die hard gamecock fan . Swansea high school . sophomore

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They killed us. Just like they would have killed the dawgs last season.
You're smoking a glass pipe if you think we will lose to Kentucky this year! They have a great sophomore RB in snell , but i feel like our offense will have too much firepower for there defense. And we will be able to slow there offense down enough to out score them. My final is 28-17
Im a little surprise that you'd say that as a fan. Do you not want to play for a SEC championship? Do you enjoy winning 8-9 games yearly? I wont lie, i'd love to when 8-9 games next season. But if i was a Tennessee fan, i'd want some improvement. (Which btw, Tennessee may not even make it to a bowl this season. You guys will be lost with out Dobbs.)
He really could , no lie! He was one of the most dominant QB's in the SEC. Not sure why anybody would think different.
Literally read this article, JUST to see where you ranked Marcus Lattimore...
I'm hoping Shi Smith devolves fast also. He has great quickness, i feel like he will be able to get open fast in Quick pass situations.
Hell yeah , something South Carolina finally gets recognized in! If we can get our O-Line play right, SC can have a fire passing game.
Nah. I put them at 10, with Arkansas at 9, and Miss State at 11.
The Mississippi State helmets in the picture above. Yeah , they're dope asf. Just saying lol
That's not true. Jake, and Jamarcus played like 5*. Now Bryan Edwards i agree. He could have had a bigger impact, but he showed alot of potential being a freshman.
Oregon & Texas have me scratching my head!
These Uniforms are raw asf. You guys are haters. But i do understand how people dont like them because black is not one of Ark colors.
SC beating Vandy was no fluke. Just like Vandy beating GA was no fluke. GA got out played. And Vandy is just a more physical team. So that's something else you can cry about, besides your bland uniforms.
That's where you're wrong. SC has a very young team and good recruits coming in. SC will have a team that they can compete in the east with in the next 2 years. And with him going ahead and getting this experience. Then he will have a better chance to show out next season when alot of our freshman have developed.
This is the most BS i have ever seen. Really? Only Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida have a chance to win the east? First of all i think Florida will win the east. But South Carolina could surprise alot of people if our Offense can get it's rhythm. With our freshman QB, we could make some serious noise once he settles in. Btw Mizzou is pretty good.
the lsu game is supposed to be 24-18 lol my b
Alabama Texas A&M 38-28 LSU 24-28 Ole Miss 42-27 Miss State South Carolina 30-21 Florida 24-14 Vandy win's 28-10 TAADAAAA
Wow we are finally picked to beat somebody! This is great. And i like the score, not sure we can score that much. Hopefully Brandon will surprise me though!
I take Mississippi State over LSU if they play as hard as they were coached to play last week.
No it wont. Your a dumb ass. Have you seen the recruiting he's done? It might not be this year, it might not be next year. But the following year we will be real SEC competitors!
I got MSU as the upset. D-line too strong. And they're just good in general. Stepped up from week 1