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Why was Deion’s response all caping the word “people” so much ? Hhmmm…
Go Dawgs! Different colored G but I bet a lot of UGA fans are now fans of the Packers (and Eagles). What gives, Falcons??
Will UGA finally have a WR break the 1,000 yard barrier since T. Edwards? If so, who? That’d be a bold prediction.
I want Walker to go #1 overall as a UGA fan... but as a Travon Walker fan I'd rather he go somewhere with better overall talent and not have the pressure/expectations of being the #1 overall pick. For what it's worth, his mental/physical makeup screams 10+ year NFL career. I hope he makes all the money he has earned from being a DGD!
D_Schrute- I don’t agree or care for your comments about uniform poses or whatever but I love Dwight Schrute!
Jeezy/Lil Wayne made a song about this like 15 years ago. Scared Money or something like that.
Film doesn't lie. Grind the tape and #17 pops every game. Incredible leadership skills to boot. Whatever team drafts him will be getting a STUD for the next 10-12 years.
Sparky, I hope so! At this point, UGA being respectable instead of a bottom feeder would be a nice turnaround. I obviously pray White can bring us higher than that, but maybe he'll be a stepping stone coach that will bridge the gap to an even better choice the next go around!
Nice!! It’s good to have a building block for next season and a guy that scores double digits vs almost all SEC opponents may be that guy!
This coach sounds like a winner! Bringing RI to 3 NCAA tourneys?? And one of those years to an ELITE EIGHT!? Wow.. Welcome Coach! Go Dawgs!
Go Dawgs! Looking forward to the next wave of talent to step up for this coming season. For the first time in my lifetime, the 1980 jokes from rivals won’t be lingering around if/when we lose. Also, Gilbert has officially moved back to TE.
I like a mock draft just as much as the next guy, but I’d really like to see a follow up post draft on accuracy! That’d be more interesting than NFL draft grades from the writers. Have them grade their own work instead of others!
The total is over $100,000 (!) now and the goal is $200,000? Can the goal be shifted based on total donations?
Yea, my thoughts exactly. UGA has had many a Spring game heroes not crack the two deep come Fall. Maybe this warning was just meant for other writers? Lol
C’mon Darnell! Get healthy! Our 13 personnel would be insane with Washington, Bowers, and Gilbert!
I thought the same thing.. he missed some games early but recovered and played the rest of the season. I hope he can turn things around injury wise and become an upgrade for the departing Fitzpatrick.
Agreed- Tik Tok and most all social media are terrible for our society. Gave up all social media some 7 years ago and haven’t missed it one bit.
^^This^^ I agree with the premise of the article but after watching. Arkansas this past year I wasn’t very impressed with their ground game… though that probably had more to do with UGA having 5-6 1st round draft picks playing in the front seven.. (Davis, Wyatt, Walker, Carter*, Dean, and maybe Quay Walker). *Carter will be drafted next year.
Good luck young men! Any players looking to transfer up must be licking their chops for the opportunity at UGA to play for our new coach.
Good luck to Notae! A former player from Newton High! My old coaching grounds!
If you’re gonna troll, at least get the acronyms correct… lamo ?
Perhaps Napier can pull a Mel Tucker like (Michigan State) resurgence and hit big on the transfers. Time will tell.
May the truth be found and justice served, if necessary.
Travon Walker will surely kick things off for this epic UGA draft class, but I’m really interested to see where guys like Quay Walker, Lewis Cine, Derion Kendrick, Channing Tindall, and Jamaree Salyer go in the draft. I think Round 2 will be a constant barrage of “With the __ pick in the draft, the ____ ____ select ____ ____, __, from the University of Georgia.