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Why though? Trask has more experience than Mac Jones and Emory has more experience than Young. Sure, both Alabama QBs have better recruiting rankings than the Florida QBs, but experience wise, it's hands down Florida
Just a quick, correction.... Tyrie Cleveland was actually drafted in the 7th round. Josh Hammond is the only one of the 4 not to be drafted. We'll be just fine at receiver. Trent Whittemore is another RS freshman earning rave reviews. If Justin Shorter and Jordan Pouncey get waivers, those would be 2 more vets added to the room
I doubt many Gator fans that actually know football, would compare him to Percy. Sure, early on, we were optimistic that maybe he could fill that role, but he can't. First of all, Toney is more quick than fast. Percy was one of the fastest players in the nation and Toney isn't even fastest on his team. Percy also ran good routes and made decisive cuts with the ball in his hands. Toney hasn't improved his route running much and often tries to do too many moves only to lose yards. All that being said, I'm optimistic and hopeful that this is the year he turns the corner
Of the 15, I believe 7 will definitely be drafted, with everyone else being a possibility if a team takes a liking to them. I believe those 7 will be: Lynn Bowden, Bryan Edwards, Justin Jefferson, Van Jefferson, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, Freddie Swain. I believe the next 2 possibilities would likely be Jauan Jennings and Lawrence Cager.
Kind of cheating to not include Kyle Trask in the case study and to only relegate him to a footnote. Low ranking or not, he was a 2016 SEC quarterback recruit.
I think it's safe to say at this point that while the media will continue to hype Florida up this offseason, Florida fans will not be joining them. We do believe we will have a really good team, and with luck and things falling perfectly, we COULD make a playoff push. However, most Florida fans realistically just wanna beat Georgia and go to Atlanta before talking about anything else.
Not saying your experience is wrong, but in my experience, The UGA fans I know all seem to think everything will be just fine with Fromm leaving and that QB is just plug and play anyone, while the Florida fans think Fromm was an exceptional QB and are ecstatic that he's gone
I think it's fair to say there will be a drop off when it comes to the sheer polish our senior receivers showed when running routes, however, I feel the overall talent won't drop off too much. Another thing that will help, I anticipate a much better run game, with an improved o-line, so there may be a drop off in passing numbers, simply because we'd no longer be running a pseudo air raid.
Dude is up there as one of the best transfers in the country. Balled out in the one year we had him. Respect
I think, to sum it up for you, Gator's fans believe we can win with Jones and win a lot. We see his ceiling as being much higher in this offense than Trask, and the fact that he's looked good during meaningful playing time has added to that. However, most reasonable fans still say, this is Kyle's team. He earned it this season. He has a higher floor than Emory, so we're just happy to have 2 QBs we can discuss instead of non lol
Let me clarify, that's what we need in a Dan Mullen offense led by a non mobile QB
As a Florida fan, I agree, he is boring, but that's exactly what we need in a Dan Mullen offense. The key next season is to improve run blocking. If we can get a decent run game going, similar to what we had in 2018, coupled with Trask's efficient passing, our offense will be dangerous next season. But Trask can't be asked to pass it as much as he did this season. If Grimes and Toney return, our receivers will be good talent wise, but the depth will not be where it was this season. We legit rotated in 7 receivers when healthy, and that's not counting Pitts at TE.
I'm disappointed you didn't include not one Florida Dlinemen or Linebacker even on Honorable mention. Johnathan Bullard, Caleb Brantley, Dante Fowler, Dominiqur Easley, Shariff Floyd, all deserved AT LEAST honorable mention. As for Linebacker, Jarrad Davis or Antonio Morrison certainly deserve a spot on the team or honorable mention at least.
I see where you realized your mistake of not including Fowler over mccallister, but Greenard is also better than Polite was because he can rush the passer AND defend the run. Also Jon Bostic was better than David Reese, whos a liability in coverage. Lastly.... Brett Heggie? Really?! Lol
I'm a Florida fan and I don't agree with CJ Henderson even being honorable mention this year. He's an amazing athlete, but just hasn't played close to All-SEC level this year. If anything, Marco Wilson should get consideration, but even that is kind of a reach
UVA's nickname is the Wahoos. Almost like how Auburn has War Eagle but they're the Tigers. Just an unofficial/official nickname.
The fact that this guy STILL can't put Trask over Fromm for a power ranking of THIS season, not a career, makes the rest of this list lose all credibility
Driskel was always a QB capable of making it in the pros. He was just severely misused by Muschamp and his staff. Had he come up with Dan Mullen, or Urban Meyer (the coach that actually initially recruited him to Florida), he may have been a much higher draft pick.
Not sure how Bowden can be all the way up to 8 at this point being a wildcat qb, but trask is still behind fromm. If we're talking about just this seasons work, trask is a better qb
I agree that LSU would get in over Oregon. Think about who has the better loss. In this scenario Oregon would have loss to 9-3 or 8-4 Auburn, a team that all 3 SEC 1 loss teams beat. LSU's loss would be against likely top 6 or 7 Florida. They'd have wins over top 10 Florida, top 5 Bama, and top 15 Auburn (who beat Oregon). LSU would probably have a better 1 loss resume than Florida who'd only be in because of the championship win
Dean was always a Nickel/Star playing on the outside last season because of necessity. Now that we have Marco back, he's at a more natural position for him. He's very aggressive, so having to constantly guard these receivers deep really hurt him at times. But dude is very athletic and should make a lot of noise this season.
yeah the streak stopped at 11 straight I think. As a fairly new Gators fan (2006) I definitely view LSU as more of a rival than Tennessee. It's Georgia, FSU, LSU (in that order for me). Although recently, the LSU games have been a lot more lively than the FSU games on tv at least.
Feel like, with what David Reese at Florida has been doing the passed 3 seasons, he should get some consideration for this
Feel like David Reese from Florida should've been included for run defense or leadership for what he's done the last 3 years. Not the most athletic, but dude was vital to our defense. He was definitely missed vs Kentucky.
Not sure how much it has to do with how good the QB is. Feleipe Franks was there last year, after his awful freshman season.
Mizzou has the right to troll us right now. They have our number for whatever reason.
I may get killed for this, but here goes.... As a Florida fan, I find this comment section hilarious. Both sides make points that can be shut down. I know we're gonna talk junk because we're bitter rivals, but both fan bases really have nothing to brag about. Florida: 10 years of trash football. Yes Dan had a really good first year, but let's see what he does as a follow up before we start puffing out our chests. We don't want to be left looking stupid like Mcelwain did us. Granted Dan is a far better coach, but he needs to tighten up recruiting and win the big games a la UGA Georgia: Kirby has recruited better than pretty much everyone in the little time he's been there, but has just the conference championship to show for it. Although, that is a hell of a feat, you guys are talking like you're perennial playoff champs like Bama. Beat them before you puff your chests out. Yeah you have a 2 game streak on us, but remember, you lost to Treon Harris 2 years in a row.....
Agreed, but that's because he picked 2 plays to showcase his speed and backup his placing him in that spot on the list. There are plenty other plays to show to showcase his vision