Duke Nukem

why did I make this again?

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You are so hopeless. You go for such low hanging fruit. I will admit I enjoyed this attempt. I had forgotten if you were a techie or a 10rc fan, and this clears that issue right up.
C’mon in TruCuck, back to SDS to claim that 10rc offseason natty again
Jesus H, he is back. The one they call TruCuck. I was wondering where you were. What's wrong, did you run out of UTjr/BYU footage to watch? Or are you a techie? Hell I can't even remember anymore.
Sweet mother of God I get back from deployment and I see that you are still sh*tposting. Sorry for your loss.
He gets an unfair rap, although he didn't produce enough. I think it is appropriate to wish him the best
You are the worst troll I’ve seen in a while. You don’t ever respond to the TruFans you have that are calling you out. Hahahahaha
Death Taxes TruTroll being a cünt and not acknowledging being called out
C'mon trucuck this thread has been up for hours and you haven't trolled yet
You bring Vawls into Georgia fan's threads all the time with your uncultured schmuck self. Also how lazy of a troll are you that you are now copying and pasting generic troll attempts on multiple threads? Oh yeah, I already knew you were a lazy drip of piss. BECAUSE YOU WON'T EVEN FACE ME LIKE A TRU CUCK MAN. HA HA HA YOU LOSE
Coming in hot with the troll takes. Hey TruVolCuck when will you acknowledge my eloquent bio that I wrote? Or will you continue to be a beta and pretend like you haven't seen my comments
My sole purpose is to drag TruCuck’s skull through the muck of ‘Nam Thanks for your comment darthA
Georgia should have never fired Richt. Kirby can’t recruit and has never won a single game