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She is a racebaieor. She is always looking for something to scream racism about.
That was funny right there. Everything about her is fake. Fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes, and fake NFL insider. Her and Jemele Hill are the exact same.
At no point in the game was the score 36-16. 33-13 was the score the author was referencing I believe. Do they not edit or research before they put out an article?
Please, for the love of God and everything that is Holy, stop calling Tua the sweet Hawaiian prince! That has to be the gayest phrase anyone has ever wrote. It literally makes me cringe every time I see it in one your articles. Try to be a little more creative or just simply call him Tua. X. McKinney will definitely be in consideration for a 1st round pick though and you didn't even list him.
DAaayuuuummm!!!! That woman is FINE. Dabo was probably trying to get a better look from "behind" her.
Freeze is such a sanctimonious hypocrite. I will never understand how a man that hides behind his religion and preaches to everyone could be a complete P.O.S. as a human being. Any SEC team that takes a chance on him in the future will regret it.
Except for the fact that Bama's defense is not a Big 12 defense, your plan sounds great. Georgia will not be able to sustain drives trying to run the ball down Bama's throat at all.
How in the world could you compile a list like this and not include Greg McElroy's performance in the '09 SEC Championship game? That was one of the grittiest, hardest hitting games ever played in Atlanta. The game that started the dynasty in my mind.
As Cecil Hurt once tweeted, "I could go sit next to any chick in a bar in Tuscaloosa and she would have as much collage football knowledge as Heather Dinich." I thought it was hilarious but the liberal SJW out there raked Cecil over the coals for that comment even though it was the truth.
Thank God! This woman is a worthless, race baiting P.O.S. I refused to watch anything on ESPN she was associated with. Hopefully ESPN will stick to sports and stay out of politics for the foreseeable future.
I have to say that was very classy and nice of him to say. I've never said that about an Auburn fan or player before either.
This guy is the biggest dipsh*t on t.v. I can't stand him or the crap he spews out of his pie hole.
With all the dirty, back stabbing things Smart did before he left Bama, I'm sure Saban will remember as well. F*ck Georgia and Smart.
English is hard but you should at least try to learn it dumb-ass.
I'm so glad this ass hat isn't the president anymore. POS liberal.
It must have been all barn fans that voted in that poll. To me, it easily the stupidest tradition in sports in America.
Booger is right about A&M being soft. Teams like Bama and LSU just line up and run right at them and they never can stop it. I believe Fisher will make them better but it will take a couple of years.
I didn't realize coloring within the lines was an actual degree at Aubarn until now. LOL! J/K barnrats