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Paris, I’ve been leaving you alone lately, because you’re really not worth it- but I’ve just got to ask, why? Why do you get on here to drag Kentucky through the mud non-stop? If you don’t like the AD, and you don’t like the coaches, that’s one thing. But for you to come on here and talk crap about the players. Dead players like Jared. Some of best players ever like Josh Allen- that’s how I know you’re not really a Kentucky fan. Some people on here might think you are, but there isn’t an ACTUAL UK fan out there who hates Allen, or would make fun of Jared Lorenzen. I’m really sorry your cardinals stink, but that isn’t Kentucky’s fault, that’s Bobby, Rick and Tom’s fault. Move on.
Paris, I've been leaving you alone lately, because you're really not worth it- but I've just got to ask, why? Why do you get on here to drag Kentucky through the mud non-stop? If you don't like the AD, and you don't like the coaches, that's one thing. But for you to come on here and talk crap about the players. Dead players like Jared. Some of best players ever like Josh Allen- that's how I know you're not really a Kentucky fan. Some people on here might think you are, but there isn't an ACTUAL UK fan out there who hates Allen, or would make fun of Jared Lorenzen. I'm really sorry your cardinals stink, but that isn't Kentucky's fault, that's Bobby, Rick and Tom's fault. Move on.
7 or 8-ish not too shabby after losing everything we're losing. 2020 season with Seniors Wilson, Bowden, Ali, Rose, Jackson, Young, Fortner, Watkins all on offense Seniors Bohanna, Boogie Watson, Looney, Josh Paschal, Corker, Robinson, Hoskins on the defense I'm antcipating, and I could be wrong, a BIG season in 2020. 10 wins again at least.
Connor, Remember when you said Penn State over Kentucky was the easiest pick of the bowl season?
With the Heisman winning QB in 2016, Louisville padded 3 wins against Marshall, Murray, and Charlotte, and couldn't even win 10 games. Go home, Paris.
Have your popcorn ready. Get ready to hear a lot of "Wilson finds Bowden deep"
We return pretty much the same OL along with adding former ALL-SEC Landon Young who was out all last season. Our running backs are arguably more versatile and are certainly deeper this season. We will have a running game that every SEC Defense will have to worry about.
Florida is likely losing in Lexington this year, so... yeah. I mean I guess they're going to beat everyone else in the East this year?
No, it's sort of like going: 2013 2-10 2014 5-7 2015 5-7 2016 7-6 2017 7-6 2018 10-3 So it kind like, sorta like, actually like, factually happened. It's not like your daddy, Bobby Petrino saying Louisville will beat Alabama and then getting blown out.
Unless it's Louisville. No one goes to Louisville.
Good news about the Wildcats. Haters are notably absent.
That's the spirit P-Dawg. Go CATS! Good pick up here seeing as how Mike Leach, Dave Cutcliffe, and Neal Brown wanted him pretty bad. Kentucky will need to tweak its offense to fully utilize this kid
Paris can't spell words. How are we supposed to take his fake fandom and sarcastic incredulity towards Kentucky seriously?
Imagine you being able to string together a series of coherent thoughts. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
And here you have it folks! Paris finds that winning in Women's Tennis and Soccer is somehow applicable in a discussion about Football superiority between two conferences.
WELL! Look at that! The troll can't take his own heat, huh? How often do you attack people you don't know? You've been doing it on here ever since the first day I logged on. Stoops, Barnhart, Terry Wilson, Benny Snell, Calipari. The list goes on, and on. Paris, just know this, I will be here to make you look foolish on any comment you post to this website. You've earned my attention by being an overall piece of garbage who wants to crap on our University. "You're* intelligence is seeping through." You say? How ironic.
