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Someone teach Graham Coffey the difference between through and threw…
I think we’re good to great in all facets, not elite at anything. Will that be enough to make the playoffs? Time will tell…
Boo hoo… and who is this guy? Why the article? Maybe write something on a persons background if they get an article in SDS, otherwise, you can interview me and I’ll reference our numerous injuries we overcame to win the title.
Good on Coach Saban. The GOAT for a reason.
Bowers is, somehow by this writer, underrated. He’s going to go down as the CFB TE GOAT and he’s behind Maye and McCarthy??
Nooooooooo! Man, I hate it for BRob and Dawgnation…
Perhaps? Perhaps the best TE in the country… ? Lol What else does Bowers need to do to be the definitive best, Ethan Stone? SMH
I think AU goes 7-5. Tougher than teams expect. Also… Ironic isn’t that right word here, coincidence maybe, but not ironic. “Ironic that it’s also Freeze’s second attempt to be an SEC head coach.”
Man… Prayers to the Collins and Arkansas family.. Absolutely tragic.
Same here, delk5120... I told my brother I think we'll regret taking B. Robinson over J. Carter. Robinson will probably give us 3, 4, maybe 5 good years, Carter could give us 10-12 and make the HOF if he keeps his head down and grinds.
If UGA doesn’t win the Natty this year, you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll be more about the players rather than the plays.
1) Call me crazy, but if you look at recruiting, specifically offense, UGA's is only going to get better in the next few years. 2) Bama will be fine 7) Don't doubt the Mertzinator 14) Heupel's QBs vs UGA in TWO years: 1 TD, 2 INT, 527 yards
Tier 1- UGA, UM, Tier 2- LSU, Bama, OSU, Utah Tier 3- FSU, PSU, USC, UT, UW, Clemson Tier 4- The others
Seems like it's for a great cause and will raise awareness, but to me UF's best look is the orange helmet, blue jerseys, white pants. Will these black pants be worn with an orange helmet? What about the pants?
Yes, I know how good Leary was at NC State and what he brings to the table. Kid can ball and I’ll be rooting for him in all but one game! Go Dawgs!
Good get for Auburn. No two ways about it.
$63,000 per day for the next 5 years? Not too bad for ol AT.
Agreed. It’s going to be fun! If he stays healthy he will go down as the TE GOAT in CFB, and also one of the best ever to play CFB at any position. Crazy to think about!
Facebook? What’s that? Lol I heard my grandma mention it but it were SDS and doing something like this, it’s be through twitter.
Well, well, well… isn’t this an interesting turn of events…
Sedrick Van Pran is our Center, and yes, he’s a stud representative of UGA
It’s almost like Matt heard what we fans at SDS have been saying since his earlier hit piece article, compiled a list, and wrote it all in a nice summary, sprinkled in with a few Kirby quotes. Kuddos!