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damn, can't type at all this morning, jet lag in China
not hte best choice for an instagram shot as a SCHOLAR athlete, stanind behing a brand new RED hot rod with what appears to be a rolex on his wrist,.... Hey NCAA you seeing this?
With a multitude of injuries on the offensive side of the ball for Bama, Auburn could pull this off, we've seen a lot of crazy things in this historic rivalry for sure. That being said i hope Bama can win, they're the best representative for the SEC in the Championship, sorry Auburn fans.... And that's a tough pill to swallow for a Vol..... #Volnation
oh, and #volnation on the way back with the " bricklayer" at the helm
To say the W or just the SEC in general is " not as great as thought" is completely ludicrous, the talent our respective teams have to face week in and week out is Ridiculous. You can't run the table in this conference anymore. I swear if FSU was in the EAST they would be a 2 loss team more than likely, and that doesn't count some WEST games sprinkled in. Bowden was very smart to pass on the SEC and opt for the ACC, smart and scared.....
Great kid, developing talent, it will only get better. #volnation
Hate to hear this AJ has proven himself to be a leader on and off the filed in the community, well rounded kid. I totally support Coach Jones decision to suspend them. No judgments should be passed until theirs more evidence. I'm always a little suspicious of the "out of town girls" visiting on game weekend, wonder why they are there? That being said if their was in fact RAPE involved then the law should be administered as much as i hate to see this leader involved in such a heinous thing. Sad..... We'll see
Really hate it for this kid, TN fan here, but i always liked watching this kid, and he always showed a lot of class on and off the field, best wishes kid in all that you do.
Tight classic game coming, everyone will be tuned to this one. #onetennessee
The class comment was for you wolfman, much more of people like you needed in these forums!
Can't wait to get this kid back, reminds me of a Wes Welker, great hands, great routes, and a playmaker. #volnation
no blowout either way, think it all comes down to who makes the BIG play Dak, or Cooper? Both have proved unstoppable respectively, I tend to lean toward the better QB play in games like this, so I would have to lean to MS State in this one, a tight one. Both great teams and we'll all enjoy the matchup. #volnation
John "hacksaw" Reynolds from Tennessee not mentioned?