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Looks like a dynamic coach. Should keep things entertaining. I wish him well along with all of the staff.
He did well in his first stint with UT under Dooley, but this time couldn't make it happen. I doubt he forgot how to coach, so there was probably a lot going on in the background. Good luck in the pros.
Yes, patience is not something UT fans do well, but it is required. Until we know what the NCAA is going to hit us with it is all an unknown. As pointed out, UT is not bereft of talent. Certainly not on the level of the upper SEC/national contenders, but the talent is not completely gone despite the transfer portal. If Heupel’s offense can score some points and make games interesting, then most fans will be patient. He has to prove his system works, and since it has at his other stops, I see no reason for it not to succeed here. We won’t be competing for championships any time soon, but there is too much potential at UT for it to stay in the middle of the pack forever (even though it feels like it has been that long).
Can’t fault his choice. Would have been nice to get him, but I fully understand why he chose Alabama over UT. Such is the state of UT at this time.
It happens everywhere, not just "enhancements", but grade help, etc. I was in a class (long time ago) and didn't realize one of the premier athletes was in the class too. Maybe because he showed up the last day, answered one question and got an A.
It is going to be an absolute track meet when UT and Ole Miss play. Should be pinball scoring. I frankly expect Ole Miss to score more as they have a year in the offense, a veteran QB who also happens to be really good, and not having 3/4 of their team in the transfer portal. If nothing else, it will be entertaining.
Certainly Heupel was not the first choice, and he has not gotten his first choices for his staff, but considering everything going on with UT at this time, probably the best we can hope for. As with any new coaching staff, we just have to stay tuned and see what happens. It would be nice to buck our decade plus long trend of being somewhere between awful and abysmal.
Alabama is always going to go Alabama as long as Saban is there, UGA finally got their QB situation cleared up, Texas A&M is getting the talent in place, and LSU returns most everyone from a "Learning Year" after losing so much from the year before. As for the others, it is an SEC world and everyone else is just renting space.
I have commented on the lack of Maurer coverage too. I don’t know if we will be good or not, but we should be entertaining.
FCS football starts this Friday. Yes, it is FSC, but it is college football. I'll watch.
Meyer cares for nothing but winning. That is his single purpose and nothing else matters. I am sure this won't be his only misstep, but whatever you can say about him as a person, he is a great coach. It will be interesting to see how he translates to the pros.
Whatever. He is getting paid by Alabama now, so his loyalty should be there. Poking a little fun is fine.
OK, let’s hope he is the right one. Probably as good as we can get right now. I wish him much success.
I wouldn’t be so quick to write off Mauer in the QB room at UT. He has wheels and an live arm and potentially has the experience and physical tools to fit Heupel’s offense right off the bat. If he can stay healthy by NOT challenging linebackers and secondary backs, he might last the season.
Nice hire. Hopefully he will deliver the recruits as he has in the past.
Nice uniform, but nothing to see here folks. Move along.
His most critical hire. He has to get one that is innovative, willing to deal with the downside of a quick scoring offense, and a great recruiter. These guys don’t go on trees, so with all the issues UT has going on right now, it isn’t surprising no one is jumping at the position. But if they are willing to pay me 7 figures for a guaranteed three years no matter what, I’ll volunteer.
Don’t know anything about the guy, but the fact the HC at Miami was going to take his play calling duties away from him and he went from DC to Linebackers Coach at another school isn’t what I would call a ringing resume. As I said before, I think this is the most critical spot on Heupel’s staff. If he screws this one up, he will be in trouble. Of course, he has to be able to get a good one to take it.
Make the offer and if he doesn’t accept, then move on. I am sure there are DCs out there wiling to come. I feel pretty confident Heupel will do fine with the offense. I think the biggest hire will be his DC.
Hopefully he can deliver. Recruiting hasn’t been terrible for UT, but until UT steps up and starts competing with UA and UGA, we’ll continue to play in the middle of the pack.
So long as he is clean and stays clean, can coach and recruit, I don’t care what his background is.
I’ll buy it for $10.00. Oh,alright, $20.00, but that’s my final offer.
I don’t know anything about him, but a linebackers coach is the best UT can do for a DC? I would have thought Steele would be better, but the advantage of being an HC is you can hire who you want. Of course, if you hire the wrong people, you sink with them.