Auburn fan living in Athens, taking it day by day.

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My kind of comment. Good luck tomorrow AND against Florida, but not too much luck tomorrow lol
Thank you for this. Legitimately insightful.
I liked how they say the Bama game was a blowout but we were in it until the last minutes of the 4th quarter. Take away Henrys trash time touchdown (cause he couldnt get one when we were playing to win) and we were in the game the entire game. But im not surprised, the media never really likes Auburn lol
Unless youre handling heavy machinery (cars, forklifts, etc) there is nothing written that says you cant show up to work drunk. It can be stated by your employer and put into a contract but theres nothing illegal about what he did (granted he didnt drive anywhere). Technically speaking, this is an open and shut case with USC TECHNICALLY being in the wrong. Morally, thats your decision to make, but lawfully it is not.
Why does the media that overhyped my team, hate my team so much? Auburn definitely didnt have a spotless performance at all but goin on the road and dominating a ranked team in the sec west deserves at least an honorable mention. Dont be mad your hype machine wasnt warranted and take it out on Auburn. We had plenty of strong performances this year.
Well first off he said better team, not better running back sooooo hush with the final stats. Without Henry, yall wouldnt have even made it this far. Save a few called and uncalled penalties, the stadium likely would have been singing a different tune at the end. Enjoy your win, but dont get cocky. A 6-6 Auburn team held their own with you for 3 3/4ths quarters, "Mr. Ride-The-One-Dimensional-Offense".
Well it WAS founded in 1839 and is just now, in the year 2015, trying to implement a plan to raise the diversity of life on campus......thats a pretty significant fact.....
What great logic youve got there. Why did the black people go to a college with white people is really what you're asking and quite simply its because THEY arent racist. Hell the entire team is backing this and its only about 50% black. Your logic is so bad its actually painful to see you grasp at invisible straws in an effort to debunk this. This isnt even about them, they're just standing with the Jewish people that were affected but hey, i guess if you aren't Caucasian then your complaints dont matter, right?
Too bad no one is being forced to do anything....Ole Miss just realized what most of the world already knows, the flag should have never been flown after the Civil War, plain and simple and are making the changes they feel are needed. Grow up.
I wouldnt land Jack St on a cupcake list.....i'd say more a hard roll type affair. If we sleep on them, they could very well upset us like Georgia Southern did to Florida a few years ago. These FBS schools are taking that money and using it wisely to improve their football as well. To assume the FBS schools will always lose no matter what is foolish as this is college level and anyone cant beat anyone with good enough coaching. That being said, if we iron out the wrinkles we should easily pull away in the second half but we still gotta show up to play football.
Have they played each other this year? I feel thats a fair argument. Not a knock on A&M, they played hard and came up with a big win.
Btw yes, i know what i spelled.
Brett winning percentage: 67% Gus winning percentage: 74% I respect both head coaches tremendously. I used to play and I'll tell you i'd play for both these guys if i got the chance. However, Gus's momentum and track record says hes the better coach, even if it is a short amount of time in comparison. That takes nothing away from Coach B, he is a great coach. In my own opinion, i wouldnt be talking smack if i were him though. He still hasnt beaten Auburn and last year he was literally shredded with two different quarterbacks from start to finish. I do have Arkansas to be the SECW dark horse this year though with their only two losses being to auburn in a 3 point difference and to missouri to end the season with missouri playing the role of spoiler to end their 7-6 year.
As an Auburn fan living in Athens, i have to say there is not much like it. Gameday here fills me with more joy than seeing Ricky Williams running for the Dolphins at my first in person football game. I love this city and everything it has to offer.
Finally, non-biased comments. Seriously, thank you.
With all that salt, im surprised youre still kickin to comment on this. Its brilliant and you know it.
I love how we have had the runner with the most yards in the SEC two years in a row with two different running backs, but we still cant get the nod to be "elite" level. Who writes this dreck? You just throw away anything that'll throw off the balance you want?
Right? Duke isnt even all the talent. We have Bray, Louis, Marcus Davis, a talented backfield and an at the worst our quarterback will be good but not great. Duke does not make this team.
Yeah and then you'll pay for new paintjob BEFORE you get your idiotic ass sent to jail. That reaction right there is why bama fans get so much slack. I sent this article to one of my best friends who grew up in Montgomery and is an avid bama fan and trash talker and he even agreed SOME of the NCs were kinda flawed and that you guys on this here article need to grow the hell up. War eagle.
Kid started last year against Arkansas and destroyed them through the air. Hes also been a good part of the offense since coming on campus. But hey, sleep on Johnson if you want. Personally im ready to see a blowout on the plains against UGA. I just wish i had gone to the game last year so theyd have had some crowd support and living in athens that kinda killed me. But anywho, before i ramble, dont sleep on J.J. Dude has skills and build to take us there and im pretty sure the only reason he didnt start every game last year was because we still needed to respect Nick and what he had done for the team the year before. War Eagle from athens.
>Calls our defense below average >Our defense was top 5 for most interceptions in the country and the only real issue seen by many analyst across the country is secondary depth >Says he doesnt troll.....
Why try to tell people who they can and can not play for? You just sound bitter.
Grow up. He hasnt even left high school yet. Like for real, grow up and go troll somewhere else, please.
I think its good for both programs. As a person who almost went to mercer but turned them down simply because they didn't have the football atmosphere with the amazing school combo I was looking for, I find this really cool. I'm glad they brought it back and are actually doing something to give themselves exposure.