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I was thinking the exact same thing... (from a Bama fan’s perspective of course)
I know it's talking season, so let's have at it... What if UGA and UF run the table, except obviously for the Cocktail Party, and the winner wins the SECC? So either UGA is 13-0, UF is 11-1 or UGA is 11-1, UF is 13-0? What sort of odds would the loser of the Jacksonville matchup have to get into the playoffs?
LongTimeGator- Well said. Georgia had no room for error since that 2017 run. I like the analogy of putting more bullets in the chamber. That’s exactly what Smart is trying to do.
Yea I mean not that it really matters just testing my recall I guess? Lol I want to say he was recruited and played his freshman year as a safety before making the switch to LB? Sorry, don’t have time to fact check...
I thought Ogletree was listed as a Safety coming out of high school... ?
Coach Cochran isn't just a Strength and Conditioning Coach/Special Teams Coach. He is a program/culture builder. To think otherwise is nonsensical and, frankly, foolish. UGA will definitely "gain" by having him on our side. Coach Saban will find a replacement and do fine moving forward, yes. But from UGA's side, I can't wait to see how this special teams unit improves this year! I also imagine Coach Cochran is one heck of a recruiter!
Connor, You’re an awful human being who should sleep... Juuuust kidding. For me, I’d swap UK and UT but all the picks seem reasonable. I don’t buy all the Tennessee hype. I suspect UGA and UF will be split darn near 50/50 for 1st. I’m all for Florida getting the preseason love so Kirby can play the no respect/underdog card.
Wjones- Yes, yes, it's true... Only one WR has topped 1000 receiving yards, and he barely eclipsed the milestone! And believe me, I hope and pray this prehistoric number gets smashed in the coming years... On the other hand, our rushing numbers have been steady. We did have back to back years of two, TWO 1000 yard rushers with different RBs. Chubb and Michel both topped 1000 and the very next year Swift and Holyfield accomplished the same feat.
Oh man... he went there... #clickbait #tryingtoaggravate I agree with the consensus, silly article all things considered. But based on the criteria of high school performance/recruiting ranking, Nolan Smith should be #1 on the list if you lean more toward recruiting as the #1 recruit on the composite rankings. If you lean more toward high school production then you go with Zamir White as #1, as he put up otherworldly stats in high school. Either way, I'd go with both of these guys ahead of Fields and put Fields at #3.
Bama Fans, Obviously this team is loaded... But if you had to pick a weak link, who would it be?
Florida and Georgia are docked points in this scoring system because they don’t play... Wait for it, Florida and Georgia. Other teams play both and therefore get a scoring boost but whatever... at this point I’ll read anything lol!
Not sure about his stats, measurables, and testing times, but having just watched the highlights from above I’m a bit concerned about his pre-throw ball control and throwing motion. He often holds the ball lazily near his ribs/hip when rolling out/scrambling. Also, his throwing motion is too elongated for my taste. Both are coachable and he is obviously talented so I have hope/faith that if he comes to UGA Kirby will get that cleaned up! Just my two cents.
Are there any doubts he’ll be successful at LIFE?? Forget about football for a moment... What an incredible young man!
TGIII was truly elite at the RB position. Guy could do it all and score from any spot on the field and from multiple positions. Keep in mind he housed his share of TDs at KR, on screens or routes out of the backfield, and obviously from runs inside and out. When I say draft I considered the overall depth at QB for the decade, which in my opinion has more elite talent than RB. Pair TGIII with a Tier 2 QB and forget about it.
Best offensive player by statistics- Nick Chubb Best offensive player I’d least like to face- Johnny Heisman Best offensive player I’d draft for a season- Todd Gurley
Tough decade full of promise and opportunities missed... here’s to more fulfillment in the next... Go Dawgs!
This hype video got intense as soon as Tim McGraw stopped talking... Just watch it from about the 1:25 mark and it's lit! The first 1:25? Not McGraw's best...
This is a bit of a memory stretch and I could very well be mistaken.. but didn't O Charles leave early as a junior? I just recall thinking he'd be better off coming back than leaving early.. but again, I could be wrong..
False... Wrong... Nah... If anything, UGA is under the radar this year with their inconsistent offense... We're just a few shots downfield (hopefully up the hashes) per half from being a truly dangerous team come postseason.
Lev- I agree.. and unfortunately for us, those “This is our year!” predictions took a major hit when we lost Hardman, Ridley, Nauta, and Holyfield early to the NFL and Holloman to dismissal. Losing 5 guys early to either the NFL or dismissal handicapped our offense immensely.
I've thought since the end of last year, when Fromm was getting a lot of NFL Draft hype, that he's the type of guy to stay for four years. (A) He's from Georgia and is a UGA "fan" as much as the rest of us, (B) He wants to win a title. IF this season doesn't pan out and end in championships (SEC and/or Natty) then I think Fromm comes back. If we catch fire and win a championship then he's decision will be much more difficult. With our returning/incoming OL, RB's (we'll miss Swift no doubt), and especially WR's, we'll have more talent around the QB on our offense next year for sure. Side note*** The whole narrative saying 2019-2020 was "our year" really took a blow when Mecole, Ridley, Nauta, and Holyfield all jumped ship with eligibility remaining. If Fromm returns, we'll have the look of a championship caliber offense to go along with our defense.
Bahahahaha... Well done Kirby...I totally picked up what you're layin' down.
Yea, I don't think it's necessary to be negative towards the writers at SDS, but these "sources" and this article about Mullen vs Smart have the term "reaching...." running through my mind...
Rob- Agreed. Cager showed the difference between an 18 (Pickens) and 22 year old (Cager)... great game all around.