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BBN- That’s one difference between the fan bases. UGA’s had their “happy to be here” years where we were “proud” to be in the conversation and just hoped for a good fight from our guys. Now we expect to win and won’t be happy with anything less. Good luck to UK the rest of the way, except tomorrow!
What’s the guess on the Vandy head coaches salary?
I applaud Nix for his game vs LSU, but this UGA defense will suffocate him all game long, up until the point he is replaced with TJ Finley. The "mush rush" from the defenders will contain him a lot more times than not, at which time the pocket will collapse for a sack or he'll be forced to throw. The only way he beats UGA is with a strong running game from AU's backs, Nix's arm, and with AU's receivers winning matchups against the UGA secondary. All of which seem unlikely in isolation, let alone as a trio.
UGA -3.5 after one quarter. UGA -9.5 after the half. UGA -15 for the game. Yes, please!
Balk- Yea, I noticed that too. Vann, I think that's his name, the WR, lit it up against UGA and made some really tough catches in coverage!
How crazy is it that Tennessee, after their crazy offseason and mass exodus to the transfer portal, control their own fate, while LSU, T A&M, and UF don't?
Dawgs -3.5 in first quarter? Dawgs -9.5 for the half?
Haven't watcher a full game but Iowa seems to have a dominate defense. Anyone seen their offense? What's the gap between Bama/UGA to Iowa/Penn State/Cincy/Oklahoma? Here's my list of unbeatens Tier 1: BAMA/UGA Tier 2: Iowa/Cincy Tier 3:Penn State/Oklahoma/Michigan/Kentucky/BYU Tier 4: Coastal Carolina/Michigan State/Okl. State/Wake Forest Tier 5: SMU/SDSU
What? No Bennett IV??? This is a total shame!
Shhhhh… don’t be so informative. We wanna keep Mullen at Florida for as long as possible!
^^^This is what Mullen should’ve sounded like at the post game press conference. He is some kind of narcissist or something not to be able to admit the flaws in himself, his staff, or his program.
Georgia vs Auburn- I understand Connor has to write something, but No… just no. There will be nothing epic about Nix on Saturday. He’ll look like the same guy everyone at Auburn has grown to loathe. Running from the pocket even when he doesn’t have to, throwing with a poor base, forcing throws of bad reads, etc.
What’s with the left shoulder of this guy in the cover photo? The one with the “surrender cobra” pose?
Happy to have The Mailman! Incredible insurance policy!
ARK’s whole defensive scheme is to limit deep throws and make you grind out a win, which we were able to do. While the passing numbers look abysmal, I still think a Stetson led UGA is capable of contending with any team, including Bama. However, I think a JT led UGA is capable of beating any team, including Bama.
Also, maybe if he gets back in shape and in good graces, he'll join his old tackle mate, Andrew Thomas, as a NYG starter.
A lot of Dawgs on the NYG team. Maybe that'll help Isaiah get straightened out and take advantage of this opportunity, which will likely be his last. I'm rooting for the kid who, by all accounts from his time at UGA, was great with interviews/reporters, was great with coaches/teammates, and from encounters with fans was always happy and smiling.
Sounds like Wilbon needs to retire. The whole “have to talk about sports every day” line is subtle but telling. “Have to” like it’s torture and he’s not getting paid. How many of us would trade an arm and a leg to “get to” talk about sports every day and get paid to do it?
Keep an eye out for these not always obvious things: Numbers in the box (for each D) Pocket protection (for each QB) Ease of 1st Downs (for each O) Whichever team “wins” those categories typically wins the game.
This is embarrassing… for Wilbon. What a butt hurt take. How was Kiffin an embarrassment at Bama, FAU, or currently Ole Miss?
Agreed- I don’t like this at all… Why give up on your teammates/friends when they are counting on you to succeed?
psiddy- Does the know about the game, though? Because in this article he is quoted as saying, "I really do think it starts at the offensive line position," but the offensive line isn't a position. LT, LG, C, RG, and RT are positions. :)
GatorPhil- Agreed. The team that can better protect their QB will have a huge advantage. If either KJ or JT can stand in the pocket comfortably, they'll find shots to take downfield to gash the defense. I think big plays ultimately decide the game as neither defense seems to easy to move the ball against consistently. UGA can't give KJ time to find Burks in 1 on 1 situations or to get behind the secondary. Vann Jefferson from South Carolina proved our secondary is clearly the weakest link in our defense.
Primrose- So much of what you said is just plain incorrect I don't know where to begin... so I'll just break it down sentence by sentence. UGA beat Clemson 10-3, not 6-3. JT Daniels did play against Clemson, albeit injured from the pre-season with an oblique strain. Arkansas is probably the best team UGA has played thus far, no issue there. "UAB, South Carolina, and Vandy does not make a champion." I'm not even sure what you're trying to say here. And finally, if Georgia has the overall talent advantage AND the home field advantage, you still pick the Hogs to win by 10? C'mon man...
sbigshaun- You're confusing Stetson Bennett for JT Daniels. Totally different people.