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Perhaps you need to watch the video again and rewrite your story. His reaction was after Fromm was sacked in OT before the Georgia field goal and long before the final play of the game.
Is it really any more horrible than the First Take time slots? At that time people are still home getting ready for work or school in the early part of the show.
I'm trying to do as I was taught.. if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all... but dude you make it hard to do with that clueless statement ... don't listen or watch much do ya?
I think that is how most businesses run these days. Good, experienced workers aren't valued as much as a larger profit.
There is no state law preventing Arkansas and A-State from playing each other. It's just a policy of the UA Athletic Dept to not play in-state schools. They could if they wanted to. Nothing prevents them from doing it other than Arkansas doesn't consider it a beneficial game for themselves.
The video isn't during the third quarter stand I believe. I think it's actually from the second quarter stand that led to the Arkansas field goal to make it 10-7. There was a good push by the Aggies' line and some horrid blocking on that play as well.
You must not listen to any sports talk radio at all then. During the preseason and after the first game, that was pretty much all the talk other than offensive line. So you either don't listen to the callers or you choose to ignore them. Either way, good for you! You're likely better off either way. lol
Actually I thought he was thinking about how maybe he should put that guy on the team because he was more productive than his team had been all night.
Yeah .. this site is putting up story mocking word use and grammar ....
In regards to Tunsil, he missed too much of the season, regardless if it was legitimate reason or not. It honors a season's performance, not a partial season performance. (Of course it'll be my luck there is some guy listed on here who missed a lot after an injury. lol)
But you did lose to Arkansas ... who lost to Toledo ... since that was mentioned at the start of this little thread ;)
Those who haven't experienced the B-team know not what they are missing (or gaining)
Should be 2:30 ET not 3:30 for the Mizzou-Arkansas game I believe.
The tipped LSU ball was not off his foot, but his hand. Watch again. It's pretty clear. Not that the sentiment wouldn't be the same, but you'll have to change your subhead on that one as well. Of course if Rohan Gaines would have dove for the ball instead of standing there staring, then it wouldn't have made it to Dupre and he wouldn't have had to do his little disappointed move.
Sounds like Long is offering a bit of a false front that way if A&M wants out, it will have to pay more of the bill, although Arkansas would like to get out of it about as much as A&M. All you hear talk about from analysts here in Arkansas on the radio is how that now that this game is a conference game it hurts Arkansas' recruiting in a sense because they can't host official visits there. The same for War Memorial Stadium. That it would be better to make this a home-and-home SEC series instead and perhaps Arkansas find a different nonconference opponent for the Jerry World game. Especially as long as the contract with War Memorial stays in place. That's two games that can be classified "home" games that aren't. I say lets end it, get someone else lined up (why not TCU or Baylor for a different twist on the Southwest Classic) for Jerry World if want to stay down there.
That video shows he has a good arm. It also shows that he was on a dominant team where it doesn't matter that he stares down his intended target on every play.
Yeah that could be a way to screw around with Auburn huh? Leak word out you're recruiting someone you know Auburn might want even if not true.
Wow that LSU win really would be an upset considering you had Cincy knock out Georgia Tech in the first round.
I think it's pretty widely known who most schools are targeting, etc. If two schools are going after the same recruit, that recruit has probably already mentioned it. With the way recruiting is reported on these days, it's almost hard not to know a team is actively pursuing a recruit.
Nice breakaway speed. Faster than he looks, as you wouldn't think tall lanky guy could take off like that. However, he'll need a good QB coach in college. Why you put your passes that you throw behind guys and into bad coverage on your highlight reel is surprising, and he actually had quite a few of those on there. He has a good enough arm it looks like to get away with that in high school. I'm not so sure that will be the case in SEC.
I think Texas would still be the most hated team in Arkansas then maybe followed by LSU. Any time there is mention of Arkansas going to a bowl game, they always, always, always want to face Texas.
Yeah armyguy007 .... all the money that is coming from the TV contracts and from your foundation is completely tied up in the construction. Not even close. If they can't afford $75k to pay the fine and for new goalposts, then they don't need to be doing the updates to the arena or the stadium do they? Now it's great that the Rebels fans stepped up to do this. Nothing against the fans who contributed. Although I'd almost be willing to bet that the majority of the money didn't come from the people who actually caused the fine or tore down the goalposts. But if they want to step up and do it, that's awesome. And in a way, that's the way for fans to take responsibility for their actions, too. But to say the athletic department couldn't afford the $75k because of their current construction is a bit ridiculous.
Wow ... what a ripoff of the school's supporters. I mean, with all the money that's coming in from the SEC Network deals, and you can't cover the costs of a fine and the goalposts out of your budget without asking for additional help? Perhaps the TV money is going somewhere it shouldn't then ...
Someone needs a new definition of choreographed ....
It's not a fumblerooski no matter how much you want to claim it's a "variation" of it. It's simply a handoff and they are attempting to hide the RB with the line
Ummm ... not a fumblerooski... this is just trying to hide the runner behind the line. The ball was never put on the ground and a lineman isn't the one carrying it.
although the opposing QB does make it kinda easy to figure out where he's going lol
What's actually impressive is to go watch the regular video instead of this jumpy Vine video and see his recognition of the play. He is actually out on a different receiver, who he runs around to make the hit. The not-wrapping up is gonna get him burned at some point. But the play recognition is what makes his even able to make the play. http://thefanbuzz.com/story/high-school-play-of-the-week-tennessee-commit-with-a-monster-helmet-popping-hit/
Shelby .. you sir are talking out of an orifice and have no idea what you're talking about. It was a dead ball foul in an untimed period (wouldn't have mattered even if it was a timed period for delay of game). There are several 10-second runoff violations within the minute to minute and a half mark in regulation play. This is not one of them