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LoL, Auburn won both games at home but then when it counted the most they choked, TWO times on neutral fields. If every team in the SEC played UCF's regular season schedule we would probably have 15 undefeated teams, LoL!!
No you're an idiot you DA. The "TEAMS" didn't claim a NC themselves in the past, it was given by different ranking services because we didn't have any kind of playoff system. Bowl games were played without any regard to AP rankings or other rankings.
A 8 team playoff done the correct way WOULD NOT interfere with any regional or conference rivalries. I said when the SEC went to more teams it was going the wrong way, knowing that a 4, 6 or 8 team playoff was eminent. Each team should play EVERYONE in their conference. This was make EVERY game count and each team would still have their rivalry to play. If you had 12 team conference you still could play one other team of choice to include a regional or other rivalry. The two best teams in each conference would play for their conference championship. The P5 teams would have automatic bid and then 3 teams for an at large bid. The first round should be played 2 weeks after Conf Championship at teams 1 thru 4 home field, then the 4 remaining teams can be played as they are now. The 8 teams should be ranked by some formula similar to BCS.
No you DA, BAMA would still be in if they went to 8 teams and if they had the BCS and only took 4 teams they would STILL be in CFP.