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joe Mizzou's receivers make yours look like chump change, Roundtree is one of the best running backs in the conference. Defense the Dawgs have more talent hands down. But I also remember a freshman qb beating your Heisman front runner at Athens a few years back.
which is why the last 2 years we put up a ton of yards and points against UGA. keep paying those refs dog boy.
i was a vfw at 20. but go ahead and tell us how easy life is for 18-20 year olds cupcake.
I feel that our secondary woes are more coaching problems than player. Lock should have been benched at the starting of the 4th. game did him no good and could have been helpful for next years qb.
it's called tackling. you grab hold and don't let go until the whistle is blown. dirty would be the kidney shots by 99, and he should have been ejected.
get off our board ya damn jayhawker. Only game to be worried about is Kentucky. Play our game and we'll take care of the rest easily.
Hall was hurt and couldn't out run a 90 year old with a walker so that didn't help Lock, or the fact his receivers keep dropping balls. We threw one deep pass, beautiful pass and great defensive play on it. Uga defense did good but we were not at our best by far.
hell yes bring back Steck. i'm sure we can pay more than state.
have you guys even watched Mizzou play this year? if so what the hell makes you think Tenn could score 20 plus points? 12 maybe, and if Mizzou's offense finds a pulse again not even that many points.
and Mizzou beat both of their west opponents. west only won against the worst in the east.