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These are called "champagne problems." I remember a rookie female officer coming out of the police academy wanting to go to the vice unit to do undercover work for a few months. A high ranking Captain passed her in the hallway and said "...had to decline your request for vice; you don't look like a hoe, honey." Champagne problems.
Did you just assume his grandfather's gender, bro? Take it easy on the micro-agressions
I agree. I think the issue of Alabama comes down to the fact that it's Alabama. In our minds we can't help but remember how good they've been over the past decade, how they've owned college football and how they have the greatest coach of our generation. I think all of that bias makes us assume they deserve to be in the top four. They beat a crappy ATM team by 19. Big deal. That's their entire resume at this point yet everyone still thinks Alabama is deserving...why?
I don't disagree. You guys don't look as sexy as the other top four teams. But who else do you put in at #4? When answering try and not insert your PTSD of the past ten years of Alabama owning you. What really have they done this year that's more deserving than Minnesota?
You're doing the whole "we've been good for a decade so we deserve to go to the CFP" thing again. This year's resume doesn't have anything to do with Kirby not having beaten Saban. What you're exhibiting in your weak argument is called "entitlement." Alabama hasn't beaten anyone good. Period. Hard stop. "well yeah but we've owned GA for a decade"--great, and?
Remember in your freshman year of high school when your guidance counselor told you to buckle down and put more time in your studies? "If you stay on this path, you're going to be left behind." This is what they were talking about.
"Auburn is playing their best ball now"--Auburn's most recent game was possibly the worst they've played since the SEC championship game two years ago. You did see Ole Miss driving, down by 6 in the last minute, right?
I think Mark Richt has some free time on his hands now. The nicest 8-4 coach you'll ever meet.
haha. Awesome comment. You win the internet for tonight
You never know which Auburn team will show up. That may cost them the rest of November.
Was Reed asking for a flag to plant in the field? He put his hands together as if he was holding a flagpole. Or large sandwich. Or shake weight. Or...
Congrats to GA. Mullen looked out of his league. Was this the same team that had diarrhea against SC?
Wait wait wait...Jake Fromm got caught in bed with an 11 year old boy? Holy cow how has this been kept quiet for so long. I thought he was a good guy like Tebow (minus the double A baseball skillz)
Reminds me of Cool Hand Luke. They put Luke in the "box" after his momma died. And I think Luke's momma died after seeing how easy Clemson's schedule was. Then Booth punches the Louisville player and has to ride back in isolation. Full circle.
..."from atop the Knoxville of Toyota." "...[Connor] is a member of the America of Football Writers Association" "Our proofreading skills are amongst the internet of the worst"
C'mon General. We've seen this narrative before. Do you really think OSU stands a chance in the playoffs? Beating Alabama or Georgia or even LSU isn't the same as beating up on Indiana. I get it, you're one of the best teams in the Big10...that's about it.
Upset that Alabama isn't getting love for steamrolling basketball schools? Or were you hoping the coattails from the previous years should ride you guys to a perma-number 1 ranking? Of course Ohio State isn't as good as Alabama...but you haven't played anyone. This will all change before the selection committee decides who goes to Atlanta so keep you bra on.
Wait. These people brought rotten food to the game in preparation for throwing it? That's commitment. Imagine going to a tailgate and carrying around Ziploc bags of rotten food all day. "Oh this is to throw on the opposing fans. Geux Tigers."
No, I don't think the FBI cares.
Ha. LSU was on upset alert against Utah State? Pump the brakes brother. Instead of being on your knees talking about how amazing Utah State is, why don't you go with the "you can only play the games on your schedule and if we win we'll be in the playoffs" narrative. Take a lesson from Clemson here. We all know that LSU will lose to Alabama again this year so all of this Utah State noise doesn't really matter. Chances are pretty solid that you'll lose one you shouldn't...like an Auburn or A&M or even possibly looking past MSU while focusing on upcoming Auburn. 10-2 is very respectable.
Please find me an online casino that is taking bets on Burrow's TD passes Saturday. I'd easily bet that Burrow has 3 or more TDs against FL. FL's defense is stout, no doubt but you've seen how a road venue like can get to visiting teams, right? LSU curbstomped GA last year. Trask won't be as comfortable Saturday.
Blankenship is unreal good. I feel like he's been at GA for ten years. Some NFL team is going to get a winner out of this guy
Congrats to the Gators. I'm glad we the Auburn noise can quieten for a little. Also, Trask is probably in trouble next week. I bet LSU will be close to a two TD favorite...and I'd take LSU to cover that spread all day long. Enjoy the win for twenty minutes or so. Good game.
Pruitt is dumber than I thought. As a former cop in an SEC town, I can assure you that anyone with an active arrest warrant takes a ride. The only reason you wouldn't get arrested is if the warrant is from a jurisdiction that is further than the arresting agency is willing to extradite. For example: You get pulled over in Knoxville for an open container ticket you didn't pay in Gainesville. Knoxville PD contacts the courts in Gainesville and Gainesville responds with "Yes, place a hold (arrest), we'll come pick him up" or "no thanks." The arresting officer really has nothing to do with it. Don't have warrants next time and you won't have to worry with it.
Because SC is garbage and probably more garbage-r than FL's offense.
The intern replies: "And Jeremy, I don't think you'll ever be an intern anywhere"
For anyone thinking the idiot in the Gator robe should be locked up for that outburst...take solace. She's in prison on 18 convictions related to corruption. She's the pride of Jacksonville and is currently enjoying the SEC Network from the day room of the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex.