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South Bimini is about 30 miles east of Miami. I'll gladly buy farmland from you for $1,000/acre.
"Who throws a shoe?" -Austin Powers, Int'l Man of Mystery
Under. Not buying the hype yet. Have a season where you don't lose to commuter colleges and I'll start believing.
He will not serve jail time for this. This happens all the time in New York. A Tennessee woman visiting the 9/11 memorial realized she had her licensed gun, asked a Port Authority cop where she could check it...arrested. His athlete status will 100% allow this to be plead down to probation.
Wait a second...the Clarke County Sheriff's Office doesn't make criminal arrests. Were these old outstanding warrants?
I think the company that makes the glass rods you see by cash registers at gas stations relocated their corporate headquarters to Ferguson (basically St. Louis).
Does it matter? A&M is an 8-4 or maybe 9-3 team every year that is just boring. Won't be the best in the west, probably won't lose to both of the Mississippis, but no one outside of Texas really cares.
Oh crap...I thought Odell slapped the rear end of a security guard (like the "CSC Event Staff" people)...that's a cop, looks like a lieutenant. I know in some states that escalates the charge to a high and aggravated misdemeanor.
In a podcast Burrow said that since he was no longer a student athlete, he could say that the cash was authentic US currency. I think the "the cash was fake" narrative is the people trying to play damage control for next year.
Congrats to Ole Miss for landing ole Joey Freshwater. I think he'll be a great fit.
I don't know. I read an article about Megan Rapinoe on ESPN the other day.
I bet you have shiplap and Joanna Gaines crap all over you house, don't you? The way you think Oxford is "kinda quirky" makes my head hurt.
Their ranked #7 of all the schools in the state of Alabama? That makes sense.
Well they may want Auburn since Alabama didn't beat a single good team this year. I don't think they go by the conference standings.
It's because you haven't beaten anybody good! Why is that so hard for Alabama fans to get through their heads? What win are you most proud of this year? Was it beating up on #32 Texas A&M or the impressive victory over #71 Duke that you're hanging your hat on? What Alabama has done over the past decade means nothing to the committee. Finally.
Stupid just means "extreme" or "very." Kind of like when your wife sees your instagram posts and says "Harold, you're being extra." You get it, right?
The Braves did this same thing to Freddie Gonzalez when they fired him. Atlanta was amidst a road trip and Freddie got an email from Delta confirming his flight back to Atlanta even though the road trip wasn't done.
Well there's football in prison. Remember that movie where Burt Reynolds coached Adam Sandler and Nelly and Bill Goldberg?
These are called "champagne problems." I remember a rookie female officer coming out of the police academy wanting to go to the vice unit to do undercover work for a few months. A high ranking Captain passed her in the hallway and said "...had to decline your request for vice; you don't look like a hoe, honey." Champagne problems.
Did you just assume his grandfather's gender, bro? Take it easy on the micro-agressions
I agree. I think the issue of Alabama comes down to the fact that it's Alabama. In our minds we can't help but remember how good they've been over the past decade, how they've owned college football and how they have the greatest coach of our generation. I think all of that bias makes us assume they deserve to be in the top four. They beat a crappy ATM team by 19. Big deal. That's their entire resume at this point yet everyone still thinks Alabama is deserving...why?
I don't disagree. You guys don't look as sexy as the other top four teams. But who else do you put in at #4? When answering try and not insert your PTSD of the past ten years of Alabama owning you. What really have they done this year that's more deserving than Minnesota?
You're doing the whole "we've been good for a decade so we deserve to go to the CFP" thing again. This year's resume doesn't have anything to do with Kirby not having beaten Saban. What you're exhibiting in your weak argument is called "entitlement." Alabama hasn't beaten anyone good. Period. Hard stop. "well yeah but we've owned GA for a decade"--great, and?
Remember in your freshman year of high school when your guidance counselor told you to buckle down and put more time in your studies? "If you stay on this path, you're going to be left behind." This is what they were talking about.
"Auburn is playing their best ball now"--Auburn's most recent game was possibly the worst they've played since the SEC championship game two years ago. You did see Ole Miss driving, down by 6 in the last minute, right?
I think Mark Richt has some free time on his hands now. The nicest 8-4 coach you'll ever meet.