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Waiting for all the “Woke” Democrats to jump on Burrows for acknowledging President Trump’s existence.
Just watched Sport Center and their discussion on him. OF COURSE they make fun of the cop and how silly it is. No comments on how stupid for a grown man to act like a teenager on TV. By definition, it is assault whether you think it should be prosecuted or not. If the idiot had simply kept his hands to himself, there would be no problem. And now to the idiot handing out cash to players after the game on TV. You can’t fix stupid.
Unreal performance. Clemson did a great job of gaming him early on, but once the coaches for LSU figured it out and adjusted, Burrow went off. Coach O figured it out, hire great coaches and everything else takes care of itself. After seeing how Burrow improved, how can any QB not want to be part of that coaching? Lawrence struggled in the game. Some him, but a lot was the LSU defense. Again, wonderful coaching job by the LSU coaches. Congrats to both teams for making the game. Both played hard and never quit. It was a truly wonderful game to watch.
Well done. Congrats on a special season. 8-2 in bowls and a Natty. Life is good in the SEC.
Interesting topics. The SEC has definitely expanded its cast of characters. The SEC media days will be endlessly entertaining.
Should be interesting. I remember the video with Cade signing F*** Tennessee in his truck. Ah, youngsters.
Well, the bad version of JG showed up for the game. All the problems he displayed all season when he started, but give him credit. Just like when he came off the bench during the season, he put it together. Nice win for UT. Congrats again to all of our SEC brethren on their bowl games and victories. With everyone else, wishing LSU to bring home the trophy and give a dose of humility to Clemson. [sigh], football season is almost over.
Good, entertaining game. MN just made a few more plays. I was surprised the MN O line did as well as they did versus AU’s D line. That was the difference, IMO.
Congrats to Alabama. The last couple of bowl where the Tide wasn’t playing for the NC were lackluster affairs and they lost to inferior teams. They showed up and played very well against a quality opponent. Again, well done.
We’ll see. I do think CJP is going to be successful. How much, who knows at this point. I certainly hope he can elevate the play (and he has this season against middle of the pack competition). If he can keep recruiting like he has, then the victories and better athletes will come. Hopefully, the decade of darkness, dysfunction, disarray, and disaster is over.
Can't argue that one, however, don't do the same.
It will be an interesting game. Clemson likes to blitz, and Burrow just slices and dices defenses that do that. Geaux tigers (said with an East Tennessee accent).
I really do enjoy these shorts. They are funny and well done. Congrats again to LSU for once again demonstrating just where the Big 12 is in the food chain of college football.
Want to. Like the bowl means something. Please don't embarrass the SEC by losing to a Big 10 also ran.
Agreed. Hurts a little to cheer on rivals, but SEC over everyone else. Clemson blitzed OSU quite a bit. If they try that with Burrow, it will be a long night for them. He is absolutely surgical when he is blitzed.
Play better and you don’t have to blame/depend on the officials to get the win. As pointed out, OSU was abysmal inside the red zone. Always amazing we can allow players and coaches to be human and make mistakes, but an official has to be perfect and fired if he is not. I notice the on field officials made the call that OSU was happy with, but the review official overturned it. Yet this person wants them all fired. A well thought out reaction (sarcasm if it was not clear).
Good luck tigers. Show the world what the SEC is all about.
When you have the three ring circus UT had, then you can be embarrassed..
It will be interesting to see how hyped UT is for this bowl. There was so much talk about a FL bowl. I hope they are ready to play.
Pretty much all coaches evolve in their career. Hardly any coach starts out winning everything. It’s a learning process. Coach O failed miserably at Ole Miss, but obviously learned from his mistakes as he has stated. Coach Kiffin has made many mistakes - it will be interesting to see how he adapts. And endlessly entertaining.
No arguments. Got the best four teams in. You can quibble about which team is number one, but it doesn’t matter. If you are good enough, you win on the field against whomever you play.
JG is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you are getting with him. Last night was the early season version. Granted, the weather was a factor, but still Definitely not a good look for Jennings. I don’t know what was said between the two players while tangled up on the ground, and I don’t know if there was any intent on stepping on the player’s head, but it was not something you like to see.
Very nice. Not only are they inconsistent, they don’t clearly state why they punish or block transfers. A bloated bureaucracy.
Don't worry Vandy, next week we got this. We'll put fans in the stands. Might be 90% dressed in orange, but every silver lining has a cloud.
GUTLESS COWARDS who need to get a life. No player goes out there to screw up. These idiots need to get a grip and remember it is a game played by 18-22/23 year old young men.