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Whoa... be careful there gamecock29... People may be confused by who is the actual idiot. You meant to say, "You are AN idiot, my friend." :)
I agree with most of the sentiment. If not this year for Florida, when? The Gators will start wondering if Mullen is the man to take them to the next step. If the Dawgs lose, questions will continue about Kirby and his QB handling. However, no rational fan or media member should compare Kirby with Richt. No excuses from UGA, we love talking recruiting so now is our chance to prove about the overall depth of our program! If we can win with offensive identity issues and a banged up DEF, man how sweet it'll be. Florida has been the pick from the media all offseason and year, so I'm good with being the underDAWG this year! UGA- 27 UF- 24
Barely recruited, doubted in college, waited his turn, worked, and made the most of it when given the opportunity. Stetson Bennett IV ladies and gentleman. :)
UGA needs the Bennett that played against Auburn/Ark to show up in Jacksonville.
It definitely was a blunder on TGIII but you’ve failed to acknowledge he’s fighting 25+ years of training once the ball is snapped... History of TGIII shows he has purposely failed to score when his team held a lead and he had an open run for a TD. The difference between the two situations was player contact from the opposition. Again, his profession is to run through contact. Hard to just turn that “off” once the ball is snapped.
Man I miss having a FB at UGA... I know H-Backs serve as fullbacks with a bit more versatility, but having a FB leading your RB on a power/toss sweep seems like poetry in motion. Also, having a FB on a dive or inside run allows for slight error on the OL. If the OL gets beat near the hole the FB can eat that mistake rather than the RB.
First- This article is all over the place... Second- I agree, just win.. who cares what “credit” is given from the media...
Tim- Haven’t heard that about Monty but if it’s true that’s a real bummer... I hope he can play and play well!
If there's one area where I'm not worried, it's Special Teams. I don't know if yall have noticed, but UGA's Special Teams has looked phenomenal and our personnel is almost exclusively first teamers due to our overall team depth. Overall, I think Bama has greater room for error to still win the game. UGA likes to make teams one dimensional but Bama's offense can carry the team with running OR passing... so making Bama one-dimensional isn't a guaranteed ticket to victory. Meanwhile, our offense needs balance and play action for SBIV to hit throws in rhythm and over the middle. If Bama can make UGA's offense one dimensional (either by lopsided early scoring or defensively) we could be in trouble.
GatorFan9696 wins post of the day! LOL gotta be able to laugh at yourself every now and then.. Bummed to see a cancellation.
Shonuff VFL: “When we play FLA at the end of the year, it will be for the SEC East Championship. Remember it. Write it down. Take a picture. We will beat GA nest week.” (Yes, he wrote nest instead of next...) So I remembered, wrote it down, and took a picture. I wonder what he has to say, now? Tenn took advantage off their opportunities in the first half (kudos to them) and UGA shot itself in the foot (with the bad snap and going for it on 4th and 1 on about their own 35.) All the while we played well below par offensively and where only down 4 at the half. Not a flawless victory but in this crazy season I’ll take 1 point wins in every game.
boxster355- Same here. I wrote on the "JT Daniels has to be the guy article" that Stetson shares similar traits with Fromm except for a minus in overall football IQ and a plus in elusiveness/speed. That roll out away from Big Kat and toss to KJ sums up what I was thinking/hoping for all along from SBIV. Fromm would have been a lame duck and pulled the Peyton Manning "sack" by just falling down if he saw that same rush. Stetson may not have elite arm strength but there's no denying his arm talent. The way he flicks the ball is far different from Fromm's (more often than not) hurls on deeper throws. And yes, that deep ball to Jackson was underthrown but it did travel 55+ yards in the air. With a better read/timing, which he'll hopefully gain through meaningful reps, Stetson will hit him in stride for a walk in TD.
Ew, someone get this man a dictionary so he can look up the word literal...
RealUSC- Huh? So UGA looks like the #1 team based on the last game (with Stetson at QB throughout) yet you claim he’s not the guy for UGA at QB? Forget the high school rankings and hype and trust your eyes. SBIV looks like the real deal to me. I said it last week and I’ll say it again- the offense took off last week when SBIV came in much like when Fromm took over for Eason in that App St game in 2017. Immediate difference with the same surrounding personnel. I hope we get to see JTD but not at the loss of SBIV.
