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Let's see... when Leach was hired... most people said the Air Raid system wouldn't work in the SEC. Now that they have a QB that is putting up impressive numbers .... all of a sudden the Air Raid is giving him an unfair advantage. Let me remind you that KJ Costello was considered a good college QB and he struggled mightily in this system that gives QB's an unfair advantage. He may not be considered for the Heisman this year, but remember Rogers has three more years in this system. He'll be on the stage at least once before he leaves.
interesting analysis. Not one 2014 starter is being replaced by a player that was ranked lower out of high school. Do you care to post your pre-2014 assessment MSU so that we can validate your credibility?
The things that most reporters are neglecting to take into account about State other than the best returning QB in the SEC is 1)this is the most talented team that Mullen has ever had at State 2)State made mass wholesale substations throughout most of their games last year that got all of their replacement starters quality game reps 3) Not one starter who left is being replaced by a player that was ranked lower than the one they are replacing. For example, State started one 3*, three 2*'s and a walkon on the OL last year. There will not be on OL ranked lower than 3* on this year's OL. The beauty of football is that pre season rankings mean nothing. This will get settled between the lines.
CJ Johnson #10 and several other players MUST be suspended. NCAA rule 9-2 states that if a player leaves the bench to participate in a fight the player must be suspended for the next game.