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Week 3 UGA @ Bama: With teams fairly equal in talent, special teams often dictates the victor. What if it comes down to a final field goal attempt for the Tide to take the lead as the final seconds tick off the clock!? I’m guessing, from recent history, the kick splits the middle of the uprights 40 feet up the net... with the tide yet again breaking the Dawgs hearts. LOL
My East picks I posted a few days ago: UF- K Neal UGA- M Hardeman, A Thomas, or R Smith (I know our d is stacked but could you imagine Smith as the ring leader!?) UK- J Allen Mizz- S Richardson or Aldon Smith SC- M Lattimore Tenn- D Barnett or E Berry Vandy- Z Cunningham Seems pretty solid still. Though I do like the J Matthews pick, I thought he might now to “recent” enough. Plus Cunningham was a stud for the Dores D!
Mathis is faster than Plumlee?? Dang, that’s new to me but if it’s true we gotta find a role for him.. really wish we could’ve secured Plumlee’s commitment and found a scholarship for him!
Neat look behind the recruiting curtain. Columbia looks like a decent little college town but man it doesn’t hold a candle to Athens. Go Dawgs!
Getting rid of any of The Office characters listed above would seriously diminish the quality of the show... impossible question but the logic makes sense. My nickname is Bo from the Auburn legend, though I picked it at 3 while he was in the pros playing both football and baseball and before I realized he was an AU guy... lol
So Bama has 7 and the rest of the SEC combined has 7... including a punter and transfer OL who may not be eligible? Sheesh...
That’s arrogant of you, cojones. He clearly was just making his prediction for UGA, not thinking they were left off the list.
For the East UF- K Neal UGA- M Hardeman, A Thomas, or R Smith (I know our d is stacked but could you imagine Smith as the ring leader!?) UK- J Allen Mizz- S Richardson or Aldon Smith SC- M Lattimore Tenn- D Barnett or E Berry Vandy- Z Cunningham
Ooohhh yea Miller would be nice! But I wonder if he is “recent” enough?
Bama- OJ Howard or Q Williams Ark- Ragnow Aub- D Brown LSU- D White Miss St- F Cox Ole Miss- Nkemdechi T A&M- M. Garrett (Yea it’s obvious, but it’s obvious for a reason)
Nash- I agree. I can’t, for the life of me, think of why Cowherd lists GA Tech as a good program left off the list! He lost any credibility when he said that for this ranking... I look at this arbitrary ranking within the past 20 years. I might throw up, but given this “All Time” coach debate, I’d probably put UF in the top tier with Spurrier/Meyer as great options.
Agreed.. You don’t see traps like that on many QBs.. sheesh.
Locks would be UGA & A&M Toss ups would be LSU and UF Underdog would be SC
It would be a historic milestone for UGA basketball if Edwards goes #1 overall. I’m thinking top 3-4 though, just to be safe.
Interesting takes. I like the Penn State and Iowa State bets the best.
Soooo Mullen’s offense is lauded as elite/genius while using Franks as a positive example and not recognizing Trask until an injury ? It was plainly obvious that UF improved AFTER Franks went down and Trask stepped in. How could an offensive guru not recognize the difference in QB? Oh and obviously Franks still has a year left.. What happens if he comes close or meets/exceeds his offensive numbers at UF while playing for an inferior Arkansas?
I agree. To be elite you also have to be consistently great and raise the level of your whole team, (see Burrow, Joe) which Mond hasn’t done (yet). I think he’ll be in the SEC’s top 5 QBs this year.
Seems like Loy could see the field in a Taysum Hill type roll.
I know I see through my red and black filter, but I’d put the LSU QB, Brennen or something like that, above Trask. Trask doesn’t seem like anything more than a game manager, IMO. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d put in the middle of the pack, not the lead dog...
You think?? I don’t see him getting drafted in the 1st round, maybe not even drafted at all...
Still hoping R. Hammonds comes back for one more year with the Dawgs...
Dang.. We were already a small team and with Hammonds and now Peake, we’re getting smaller...
Great read. If there ever was a link between rivalries, it can be seen in men from this era. Go Dawgs and War Eagle!
BamaRules- How can you start a post with “In my humble opinion...” and then flex on your own post with the declaration that you’re speaking “Facts!” ??? C’mon Man...
2008 UGA was a perfect example of Richt’s shortcomings and (hopefully) the biggest difference between Richt and Smart. Specifically, the injuries we took to the OL and DL were irreplaceable to keep us contenders in the SEC, much less nationally. We replaced those injured in the article with below average replacements due to skim recruiting on the OL and DL.
Definitely impressed with UNC and their work with Mack Brown. Tenn? Not so much, yet.. Over half of their huge class is 3 stars. While I realize they have to start somewhere, I’m interested to see if Pruitt can swap some of those 3 stars for 4 stars as we can closer to putting pen to paper.