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Nice. It is little things like that that makes a player really enjoy the staff and the environment.
Here is hoping the young man is fully recovered and healthy. He is a beast when he is 100% and UT can certainly use him.
G I hope and believe has grown in both attitude and skill set. He actually has a coach that knows what he is about. C didn’t come here to play backup. I have confidence in Coach Pruitt and his staff to start whomever they think gives them the best chance to winnow.
Interesting, isn’t it? He was good enough for us as a head coach but not good enough to be their interim head coach. Well done OSU, your hypocrisy is the best.
If true, he compounded his error of not reporting by lying about it. He should be fired and I would not be surprised if Rece Davis has nailed it. What is it about OSU and great coaches (not necessarily great human beings) falling from grace. I remember watching the bowl game where Woody lost it and assaulted the Clemson player. Then Tressel and tattogate. Now this. But don't worry OSU fans. You have Coach Greg S - a great coach you were indignant about when UT students didn't want him. According to OSU, great coach and person - so there is your Urban replacement. See, too easy.
First, Pruitt will be judged on wins - win enough and most anything can be forgiven. Second, it used to be called an a$$ chewing - you took it and pressed on. Now it is a personal attack and everybody cries about getting their ego bruised. Third, you can take it too far, but as another person pointed out, live and learn. The rule of thumb - praise in public, punish in private. I am not worried about Pruitt's attitude. UT needs it. The fact so many former players speak so highly of him tells you he can chew without out making it personal and can also relate to the players. The noise from GA is just that, noise.
I always dreaded getting selected for jury duty on a rape case. He said/she said.
Both teams have more questions than answers, especially after the train wreck both teams' seasons ended up being. It is going to be an interesting game in Knoxville as both try to find themselves. They always put on an exciting game on display.
Message received. Not going to tolerate that BS.
I have written this before and I'll write it again. We need 9 conference games. It is stupid to say we are a conference when a class can graduate without playing all of the SEC schools.
I am just happy the young man's health is coming back to normal. I wish him the best.
It's all just noise. I doubt Pruitt is even aware of the comments from either one, and if he, he has no doubt filed it in the "I could not care less" folder.
Grey uniforms didn't do anything for me, although the Smoky Mountains on the helmets were a nice touch. As far as checkerboards on the uniforms, meh. Like Fuzzy, I don't care what uniform they wear if they win.
Interesting. The only team UT will beat is Vandy according to the poll. Well, let’s see how close they are at the end of the season.
Jones was in over his head. He had no clue what it took to be successful in the SEC. The injuries were simply an especially egregious aspect of his lack of knowledge. He is the Peter Principle poster boy.
One the plus side for the small schools, these games pay for a substantial portion of their athletic budget.
Great coach and better person. I met him in the early 70's at UT. The teams were in warmup and Coach Bear was leaning against the goal post watching his team. I walked by with Smokey, the mascot. Coach Bryant asked about and complemented the dog and was a very pleasant man. The charisma just rolled off of him. My last comment was to ask him to take it easy on us. That part of the conversation he disregarded.
Welcome aboard young man. Now work hard and do great things on the field and in the classroom.
I am all for a 9 game SEC schedule. It always chaps my hide to see a player at a SEC school not play everyone at least once in a 4 year span. I also agree we don't need to expand the number of games these young men play during the season too. Like previous comments, get rid of some of the lower ranked schools for a better game. I don't want to get rid of all of them - the beatdown they take pays a big chunk of their budget.
Can't disagree on the analysis. Butch obviously reached his Peter Principle level and is now back to a level where he can learn and park his ego/paranoia for a while.
I guess he likes playing teams that wear orange and white. Given his track record against them, who can blame him? Seriously, the game should be a good one.
It is criminal that an SEC player can spend 5 years at a school and NEVER play all the other schools in the SEC. Why have a conference if you only play someone every decade (slight exaggeration).
Botch Jones, the gift that keeps on giving.
He has a really low bar to get over. Unless the O line is just decimated, I can't see us being worse than last year.