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Snooze... These things happen a lot, just usually not this close to kickoff. How many more days!?!?!
I’m glad Rosemy had the wherewithal to say, on the record, “I take it back” so he doesn’t end up in some trouble with the hapless NCAA... they’re just as likely to give him a lifetime ban as they are to ignore this completely.
Agreed- I was going to say the same thing. That 2012 UGA team, specifically the DEF, vet QB/WRs, and a young RB named Gurley- would have destroyed Notre Dame. Alas, another (so) “close but no cigar” moment for UGA...
Agreed. Not to mention a low ranked guy named David Pollack. Add to the list 3* Solomon Kindley, our current starting OG. He’s held off higher ranked recruits (mostly 5*s) the last 2-3 years.
Weagle99- I’m all for physical football, but you’re delusional if you think what NF did was within the rules. And why do you think our OL took some shots back at NF after the cheap shots on Murray? Clearly the refs had their minds on something else. Allow someone 100 or more pounds than you to knock you in your back and sternum with a 2x4 and see how you take it. Murray did “man up” which is something I assuredly won’t expect from you. As fans, we have a right to be able to talk football, past and present, right and wrong, wins and losses, good and bad. These illegal hits from NF included. How bout you “man up” and admit how cheap most of those shots were on Murray? I won’t hold my breath...
DGD! Cool story I’m glad he’s in a position to support those who supported him!
It might just be me, but I’m not that high in D Brown as an NFL prospect in today’s NFL. 10-15 years ago he’d be a top 5 pick without a thought... Now I see him as maybe a late 1st rounder. I’ll be happy to eat crow if he goes in the upper 1st round but I doubt it.
Yup... I’ve never heard of The Athletic but I’ll give it a look!
Agreed. I wonder how many true freshman or overlooked seniors will debut on this list come December/January!
Fields is too high. Is he talented? You betcha. However, the criteria for this list was who you'd take to march down the field and go win the game for you, right? Fields has proven nothing. Give me Burrows, K Bryant, Bryce Perkins, the kid from Kentucky, heck even F Franks all over Fields. I don't want to go on a rant here, so I'll leave it at that.
LSUSMC- Which 9 would you NOT trade for Ed O?
Matty- Me too.. I have a theory. I think Kirby has been playing the over the top, don’t give up the big play, safe defense to protect our secondary. Even with a 1st round corner, our DB group as a whole hasn’t been filled (Kirby’s first 3 years) with elite talent until now. My theory is we’ll start to get more aggressive on D and take more chances blitzing with a more complete/athletic DB unit. Guys like M Parrish, Dom Sanders, and A Davis were good but not elite athletes as far as Div I football goes. R LeCounte, T Campbell, E Stokes, O Reese, D Wilson, etc are higher caliber athletes that will allow our front 6-7 to take more chances. Time will tell. Can’t wait to see these young pups flying around!
BamaTime- Just to clarify, are you thinking Stackhouse is a WR? Last I checked he’s a DT, which is a completely different animal than WR... He’ll be successful either place, but to use Bama WR examples in this case isn’t a reliable/valid reference.
I like the LeCount pick! I also other strong candidates would be Monty Rice/JR Reed/ Tyler Clark manning the middle for UGA. My dark horse pick would be Walter Grant at OLB, though our depth there may limit his snaps...
Nice list, crappy honorable mention...
Here are my guesses... Pass Rush- Better Run Def- Better Pass Def- Worse Creating Havoc- Better Allowing Big Plays- Worse Overall- Better
One guy I look forward to watching is #51, David Marshall. Kid was straight up disruptive when healthy 2 years ago but caught the injury bug last year. If he can bounce back I see him stepping up as a leader at DE in our 3-4 scheme.
Kirby- I was thinking the same thing. I’m not saying Adam should put him on this ILB list, but to mention Crowder as a guy who just missed the cut and at ILB, when Crowder is much better in space and would therefore lean more to a OLB, is funny. Monty is more of an ILB when compared to Crowder. Anywho, lets see how things shake out on the field this Fall and then revisit this list. Maybe be then we all, Adam included, will have a better picture of UGA’s LB situation.
USC-1, I think the majority of the fan base believe KS to be our guy and that his “dawg leash”, so to speak, is beyond 2-3 years with no natty. Now 2-3 years with no CFP (or getting extremely close) and that’s a different story. With the player development and recruiting happening in Athens we’ll be in the hunt for the foreseeable future. I believe we’ll get over the hump and bring a natty home in the KS era. Our current team, with Fromm at the helm, is much more predictable (in a good way) than whoever steps up to our next QB.
The poll says non lethal “gunshot” ... so if you’re inferring this to mean a “paintball gun shot” that’s a mighty big loophole you’ve created! And I’d also sign up for it!
My poll response- Yes But here’s the thing.. I wouldn’t necessarily want to know when the championship would be won. I think that would take a lot of the “sport” out of the equation, right? I don’t know how I’d negotiate this non-lethal gunshot wound clause, but I guess somewhere in the 1-3 year range after said gunshot was received. In the meantime (1-3 years), UGA would have the same chances as any other year to bring home the natty.
Yea you never know until they’re on campus... DeAndre Baker went from a 3 star and the 731 ranked player (and 64th CB) to being a 1st rounder (and 1st CB)!
I wonder how the defenses are looking across the league? I’m guessing SDS will do a series on the defenses next?