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that's right roster. give him some time, and yes no. 9 J.C. corner ain't bad. we didn't get broke in just one year he ain't gonna fix us in just one year. These ex players that support him say he gets the most talent out of what he has. Slow improvement and effort next year ( and maybe not an all S.E.C. schedule)will be a good place to start. Best recruiter is wins.
maybe try a smaller school. Furman or Cal-poly. find a little pound to be a big fish in.
He has a reputation for getting the most out of what talent he has. That comes from players that were at Carolina when he was. They say he makes you want to leave it all on the field. ( run thru a brick wall for him ) is what one player said. If I see that kind of effort, that's a good enough START for me. Real gamecock fans have been missing that.
main thing is he get's what talent we do have to give 100%. That has been what we have been missing and what former players say Coach Beamer is great at. I can handle a slow improvement, we didn't get broke in one year we wont get fixed in one year. I JUST WANT TO SEE SOME FIGHT. we have been laying down for too long.
past players can make an impact on choices. As a south Carolina fan I believe the on pour of support for Shane beamer from players who were recruited by him and part of the team when he was there helped. They say he was a huge part of the short term success we had with Spurrier. That said I don't believe Steele is the answer at a big time school like Auburn. Ya'll can do better. Very recruitable school.
A sons love is a sons love. not S.E.C. talent anyway. there team will receive lot's of looks early because of Dion, but they better win or it will be short lived. how many kids will not go because they think they will not get fair shake for not being a son of Dion? 2nd string quarterback hasn't got a chance of seeing the field with Dion's other son coming in.
kids bailing on what's gonna be a better program than they committed to the first time? Carolina is putting kids in pro's even in one of the worst year ever. Kid's will want to give effort for Beamer and it will show first year. Maybe not real good first year but improvement will be obvious.
Beamer will do fine, keep Bobo, keep Shaw get rid of hill at quarterback and every body on Defensive coaching staff. We need someone to build us a Defense.