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I am indifferent to pods or divisions. My desire is every school plays every other school in the SEC at the very least every four years. It is stupid to have teams in the SEC that don't play each other at least once during a player's career at school.
I always like these things. Very clever and well done. Mixed feelings about adding another UT and adding OU, but it is all about the Benjamins. I think the caution about Texas being arrogant and trying to run roughshod over the SEC is misplaced. They were a very big fish in a small pond. They are now going into the ocean, and there be monsters here.
Much ado about nothing. People today are so sad, only looking for the negatives.
He will probably get a few boos and catcalls, but I think it has been long enough for most fans to forgive and forget.
Maybe this is the year UGA finally wins it all. Certainly, the quarterback seems set. Unfortunately, it seems like Georgia always finds a way to lose one game they shouldn't and it costs them. Good luck during the season and hopefully no injuries for any player on any team.
They have done as good a job of hiring good coaches as UT has done hiring bad coaches.
Nice article. Hard to say the Pitt game will determine the rest of the season, but its anyone's guess how it plays out. I have no idea how UT will fare this year. The attrition of the roster, new coaching staff, etc. certainly does not bode well. Even if UT does well enough to get to a bowl, it would be so UT for the NCAA to come in and put UT on probation with no bowl.
Good article. Became a baseball fan again with UT and the SEC play this year.
Congratulations on your win and first Natty for your school. Well played. Vandy just didn't have the pitchers and made waaaay too many errors.
What a crock of "stuff". Didn't go through testing to see which ones might be infected, just called off the game. I would be livid if I was NC State. Once again the NCAA shows its total disregard for the athletes it is supposed to support. They are a waste of air and space.
What an unfortunate waste. Four star body, one star head. Hopefully this gets his attention and he grows a bit and is successful.
The consistent improvement shown by Coach V over his 4 years has been remarkable. They will have to (and justifiably so) open the checkbook. Additionally, and just as important, the facilities will need a major overhaul. IF UT does these things, then I fully expect to see Coach V stay. Of course, if another school makes an offer he can’t refuse, then so be it. Hopefully UT keeps him.
They will have to pony up both salary and stadium. We have the worst one in the SEC. Time to upgrade the facilities.
Oh well, they had their chances but give UVA credit in preventing them from capitalizing on them. Hopefully the bats will wake up the next game.
Good luck to the SEC teams. Hopefully an all SEC championship with UT one of them.
Well done Coach V. Hopefully you continue to win these types of awards at Tennessee for a long time.
He is the type of player that can make everyone around him want to be better. While I am not always in favor of his celebration antics, I certainly understand that is part of his personality.
Hilarious. Some of those were really good, especially the Life Game. If you leave yourself open, it will be taken advantage of. In boxing they call that leading with your chin.
Interesting he felt he had to backtrack on his previous comments. I don’t think he had anything to apologize for. The crowd was loud and enthusiastic. You can quibble on “nasty”, but again, I was fine with what he said. I fully expect LSU to be fully prepared for the crowd. Should be a great atmosphere and I am looking forward to watching a great game.
This UT team doesn't seem to be intimidated by anything. Should be a great series against a very good LSU team. Good luck to all of the SEC teams (except LSU).