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Surprised they aren't spending that money to buy players like they always do.
Reaves dad, former All American QB at Florida is an alcholic. And he's Kiffin's former brother in law. He almost single handedly caused Tennessee to go on probation before getting fired.
Jesus Christ, it sure as hell had nothing to do with the grass!!!!!
Not good unless you are recruiting a basketball player.
But we did beat Western Kentucky, Purdue and North Carolina for a RB.
Alabama must be going to sign 45 players. That's a huge payroll.
He's an amoral asshole who lies for a living. Believe nothing he says.
He's a Mormon fruitcake coaching on the fringes of civilazation in the middle of nowhere and hasn't won anything! And he's a Trump ass
He's a lifetime Turd with absolutely no character.
We keep beating Troy, Rutgers, MTSU, UAB and even Vandy. The great players are not going to Tennessee because Jones is a buffoon who has proven he doesn't know what to do with then anyway. Start the coaching search
We have a three star coach who only appeals the three star players.
Thank god he's gone. He was out of football because nobody wanted him. Now we know why!
Sounds like God wants him to stay injured to me.
Didn't anybody listen to Dabo? It was God's plan that Clemson win and God is obviously Clemson grad the they are all blessed and that nonsensical bullshit only flies in a backwoods ignorant sate like South Carolina. Akways in a race to the bottom with Mississippi in every thing that matters.
The only odd thing is that Mixon wasn't an Auburn RB.
Musberger is an idiot and a good reason for mandatory retirement.
Now if DeBord would elect to leave early I would feel better.
Brooks was a journey man coach and not the brightest guy by a long shot.
So embarressing! I hope Corker made them go because they will humiliate the school, the state and themselves.