. They'll be fine. They'll be back in the national title conversation within a few years. Any school in the SEC not named Alabama would love to have the problem of winning a national championship and losing a ton of guys then having a few down years.
I don't agree. Huge win for ATM, no doubt. Is the process really "working" when you beat AL but you finish the season with a disappointing record? This feels like the same narrative as Gus at Auburn. No one is going to be shocked when ATM is throttled by Ole Miss in a month. Not sure it's an overall success. But they definitely beat AL--hats off to ATM.
So Rutgers could beat Alabama? Rutgers beat Temple Temple beat Memphis Memphis beat Mississippi State Mississippi State beat ATM ATM beat Alabama Rutgers could beat Alabama.
I agree that it doesn't look good but I think the notion of him needing to come back to Jacksonville to kiss everyone's boo-boos is absolutely asinine. Everyone is just so sensitive these days. Over it.
I hate Urban. He absolutely screwed UF. However...I'm not sure what him enjoying a blonde in a bar has to do with his coaching abilities. Jimbo Fisher's FSU teams probably deserved to be in inmate jumpsuits--but they were good and produced results. Why do his actions at a bar have anything to do with his football coaching skills? When I have dental pain I have never asked the dentist "...wait, before you help me, I need to know--have you ever rubbed on a girl behind your wife's back?"
Iowa beat Colorado State by 10. Vanderbilt beat Colorado State. Not sure they're the fifth best team in the country. After this weekend the only two teams on their schedule with a winning record are Purdue (3-2) and Minnesota (3-2). If they beat PSU this weekend they won't play anyone until the Big10 title game. This narrative won't be ending anytime soon.
^^This. I don't see what you did last year matters. See "Clemson" for further reading. FL has owned KY over the past 40 years. Does that mean FL should be ranked higher this year?
Iowa is definitely for real again. Heck it was just nine days ago that Iowa defeated a ferocious 1-3 Colorado State team by ten whole points...at home. I think you guys were trailing at halftime. Book your flights to Charlotte cause you'll be blown out by Mississippi State at the Duke's Mayonaise bowl on NYE this year. Iowa is back!
Fair enough. I was wrong about Clemson--as was the entire college football world. Still doesn't make KY legit. Check out the latest episode of SEC shorts for further reference.
"And Emory Jones is like Ben Simmons"
Pump the brakes--no one really thinks KY is good. You squeaked by SC and really showed TN Chattanooga who was boss. Although Mullen looked like a pompous idiot in his postgame comments...he's sort of right. KY did not look good in the FL game. It's not gonna surprise anyone when you lose the rest of your October games.
I'm glad you're the gatekeeper of who's good and who isn't. Yes, by definition a win is a win. However, Clemson won and is no longer in the top 25. OK won a few weeks ago and dropped as well. As an AL fan, are you really that impressed with beating FL by 2? C'mon. Be real. AL easily could've lost that game. And again, we see how good FL is now.
Kind of makes me question AL's victory over FL. Was it that impressive considering us seeing how good FL really is?
This is why it's a shame that the playoff isn't expanded--it's a shame that this overrated team will sleepwalk their way in to the playoff. I'd rather have a two loss Ole Miss any day of the week over this garbage.
What are you talking about? Your team wasn't much better.
Congratulations Texas, you lost to a team that's supposed to win 5.5 games this year. You thought "...you're gonna see much tougher D" comments meant something else, right?
Despite not looking like "Clemson" last night, Clemson will steamroll their way to 11-1 and will definitely be in the playoff convo.
How does this move help the FL, GA, AL, LSU type programs of the SEC? Texas is a cancer. They're gonna want their special treatment in the SEC just like they demanded it in the big12. I think the real losers in this are the Mississippi State and Vanderbilt type teams.
Part of me is excited to watch Texas go 7-5 every year and recognize their level of relevance. But I do love Matthew McConaughey movies so there's that.
South Bimini is about 30 miles east of Miami. I'll gladly buy farmland from you for $1,000/acre.
"Who throws a shoe?" -Austin Powers, Int'l Man of Mystery
Under. Not buying the hype yet. Have a season where you don't lose to commuter colleges and I'll start believing.
He will not serve jail time for this. This happens all the time in New York. A Tennessee woman visiting the 9/11 memorial realized she had her licensed gun, asked a Port Authority cop where she could check it...arrested. His athlete status will 100% allow this to be plead down to probation.
Wait a second...the Clarke County Sheriff's Office doesn't make criminal arrests. Were these old outstanding warrants?