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I agree. It seems to me the bright lights of big games get to him. I think he’s a good QB, just not great. Hopefully an improved OL will help, but we’ll see.
I think he took advantage of a perfect opportunity to express support for carrying on with college football, express support for the #WeWantToPlay movement, AND to campaign for re-election.
Manziel’s from the 2013 Chik-Fil-A Bowl. I will never forget the looks of utter disbelief on the faces of Duke fans as they exited the stadium.
They don’t call the Marching Owl Band the M.O.B. for no reason.
I think they mean the score differential was big, which, you know, it was. As it should be when one plays a far inferior opponent.
Seriously, Greg, let it go. This story would die if outlets like SDS would quit reporting every...single...comment...made...by...anybody. The ‘sips decided they didn’t want to play us anymore and now they won’t shut the Hell up about it.
Yes. Why politicians continue to weigh in on this is beyond me.