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100% re Fields/Fromm narrative. Fields didn’t accomplish anything more than Fromm.
Georgia capable of blowing out the team that struggled a little against Arkansas? Most certainly. BUT, that is not the Alabama team that will be playing on Saturday. Much like the Georgia team that showed up in ATL in 2012, was not the same team that lost to SC by 30 pts or something. This game will be close, because both teams will be playing @ the highest level.
Re: Stet- When he struggled last year, who was backing him up, Mathis? Not a solid option. This year, I think JT will be ready to step up if he needs to. Not unlike when Jalen stepped in for Tua & did his thing. Boy did he ever…
Considering the success Bama has had the last decade, this article could be about almost any team they play on a regular basis. ‍♂️
One of the best things Matt Luke did for Georgia, he did while he was still the head coach @ Ole Miss. I still don’t understand why Corral would not choose to play for Dan Mullen. Not being a smart ass here, I really don’t get it…
Steamrolled? This was a game was competitive until midway through the 3rd.
Everybody throwing stones @ Pickens. These YOUNG men are expected to play a violent sport w/intensity & then act like Fred Rogers when somebody tags em in the face. The ref was right there, he should’ve stepped in & broken it up way sooner.
Talking about Brandon Adams? That dude is s blind homer. Of course he is going to say the Dawgs are going all the way...