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Not sure about his stats, measurables, and testing times, but having just watched the highlights from above I’m a bit concerned about his pre-throw ball control and throwing motion. He often holds the ball lazily near his ribs/hip when rolling out/scrambling. Also, his throwing motion is too elongated for my taste. Both are coachable and he is obviously talented so I have hope/faith that if he comes to UGA Kirby will get that cleaned up! Just my two cents.
Are there any doubts he’ll be successful at LIFE?? Forget about football for a moment... What an incredible young man!
TGIII was truly elite at the RB position. Guy could do it all and score from any spot on the field and from multiple positions. Keep in mind he housed his share of TDs at KR, on screens or routes out of the backfield, and obviously from runs inside and out. When I say draft I considered the overall depth at QB for the decade, which in my opinion has more elite talent than RB. Pair TGIII with a Tier 2 QB and forget about it.
Best offensive player by statistics- Nick Chubb Best offensive player I’d least like to face- Johnny Heisman Best offensive player I’d draft for a season- Todd Gurley
Tough decade full of promise and opportunities missed... here’s to more fulfillment in the next... Go Dawgs!
This hype video got intense as soon as Tim McGraw stopped talking... Just watch it from about the 1:25 mark and it's lit! The first 1:25? Not McGraw's best...
This is a bit of a memory stretch and I could very well be mistaken.. but didn't O Charles leave early as a junior? I just recall thinking he'd be better off coming back than leaving early.. but again, I could be wrong..
False... Wrong... Nah... If anything, UGA is under the radar this year with their inconsistent offense... We're just a few shots downfield (hopefully up the hashes) per half from being a truly dangerous team come postseason.
Lev- I agree.. and unfortunately for us, those “This is our year!” predictions took a major hit when we lost Hardman, Ridley, Nauta, and Holyfield early to the NFL and Holloman to dismissal. Losing 5 guys early to either the NFL or dismissal handicapped our offense immensely.
I've thought since the end of last year, when Fromm was getting a lot of NFL Draft hype, that he's the type of guy to stay for four years. (A) He's from Georgia and is a UGA "fan" as much as the rest of us, (B) He wants to win a title. IF this season doesn't pan out and end in championships (SEC and/or Natty) then I think Fromm comes back. If we catch fire and win a championship then he's decision will be much more difficult. With our returning/incoming OL, RB's (we'll miss Swift no doubt), and especially WR's, we'll have more talent around the QB on our offense next year for sure. Side note*** The whole narrative saying 2019-2020 was "our year" really took a blow when Mecole, Ridley, Nauta, and Holyfield all jumped ship with eligibility remaining. If Fromm returns, we'll have the look of a championship caliber offense to go along with our defense.
Bahahahaha... Well done Kirby...I totally picked up what you're layin' down.
Yea, I don't think it's necessary to be negative towards the writers at SDS, but these "sources" and this article about Mullen vs Smart have the term "reaching...." running through my mind...
Rob- Agreed. Cager showed the difference between an 18 (Pickens) and 22 year old (Cager)... great game all around.
Joe- Curious on what you've heard as I don't follow any UF sites other than SDS.. Do you think Greenard and Zuniga will be close to 100%? If not, what percentage would you assign to each?
I agree. Mullen will use as much balance as possible to remain effective and Grantham will load the box and make our WRs beat UF's DBs. I really hope/pray that Coley uses the air attack to open up the run, and not vice versa. His play calling has been unimaginative and bland. I wonder how much Kirby effects the play calling on a down to down basis. It sounds funny, but UGA must play to win the game! Be aggressive, leave it all out on the field, and let the chips fall where they may. I'm sure most UGA fans could stomach an aggressive, ballsy performance with an L moreso than a bleed you dry, death by one thousand papercuts L...
True or False: The Gators would be in the same position with Franks at QB? For my money, I say false. It's crazy how different Florida looks/feels with Trask at QB. Their whole game (& season) turned around when Franks got hurt and Trask was inserted vs Kentucky. With Franks you knew about the talent but you also knew he'd give you at least one TO. Trask seems like a much better fit for Florida's offense/skill players. I'm very impressed with their team as a whole and I view this game as a great benchmark for my Dawgs. We'll find out exactly what we have in Coley as an OC in a few short days. I hope we show up ready for a fight because it's coming! This game has a weird feel... I wouldn't be shocked if we lose by 20, but then again I wouldn't be shocked if we win by 20 either! Go DAWGS!
NashvilleGator- (1) Dawg78 was pointing to the fact that Bowden, the WR turned QB, won SEC offensive player of the week last week as a QB. (2) You are 100% correct. Saying UGA wore down UK is a compliment and what Kirby intends to do to opponents. Smoke and Kash left with injuries from playing UGA, not from fairies. (3) I could care less about the rain from past games.. we’ll find out enough about UGA and UF in 2 Saturday! Go Dawgs!
As painful as this is to admit, I think (logistically speaking) I'm rooting for the Gators. If Florida wins, our SOS only looks better and better and would set up a much needed top 10 (probably top 5) clash between UGA and UF. In addition, an LSU loss would set up a clearer path for Bama to the SECCG, and man oh man do I want another shot at taking down Bama! Go GATO.... Nah, too much... go florida.
I’m glad to see you all still have a sense of humor through this rough stretch.. hoping we take care of business while y’all are down! Won’t be long until y’all right the ship and get back to competing in the SECe!
While I don’t have the years of experience under my belt (I’m a lifelong Dawg born in the late 80s), I’d still like to weigh in on your question regarding UGA rivalries. For my money, Florida and Auburn are the biggest yearly rivals, with each game holding stakes in the SEC championship race. I do wonder how moving the Auburn game to earlier in the year will effect the feelings/significance around this rivalry moving forward. Second tier rivals would be Tenn, SC (especially with Spurrier), and GT. Go Dawgs!
Corch- How long did this take to type?
Game day is finally here! Can’t think of a better Saturday than sitting in the deer woods then hanging out with family and friends watching the Dawgs come nightfall! Go Dawgs!
Unaffiliated- I agree with many things you said, but you contradicted yourself with the whole spread offense/no third down back argument... the spread offense in fact is Taylor made for the typically third down back, not making the third down back “a thing of the past”.
I agree with Boxster and the rest of Dawg posters in the comment section.. Just win and I’ll be happy! We’re not to the point, and hopefully will never be, of being mad about a victory that theoretically should have been more lopsided! Win every game by 1 for all I care!