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Ohio state has been all hype this year and when clemson drops 70 on them I'll be happy to say I'd rather have had a Cincinnati team given a shot or A&M vs those fkheads
Yeah was a clean play but I think they got the guy for taking off his helmet
Only one thing left for her to do now to gain attention... Trans* time baby
Now that wouldn't be fair lol the Fuller story is a joke at this point and she's accomplished nothing but a squib kick... She's saying she wants to keep playing even when their kicker is back, which is a bigger joke. Vanderbilt needs to take the Cobain route and end their suffering.
Lsu vs bama games have been fun to watch over the years but bama didn't lose in baton rouge for 31 years... Just something to think on before saying you own someone
Gotta own the defensive failure and move on. The fake injury bs is done by every team in almost every game. Some are very blatantly done and something needs to change to fix it, but arky lost a shoot out. End of story
The last bit he isn't wrong about lol smart people always make the worst mistake in thinking they are smarter than everyone else. Blinds them and they always get side swiped so us commoners don't worry about those tards
Can't just show up demanding respect and credit when she hasn't earned anything. If she makes one field goal I'm sure they'll give her the groza and all the idiots will celebrate it
When does a kickers role in a football game ever need to be explained? Her role is simply gonna be to distract from another 41-0 defeat. Maybe this week she'll get a field goal or make an extra point so she can win offensive player of the week
Sacrifice is never brave only being a woman to do nothing in a men's sport or changing your gender to dominate another is
"my boy" bit was great lmao Florida isn't my team but at least the guy played and didn't perform some half as# kick and give hand jobs after
So I'm mad that I used a guy from a team I don't like as an example? He did something and she did nothing is the point , but what does me getting laid have to do with a lame duck kick or calling her a c#nt? You must be old as f#ck because bishes eat that sh#t up
Who's mad at her lol I don't gotta be mad to call a b#tch a c#unt. Pretty sure the sec is fking garbage line was me showing I knew who was at fault. Humble bish would have not accepted the honor knowing she didn't do anything. Halftime speech was a joke same as her being on the field to begin with
Memory loss and poor judgement are common symptoms of CTE, so we forgive your stupidness
This c#nt kicks the ball 20 yards and wins special teams player of the week but toney returns a punt 50 yards and gets fked over for this trick lmao sec is fking garbage
If you wanna make real history sell some mfking water for less than 10$ a bottle, so we don't dehydrate watching this bs
It's just about publicity and fitting in with the retards now. Trans got no business in women's sports as women have in men's. It's all just becoming a sideshow circus act all in the name of being progressive lmao. Next it'll be a woman of color or some handicapped chick out there wasting our time and money to see be below average just to "make history".
Last couple games they have been slow out of the gates and less than spectacular. That trend can't continue if they hope to win the SEC
If Florida can run the ball then it'll be a good game but if not they'll end up on the wrong side of a score like this
Libturd lmao an oversimplified insult when you have nothing else to respond with. Auburn did the best they could but face it they were outgunned in ever way. Being Auburn we all know they'll be back next year ready to go and should be fun
She was asked to do it because of many players being out with covid-19. Nothing special just her filling in for someone
Too many retards in the world today... Now every time someone criticizes a player for mechanics or weird ways of doing sh#t it's a crime. Who cares if she's the first at this or that lol her team got blasted. She can go home and check twitter and finger herself to everyone thinking she's special. Get over it lol kuddos to her for doing it but geez the guy was telling the truth
I enjoyed Mizzou beating the sh#t out of vandy much more than the publicity stunt. Kuddos on the squib kick but really who cares after getting assaulted like that. To me it equates to nothing more than the fan drilling one from half court at halftime and then back to what really matters after
To me it isn't even a debate... This is how it should look and if florida beats bama then they in but the bigger question could you leave one loss alabama out for a&m? I think it'll all iron itself out and won't come to that but a&m definitely in a good spot and only needs to win to stay around the top 4
God d@mnit keith kill yourself and take gary as well you worthless mfker
Yeah Keith strikes again like his neighbor does his wife on the weekly