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you gonna pay the buy out for a coach thats gonna probably go 9-3?
When the opponent runs 85 plays I think your defense is tired. Dumb coach blowing a timeout after the long run hurt
But please pick them to win.
These writers can’t get Auburn right, Feel bad for Gatewood though. He made a huge play for us though
Agree here. Maybe some 2nd and 1s definitely goal line situations
Sorry was not talking about was talking about the idiot that wrote this thread not knowing about anything.
Dude you need to follow recruiting more. For the past week Auburn has been trending way up and looks like the pick as of today. My guess 75% AU 25% South Carolina
He didn't even play in 2 of those games. And played like 10 snaps against Alabama.
Oh and we all know how big of a bust marlin davidaon has been.
You mean the 5 that have signed with auburn over Georgia. 2 are going to be top 3 round picks this year. One is a potential to have a very big year. (Brown) and cowart who looked very good in the spring game then yes. Man I can't wait for the Georgia game this year.
How don't you understand the love for Auburn. They loose basically nobody. (Lawson who was very overrated imo) and get a qb who was a top 50 recruit who has experience playing division one as a starter, in a very similar system. Way better than your back up qb from Purdue
Brandon Cox, long time ago. Your coach haven't developed a good one yet either. And don't tell me he beat us
It's a good idea. It limits the amount of schoolership your going to give out. Won't see as many greyshirts and the Saban way of recruiting
Take it this is James Bostic who played at Auburn's son?
You are joking right? Good god I hope so if not your the most ignorant Alabama fan I've ever heard and that's saying alot
Chris do you actually watch football? This is the biggest joke list I've ever seen. How is Georgia ahead of Auburn baffles me. Or how Texas A&M is not number 2. You can't rank a team on a one week performance. Auburn 2 loses are the best in the country
What a b*ch. suck up your words and wish the guy the best. Sabans ego is way to big.