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Once Saban leaves we will continue winning at least 1 championship a decade and every coach having a 10 win season just like it’s always been at Bama
A&M has a much better coach than Tennessee. Take a look at Tennessees recruiting and you can easily see Tennessee will not be coming close to beating Bama anytime soon. If Bama played mistake free defense Tennessee loses 52-3 instead of the 30 they lost by.
“Fisher had won a national title at FSU, and had the program built for staying power”….really? He resigned after going 5-6 and having major culture issues, possibly some of the worst in the country, with a postseason ban highly likely due to having the worst academics in the country. He also couldn’t get a decent QB after Winston. There was no staying power with the dumpster fire he had going and I am betting that resignation was actually forced and he gladly accepted with Woodward set to rescue him.
Yes the stats speak for themselves. The defense has gotten worse in a year where the offenses are not as good as last years. Hookers stats are roughly the same, more yards and TD due to more reps, but nothing special over previous years. The receivers didn’t create those plays on Bama’s defense. That’s a product of poor coaching that we have dealt with since Golding took over the d. Using excuses doesn’t change his record. We dealt with Tua injuries and pushed through. CJH at Mizzou had some good games but also had HORRIBLE performances against UNRANKED teams. Recruiting at NU is much different than recruiting at UCF. You have to have much better talent with less local recruits to go after but his classes were better than CJH at UCF. Tennessees recruiting is garbage so far this year and their d stats are taking a large drop off from last year. He will be gone in 3 years max. Oh and an FYI Pruitt had a closer game than this years Bama game.
No I would never be able to root for such a horrible team.
A national championship every single decade since the 1920’s except 50’s and 80’s. Every coach since Bryant, that has coached a whole season, have had 10 win seasons with most winning the division. Yes Saban is the reason we have been so good for this extended period of time but Bama is also the reason he is as successful as he is for so long. The combination of the best football program in college football history combined with the best coach in history
That’s a pretty large drop that’s not going to improve if Heupel brings in some of the worst recruiting classes y’all have had(so far that’s what he is doing).
Rankings say otherwise. They have fallen from 8th to 10th in the conference and that was before they gave up 600 yards to Bama. They have also yet to play Georgia. Those 2 games will knock them to 12th at best.
Heupel will be gone in 3 years with his garbage recruiting. I want our rivalry to be great again but this guys not gonna do it.
The defense played so bad on those plays that it took no talent from Tennessee. If they had plays outside of those I would give credit but other than a blocked punt they did not. Their recruiting class is garbage(worse than any of the previous 3 coaches) and the QB situation will be terrible next year. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon but Heupel will be gone in 3 years.
The defense is worse this year than last, the offense is better with a QB another coach taught and terrible options for next year, the recruiting class so far is one of the worst if not the worst they have had on 247sports composite going back to 1999, and his record got worse each year at UCF after inheriting a great roster, his Mizzou offenses had some great offensive games but also had some of the worst offensive performances against unranked teams. Todays game was not a good game outside of 3 blown plays by Alabamas defense that Vandy would have even scored on. Give him 3 years and he will be gone. The Next 2 year they will win about 4 games.
Yeah he will probably watch the video and realize real quick he was wrong but down on the field who knows if he saw what we did on replay.
Tennessee is not better than expected. They had 3 plays that resulted in TD’s. All 3 of those plays were a result of bad alignment on defense. Outside of those 3 plays the stats are around 200 yards and 3 points for Tennessee and 600 yards and 52 points for Bama. Vandy would have done just as good as Tennessee with those blown plays.
Outside of 3 bad alignments Tennessee played horrible. Take those away and Tennessee had about 200 yards and 3 points compared to 52 points and about 600 yards. The defense screwed up so bad on those 3 plays even Vandy would have scored. Nothing to be excited about if your a UT fan.
They ruled it a fumble but Bryce Young recovered in the end zone for a TD.
We have been running an up tempo no huddle spread offense since Kiffin came to Bama. That was 3 coordinators ago and 3 head coaches ago for you guys. Where have you been?
This series has ALWAYS been a series of streaks. Tennessee will probably win for 10 years after Saban leaves. This rivalry is also going nowhere. If you think Bama, Auburn, Georgia and Tennessee would have voted for expansion without a guarantee those games continue you are an idiot. We most likely move Bama and Auburn over to the east and Missouri over to the west. This gives us traditional rivalries back. Tennessee-Auburn, Alabama-Georgia, Alabama-Florida, Auburn-Florida, Texas-Texas A&M. LSU-Florida, LSU-Alabama are not traditional rivalries and based on your thinking LSU isn’t a rivalry at all after 10 years of Alabama dominance anyway(1 LSU win). This will eliminate the need for cross division rivalries and every SEC team will play each other in a 4 year period.
Jackalope maybe he will stick it out 1 more year and take that Florida job.
Tim Rupert if Kentucky does go 11-1 this year Stoops is going to leave for greener pastures
Jasonc1974 yeah and that defense that they want to say is better is statistically worse overall than last year and they haven’t even played the toughest part of their schedule yet.
Maybe…I think a lot of the problem comes down to working as a team with all the new leadership on both sides of the ball. That gets a lot harder when you can’t hear each other. That and poor play calling.
1 loss by Bama puts Ole Miss in control so it definitely a possibility
They have fallen from 8th to 10th defense in the SEC without playing Bama and UGA yet. They will end up being about 12th in the SEC. That’s a big drop, especially with the overall lack of offense in the SEC compared to last year. Offense will probably fall to the bottom half after the next 3 weeks as well. Tennessee is not back and are nowhere near back. Heupels record was getting worse every year at UCF, not better. This will be the same at UT.
Our entire team, including defense, has played good at home. It’s the road crowd that seems to get them. Looks like 2 different teams.
You haven’t watched Bama much this year? Bryce young does not run the ball and I think has negative rushing yards overall.
Last year they were 8th in the SEC after playing Bama and UGA. This year they are 10th before playing those teams. The next 3 weeks will be brutal and they will probably fall further down.
Kentucky is doing about the same this year as they have since stoops took over. Around five 4 star players every recruiting class and no Kentucky has not gotten any 5 stars.
Lane Kiffin had 13 losses his first 3 years and would most likely have a pac 12 title if they were allowed. Smart had 10 losses his first 3 years and 1 SEC title(even though they weren’t the best in the conference). The SEC east was comparable in competitiveness to the PAC 12 those years with Jim McElwains Florida teams winning the east until Smart came to Georgia. The difference is USC was on sanctions with limited scholarships and no postseason play.
28-15 at USC with a 10 win season while under scholarship and bowl restrictions is not a bad record at all. And the year he was fired, super early, they ended up going 10-4 with Coach O. If you think Kiffin would have done worse than Coach O you should have ur head checked. The Raiders record is irrelevant.