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O Line is the worst O Line I've ever seen at UGA. Nobody can run if the offensive line gets backed up and out muscles the entire freaking game. UGA has always had a strong O Line but this year, it'll be their downfall. But hell of a game! Hats off to Mizzou! Looks like they have a great QB in the making of he can just complete less passes to the other team. Go Dawgs and Go SkinnyQB10!!! Killed it!
Don't forget about the 5 Star 2017 QB Jake Fromm. He just got updated to 5 star and that kid deserves it. He's on track to beat Watson's GA high school records!! Go Dawgs! QuarterbackU FINALLY!
I hope Eason wins the job indefinitely and continues to do well!
That 2012 Game was such a good game... UGA has never been so close to a Natty since the early 80's. I shed a tear every time I see footage from that game. Everybody knows any top 4 SEC team that year would've smoked Notre Dame. Maybe this year we can pull it off!!!
ABSOLUTELY no one is losing any night's rest about playing Tennessee after that poor excuse of a performance. If App St even had a mediocre kicker y'all would've lost and been done for a while. You have no room to talk bud. But maybe Tennessee will pull theirselves together and pull out a season that everybody wants them to. If UGA doesn't win the East, I sure hope Tenn does and wins it all.
#17 you are correct. This guy is absolutely crazy. I can't even fathom how many yards and TD's Chubb would have with a FULL season. This guy delivers every game no matter what. If UGA can not pull a Georgia and win games they should, Chubb should win it. The kid really deserves it.