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Funny as always. I halfway expected them to take a shot at UT since we have been substandard for a while, aside from a brief uptick under Botch Jones.
Come on down to Tennessee. You will love it and be part of a team on the rise.
No one has ever doubted his work ethic and desire to win. It has been his judgment and football processing on the field. Being in the same offense should help tremendously. I have high hopes he breaks the code and becomes the QB he has the potential to be. And it would help if he sticks to the plays that are called as Hengst pointed out.
LOL. Pretty good. I certainly hope he can play but stopped trying the figure out the NCAA a long time ago.
LOL. Nice fluff but yes, I am more than ready for the season to start
Coach Ansley should definitely go up this year. Another year of experience and better players will help. Even though UT lost some talent, I believe the defense will continue to improve under his leadership (with Coach Pruitt's assistance).
5 star ability, 1 star head. Hopefully he gets a grip on reality and does something with his life. Of course, the millions he got for failing won't hurt.
We need to open up the country. If you are afraid to go out, stay home. The ones who are not afraid, let them take their chances if that is their desire. Per Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once.” And no, I am not calling anyone who decides discretion is the better part of valor is a coward. A person choice that only they can make. For me, I would rather live than exist. If my time comes due, then so be it.
Nothing like folding under pressure from a few whiners. Way to man up (that's right, not gender neutral).
Nothing like folding under pressure from a few whiners. Way to man up (that's right, not gender neutral).
Nothing like folding under pressure from a few whiners. Way to man up (that's right, not gender neutral).
All deserving to be in. I'll be curious to see how it plays out. Good luck to them all.
Me too. It is about the only sport I am interested in.
Hilarious. As always, very well done. Ah, the days when UT was relevant. Hopefully we'll continue to trend in that direction again. It has been too long.
I hope so. Incremental improvement is frustrating, but so long as UT improves, it's all good. They are finally beating the teams they are expected to (less GaSt), but now the next step is to be consistently competitive with and finally beat the top tier teams.
Nice article. I agree that Brown should have won the trophy. Certainly, Majors should have since Brown was basically excluded due to the race issue. Hornung was a beneficiary of the national love for ND. Oh well, as long as humans judge something, it will never be perfect.
Yep, so far Coach Pruitt and staff have not really kept the Tennessee natives at the state school. According to the experts, this is kind of a down year, but next year is supposed to be better. Hopefully, some more success on the field will translate into keeping Tennessee players in Tennessee. I am sure this is the first of several decommits. The ugly side of recruiting, unfortunately.
I can't argue with the UT selection. Extremely disappointing season. Ok, too limited, extremely disappointing seasons since 2001. They have had a few flashes of decency, but still can't quite pull it all together. Hopefully Coach Pruitt is the one to put UT back to competing for championships. Long overdue to become competitive with the top tier teams.
Can’t really disagree with the rankings. Not sure about coach O above Saban, but the author explained the logic he used. Of course, logic is just a way to be wrong with confidence. The rankings will certainly change as the season plays out. Nice article.
Ill be at the OU-UT game if they have it and fans are allowed. If we can get the QB situation corrected, we have a decent chance. Should be a good game.
I did limit it to the coaches. Don't even get me started on the ship of fools.
Really, pinging UT on coaches? Stones and glass houses come to mind. All in good fun, I hope the same. UT and Arkansas always seem to have very entertaining games. Good luck to you all this season except when the game comes around.
Certainly it's early, and many things can happen. A person's word doesn't mean much anymore, especially in the wild and wacky world of recruiting. Having said that, you can't discount the start Coach Pruitt and his staff have done. After having the three stooges for the last three coaches, it is hopeful we have found the coach we need to make us successful. I believe we have, but until UT is again competing for SEC/National Championships, the jury will still be out. Even with this class if it hangs together, UT is still another year or more to have the roster UGA and Alabama have. No reason we can't have that roster again, it just takes time. Please God, let there be a football season.