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In my humble opinion, this is the most ridiculous article I have read on this site. Really, you recommend firing a coach after 14 games and replacing him with a coach that hasn’t coached in over 10 years and was not offered a job after he was fired. Unbelievable. It has changed in this “I want it right now” culture, but before a coach got five years. His recruits and a redshirt recruiting year. I realize I no one wants to give him that long, but refer to Dabo. Yes, the team was flat and soft the Ga St game. That is on both the coaches and players. The team was much better for BYU and there was no fault of the coach they lost. A young man made a mistake. You can see the quality of recruits he is bringing in. Give him time. He is learning and still has a lot of mess he inherited from Botch. We can’t afford to fire him. The cost in warning any other coach they won’t have a chance to get their system in place, the change again of starting over, and the sheer cost in payout would be prohibitive. The two idiot ADs hired the worst coaches ever, and we have been paying for it ever since. This place is not going to be fixed in 1-2 years.
Trouble is Fulmer was fired in 2008, and their last really successful season was 2001. He was on a downward trend, so you can make the case it was time for him to go. However, if anyone had seen what the Charlie Foxtrot the UT football would become between incompetent ADs and coaches, they would have given Fulmer a pay raise and decade extension.
Not a good look, but that passion is what makes him so great.
I consider UT’s loss to be the most egregious, but not one of the losses are legitimate reasons to fire a coach. For UT, they have new coordinators (again), a head coach in his second year, and an offensive (yes, play on words) line they knew was weak before the season started. Pruitt has continued to improve the level of talent he inherited from Botch Jones, but Rome was not built in a day. Let the season play out for all of the losing coaches, then take a look.
Well, that was a disappointing performance. UT just looked soft and almost disinterested. I hate to think the salary of the coaches versus the GA ST coaches’ salary. We paid way too much for that fiasco. I don’t know if Coach is the answer or not. Too early, and you can’t judge a season by one game, no matter how bad. I still remember UT with Peyton Manning losing to Memphis. If they don’t improve and continue to play like they did Saturday, then the AD will certainly have to have discussion going forward.
Watching the game, especially UT, the word that kept coming to mind is “soft”.
NCAA, realizing there are going to be some special cases, most probably fall into fairly common criteria. Just publish what an athlete has to do to get approved. Tell everyone so most know up front what the requirements are. This hidden, back room/star chamber stuff is just a bad look.
Man, there are some seriously tasteless comments here. Either don’t say anything and have people wonder if you are an uncouth idiot, or like some here happily eager to prove it. Congrats to Laura and her husband. Best wishes for a healthily baby.
Yep, too early to fully judge him. In the old days, a coach was given 5 years to get the program back. That gave him all his recruits plus a redshirt class. Not so much patience any more. I am certainly looking for win improvement, but the author has it right, there are other things to see that indicate an upward trajectory. Can't wait for the season to start. Good luck to all SEC teams this year. Beat everyone out of conference and don't have injuries.
Probably right. Certainly UT is not at UGA level yet. Having said that, they have had some weird games. Always entertaining.
The B1G fought against expanding the the BCS. Then we had two SEC teams go at it and they were left out. They didn't want to expand the CFP. Now they have been left out. Never seem to want what is best for CFB, just for the B1G. They might have a better case if they hadn't been shellacked like they were. Then their middling teams get beat by the SEC middling teams in bowls. Hell, even Botch Jones was undefeated against them. Bottom line, play better football. Having said that, I think the 8 team with the conf champs and three at large are completely doable.
A cut throat business. Nothing is certain until the signed agreement is faxed in.
Too funny. Great pic and caption. I am not a basketball fan, but there is something special about this team. Being in Germany, the time difference makes it difficult to watch the games. I am happy for these young men and hope they have continued success.
All well and good, but the tournament will determine who is number one. It would be nice to see UT at the top for however long they can hold it.
Congrats on a great year. Hopefully Stoops will continue to build on it.
Congrats on the win. Now maybe they will stop woofing about being in the Natty.
Congrats to UK on the win and a 10 win season. Snell is a beast.
I don’t know if CBJ will ever be ready for a prime time HC position. Hopefully he has learned some things and will be a better person and coach. I am sure someone will give him a chance. It will be interesting to see what happens.
You get a mixed bag with Sark. Should be an interesting search.
Sometimes a change of environment can jump start a person. UT can certainly use the help. All the best young man.
I don't know how much it will influence any of the recruits or family, but it was very well done.
Are you trying to be funny or are you really that dumb? Let's face it, with the athletes Saban brings in, he could run the single wing and still beat everyone.