In what world would a real fan even consider pressing the "eject button" on their team??? Geez, Phil. Allegiances aren't ejected or removed, they're ingrained. Am I concerned about our offense? Sure. But after watching KSU come back and defeat OKL(in the second game of the season) I prayed we'd just play well in this first game and win the game. Obviously our first half offense was atrocious and frustrating but we made adjustments and won. Now it's on to week two. Oh and by the way Chicken Little, even if we lose, UGA fans won't hit the eject button. Not this season or ever. In case you haven't noticed, UGA fans are notoriously and eternally optimistic.
I agree Tim. Bennett starting against Auburn is my guess. Yes, Daniels has a full season of experience, but zero in over a year in a live game. (We saw the rust of Mathis with 2+ years between his final HS game to Arkansas. That hit from the ARK LB on the sideline was telling.) Bennett having live reps vs Ark. makes him the favored starter, IMO, with Daniels earning a series or so (with less pressure of starting) somewhere after a few drives. Kirby will play the hot hand from there. Bennett can win vs Auburn, no doubt it my mind. He makes good decisions, has an accurate arm, knows the offense, and is able to get to his 2nd/3rd read. Sound familiar? The only real difference with him and Fromm being Fromm's pre-snap recognition and overall football IQ vs Bennett's ability to scramble and be more of a threat outside the pocket and in the RPO attack. Neither has an Eason/Fields type arm but both can win games with their skill sets. Going to be a tight game... Go DAWGS!
No complaints here. UGA played like the second best Bulldogs in the conference yesterday, specifically before Stetson Bennet IV came in to bail us out. The offensive difference between Mathis and Bennett in yesterday’s game reminded me of the off. difference between Eason and Fromm during that App St game in 2017.
I'm glad to hear he's got an opportunity to continue being involved in a game he loves. Not many people get a change like that. Best of luck!
I agree boxster. While I would still pick UGA, I'm fine with the media picking fLorida and letting them deal with the bullseye on their backs. We will settle it on the field!
Yes, it could be the year. But as we've seen, a lot of things have to come together/break your way for a championship season to happen. Our offense is full of question marks- from signal caller, WR, TE, and OL. Not a great place to start your season but we have the guys to step in at each position group. At this point our odds seem worse than recent years dating back to 2017. Who would have thought last year LSU would churn out a generational offense? Maybe UGA is that team this year or perhaps it's someone else. Or maybe it's an "ugly" season with lots of parity and there is no clear cut #1? As of now I'll take the latter.
I thought the same thing.. I think the author got too caught up in the teams rather than his original point.. “Alabama is still Alabama” is a lazy argument for this home field advantage article..
BOOM!! Huge for the future of our offense. Reminds me of Orson Charles with his size/build, and explosive speed. Not the biggest TE but should be dangerous over the middle and up the seam!
Maybe I missed something, but where is the rest of the SEC teams? No opinion? Did he forget? Or is there another unseen category for the likes of Tenn, UK, Vandy, etc?
94- I agree, Davis is a key returnee, particularly in the run game. I also think his analysis of our personnel is pretty hit or miss. (Barnett and Reese are not “key” departures and Dean is definitely a breakout candidate.) Also, what does this mean..? “The loss of personnel at safety and defense is a concern but one that can’t be mitigated.” Losing Reed’s experience at safety is a loss but isnt the whole article about the defense? And does he mean can be mitigated with the “next man up” roster?
I get the idea of wanting to “build” an unstoppable SEC WR from different players around the league, but let’s just call him J Chase from LSU. LOL
I wonder what UGA’s returning production % would be if Newman’s stats were somehow incorporated to offset Fromm’s (passing)/Swift’s (rushing) departing numbers. Maybe even throw in the TE transfer from FSU. Maybe SDS could figure that out!?
Week 3 UGA @ Bama: With teams fairly equal in talent, special teams often dictates the victor. What if it comes down to a final field goal attempt for the Tide to take the lead as the final seconds tick off the clock!? I’m guessing, from recent history, the kick splits the middle of the uprights 40 feet up the net... with the tide yet again breaking the Dawgs hearts. LOL
My East picks I posted a few days ago: UF- K Neal UGA- M Hardeman, A Thomas, or R Smith (I know our d is stacked but could you imagine Smith as the ring leader!?) UK- J Allen Mizz- S Richardson or Aldon Smith SC- M Lattimore Tenn- D Barnett or E Berry Vandy- Z Cunningham Seems pretty solid still. Though I do like the J Matthews pick, I thought he might now to “recent” enough. Plus Cunningham was a stud for the Dores D!
Mathis is faster than Plumlee?? Dang, that’s new to me but if it’s true we gotta find a role for him.. really wish we could’ve secured Plumlee’s commitment and found a scholarship for him!