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The fact that this guy STILL can't put Trask over Fromm for a power ranking of THIS season, not a career, makes the rest of this list lose all credibility
Driskel was always a QB capable of making it in the pros. He was just severely misused by Muschamp and his staff. Had he come up with Dan Mullen, or Urban Meyer (the coach that actually initially recruited him to Florida), he may have been a much higher draft pick.
Not sure how Bowden can be all the way up to 8 at this point being a wildcat qb, but trask is still behind fromm. If we're talking about just this seasons work, trask is a better qb
I agree that LSU would get in over Oregon. Think about who has the better loss. In this scenario Oregon would have loss to 9-3 or 8-4 Auburn, a team that all 3 SEC 1 loss teams beat. LSU's loss would be against likely top 6 or 7 Florida. They'd have wins over top 10 Florida, top 5 Bama, and top 15 Auburn (who beat Oregon). LSU would probably have a better 1 loss resume than Florida who'd only be in because of the championship win
Dean was always a Nickel/Star playing on the outside last season because of necessity. Now that we have Marco back, he's at a more natural position for him. He's very aggressive, so having to constantly guard these receivers deep really hurt him at times. But dude is very athletic and should make a lot of noise this season.
yeah the streak stopped at 11 straight I think. As a fairly new Gators fan (2006) I definitely view LSU as more of a rival than Tennessee. It's Georgia, FSU, LSU (in that order for me). Although recently, the LSU games have been a lot more lively than the FSU games on tv at least.
Feel like, with what David Reese at Florida has been doing the passed 3 seasons, he should get some consideration for this
Feel like David Reese from Florida should've been included for run defense or leadership for what he's done the last 3 years. Not the most athletic, but dude was vital to our defense. He was definitely missed vs Kentucky.
Not sure how much it has to do with how good the QB is. Feleipe Franks was there last year, after his awful freshman season.
Mizzou has the right to troll us right now. They have our number for whatever reason.
I may get killed for this, but here goes.... As a Florida fan, I find this comment section hilarious. Both sides make points that can be shut down. I know we're gonna talk junk because we're bitter rivals, but both fan bases really have nothing to brag about. Florida: 10 years of trash football. Yes Dan had a really good first year, but let's see what he does as a follow up before we start puffing out our chests. We don't want to be left looking stupid like Mcelwain did us. Granted Dan is a far better coach, but he needs to tighten up recruiting and win the big games a la UGA Georgia: Kirby has recruited better than pretty much everyone in the little time he's been there, but has just the conference championship to show for it. Although, that is a hell of a feat, you guys are talking like you're perennial playoff champs like Bama. Beat them before you puff your chests out. Yeah you have a 2 game streak on us, but remember, you lost to Treon Harris 2 years in a row.....
Agreed, but that's because he picked 2 plays to showcase his speed and backup his placing him in that spot on the list. There are plenty other plays to show to showcase his vision
I think Swift and Perine should switch. I agree Perine isn't the fastest back out there, and not to take away from Swifts versatility, Perine is also used all over the place (running, catching out the back field, speed options, split wide, etc). Perine could also be an option for vision as well. But, speed, no.
Nothing against him, but why is Trevon Diggs considered above CJ Henderson, much less a first rounder?
3 things: 1.) Tyrie Cleveland hurt his collarbone in the FSU game so he only missed the rest of that game and the bowl. He played most of the season. 2.) Trey Dean was the starting cornerback since Marco got hurt in the second game last season and got better each game so he's plenty proven. Also, by all accounts, he's killing it at, what is his more natural position, nickel. 3.) Replacing Martez Ivey isn't the biggest challenge. Jawaan Taylor looks like he's going to be a top 10 pick. I'd say he was the hardest lineman to lose. Otherwise, enjoyed the article!
Heard his offer isn't committable. Mullen hasn't sent the signal confirming the commit
I think everyone is misinterpreting the article. He's not saying who he thinks has the toughest schedule, he's saying who's schedule intrigues him the most. It's his opinion that Florida's schedule sets up in a way that they have ample opportunities to prove that they're back without much resting in between big time matchups
Yeah I agree with your Florida assessment. He mentioned depending on Franks for the run game like that was something Florida actually did. They had a committee approach with 2 700+ yard rushers. They'll likely lose Scarlett, but I think Perine returns which means there should be another committee next season. Perine, Pierce, and returning Malik Davis from injury should all but guarantee Wright redshirts unless he becomes a special teams phenom
You guys have to do an actual comparison of resumes before claiming bias. Florida's worse loss is to #25 Mizzou. Kentucky's is to Tennessee who's not going to a bowl. Also, you have to take into account that Kentucky has the most recent loss. And then the last thing (can't believe I'm actually able to say this) Florida does a better job passing the eye test. They average 426 yards per game (209 rushing 217 passing), very balanced. Kentucky averages 369 (204 rushing 164 passing) which is very one dimensional. I know you guys have the head to head, but do you truly believe that should both teams play today, that Kentucky would be the favorite? No, Florida would be favored to win, in a close one, but a win all the same.
Well Franks is already more than he has been so your statement has already been proven wrong
I'd agree with most of these if not for the fact that most of CSUs rushing yards came against freshman and walk ones, and of the 2 fumbles, one was a high snap between the backup center and backup qb in garbage time and the other was our 3rd string freshman qb losing the ball while trying to throw. With that being said, Florida starters played a very clean game including only 3 penalties with one being procedural on the offense
Not sure how it's embarrassing. Mcelwain never practiced special teams so it was nice to get a blocked kick, something that was the norm under Urban Meyer. Also, it was right before the half and they were trying to preserve the shutout. And also, it's a new coaching era, the entire swamp was hype. How is it embarrassing for them to celebrate that?
He's been doing CBS SEC games for 2 years now.
I was feeling the article until Justin Fields showed up. Also, if you're going to double up on some schools, some other Florida #1s that deserve a mention are Reggie Nelson, Janoris Jenkins, and Vernon Hargreaves.
I'm slightly confused. You said the rule, if implemented, wouldn't kick in until 2019, which means he wouldn't be able to play until next season. What would be different from what is currently in place, that because he isn't graduating until December, he would have to sit this season. Not trying to be confrontational, just interested in hearing the answer to this.
I know he hasn't proven to be as good as all of these QBs, but I think arm strength should've went to Feliepe Franks. That Tennessee Hailmary was like 65 yards in the air on the money.
Yeah, Florida was a dumpster fire off the field last season. Couple that with a coach that thought he was still in the Mountain West, and you get 4-7. Florida has a LOT of talent on Defense. Not as much as Georgia, but more than any other east team. Plus with the way Mullen is recruiting, coupled with what Florida has returning on offense, this may be the most talented offense, on paper, Florida has had since the last championship. Mullen just needs to develop a competent QB.
Actually, Oregon hasn't had a top 10 recruiting class in the last 10 years, so no, he was never #2 to Bama.
I surely hope you come back to this article and read my response. Del Rio was still trash in those games you want people to look at. I'm also a Gator fan, and I've watched all those games countless times. He was still making bad decisions, his arm strength was sub par, and he just all around didn't seem like a threat. We struggled to beat UMass man lol.