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Wolfman is the biggest troll I've ever seen. This dude is all high and mighty over the two career backups that Mizzou has sent to the NFL... Last time I checked, wasn't McCarron a heisman runner-up? I guess that doesn't count towards being a top quarterback in the conference. Also, I'm pretty sure Mizzou has never had a top SEC quarterback. Chase Daniel tore up the Big 12 not the SEC. The same year Todd Reesing almost led Kansas to a conference title. "Saban does not use his quarterbacks." That might be the dumbest statement I've ever heard.
Haha Clint Trickett was the last person I thought Nick Saban would hire. Trickett came out and said his first kiss was Saban's daughter before they played them in 2014.
LOL I lost all my credibility? Sorry I was just thinking off the top of my head. Chark wears 82 and Dural wears 83 and not being a toolbar like you and spending hours going through ncaa rule books in such. My credibility is that I played football something you probably know nothing about. The offense was absolutely set for at least a second I just watched the play again then Etling realized Chark he was in the wrong side of the formation so he motioned him out and he was moving slightly forward before the ball was snapped so it was called an illegal motion. Please go back to your little rule book and read up on that. The thing is that's not even the important point. They called the play like it was and then made a reversal based on evidence they do not have. The clock starts on the officials ready for play whistle... There is no way that scorers table was able to start the clock right at the start of the whistle just like it is highly improbable that Pocic was able to get that snap off in that short timeframe. The officials messed up tho and let the play finish which resulted in a td that warranted no reason to be overturned.
You would be right if you could see LSU was quickly set and then Dural motions across. Dural slightly was moving forward on his motion right before the ball was snapped so that's why it was correctly called an illegal motion. You should go look that up in your little rule book and then watch the play again.
You are allowed to be in motion at the time of the snap... If you don't stop and start heading upfield it is an illegal motion. I don't think you know what a false start is.
I hear you man, the only thing is the clock should have started on the head referees whistle because of the "illegal shift play" ending inbounds. I'm just still wondering how by looking through video replay they could determine that a second had gone by in between the time the official blew his whistle and Pocic began moving that ball.
Lol, alcompto are you an ex-replacement ref of the NFL? An illegal shift does not result in a 10 second runoff. Bamabeatseveryone is right about the rules, but the clock was intended to start on the head officials whistle. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see how you overturn that in instant replay.
Once again alcompto, please try to understand the rules of football before voicing your opinion. An illegal shift doesn't result in a 10 second runoff chief.
@alcompto you should probably learn the basic rules of football before you voice your arrogant opinion on here. The referees called it right, Travin Dural was moving forward while motioning out and was not set as the ball was snapped. It could of been called an illegal shift or formation I knew right as the ball was snapped. If you didn't know a false start is any sudden movement ONCE SET at the line of scrimmage. The only dispute I have is that the scorers clock should not have been what was looked at when reviewed. The only thing that matters in that situation is when the head referee blows his ready whistle the clock should stop. Now I know that it's probably unlikely that Etling and Pocic were able to get the snap off right when the ref blew his whistle, but the crew's mistake was letting LSU complete the play. It should have been blown dead right before/after the snap. Since they let the play finish and went to review, there should have been no clear video evidence to overturn that call.
@Dakattack 1. I wouldn't call a five-point win a "slobber knocking." 2. Sorry Death Valley holds nearly double of what Davis-Wade can. Not all those fans at the game are true LSU fans, the true fans stayed through the end of the game and watched your team escape with a W. 3. Why are you trying to downplay LSU fans? State has to use noisemakers because their fans can't generate enough noise.
@frankenberry how are you gonna begin to complain about refs when vandy came away with 9 points from 5 red zone trips.
How didn't Ohio State win? As a LSU fan I would have still voted for Ohio State as the best helmets
How are you gonna put Art Briles in there is this a joke? Coaches much better than Art Briles and with the resumes to prove it: Dantonio, Patterson, Spurrier, Petersen, Richt, Miles, and goes on.
completely agree with Drew. You guys got blown out so winning the weak SEC east is irrelevant. Not to mention how bad the Indiana loss looks on your resume.
You guys are all the most bias fans I've seen. What have Bielema, Mullen and Freeze won in the SEC? Absolutely Nothing. You can't put them in front of Malzahn, Richt and Miles just because they're having "down" years. Miles has 2 SEC Championships, a Sugar Bowl victory and a National Championship under his belt. Richt has 2 SEC championships, 2 Sugar Bowl Victories, and was five yards away from a national championship. Malzahn already has won the SEC in 2 years. They're in my top 5 along with Saban obviously and Pinkel.
Even though they didn't get to play in the Nat'l Championship, the 2004 Auburn teams should be on the list. Just to clarify when you say SEC championship teams does that mean a national championship or a SEC championship?
if mizzou was in the west they would probably be close to 500. Shut up
LSU returns all of their wide receivers next year, Fournette and Darrell Williams, they lose Lael Collins and will probably also lose Vadal Alexander which will hurt, but on the bright side they return multiple starters on what already was a very good defense. If LSU had a decent quarterback this year they would not be looking at an 8-4 record. If they even had someone of Brandon Allen's capability three of their losses with the exception of the auburn game could have gone the other way. I went to every home game and Anthony Jennings is terrible its ridiculous to me that they don't play Brandon Harris because of his upside, but I'm not the coach.
@GeorgiaBdFan3 they play in the east dumbass.
my two favorites... "how to make cocaine" "how to be gooder at reading"
No way you can put the Iron Bowl ahead of UM OSU or Army Navy. Please just shut up there. I think the Backyard Brawl should of snuck into the top 5 at maybe #4 but otherwise good list.
"You'd be hard pressed to find anyone more reliable and consistent than McCarron." I could give you a long list of quarterbacks who if placed in the starting role at quarterback on those bama teams, would be more reliable and consistent.
How can you find that hard to believe? Our secondary is without a doubt the best part of the team, even with Dwayne Thomas tearing his ACL. And they will be that much better next year.
the owner of nike is an Oregon alum so they don't pay for their jerseys
if any running back is gonna win the heisman it will be Melvin Gordon easily.
LSU should be 1 no questions asked.
I'll hold you on that prediction that he will become a top five quarterback ever.
He didn't mention Andre Woodson in the discussion of the best Kentucky QB. I would take Woodson over Couch, but it is close. To put Patrick Towles in that discussion is idiotic. Look at how Woodson played vs LSU in 2007 and how Towles played against a much worse LSU defense in 2014. Palmer should be fired.