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Don't be naive. Do you really think A&M hasn't done some of the same things within their athletics department. Heck, most of the schools in the SEC have probably covered for athletes. All the schools are glass houses and fans should be careful about throwing stones at each other.
I agree. There is far more than meets the eye. Gilbert asked to return to LSU, but was told there would be requirements he would have to meet for that to happen. He will be a fine pass catcher for Florida, but something is amiss.
Who cares? Some very wealthy guys outside of the universities pony up the buyout funds. It cost the schools nothing and cost all the folks commenting here nothing. I don't fault anyone trying to get as much money as they can get. If the powers that be don't like these salary levels don't pay them. Supply and demand, isn't that what makes our capitalist society work?
Yes, the television folks showed the Tiger coach continuing his verbal attack on the referee well after the game ended. They also showed the interim coach for South Carolina seeking Wade out to shake his hand and yet there was no team leader there to confirm the gesture with a handshake. Excellent role model.
Different teams, with different circumstances. Covid made the year challenging for Bama. No doubt the Tide was easily the best team in America in 2020. They beat 3 teams ranked in the Top 5. LSU beat 7 ranked teams in 2019, including 4 ranked in the Top 5. Both great teams, why try to say one is better than the other? Bama is better year in and year out. I do think more folks nationwide were enamored with LSU and Joe Burrow than they were with Mac Jones and his talented bunch.
Jimbo signs excellent talent, but they haven't arrived until he gets a real top shelf QB. NC was Auburn with a better passer. Aggies are still well behind Bama, Clemson, Ohio St. They probably would struggle with ND, Georgia and several others.
A depleted NC team moved the ball at will versus A&M. I do believe that NC wins the game had they had the opt out, "quitter," players play. The era of Fisher will arrive when he finds a championship level QB.
I am not a spoiled fan. I accepted early on, before the season started, that this would be a significant rebuilding year. I did feel Brennan would be fine at QB, but I really made myself believe that 7-3 was the best anyone could hope for 2020. Then Coach O goes and says that this will be the best defense the Tigers have had since he's been there. Wow, maybe things could be better. Well, Coach O was full of barnyard droppings. I almost believe he made that comment as a parting shot at Dave Aranda. Now 3-7 looks like the best that can be expected. The defense continues to make the same mistakes it has all year and the o-line is hit and miss at best. An IVY league transfer at starting center should have been the early tip off. I only pray that Orgeron doesn't become LSU's version of Gene Chizik.
Not really that big a win for Auburn. This LSU squad is the 3rd weakest team in the SEC after Vandy and SC. At the end of the season when LSU is 2-8, maybe 3-7, this “big” win will prove to be nothing. Auburn is also not very good. Don’t let this win fool you.
Another multi-starred player for the best multi-star recruiter Georgia has ever had. Maybe this one will tip the scales and the Pups will finally beat Saban and win it all before the Bama legend retires. There is always hope.
College football is a heck of a distraction from the aggravations of day to day life, but some folks are too attached. This Fall will not be the same as the last 50 years when it comes to quenching sports fans' needs for distractions. I actually believe it will be mentally detrimental for quite a few people. I just wish I truly could believe that shutting down most American sports will make a big difference in bringing about an end to Covid. I am just not convinced. Dr. Fauci has convinced me that things will get worse before they get better. The problem is no one knows what the definition of "better" is.
As an LSU fan, I truly appreciate the game day decisions Kirby makes.
How many starting receivers and offensive linemen does each team have returning in the Fall? That, more than anything will determine the best QBs.
Just like Jordan had to come back for two meaningless seasons with Washington, he had to do the ESPN series because he missed the attention. He certainly got the attention. His intense drive for success is only exceeded by his ego. His attitude was that it was all about him. Teammates were bit players. The much maligned GM for the Bulls was the person who put the team together and made the right changes when they needed to be made. By constantly belittling Krause, Jordan was able to garner all the attention for the Bulls success.
Teams that are top tier and believe they deserve to be considered in that select group, can’t turn around and make excuses for why their team didn’t quite pan out. If Georgia didn’t have the receivers to be in the national championship picture, it would appear the coaches simply didn’t do their jobs recruiting. Head coach dropped the ball, much like the receivers they ended up with did throughout the season. No excuses, either you’re an elite program or you’re not.
David Wasson, please proofread your articles. Several mistakes.
SEC fans are the kindest, friendliest fans in the whole country....as long as their team wins. ND has a good team, but not a great team. Almost no running game, except for the QB taking off occasionally. Georgia fans really believed they were going to destroy the Irish and in the end were simply grateful to have survived. This game had to cause more questions about the Dawgs than supply answers.
Georgia fans are easily the classiest fans in the SEC and possibly the nation....as long as their team wins the game.
When he put together the Number 3 recruiting class in America, everyone who follows LSU smiled and gave the old wink, wink. No one really believed it was on the up and up. There should be no feigned surprise by anyone.