Exactly, you've got nothing substantive to say. IMAGINE THAT! Oh, a few months ago you were begging me to define: amiss. I guess you and your mother were awfully proud that you knew a big ol' five letter word that wasn't an ad hominem. I wasn't pointing out that you misspelled a word, genius. You misused the word amiss, characterizing it as an adverb in your sentence where you were trying to use the adjective "remiss". People are remiss when they don't do something that they should. So when you said: "I think all of us who follow the Cats would be *amiss* if we didn’t recognize having us having possibility youngest member of a sports site in America." For as incoherently as you said it, what you meant to say was REMISS. People can be remiss, things can go amiss, or awry. You're welcome.
Paris, You don't have a fan club. You're just an attention crazed little girl who says outlandish things and stamps her feet about anything remotely positive written about the University of Kentucky so people are unfortunately familiar with you. You have no love for the University, the only reason you do this whole "thing" that you do is so that you can try playing into a false caricature about Kentucky fans that you hope to god exist so you can find at least SOME way to make the University look bad. You do the same thing on KSR too. Really, the only person who is obsessed is you. You go out of your way to talk bad about Kentucky because it's more interesting than trying to follow any information about Louisville. Isn't that sad? Your program is so pathetic and buried that there's no real way to amass any type off-season fandom so you have to pretend to be the rival fan online to keep yourself entertained. Well. So I guess since Allen's father played at UK, Paris is trying to say that the recruitment of this 4 star player doesn't mean very much. He was always going to come here anyway, right? What about John Young? You're noticeably absent from that comment section, and gee, I wonder why? Because there's no garbage you can spin. You're not a Kentucky fan. You're a fraud. A Trump-gimmick-stealing, bitter old Louisville fan
I don't know man. He's a fine player and all, but I just don't see the justification of him being ranked this high. I could be wrong. But I think Moorehead is an overrated coach and will end up hurting his production, again, instead of helping it.
Paris is only around because he likes to see what real football is like. Being that he's a Louisville fan, he's mostly only used to unfulfilled lofty promises. Like how Jurich said that Louisville Football was going to be a National Powerhouse. You do that by hiring a disgraced and "checked-out" coach who had to be BEGGED to offer Lamar Jackson a scholarship and couldn't even win 10 games with one of the best college football players the sport has seen in a decade. Paris thinks that the murders row schedule of Wake Forest, NC State, and Virginia football somehow equate to playing the likes of Florida, A&M, and Georgia. He thinks that scheduling Alabama and then claiming you're going to win, only to get destroyed is somehow better than scheduling teams you actually have a chance of beating
I don't know, but they're FOR CERTAIN going to slaughter that pseudo-power-six team they play every year at the end of the season. You know? Possibly the worst team in college football last year? You know? The team who couldn't even break 9 wins with a Heisman winner? You know? The team that got turned down by a middle-of-the-pack Big Ten coach, so they settled for a Sun Belt coach?
Kylin Hill? Are we smoking dope or something?
How could losing someone who contributed 1 touchdown pass in a 10 win season cause a disaster? Are we bored and trying to find something to write about, Joe?
Let's see what our favorite Louisville fan has to say about this. Gunnar is of his preferred skin color so I'm sure he'll just wish him well and have something to say about 'our version of Stoops' Gran and Hinshaw. Notice he's curiously mum on the development of a 2 star d-lineman into a top 5 NFL draft pick. Notice that he's nothing to say about the reality that UK will have more draft picks in the NFL then we've had in 15 + years. Notice that he's nothing to say about beating Florida or winning 10 games for the first time in decades. Notice that it's all about how Stoops isn't a good coach. He's not a Kentucky fan. He's a troll. A racist. And a Louisville fan.
Well Stoops doesn't SAY he's never regressed in wins while at Kentucky. He actually never has regressed. It's fact. Anyone with half a brain knows that Kentucky likely won't win 10 games again this year. But 8 or 9 wins isn't out of the question and isn't a mark that should be scoffed at either. This year it's time for Eddie and Hinsaw to show us what they've got. CAn they figure out how to best use Terry, and spread out the offense, develop more than just one or two wideouts and move forward from the Benny Snell era.
you meant remiss* You also, I think, meant to say something of substance. Per your norm, you failed.