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Welcome back young man. Enjoy playing with your brother on the line. Open those holes.
Some serious talent listed in the article.
I am an old man, and I can't remember the environment being this divided. Sports reporters used to report on sports, and political reporters used to report on politics. Now politics are factored in everything. I stopped watching the NFL because of the politics and disrespect for the flag. I am sure they are not missing me, but I refuse to watch and get lectured to on politics. I watch for entertainment, not civics lessons. These reporters are no longer reporters, but political hacks who cannot separate their opinion from the reporting they do. Everything in personal now - what used to be referred to as an azz chewing is now labeled a personal attack. Please keep the politics out of sports. We can watch politics on the new channels. We don't need it in the sports events.
This is not your old man's Kentucky. Stoops has done a remarkable job at a school with no recent success since Bear walked the sidelines. I for one am glad to see UK being successful. Should be a good game in Knoxville this year.
Idiots. Their hubris and arrogance led them to believe all the other conferences would meekly follow in their footsteps. Of course the Pac12 would, they are largely irrelevant in the scheme of things. I wonder how much politics influenced the original decision? Anyway, better late than never.
Great. Mommy is going to let the kids play. Now if the PAC can follow suit, we might have a season that is actually relevant.
Sad - the PAC 12 is held hostage by the governors of two states.
Wow, hilarious, but some of those are nasty. Ready for the season to start so SDS can start writing some football news based on actual games.
Whatever works. Let’s face it, the NCAA doesn’t do anything very well, but they are especially inept with the transfer rules. No consistency, hidden rules/agenda, and poor explanations (or none at all) all contribute to a complete lack of faith in the NCAA system. I don’t know if Mays should or should not be given immediate play, but the NCAA has absolutely made a Charlie Foxtrot out it the process.
Talk about a SWAG. There are no predictions that will last the season as it is (and hopefully will be).
Good luck. I hope you will be a part of the NFL for a long time to come.
Like everyone else, I'll believe it when it happens. QBG's difficulty has been decision making and anticipation. If he has truly turned the corner and the light has come on, he certainly has the physical tools to be very good. He has certainly taken more than his fair share of shots, both mentally and physically, through his career. Here's hoping he has broken the code and has a great season.
Love it. Could the b10 be any more incompetent? I don't think so, but I could be wrong.
What he said. Looks like LSU and Alabama are getting the most love from CBS for the first seven weeks. Can't argue with any of the telecasts, although you can certainly make a case for alternates for many of the games. With CBS, ABC, ESPN and SEC Network, pretty much all the games should be on TV.
Let the season begin. Most likely this 25 will be significantly different at the end of the year.
I give the b10+ credit. It is not every day you see someone take very careful aim and precisely shoot themselves in the foot. Expert badge for incompetence.
How arrogant and self righteous can you be. Absolutely amazing the b10 attitude. This goes from incompetent to just plain stupid. As a UT fan with multiple ADs who were disasters, I know stupid.
I don't know how good MSU will be, but good or bad, they will be entertaining on offense.
I did expect for UGA to be higher. Kind of a surprise given the stable of running backs they have produced.
His decision. Not one I would have made, but he is doing what he thinks is best for him.
Ouch. That left a mark. I don’t think LSU will be any more erratic on offense than any other SEC team this season. I don’t expect them to be other worldly like last year, but don’t underestimate their athletes and scheme.