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I am not worried about UT's attitude for the game. I am an old man and Alabubba was THE game. I am more concerned about the field hospital UT is becoming and the lack of bodies available. This is probably going to hurt. One of the bright spots when I was in college I handled Smokey and while walking him around the field pregame I stopped and talked to Coach Bryant as he was leaning against the goal post watching warmups. He asked a couple of questions about the dog and was a very nice man. It was something I'll never forget.
Lane at LSU? That's interesting. I think he needs to stay at Ole Miss for at least a few years. You jump too much and get a bad reputation.
Find the guilty ones who threw something, and fine them and ban them from attending any games the rest of the season. I don't agree with banning the entire student body. I have never been a fan of mass punishments. Further, the students make Neyland special as do the students at any college stadium. I also don't think a permanent ban is justified except for the people who threw golf balls and such as they could have caused serious injury and obviously came prepared to create mayhem. Kudos for the guy who threw French's Mustard and not Grey Poupon. That would have been a crime. ;-)
I was Smokey's handler in the 70's. I walked out on the field at Auburn before the game and the dog and I were suddenly the target of bottles of liquor (mostly empty)and oranges. The PA announcer called over the system to stop throwing things at me and the dog. After the game a drunk Auburn fan threw a drink with alcohol in the dog's face. ALL fan bases have their share of idiots.
It was all good until the 59th minute in the game. Then it became a bad look. Hopefully UT is able to take corrective action and prevent this from happening again. Probably won't be able to prevent it, but worth a try. You can't fix stupid, and anyone who throws things onto a football field is stupid.
Apologies to Ole Miss for the unsportsmanlike behavior and the idiots who threw things on the field. Marred what was a great game. Congrats to Ole Miss on the win.
First, let me apologize for the behavior of the UT fans. Disgusting display of bad sportsmanship. Congrats to Old Miss on a hard fought game. Still can’t believe Milton thought it was a good idea to scramble.
Nice effort UK. UGA is just better than everyone else at this point. Their defense is unbelievable.
Congrats LSU. It was an entertaining game and a close one.
Evans and the other first string players who have been injured off and on need to be in the game if UT is going toe to toe with Ole Miss. Hopefully everyone is good to go and we have a great game.
It will be an entertaining game, no doubt. Both offenses will score bunches. The delta I see in the game is which defense will be better. I think UT has a slightly better defense than Ole Miss. It may not be enough to make a difference, but the 2.5 spread tells you he experts have no idea who will win.
UT definitely lost a ton of talent in the transfer portal. I give full credit to Heupel and his staff for the evaluation and landing of the various athletes they brought in. They signed bunch of contributors and they are making a difference on the field. Really looking forward to this weekend's game and see how they do.
Neyland should be rocking. Here is to a great, entertaining game - no injuries, no screwups by the zebras, and a UT victory.
Once it goes on the internet, it never goes away. I wonder about these people who spend their lives looking back decades to burn someone over something they wrote. That is a sad existence.
Mixed feelings. Looks cool but UT is 1-3 in checkerboard games.
If UT was at full strength, I would be optimistic for this game. All the injuries on a depleted roster has a real impact. I think it will be a track meet delight. Are you not entertained (courtesy of Maximus)?
Linebacker T was constantly beat inside on slants while at UT. Apparently the coaching staff at Bama have not been able to improve that.
Hang in there USCe. It is only the first year under Beamer.
Nice to have some good things to talk about with UT. Long time coming.
I can see both defenses controlling the offenses for a while, but I don't think USCe can hang with UT for four quarters. The concern is the USCe's defense turnover ability. A bad turnover in a bad field position can change a game in a hurry. It should be entertaining regardless.
Here is to UT having a clean game against USCe. Turnovers can absolutely change the complexion of a game. Just ask UF in 1998 when Al Wilson was causing fumbles left, right and center. Hopefully we protect the ball and take care of business.
Kamara. If I ever meet a keyboard that can spell, I’ll marry it.
Kamala? I don’t remember anyone not appreciating Dobbs. He could struggle sometimes with accuracy on his passes, but he was a great quarterback.
I would have liked to see this for the Ole Miss game since Kiffen originally bought them out. I see the logic in bringing them out for USCe again. Hopefully with the same result. I am not a huge fan of this kind of stuff, but if the players like it, have at it.