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Adam- I could be wrong, but I’m guessing your combo of all these guys would equal Roquan in KirbySmart’s eyes?
What’re some young Bama LBs to keep in mind?
Last year UGA sent J.R. Reed, J Ledbetter, and maybe T Godwin? I think this year will be Andrew Thomas/Solomon Kindley, Tyler Clark/Tae Crowder, and Rodrigo Blankenship/Jake Fromm.
Anybody else hoping to see a resurrection of the 51/52 (Marshall and Clark) combo on duo!? I remember those two as young pups causing havoc and getting after it! Hoping they can both stay healthy. Go Dawgs!
Ok so “all day long” was dramatization... but my point was he’s at ILB most of the time. Just curious, and I’m trying to have an open conversation, do you have a breakdown of the ratio Monty is at this 4-3 or 3-3-5 OLB? My stance, albeit a somewhat novice D3 level, sees UGAs base defense as a 3-4 the majority of the time except against obvious goal line/Georgia tech/short yardage situations. LBs are mostly categorized as Mike, Will (Monty), Sam, and Star. Mike and Will would both be categorized as ILB and Sam and Star would be OLB. Nevertheless, I always like seeing UGA players make these lists so I thank you for that.
Pruitt will improve the D and Chaney will modestly improve the O. I would be worried (if I were a Tenn fan) about the young, inexperienced OL. Wanya Morris would need to step in as a freshman to solidify the LT position (like Andrew Thomas in Chaney’s 2nd year) to boost the unit. If Morris can solidify that spot, I like a 6 ppg jump from last year’s average.
Mountain Dog- I agree. I don’t know much about other teams OL and I’d like to learn! Posts like these present a great opportunity for just that. I know it’s incorporated into “Passing Offense” and “Rushing Offense” as much as possible, but I’d love to see a more in depth breakdown into position groups (1 and 2 deep) for the OL. Maybe the SDS writers have published such content and I missed it? Or maybe they could in the future? I don’t know, either way, I just miss football...
The loss of our WR core will definitely sting. Not only were they good with the ball in their hands but they were all either exceptional or willing blockers. In particular, I think Riley Ridley will be the one missed the most. His ability to catch in traffic or while smothered was top notch- not to mention he was our most physical blocker (for WRs) and helped countless times to spring a 10-12 yard gain into a longer TD. I think the young guys will step in and make plays when called upon, I just don’t know how well they block... Look for Simmons to start at the BOY mainly because he’ll be the best blocker. KIRBY will use him as an example to get on the field for the younger WRs.
Upstate- I agree, but speaking from experiencing the last 5-7 years of Richt, it’s better to amass as many high star recruits as possible and let them battle it out (like Smart) rather than try to “coach up” lesser talented players. Can it be done? Sure. But in the end talent wins out the majority of the time. Florida’s new o-Line (being manned by juniors and seniors I hear) has some college years under their belt, so they will be able to gel as the season goes. But I still wonder how they will fair against an upper echelon D-Line, LB unit. The main difference I see under Richt/Smart is Richt would land 1 blue chip OL and he’d HAVE to start from day one bc our overall talent level was so lacking (See John Theus) while Kirby lands 3-4 per class that come in behind 3-4 from the previous class and most end up sitting out or playing 2nd string. This current group of OL at UGA has 4 guys on their 2nd string that would’ve been day 1 starters under Richt. It’ll be interesting to see how Florida’s new o-line gels and if they can add depth with the inevitable dings and dents that come from playing OL...
Adam- I generally enjoy reading your articles, but comments like these (to your readers) come across as too petty and immature. Just leave out the first two sentences of fake sincerity and get to your rebuttal.
Gimme Kentucky, Ole Miss, LSU, and Mizz, Tenn, Purdue. As for the T A&M vs Clemson matchup- I agree with the consensus that A&M will give Clemson a handful and probably keep it closer than the natty vs Bama. If I’m Jimbo I play loose and play to win. If you try to piddle paddle around vs Clemson they can knock you out with haymakers in the first half. Might as well take your shots and see what happens. Keep it close and see if they tighten up at home in the 4th.
Long time reader, first time poster. AU vs Oregon- AU- I’ll take AU’s experience in these games and DLine Florida vs Miami- I hate it, but I’ll take Florida... Though I do think the new coaching staff and influx of transfers (hello Tate Martell) will result in Miami being the ACC championship. Dawgs vs Vandy- Dawgs! UNC vs USC- USC Kentucky, Ole Miss, Mizz also bring home a W. All else are too obvious to prognosticate.