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If he truly did not know what was going on, then I applaud him for manning up and "doing the time if you do the crime".
Kamara was as perfect for Butch’s offense (such as it was and what there was of it), and yet was under utilized very badly. And Butch wonders why he hasn’t had a job offer.
You haven't lost anything. Nothing but verbal statements - until they sign, they are not committed. Having said that, I agree with you - I wish any young man luck with any school they choose.
Glad he is having the success - hopefully he gets some stats in the SB.
The rules definitely need to be updated to reflect today's environment. I always had heartburn a coach can come and go but the athletes were stuck. There has to be some control, but the current system is poor (which considering the NCAA is running it is a Duh).
Not a surprise. There were many things during Butch’s time there that indicated he didn’t have control over the team. Strong team leadership (such as the three mentioned in the article) can overcome that. Butch didn’t have those leaders this year and he wasn’t a good enough coach to overcome that. Pruitt is a different and I don’t see any of the team running roughshod over him.
Bama, go ahead and give them the home and home. Humility is a good thing. Or is it humiliation?
What a ride for that young man. Congrats to him for securing the scholly. Hope to see great things from him.
I don't think it will be a problem. After the run of coaches we have had, patience is a virtue. Butch had his problems, and everyone expected a drop-off in 2017, but not like that. If Butch had gone 7-8 wins, he would still be there. He still had 4.5 years to fix things and wasn't let go until the team fell completely apart.Hopefully Pruitt will be the answer. Only time will tell.
Agreed. I don't see the new coach coddling anyone. Jennings has skill, no question, but he will have to demonstrate he has grown up some. I imagine the leash will be short, tight, and snapped quickly if he doesn't toe the line.
Yup. Digging nonsense where there is none. Two young men your program can be proud of.
Glad for him. One of the most awful injuries I have ever had the misfortune to see. I felt so bad for that young man. Congrats and well done to SC for taking care of their own.
The praise might be a little over the top, but it is rarely seen in this day and age. They carried themselves like their parents raised them and expected them to, and good on them. We see too many athletes pout and act up (looking at you Guarantano at the GT game) when they don't get what they want.
No one expects you to hide. You had a remarkable year and came close to winning the Natty.As far as us sinking into nothing, we'll see. At least give our coach the same benefit you gave (or not in some cases) yours to see if he will succeed or not.
Be careful what you wish for. Just ask Vandy how it turned out. I really don't think you want a PO'ed Alabama team to come see you on the field.
Welcome aboard young man, hope you are successful and do great things at UT and in life.
Yes, you did some good things, but when it came down to it, you couldn't deliver UT to the next level. You hit your Peter Principle level. Hopefully you will learn from your mistakes, put a pin in the ego, take responsibility when you should, and be a better coach for someone else. Good luck to you.
Danny, Danny, Danny - it is better to keep your mouth shut and have people wonder if you are a fool than remove all doubt by opening it. OSU got blasted by a middling Iowa team and beaten by OK. That is two losses, one of them bad. Alabama lost the Iron Bowl and it wasn't a blowout. The two best teams have proven it on the field. Let it go and either enjoy the game or don't watch. Either way, please shut up.
This has the makings of an epic game. I don't think it'll be a shootout like the UGA/OK game, but I'll watch. Congrats to both teams on making it to the championship. Once we get Pruitt full time (and I don't begrudge his time with Alabama for the postseason one bit), hopefully he'll work his mojo on UT and make us more than the team everyone wants to play for homecoming.
Right now, the two best teams are playing for it all, SEC or not. They won on the field and proved they deserved it. Yes, a discussion regarding OSU could be made, but if you want to make the playoffs, don't get drilled by a middle of the pack team in your conference play.The SEC is definitely top heavy this year. Only USCe and MissSt won besides the big two. Discuss.
Spectacular defense - looks like UT may have gotten a good one. To do that and simultaneously recruit like he has from a standing start in less than a month. Time will tell, but as of right now I am excited at the possibilities. UT should be able to compete with anyone for anything in football. We just need the right coach and it seems Fulmer hired him.
Wow. I am in Germany at +6 hours. Great game, totally worth staying up for. If Bama wins, watch the rest of the NCAA come unglued with an all SEC Natty Game.
There was never a chance of Gruden coming to Knoxville. The guy loves the attention and milked it for all that it was worth. We have a coach now, and time will tell if we got a good one or not.