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Doesn't the SEC have an all purpose player as an all conference position? If so, Kadarius Toney should most definitely be first team all SEC
Yeah I don't think people realize how often Trask throws against a defense that drops 8 defenders in coverage. It's a lot, because no one respects our run game
I hear you about Bama. I know it will be an extremely tall task, however, I feel there is a path to success. When Florida's offense is on, they're darn near unstoppable. I think if the defense plays to the best of their abilities, they can force a few key stops vs Bama and Florida can win a shoutout. Not saying it will happen, but it's possible
Surprised you didn't mention losing to Feleipe twice in two different looking games.
I wasn't mad at it. Kentucky did beat Florida last time they played in the swamp. I respect them trying to maintain a level of confidence knowing that it is possible to beat Florida.
And let me also mention that I will wait until a woman makes a tackle or scores a TD in big time college football. But at the end of the day, I have Sarah a good for you and went on about my business lol
But why does it bother you? Vandys football coach had to make the decision to play her, and it sure didn't seem like Vandys players minded. So why are you bothered? Serious question, not trying to be contentious
ATMColdChills: At the end of the day it's still easy to say that Alabama will take Pitts away, when no one has been able to do it. Again, at this point, I wouldn't put money on florida beating Bama, but there is a path to victory for sure. Just because Bama has the best defense in the SEC does not mean they will just shut us down. Georgia was the best defense until they played us and we didn't have Pitts for half the game. Also, anyone that has watched Florida play extensively will realize, our defense actually has the players to be elite. It's just that our best players (mostly in the secondary) are freshman and sophomores and Dan's staff prefers to play older players who, in this case, are trash McElwain recruits. This can be fixed. Will it? That's the same question florida fans have been asking Grantham all season
Stingley is just one guy. There's no excuse for Mond and the offense to have a performance like that. Let's not forget that Bo Nix and Feleipe Franks just threw for 300+ against this same LSU defense
That's not much of an excuse this year. I haven't seen one Kentucky fan complain about having 18 players out against Florida yesterday. And Kentucky showed up to play yesterday. They would've went into the half with the lead if not for a timely punt return TD
Not here to say we'll beat Bama by any means, but to say "They will key on Pitts and then what" doesn't make sense when the offense was just fine for the 2 and a half games he was out. He is by far, our best offensive weapon, but not our only weapon at all
It's crazy how a woman kicking a football for a winless team rubs so many of yall the wrong way.
Mason said that students weren't on campus because Vandys semester has ended, so they couldn't hold open tryouts. She was still on campus training
UF is good for having their second best player win the Heisman. Was the same way with Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow. Hell of a combo
So you're just gonna sneak a superlative point in for Mac Jones, even though he doesn't show up in your honorable mention list? Got it.
I think our head to head game was always going to be inconsequential. If both teams take care of business in their divisions, things would sort themselves out in the championship. I think, if you would've asked any florida fan before the season, if they had to lose one game, which would you guess it would be, most fans would've said they prefer it be A&M, because inevitably, it would be a glorified exhibition as long as we took care of the east
Yeah, I don't think Mizzou fans have quite grasped how hard it is to do what Stoops is doing at Kentucky. I would have Stoops at 4 or 5. Definitely over Orgeron
It's funny how people forget that this has been a series of 3 game winning steaks for years now. People have been acting like Florida is Kentucky trying to end their steak against Florida in 2018. Although last year, Florida has plenty of mental errors, I don't think there's ever been a mental roadblock for any team trying to end the steak. The best team USUALLY wins in this game.
UF's offense isn't 1 dimensional because they're very successful at the run. The yards and touchdowns may not show it because they don't do it nearly as often as other teams. Hell, florida doesn't run as many plays as most teams (namely because the defense hasn't gotten off the field most games). With that, plus the fact they recognize their strength is the pass game so they lean more towards showcasing it, the obvious stats won't show how well they've run the ball. Check the yards per carry stats and the run success rate. That'll show that Florida isn't one dimensional
Why though? Trask has more experience than Mac Jones and Emory has more experience than Young. Sure, both Alabama QBs have better recruiting rankings than the Florida QBs, but experience wise, it's hands down Florida
Just a quick, correction.... Tyrie Cleveland was actually drafted in the 7th round. Josh Hammond is the only one of the 4 not to be drafted. We'll be just fine at receiver. Trent Whittemore is another RS freshman earning rave reviews. If Justin Shorter and Jordan Pouncey get waivers, those would be 2 more vets added to the room
I doubt many Gator fans that actually know football, would compare him to Percy. Sure, early on, we were optimistic that maybe he could fill that role, but he can't. First of all, Toney is more quick than fast. Percy was one of the fastest players in the nation and Toney isn't even fastest on his team. Percy also ran good routes and made decisive cuts with the ball in his hands. Toney hasn't improved his route running much and often tries to do too many moves only to lose yards. All that being said, I'm optimistic and hopeful that this is the year he turns the corner
Of the 15, I believe 7 will definitely be drafted, with everyone else being a possibility if a team takes a liking to them. I believe those 7 will be: Lynn Bowden, Bryan Edwards, Justin Jefferson, Van Jefferson, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, Freddie Swain. I believe the next 2 possibilities would likely be Jauan Jennings and Lawrence Cager.
Kind of cheating to not include Kyle Trask in the case study and to only relegate him to a footnote. Low ranking or not, he was a 2016 SEC quarterback recruit.
I think it's safe to say at this point that while the media will continue to hype Florida up this offseason, Florida fans will not be joining them. We do believe we will have a really good team, and with luck and things falling perfectly, we COULD make a playoff push. However, most Florida fans realistically just wanna beat Georgia and go to Atlanta before talking about anything else.
Not saying your experience is wrong, but in my experience, The UGA fans I know all seem to think everything will be just fine with Fromm leaving and that QB is just plug and play anyone, while the Florida fans think Fromm was an exceptional QB and are ecstatic that he's gone
I think it's fair to say there will be a drop off when it comes to the sheer polish our senior receivers showed when running routes, however, I feel the overall talent won't drop off too much. Another thing that will help, I anticipate a much better run game, with an improved o-line, so there may be a drop off in passing numbers, simply because we'd no longer be running a pseudo air raid.
Dude is up there as one of the best transfers in the country. Balled out in the one year we had him. Respect