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ARKANSA got snubbed the ref really fouled that on up. I'm a big time Auburn fan and I can honestly say we won on a technicality and not on true game play. Honestly the whole coaching staff should be replaced because that was an awful showing and display of a team that is supposed to contend. Down with Malzahn.
Its really sad that all the talent that we have that comes through Auburn just falls to the waste side because of a stubborn pigheaded coach just pathetic.
So Im seeing alot of Arkansas fans on hear talking about how bad Georgia did Auburn but that's the same team that held Arkansas to 10 points. Then you get a victory over State and now you are National Championship contenders really. I really think you hogs need to get off of your high horse because until you can win 5 games in the conference that's when someone will take you serious. IMO you guys still stuck and probably 10 out 10 times Auburn would beat you on any given Saturday the talent level is just better.
You are not expected to be in the top 25 because you lost some of you key players to the NFL. The rankings are based on how many returning starters on the def/off side of the ball and impact players you have returning and obviously Kentucky didnt have any.