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This should be a fun game to watch. Lots of offense. Both teams have improved throughout the season. It might be the best game on TV.
It was coming. Kinda surprised it happened now instead of the end of the season. Oh well, probably just as well to cut your losses and press on. If they are interested in Freeze, then getting the jump on hiring him makes sense. I imagine getting fired stings, but that payout makes for a great bandaid.
Scrapping the bottom of the barrel if UT goes to a bowl game at 3-7.
The way UT has been playing, 10 points might be low.
I really didn’t think any coach would be fired this year due to the loss of revenue and just virus weirdness. WRONG!!!!!!! I would think they would look for an offensive guy to be coach as the defensive coach didn’t work so well. I wonder if he will be the only one, or only the first. Time will tell.
These look about right. I don’t think any of the coaches on the low end will be fired this year. It is too weird, and the loss of revenue will make any university think twice about eating a severance package costing millions of dollars. Next year, if the low producing coaches don’t make significant progress, all bets are off. We could see 2-3 coaching changes.
If Ole Miss can get a competent defense, they are going to be very dangerous. Kiffin is as good as it gets on the offensive side of the ball.
Very entertaining and even game. Too bad anyone had to lose. Congrats to UK for the win.
The extra time off to work on ... well, everything will help. As far as his evaluation, he is honest. Not trying to sugarcoat it. Unlike a previous coach who always had a weak excuse how it was everyone's fault but his (looking at you Botch Jones).
When you don't see improvement in the players, it is either coaching or the player isn't good enough to play. If it is the coaching, then you either get better coaches or find another job. If it is the players, you either recruit better or coach better. UT is still building up the roster. That can't happen in three years with the dumpster fire Pruitt inherited. But having said that, there should be some improvement. While it is better, it still has a long way to go for the top tier level. QB has definitely been impacted with the pandemic. No spring, no summer, no real fall practice has held back the QB development. Having said that, G has shown very little improvement. For a RS senior, that is coaching or he is simply not the player for the job. It is too early to get rid of Pruitt. Ride it out and see if he continues to improve the roster (which he has). If he corrects the coaching mistakes, fixes his coaching staff (and I don't have an opinion on how he does that or if he should), then see what develops on the field. If no improvement, fine, send him on his way and find another. This doesn't mean he can't be a successful HC. Some people take longer to figure it out than others. He inherited a disaster from the previous staff - it won't be fixed in three years.
Freeze would make an interesting hire. He certainly has a lot of baggage, but some school will take the plunge. Winning trumps almost everything except serious NCAA heat. Figure if Freeze gets hired, he will be under an NCAA microscope and will have to play clean. Can he recruit without the stuff he pulled at Ole Miss? If he can, then he will again be successful. It would be fun to see him coach again at a major school. I think everyone would be onboard with that except Saban.
Nice article. It really is a shame how G can’t seem to have a complete game. He throws a beautiful long pass for a touchdown and then does a boneheaded interception. I agree with the writer, it is coaching. Chaney under Dooley had one of the best offenses at UT, but also had a great line and good QB. I am not sure he is the problem. It could be he loves his system too much and has not adjusted for the personnel he has. The O line has been a disappointment after the buildup. Don’t know if that is too much PR or coaching. Coach Pruitt won’t be fired. This is basically a free season. He seems to put emphasis on recruiting (necessary), but you also have to have good coaching. Hopefully he figures it out, has a great recruiting class, and gets UT on the right track.
We couldn’t afford Freeze’s business model. Still paying too many failed coaches.
Congrats to Arky. {Sigh} Out coached and out played.
.Ark definitely made better half time adjustments. Congrats to the hogs.
UGA, Call the Tennessee hotline for the Marginal Quarterback Crisis Group. We can provide a shoulder to cry on. Four years experience.
Wish I could disagree with the UT/Arky writeup, but as long as G is the QB, every game is a crapshoot. The Cocktail Party will be interesting. There is so much uncertainty about UGA and injuries. UF has been playing well and brawling better. I don't think the A&M/USCe will be that close. I think A&M wins by two touchdowns. Vandy and MSU - yawn.
Should be a good, competitive game. They always seem to play close with few exceptions. No idea who will win, but it should be entertaining.
Which UT team will show up at Arky? The UGA first half or the UGA second half? I am not sure UT should be favored at Arky. They really haven't proven anything yet this year. As for the QB, who knows what Pruitt will do. At a guess, G starts until he screws up, then is yanked for a time. Everyone keeps harping for Bailey, but the virus has crushed all the preseason work he needed to get ready.
Hilarious. I absolutely love these shorts. The writers are brilliant! Well placed darts by the LSU defense. Music City Bowl for UT: ouch.
I could see the UT line if it was at Knoxville. Should be an interesting game. The UT/Arky games are usually weird. Exciting, but weird.
Much ado about nothing. Really couldn't see the uni very well. Having said that, if it works for the players, go for it.
His personality is not for everyone. I doubt he is coddling players he has inherited. Most new coaches run off the players they have not invested in and don't fit their system. Give him time and he'll get a winner going there.
You couldn't pick a worse motto for a basketball team if you tried ... maybe that was what happened. Between the Botch Jones slogan and the basketball meaning, well done for an air ball of a slogan.
It was a rule of thumb that if a coach was good enough to hire, he was good enough to stick with for five recruiting years. Then he has his player and a redshirt class. If he can’t win with his recruits, then yes, he should be evaluated. It is year 3 after Botch Jones’ dumpster fire of a program. UT has had too many incompetent ADs and HCs. Give the man time to fully stock his program with his recruits.
He was a bright spot in an otherwise forgettable game. When G has time and is on, he throws a beautiful deep ball. Unfortunately, those two conditions rarely occur together.