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The facemask from last year that went for a td is what I thought of when I read this. Missed calls every week, this one just happened to go against them and they lost.
crimsongrits, is that what went through your mind last year on the missed call on a blatant facemask that lead to an alabama td?
The refs missed a flag and you think it changed the game? I remember last year at oxford the refs missed a clear facemask that went for a td right before half. Changed the momentum right before half. obviously there are missed calls in every game. The better team will figure out how to push past it
D-line will be even better next year. So much experiance still there. Big loss in CJ but still plenty of talent left there
I was with you until you made fun of our mascot, I mean y'all are the bulldogs who ring cowbells? So should we call y'all the ms state cows?