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I never thought he had the skills to be a professional QB. I think he could do well at TE if the layoff doesn’t hurt him. The pros don’t draft for help later, they draft for who can contribute now. Wonder how he would feel about special teams.
Brutal. Hilarious, but brutal. Hopefully the new staff will embrace a novel concept, develop quarterbacks.
Get through the game without injuries. Everything else is gravy.
Congrats on the win. Take the one tomorrow and win the series. Well done.
Stuck it in and didn’t touch a rib. :-)
UT is a fun team to watch. As pointed out, we’ll see how good they really are versus Vandy.
Certainly news UT would have rather avoided, but to blame a coach for all of this when he has only been there 2 months is a reach. He’ll start getting his players and putting his stamp on the program in due course.
Try Jolene by her on YouTube. It is a pretty good remake if you like country music. Original was by Dolly Parton.
I don't have a problem with a spring scrimmage. It would give the players a chance to beat their head against someone other than their teammate, be entertaining for the fans, and as the writer pointed out, see how the players do in a live environment. The biggest downside to me would be the chance of injuries, but that is just a fact of life on the football field.
Nice. Congrats to the UT baseball team and all the other SEC ranked teams. This is the SEC's world, and everyone else is just renting space.
Hopefully he’ll learn his lesson and get his mind right, to quote one of my favorite movies.
Actually Heupel's offense was very productive in the run too. The UCF running game consistently ranked in the top 25 in the running game. Lets face it, anything will be an improvement over what we have seen over the last decade plus, with the exception of Dooley's year where the offense was incredible but Sunseri's defense was atrocious and 2016 with that group of players.
Thank you for staying true to your word. Looking forward to you playing at UT.
Hopefully UT will make some noise in the tournament. If UT gets Fulky back, it will definitely improve their prospects.
Hopefully we have found the right guy for this. It sounds like he will adjust his defense to his players. I wish him all success.
Looks like a dynamic coach. Should keep things entertaining. I wish him well along with all of the staff.
He did well in his first stint with UT under Dooley, but this time couldn't make it happen. I doubt he forgot how to coach, so there was probably a lot going on in the background. Good luck in the pros.
Yes, patience is not something UT fans do well, but it is required. Until we know what the NCAA is going to hit us with it is all an unknown. As pointed out, UT is not bereft of talent. Certainly not on the level of the upper SEC/national contenders, but the talent is not completely gone despite the transfer portal. If Heupel’s offense can score some points and make games interesting, then most fans will be patient. He has to prove his system works, and since it has at his other stops, I see no reason for it not to succeed here. We won’t be competing for championships any time soon, but there is too much potential at UT for it to stay in the middle of the pack forever (even though it feels like it has been that long).
Can’t fault his choice. Would have been nice to get him, but I fully understand why he chose Alabama over UT. Such is the state of UT at this time.
It happens everywhere, not just "enhancements", but grade help, etc. I was in a class (long time ago) and didn't realize one of the premier athletes was in the class too. Maybe because he showed up the last day, answered one question and got an A.
It is going to be an absolute track meet when UT and Ole Miss play. Should be pinball scoring. I frankly expect Ole Miss to score more as they have a year in the offense, a veteran QB who also happens to be really good, and not having 3/4 of their team in the transfer portal. If nothing else, it will be entertaining.
Certainly Heupel was not the first choice, and he has not gotten his first choices for his staff, but considering everything going on with UT at this time, probably the best we can hope for. As with any new coaching staff, we just have to stay tuned and see what happens. It would be nice to buck our decade plus long trend of being somewhere between awful and abysmal.
Alabama is always going to go Alabama as long as Saban is there, UGA finally got their QB situation cleared up, Texas A&M is getting the talent in place, and LSU returns most everyone from a "Learning Year" after losing so much from the year before. As for the others, it is an SEC world and everyone else is just renting space.
I have commented on the lack of Maurer coverage too. I don’t know if we will be good or not, but we should be entertaining.
FCS football starts this Friday. Yes, it is FSC, but it is college football. I'll watch.