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No UT players on this list. Tells you how much previous incompetence CJH and staff still have to make up.
Cal let his alligator mouth overwhelm his canary rear end. Gotta watch that ego Cal - does it impede your going through doors?
I have no idea where UT will end up. I believe 17 is probably a bit high. The defense couldn’t stop anyone, and the offense couldn’t run when they needed to. I realize they have a lot returning and have started getting quality athletes for depth, but they aren’t there yet. Regardless, they will be entertaining. Ready for the season to start!
UT is still dealing with a new coaching staff, but should see improvement in the second year. They are still short on schollies due to self imposed restrictions trying to head off further NCAA sanctions, so depth is a real concern and contributes to the late games trials and tribulations. Hopefully the transfer corners will help with the depth and up the skill set on the field. Less than 30 days to kickoff.
Hopefully the team delivers a product that justifies the ticket sales.
That says a lot of good things about him that he will stick it out and not run to perceived greener pastures. He has all the ability in the world, but needs to refine his game and be a bit more aware of situations as pointed above (snarky, but true). If he can keep his long passes on target, he could be very good. He didn’t play much at the end of the season, but I noticed a definite improvement on his touch on the long ball he was badly overthrowing early in the season. Can’t wait for the season to start.
All valid points. UT couldn’t run the ball when they needed to because the line wasn’t up to SEC standards. Hopefully the line is better this year. If not, they will struggle running the ball when they need to.
I would cut the regular season down to probably 9-10 games, with the goal for each SEC team to play every other SEC team home and home every five years. I would eliminate the conference championship and just choose the champion based on the regular season. Certainly, there is money left on the table with this idea, but I guess it comes down to how much money is enough? Also, I would look at some revenue sharing with the non Power 5 schools if the regular season is reduced. For many of these schools, their beat downs by the Power 5 teams they play cover a significant portion of their annual budget. JMO. FWIW.
Right now, every team’s best case scenario is in play. Then the season starts, and WHAM! Crushed dreams all around. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.
Next time I should proof read before posting.
ONe thing that everyone seems to be ignoring is the wear and tear on the players in an expanded playoff. A team like Alabama or Georgia would play 12 regular season games, SEC championship game, then if either one gets to the National Championship, an additional 5 games. These are 18-22/23 year old young men, not professional ath letters; and the wear and tear on them over a potential 18 game season should be considered.
While the East is improved, I just don’t see it being better than the West top to bottom, let alone the best in the NCAA. Only about 40 days and the what ifs will be see. I think the coaching expertise has improved in the East, but it’s still early days and the coaches still have lots of holes to fill on their rosters to truly compete with Alabama and Georgia.
Of course they would look to litigation as the first step. The move will benefit the two CA schools and the B10. I can’t wait until the Rose Bowl when either USC or UCLA wins the B10 and plays the PAC10-12? Champion.
When CJH was hired, there was some legislate concern he could recruit at the level required to make UT competitive with the upper tier of the SEC. That is being put to rest. How much is the staff and how much is the $$? Probably a combination of both as for all the schools who are successful. Congratulations to the school staff. Welcome aboard young man.
Pretty funny. Hopefully all of this will give the Vols extra motivation for next season. I would like to see a little less of the chest thumping all about me behavior, but we shall see.
Well done to all teams. Happy to have all five make it to Omaha.
Now it is up to UT to prove the selection committee are either geniuses or idiots.
Hopefully they demonstrate how idiotic the selection committee was putting them in a number three slot.
Wow, the double whammy. And people wonder why the NCAA is such a joke.
It is all about the winning. UT certainly has the team to do something special in the NCAA tourney. Hopefully both UT and Barnes do more this year to build on the regular season and winning the SEC tourney.
UT is playing about as well as anyone. It will be interesting to see where they seed for the NCAA tourney.
UT is playing pretty good ball right now. Should be an interesting season as the SEC looks like it is loaded again. What else is new, right?
Interesting thought. How is the Auburn O line? Can they protect him?
I don’t have any confidence with UT in the NCAAs. Barnes has struggled too much in the tourney. Here is hoping I am wrong.
It was a hard fought game. Pretty physical and there was a lot of jawing back and forth. Gotta love rivalries.