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First and goal on the half yard line and we never even attempted a runnung play? Some needs to explain this to me.
Yes sir. Stationed in Germany, so the UT/UF game starts 9:30PM. I honestly have no idea what is going to happen with this game. Too many question marks for both teams. I do expect it to be close, but that is all I will say.
Both HCs have a lot at stake. The grumbling both have heard will hit devil rock concert levels for the loser. This should be a very entertaining game.
Whatever his shortcomings, he did play for UT and was a defensive tackle in college and the pros - that certainly gives him some credibility on his criticism. Is it too much? Not sure. I don't think Shoop has forgotten how to coach since he got to UT, and he always fielded aggressive defenses elsewhere. I think it is several things - I don't think he game planned properly for GT - we should never have been gashed like that. For ISU, I think he didn't push the envelope for a couple of reasons: he didn't need to and he didn't want to show UF anything. We will see how the D does against the Gators. If we get hammered on D again, especially after all the struggles the Gators have had, then legitimate questions will be raised.
Truly sorry to hear that. For all the fanbases, I would say 95% are good people. There are the 5% every fan base has that ruins it for the group. I have been to most of the stadiums at one time or another and have seen the best and worst in each. Good fans need to step up when they see bad behavior.
Don't put too much stock in the rankings. Still way early. Except for Alabubba. Until someone knocks them off, they are king of the hill.
The game will be entertaining as always. Yep, if I am a running back, I am definitely jumping up and down with my hand raised playing UT, begging to be put in. We have faced two out of the ordinary offensive schemes, but wow! Hopefully Shoop and staff tie on the tourniquet. With one exception, the team that rushes for the most yards wins in this series.
At this moment, Mac needs it more than Jones. There is widespread grumbling from UF fans, and he is badly behind the standard the ole ball coach and urban set for offense. Is he still winning with Boom's players? Not sure (UF fans feel free to chime in, I am not that familiar with your roster), but he certainly needs to show something. It will be difficult for UF with the suspensions (be interesting to see if anyone gets off suspension for this game) and the hurricane. Right now it is Mac, but if the season goes south again for Jones, that could change.
Lighten up. Good grief, the only rationale person in this was Coach O.
Nice fluff piece. A game for UT to figure things out, let some players get in the game and work on some things.
Nice to see that sportsmanship and consideration. Too rare in this day and age.
Wasn't pretty, GT outplayed us for much of the game, but a kill is a kill, no matter how you get it.
It is nice to have a bunch of games that will be games, not just track meets. I don't any of these games going double digits. I could and probably be wrong, but everyone seems to be pretty evenly matched.
Nothing to see here folks. Just made a factual statement. No slight on UT (other than their performance in the game).
I expect Dormady to get the start, but G to play also. If G is named starter, I believe Dormandy would bolt. JMHO and could be completely wrong.
Talk, talk, talk. Just shutup and play the game. These guys act like they are 17.
I got a chance to briefly talk to Coach Bear at the UT Bama game. I was Smokey's handler and walking the dog around the field. Coach B was leaning against the goalpost while the team was warming up. Deep, whiskey smooth southern drawl. Very nice man. We chatted a couple of minutes about the dog, he was very complementary. The only issue I had with him is I asked him to take it easy on us. He smiled and didn't say anything and then proceeded to lay the wood on the football team.
UF always talks, it is just what they do. I will give them credit, most of the time they back it up, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way, and you get last year's UT game. Makes you look ridiculous after the talk, but I always find it entertaining. As far as moto for UM, that probably lasts until the first hit, then it is business.
There is no question UT has a disadvantage playing Alabubba every year, but welcome to football. I think the divisions are stupid - it is ridiculous to not play each team at least home and home every four years so all the football players get to play each team and the fans get to see each stadium. I agree, add another game so SEC teams actually play each other (what a concept). Add the power five from another conference and a cupcake or two for an easy win and lots of money for the cupcake.
Good for him. He always played well for UT, and I am happy he (and any college athlete from any school gets to make money) off of their talent and hard work.
I am sure, just like every coach in the SEC, he'll declare things resolved in time for the important games.
Shoop didn't suddenly forget how to coach. I'll give him a mulligan on the injuries, staff problems and manning up and admitting he didn't do a very good job. If we can keep everyone more or less (hopefully more) healthy, then we should be good to go with the upgrades in assistants and the second year running his D.Off track like the above comments, I think Dormandy surprises people. He is deceptively mobile and has rocket arm. Yes, we'll lose Josh's mobility but more than make it up with the arm. JMO.
A decent prank. No permanent damage, no one insulted, just a little fun easily corrected.
Typical rookie first outing - some mistakes sprinkled with YES! moments to validate the draft. I don't believe JD got the kind of coaching he needed to be the passer he has potential to be at UT. He certainly has the brains and arm strength to compete at that level. If he can carry a clipboard for a couple of years, it will benefit him greatly. If the pros don't work out, he won't be flipping hamburgers at Micky Dee's. Not with that degree.
It does seem to me to be more media created than actual discontent with Jones. Yes, he needs to engage his brain before saying some of the things he has said, but can anyone actually say we are worse off with what he has done? Yes, he has made some questionable calls in games, but has also made some great calls too. He has proved he can get the team back to competing. Now give him a chance to win a championship. I think he has learned some lessons and I believe he has assembled a staff that can get him over the hump. I am willing to give him more time. Just remember, for every Saban/Meyer, there are 20 Dooleys.
He did not do himself any favors leaving UT like he did. Having said that, it seems he is grabbing the second chance. If he can keep his head on straight and play to his abilities then it's all good.
Too bad more athletes can't be like him and take time to relate to the fans that pay their salary. Admirable.