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Boling has realistic Olympic aspirations and talent, across multiple track events, including the 100M, 200M, 400M, and long jump, as well as relays for these running events. The fact Arian was able to compete with these uber talented track guys speaks volumes for his elite speed!
I enjoyed watching Chapman before his injury, here’s to hoping he can return to form and play injury free all year.
What’s with only 8 appearances? Seems like there’s a lot more to this story. I’d appreciate an update on this story.
Agreed- Nothing like a lifelong rival. Dawgs should shrug this one off. All in good fun.
Boondock- Who are Bamas other guys at inside LB?
Over his time at Florida, I was always wary of Toney, even going back to his freshman season. Glad for him (but hated it for my Dawgs) that he finally broke out. Again, glad for the individual kid for living his dream, not happy for UF. Oh, and Idk why only Kirby was brought up in the article, but this author clearly doesn’t know how Kirby recruits. He never uses other teams names/coaches when selling his program. Goodness, this guy needs way more insight into actual recruiting, not just what’s on TV or in the movies.
Nolan Smith but no Jordan Davis (a likely 1st rounder THIS year) or Travon Walker? Idk who this guy is but he’s obviously not paying much attention.
BamaTime- 8 players in the first round is redonkulous. Congrats! UGA's 2017 class looks to be taking final form, but so far has: 3 first rounders, 1 second rounder, and a host of guys waiting to be drafted in the coming day(s). Also, there are about 4 guys returning to Athens in the fall. UGA's 2022 draft class should be really deep as well.
MrTruth- This is as lazy an argument as UGA saying Dan Mullen is a bum. CB, Eric Stokes - 1st Round, 29th overall (669th overall player in high school) Clearly, Kirby is good at developing talent.
Adam- I respect what you do and the free content on this website, but telling other grown ups that they "really need to get over" anything isn't going to work. I was tempted to tell turn the tide and just tell you to "get over" trying to associate Newman with UGA, though I changed my mind due to the hypocrisy and lack of impact it would have. Instead, I'll approach this another way. You keep associating Newman with UGA, we'll keep disagreeing with you, but if we skim over the article, somewhere hidden in your content is an Easter egg of sorts, playfully downplaying the silliness of it all. You get your clicks, we get to practice our first amendment rights, and we all move past the weird moment in life where Newman was kinda, sorta, maybe a Dawg.
Is that bit about the active bowl streak accurate? Seems like UGA and UF always make a bowl
Happy to have you AFan! Maybe you can show us UGA fans how to be completely confident and trust our team. I always root for Bama vs Clemson, Ohio State, etc.
Question for Everyone: If UGA takes down Clemson, and if they go undefeated up until the SECC, can they afford a loss in that game and still make the playoffs?
Red and Black- Agree 100% about the mass exodus. Especially losing JJ Holloman unexpectedly... that was a big blow and definitely set us back in terms of transition from graduating/early entry players. Kirby has upped in the emphasis on WR recruiting to insure this type of gap doesn't happen again, even with the loss of a top tier WR like Pickens. I also don't think people appreciated the JTD pickup enough when Newman was in the fold. The fact Kirby didn't rest on his recruiting during this time is amazing. Also, the whole "depending who you ask" line regarding the JTD transition to the lineup is just lazy. How about asking his own father? Who is on record with his thoughts about the whole process...
I wish him all the luck in the world, except for the games against UGA of course. Truly a fun player to watch last year and seems like his passion for football is excellent.
Negan, Do me a favor and sign off BEFORE your “PS” at the end of your post. PS means postscript as in you’ve already signed off on your letter. Idk why but that bugs me as a teacher. Thanks and Go Dawgs!
Diesel- Do you actually create a “big board” and, if so, why do you have Pitts and Horn higher than Lawrence? How many players do you rank?
It’s clear Crean is finally bringing in shooters! Wheeler is gonna have a field day dishing out dimes to guys that can knock down the trey!
Noooooooooooo.. Not Camara! Oofff, this one hurts about as bad as it would if Wheeler left.
Herbie needs to seriously lighten up... If you watch the whole podcast, Orlovsky goes on to say how impressed he is with Fields after watching him in person. He also talks about Fields' passing mechanics, which I don't personally think is a big deal either, but how his delivery is a bit inverted compared to the traditional set up. Herbie also does the exact same type of reporting when he shares what he hears from people "in the know" and passes it on to the public. Gimme a break...
I'm all for giving UF a hard time in a playful manner, but death threats from his own fan base? Some people need to get a life...
I'm also more excited than usual to see a UF player in the pros! Glad he's gone and my dawgs won't have to deal with him in J'ville. :)
Tiderjack- Yes, I believe Burton is from CA but I'm not about to look it up... LOL Relieved this young man is going to be ok in the near future!
I think the UGA BB program is about as low as it's going to get when you factor in funding, recent upgrades in facilities, conference prestige, most importantly the recruitment talent pool in GA. Fox's teams were slow paced, ball control, defensive minded teams and we now have the polar opposite in Crean. Crean needs to find a happy medium with or he'll be gone in two years. There's nowhere to go but up! Right?
Wow! So impressed that we were able to to pull him away from UNC and Clemson! Between Malachi and Jalon, our recruiting class for 22 seems to turning heads with these young men! Hopefully we’ll keep him through signing day and beyond! Go Dawgs!
Bennett also got his right arm badly dinged up in that first half vs Bama and didn’t seem right from that moment on. Right before the half if I recall correctly. I can’t remember exactly what play but if you recall he went to the locker room for a bit before returning.