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Too funny. That is one talented man. Reminds me of John Byner (yes, I am that old).
Glad to see you don’t hold grudges and let things go. The fact rules were broken by your coaching staff at the time was meaningless of course to you.
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is.
No too worried right now. IF UT hires the right coach, the recruiting class will be fine.
That was the problem - he was great for the rest of the SEC, but not UT.
Staying on as a lame duck coach would not have served anyone well. Best to cut the cord and move on to the next gig. I am truly sorry it didn't work out. We just can't seem to find the right guy. Hopefully Curry will not be the moron the previous ADs have been. IF we truly want to compete for championships, then the wallets have to open up. I have not done a calculation, but it would not surprise me if we have spent more money on crappy coaches and the severance pay we have to fork over than if we had just paid top dollar for the best. Never have time to do it right, but always have time to do it over. Seems to be the UT motto for head football coaches.
CBJ - Never doubted your desire and wanting to build a championship program, but unfortunately it was beyond your abilities. Good luck in the next job. I sincerely wish you well. You didn't fail due to lack of effort or caring, just didn't have the chops.
(Sigh). Butch, I applaud the things you have done to improve Tennessee from your predecessors, admire your work ethic, and am happy that you care so much for UT and wanting to succeed. Unfortunately, you have not done the one thing you were brought in to do, and that is win consistently. You seem to recruit coaches that can recruit, not coach or develop players, your game management and in game decisions are questionable (I am being kind), and finally, your thin skin, paranoid insecurity has not served you well with the fans or media. Most everyone hits their Peter Principle at one point or another, and coaching in the SEC is yours. I regret you didn't work out, as whomever we hire we'll take a step back for a season or two (again), while the players adjust to the new coaches and new schemes. Unfortunately, that is where we are at one more.Mr. Currie, please don't make the same mistake your predecessors did - spend the money up front on a great coach instead of spending the same amount or more in guaranteed money for coaches who can't cut it at the SEC.
Sad. They can’t get anyone to come with their season and we suck but do 90k +.
He might have a point, but who knows? They don't play each other, although a series of bottom feeder bowl games pitting them against each other might be fun. Until then, Coach has an opinion, and that is it.
My guess would be no. If they have kept him this long, then I believe he will finish out the season no matter what. The only way I see that not happening is if either the new coach is ready to be announced or if the team quits on him, and to give credit to both him and the team, they have continued to fight.
Questionable decisions are the legacy of CBJ. There is no doubt he has done what he thinks is best, but has shown he is not ready for the big stage. He has done well to improve the team from the Dooley fiasco, but the man is in over his head.
If you hit a cop, you open yourself up to the cop defending himself. Women want the same rights as men - don’t complain if you hit a cop and he hits you just like he would have hit a man.
I would certainly choose Frost before Gruden. The only concern with Frost is his Nebraska ties (see KIffin and USC) and he is still relatively new.
Just the first poll. Plenty of time for teams to make their case or not. It absolutely doesn't matter where Bama and Georgia are in any of the polls prior to the SEC Championship. They will decide it on the field. I hope both will be undefeated when they play.Where is UT in the poll? Oh, that's right, somewhere south of Antartica. Really ready for some coach to take over and bring back into relevancy.
I agree. I don't know what the love affair is for Gruden. Yes, he is a big name and would be a splash hire, but then what? IF UT is truly offering $10mm, then you can pick about any college head coach not named Saban to come to UT.
It doesn’t matter. They win out and play Bama in the SEC championship. Win and they are in.
It has been a while. Both need to move on and find something more suitable to their skill set.
It chaps my hide to pay them for failure, but as long as they can get the employer to write those clauses, then that is the way it is. Very few coaches ( for that matter, people) have the honor of Mike Riley unfortunately.
Woulda, shoulda, coulda. You either do or don’t.
It is all about the coach. Does anyone have any doubt UT would be dominating everyone if we had hired Saban?
Sad Fans AKA UT fans - we seem to be in this article every week. Even our victories have left a sour taste. Should be an interesting and entertaining rest of the season. Fighting for a bowl in year 5.