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Well Stoops doesn't SAY he's never regressed in wins while at Kentucky. He actually never has regressed. It's fact. Anyone with half a brain knows that Kentucky likely won't win 10 games again this year. But 8 or 9 wins isn't out of the question and isn't a mark that should be scoffed at either. This year it's time for Eddie and Hinsaw to show us what they've got. CAn they figure out how to best use Terry, and spread out the offense, develop more than just one or two wideouts and move forward from the Benny Snell era.
you meant remiss* You also, I think, meant to say something of substance. Per your norm, you failed.
Not a troll. Just a hopeful fan who realizes that Benny Snell leaving means that Gran will have to open up the offense.
Terry Wilson will be considered one of the best QBs in America next season. Write. It. Down. Lynn Bowden Jr. will be a darkhorse for Heisman
Pretty sure Football Scoop.com confirmed the report. They're easily one of the most reliable sources on the web for this type of thing.
Sh!t not me. Losing Gran would have been a huge blow. I'm glad he's staying.
I don't know, I think UK and Penn State was a pretty even match up
....sigh. Can we stop this before SDS crashes like ESPN.COM has?
And expanding on my entire point... SEC over ALL Y'ALL.
My entire point was this: Had Bama not barely beat UGA in the final min or so of the championship game, both Bama and UGA were getting into the playoff. OU was likely getting left out.
Connor doesn't seem to know what in the hell he is talking about, half of the time and just "eye tests" everything.
It was pretty much a wash. Auburn cruised after you and the rest of the media left them for dead, Kentucky, for what it's worth was counted as the easiest pick against in all bowl season- really handled Penn State for 4 quarters. Bowl games are bowl games, and really don't amount to a handful of monkey piss. Does Clemson make it to the playoff every year because the ACC is great in bowl games and because they're a great conference? Obviously not. 99 That's the total number of wins that entire conference had this year combined. 73 That's the total number of wins the Big 12 had with their 10 teams, and let's say we bump that dumpsterfire up to 14 teams and make them all go 12-0. 109 wins. Obviously that wouldn't be the case. 111. That's the total number of wins by SEC teams, 57 of those being from the East- that's first among ALL college football divisions, the other 56 wins come from the West, obviously that's second. Georgia laying down in a bowl game and not remembering how to play defense for 2 quarters doesn't hurt the SEC's reputation. They were in the Natty last year and had a strong case to be in the playoff this year over the Big 12 champ (they should have been) You're shooting in the dark looking for reasons to find the SEC's reputation is hurt. 2. The number of playoff championships won by SEC teams. 4. The number of SEC appearances in the championship games.
I really don't get it, because hasn't SCar been recruiting in the 20s like every season for years? How is it that Kentucky has had their number for 5 years now? We're constantly in the low 30s
Clay Travis: "The sky WILL BE blue tomorrow." later on Clay Travis: "CALLED IT!"
This is a class, in a few years we're going to be looking back from another top scoring defense. Moe Douglas is a beast, KD McDaniel is highly underrated- oh and if you like offense, Tisdale is another Boom Williams. A lot of speed and size in this class.
Josh Allen would be up in Drew Lock's a$$ again. With Greedy, Delpit and Devin White playing along him? It would be bad for the second team.
2019 4th player in Ohio 15th player in Ohio 23rd player in Ohio 39th Player in Ohio 2018 3rd Player in Michigan 10th Player in Michigan 15th Player in Michigan 11th Player in Ohio 12th Player in Ohio 24th Player in Ohio 28th Player in Ohio 30th Player in Ohio 2017 1st Player in Ohio 15th Player in Ohio 17th Player in Ohio 18th Player in Ohio 26th Player in Ohio 2016/2015 Benny Snell CJ Conrad Mike Edwards Jordan Jones Darius West George Asafo-Adjei AJ Rose I guess Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State wouldn't want any of those players back :/
LA LA LA LA-LALA-LALA... NA LA LA LA- LALA-NALA-LALA That's supposed to be the Notre Dame fight song.
As a life long Packers fan, I just hope they're interested in him. I think Kelly would be a perfect fit
Brian Kelly to the GreenBay Packers after this year. Urban to Notre Dame
Well this certainly flew under the radar on SDS.
BIG 10 a threat to the SEC? LOL They can't keep their good players from going to Kentucky. They're not challenging Bama, Georgia, LSU anytime soon
Maybe I'm wrong, or just look at things the wrong way- but I feel like you always see the great QBs do more with less. Would like to see Tua pass against NFL defenses in the Bils, Jets, Miami offenses. Maybe he'd prove me wrong. But I'm just one irrelevant opinion. He's a stud for sure. It's just hard for me to gauge ANY Alabama QBs actual skill when you have the greatest OLine and wideout corps year in and year out