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As painful as this is to admit, I think (logistically speaking) I'm rooting for the Gators. If Florida wins, our SOS only looks better and better and would set up a much needed top 10 (probably top 5) clash between UGA and UF. In addition, an LSU loss would set up a clearer path for Bama to the SECCG, and man oh man do I want another shot at taking down Bama! Go GATO.... Nah, too much... go florida.
I’m glad to see you all still have a sense of humor through this rough stretch.. hoping we take care of business while y’all are down! Won’t be long until y’all right the ship and get back to competing in the SECe!
While I don’t have the years of experience under my belt (I’m a lifelong Dawg born in the late 80s), I’d still like to weigh in on your question regarding UGA rivalries. For my money, Florida and Auburn are the biggest yearly rivals, with each game holding stakes in the SEC championship race. I do wonder how moving the Auburn game to earlier in the year will effect the feelings/significance around this rivalry moving forward. Second tier rivals would be Tenn, SC (especially with Spurrier), and GT. Go Dawgs!
Corch- How long did this take to type?
Game day is finally here! Can’t think of a better Saturday than sitting in the deer woods then hanging out with family and friends watching the Dawgs come nightfall! Go Dawgs!
Unaffiliated- I agree with many things you said, but you contradicted yourself with the whole spread offense/no third down back argument... the spread offense in fact is Taylor made for the typically third down back, not making the third down back “a thing of the past”.
I agree with Boxster and the rest of Dawg posters in the comment section.. Just win and I’ll be happy! We’re not to the point, and hopefully will never be, of being mad about a victory that theoretically should have been more lopsided! Win every game by 1 for all I care!
I hope you’re right about not worrying, but that won’t stop me from getting butterflies for such a big game. Points 4 (Brian Kelly) and especially Point 5 (Intangibles) are the most valid from this article. ND is used to the big stage and won’t be shell shocked by the environment. I’m hoping we can start fast and create a “feeding frenzy” type feel for our younger players- Then, and maybe most importantly, keep the pedal to the metal and never give them hope... I want our defense to swarm to the ball and arrive with bad intentions!
Irish- I agree with most of your assessment and I hope you enjoy the Classic City as much as the UGA fans. However, I think you'll be surprised with Fromm's passing if/when UGA is forced to throw. In most of Fromm's career, we've catered to Kirby's desired ball-control, running dominant offense. In the occasions where Fromm was cut loose, such as the 2 or 4 minute offense or when we were trailing by a lot, he is more than capable as a passer to carve up any secondary. My only wish for Fromm is that he'd get a little more mobile inside the pocket and extend plays with better pocket mobility/awareness like a Brees/Brady. He's not going to rip off 20 yard runs often... but stepping up in the pocket, moving left/right, or rolling out are well within his capabilities to beat the DEF with 3rd/4th reads or create a scramble drill for our talented WRs.
DaGherk- Actually I read the last time GameDay was in Athens was 2013 vs LSU. UGA won that shootout!
I want so bad not to like Tim Tebow... then he goes and does something like this (again). Oh well.
I have no doubt in my mind that Sanford will be painted pink/red/black for this awesome movement bringing even more awareness to breast cancer.
DawgsofWar- Yes I did. I mentioned such in my original post. I hope we continue to utilize the I formation in all situations!
I agree with the 4 overarching themes. Kirby has players who have bought in to the offensive philosophy and it shows. One detail/wrinkle schematically I’d like to see is the use of a true FB. To me, our short yardage whoas could be nullified and turned into a strength with the return of C Payne type fullback. (I know we’ve used Wolf at times this year as a hybrid TE/FB and I like this so far) Short yardage single back sets are too easily ruined from a single DL/LB penetration (see Zuniga from last year). All it takes is one OL getting beat and the play is a loss/no gain. How do we proactively combat this penetration? Put a fullback there to to lead through the hole or, if necessary, combat a stunt/blitz in the backfield so the RB can gain momentum at or past the LOS. It’s not rocket science so I’m sure Kirby could find a high school kid who is smaller, like a hard nosed LB/DL, and convert them to FB as a walk-on. No scholly needed unless they earn it. Make it happen!
I'd bet we'll see Mays at RT and Cleveland at RG. I hope Wilson can recover quickly but we should be fine without him for a few weeks. If Salyer is healthy I hope he can get some game action this Saturday but I wouldn't be surprised if they played it safe with him as well...
I’d love to get a chance to watch the Dawgs play the Gators at The Swamp! I’m all for tradition but it’s definitely on my bucket list.
Ugh... What a terrible article.. Too many false assumptions/opinions to even dispute because anyone with any kind of sense can see through the BS... Springboard conversation- What if Clemson, UGA, Ohio State, and Wash all make the playoffs? (Each starting QB being a product of a Georgia HS or former UGA QB)
Haha! Your post does raise an interesting question.. How many actual suspensions (not 30-40...) would it take for Duke to have 50/50 odds on this game?
August 31st can't get here fast enough... I hope my Dawgs are taking this Vandy squad as serious as the higher ranked opponents on our schedule. They definitely have the players in place at the right positions to challenge us for the right to be 1-0.
After the Week 0 opener, I think/hope the race to finish second in East (behind UGA) will be a dogfight. I could see Tenn, UF, UK, or Mizz making a run at 2nd. Heck even Vandy could make a run at #2... (South Car just has too tough a schedule to contend this year..) Should be a fun year in the East!
Wow... Just another example of why Franks is a mid-level SEC QB. His antics and reactions are more cringe worthy than his turnovers... Some turnovers can’t be controlled, this type of stuff can/should.
Sweet. It also looks like the "DAWGS" across the front of the helmet is of the 3D variety! It always bugs me when those front stickers with teams name/logo gets knocked crooked... #9days
Respectable list, but I do have a legitimate question about my Dawgs and their weakness at WR. How many teams in the CFP era have actually lost their top 5 receivers from the previous year? Not lost their top 5 and won __ number of games/championships, just teams that have lost their top 5 receivers... this mass exodus is a major area of concern/intrigue, but I imagine this list to be pretty small, perhaps rare to unprecedented.