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About the only thing you can say about this game was an ugly win beats a pretty loss.
Quite an accomplishment. The breaker shot was way out there too. Congrats to the young lady.
Yep, crazy season. UT beats UK at home then gets smoked by the Aggies.
Hate to see them go, but next coach up. Hopefully they can get good coaches who can recruit.
I believe they call it a monopoly. They never have the consumer's best interest.
UT gets a win/win with former players on both teams. Should be a good SB. They look fairly well matched.
Confidence is a wonderful thing in an athlete. However, it can be arrogance if there isn’t a basis for it. We’ll see if he is able to play to his bragging. If he is the top QB chosen in the NFL draft, then he has proven it. If not, just bragging.
They have struggled until they play UT. Double woof. Hopefully UT can take care of business this year at Neyland.
Going to be a long, legal battle from appearances. The NCAA has been too stupid to get in front of this and make rules that are clear and gets everyone on the same page. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
I was at the UT game in Knoxville when they won 10-7. No one should have beaten UT but they did at UT. Bradley got knocked out of the game by Bobby Majors on a wicked hit that is illegal now. He came back in the 4th quarter and caught the winning pass from Sullivan. Great competitor.
Forgot Botch Jones when Dobbs threw the Hail Mary at UGA. Granted it was his first year, but a win is a win.
Not a surprise. You can’t breathe without creating a violation with the NCAA.
Glad you came back. Here is too a healthy, injury free and successful season.
Some coaches just prefer the NFL and don’t like the NCAA BS. He got UM their Natty, so mission accomplished.
Guess they finally met the mercenary’s price. Hopefully he earns his money.
While I expect to see UT’s offense improve, the jury is still out on the offensive line. While the line has been serviceable to good over the last couple of years, they have struggled against the top tier defenses (UGA 2022, MO and UGA last year). If they can improve on the line, then yet expectations will run high and justifiably so. Unfortunately, it will be nine months until we find out.
Glad to have you back young man. Here is to a successful and injury free season.
Nice welcome. Now coach, the honeymoon is over. :-)
He has certainly proven himself as a successful coach. Bit of a different world in the SEC. I imagine the contract being negotiated has plenty of pay me if I don’t success clauses.
The big thing that could make Kiffin successful is he seems to be better at navigating the portal than anyone else. Much of that is money, which he’s had experience with in the NFL. Let’s face it, CFB is now the NFL light with the pay for play. I am not saying it’s either good or bad, but just is the current landscape. He also has the ego to pull it off. I would imagine whoever takes the reins from Saban will have serious contract stipulations to ease the pain if they don’t make it.
It will be interesting to see which coach is willing to follow him. That bar is unbelievably high and good luck to the replacement. He’ll need it.
Pettiness defined. If you are not going to rank Tennessee, who was ranked prior to the bowl game, then you certainly have to do the same and drop Iowa out of the top 25.
The secondary has been the Achilles heel for the Vols. You hate to lose experience, but the newcomers seem to be an improvement over the DBs that left. We shall see next year.
Woulda, coulda, shoulda. The system will always be open to criticism, including next year when 13-15 ranked teams will squall about being left out. Personally, I felt FSU was screwed. You could have made a case for UGA, but they lost the wrong game at the wrong time.
If he is good, I would like to see him at UT. The offensive line needs the help.
Leadership 101 - you can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate responsibility. He gave the OC the authority, but Freeze is ultimately responsible for everything on the team. He had an underperforming subordinate and sacked him. Welcome to the real world. Freeze will be successful at Auburn, or it will be the first time he has failed at a school as a coach, personal issues notwithstanding. It always amazes me how coaches continually fail to figure out prevent defense prevents winning. Third and Chavis a prime example.
A package deal I guess? Not to say the 3* won’t work out and be productive. Plenty of 3*s in the NFL. Hopefully this works out for everyone.
NIL raises it ugly head again. This is destroying CFB. Unrestricted free agency. It will take the NCAA (not holding my breath) or the Feds to make rules to bring some sanity to this circus.