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I hope that Florida was intelligent with its contract negotiations; this coach came from a group of five program right into a top job. Likely he would have been more flexible than most on a buyout clause had it been properly addressed.
Volman, I love the SEC, but in fairness only a small handful of coaches stay anywhere 5+ years.
Bolt is correct. It’s tough to play with 55 scholarships. They would do well into the 4th quarter and the first string would be exhausted.
Tidefan8x5, I would suggest that many of these players are his through the transfer portal and that one of his strengths is making the most out of what he has. Look at FAU…. No one will scream how great the players were and yet he took a team that rarely won 3+ games a season and turned them into conference champions 2 out of 3 years. Blake Simms at Bama, I believe, wasn’t even a QB at Alabama initially / Matt C. was second string ready to transfer, Compton (at TN) wasn’t a highly rated guy yet all three looked pretty good in his system. He gets a pretty bad rap about USC yet being 28-15 with their issues is pretty decent. Alabama during sanctions had a tough go of it. I think Saban (the best) went 7-6 in year 1 coming off similar sanctions as did USC.
I believe so as the extra points widen the gap debilitating the opponent. Most of the time it seems to work.
Well…. It is also possible that one was encouraged to seek elsewhere given that other recruits may be coming in. The receiver that left, I believe, was 6ft. We never know for sure.
Here’s an interesting point to consider; if you look at historical QB’s they were relatively average but became great in the system. If Corral was not in the mix, I’d bet a shiny dime that John Plumlee would be thriving in an offense customized for him.
Well, I think they push towards the end of the cycle (historically). Also too, they may be looking heavy to the transfer portal which doesn’t count in rankings.
Yes, if they lose they are still in the playoff hunt however that brings them to one loss in the bag when they play Alabama in the SEC Championship. That situation could knock Georgia out of the CFP if they lose there as well. Good to go into the championship with a highly probable CFP appearance win or lose.
The transfer portal has changed the landscape; it is important to keep in mind that Kiffin’s staff brought in most of the impact defensive players through the portal and most teams will be able to reload much quicker than in the past.
I’m smiling….. so Clemson is no longer with star QB Trever Lawrence and begins to slide with 4 and 5 star players. Doesn’t that sound familiar LSU?!
I love SEC football…. Has there been a whisper inside the fan base / program as to what or when some sanction decisions will be made? The press conference held by the Tennessee administration came across as pretty scary from an evidence perspective. Pruitt didn’t publicly fight back which is also telling.
I’m a little surprised there isn’t more speculation about USC. He was 28 and 15; imagine what he could do without sanctions, the QB they have committed, and a winnable conference???
My issue is that both Iowa and Oregon carry losses to unranked teams; the fact that Ole Miss has a loss to what was the #1 team yet still could be bumped for either of those two doesn’t seem right. Looking at the rest of Oklahoma’s schedule, if they lost it would be to an inferior team to Alabama so the same would hold true.
As an LSU fan do you have some inside scoop on Arik? What really happened there?
Actually, there’s an interesting perspective here…. Things have been quiet on that front to the point that handing out a punishment hasn’t seemed like a priority; an incident with such a public spotlight might bring the other back to the front burner.
Well, to be fair, wasn’t there a Tennessee player running off the field with his helmet off and he then fell to the ground suspiciously?
I would think that could be negotiated down, however, due to the scandals that LSU could make a thing out of if Coach pushes back.
To follow up a fair question to your question…. What if Ole Miss wins out and the only loss is to Alabama / same case with Georgia? G and OM have only 1 loss to #1 BUT have numerous quality wins; should they be shut out?
To make the CFP after a loss to Clemson they’d have to win the SEC which likely means they’d have to beat Alabama in the championship. Also, Auburn is on the schedule and there’s some talent there as well. That’s four respectable wins (in my opinion) if Georgia makes the CFP.
I see your point but do not think it fair to compare NC level to Florida level, etc. Pre season rankings are iffy and NC’s ranking will be inflated by wins over several questionable teams. Sans Norte Dame and Miami on the list there isn’t a team on NC’s schedule that a mid tier SEC team would find challenging. Not saying that Clemson isn’t awesome…. The just don’t need to survive a Florida, Alabama, Auburn after the matchup.
Here’s my conundrum…. I agree that a Georgia loss does not derail the season; their schedule has a slew of high caliber teams with a possible bout with Alabama. Now Clemson on the other hand; their only legitimate competitor is Georgia. If Clemson loses to the only high caliber team on their schedule should they deserve a spot in the playoffs?
Interesting to note, recall how well JRP performed in the slot against Indiana…. He’s a favorite of CLK and reminds me a bit of Marquese Lee from Kiffin’s days at USC. He could be a sleeper superstar if he gets touches…
I’m usually not a “would have could have” person, but it would have been great to see this offense with Kenny back; hoping it’s on par with last year as the other comments are on point. If the defense is just a liiiiiiiittle better Ole Miss wins a lot of games if point levels are where they were last year.
There’s an interesting option that has not been discussed, Ole Miss... There’s an incoming freshman that could still have a back injury and need some time to develop, there’s one of the top QB’s in the country, and there’s an outgoing TE that didn’t have the talent of Arik (Temple transfer), but looked like a 5 star in Kiffin’s system.
Well.... The BIG10 has some pretty big players / teams. In a regular season (without ND) the ACC has Clemson and Miami (which only became good this year). This year NC had an offense, it is basically a team still growing, talent wise.
Interestingly enough, this brings up a superb example: yes, certainly, players and their talents make the team what it is. In the case of Yeboah it is demonstrated that the team / system also makes the player. Coming out of Temple, a future in football was tenuous, if at all. Now, after 8 games, he is set up for a wonderful payday. I agree that players should be allowed to profit from their likeness; this is the perfect example that there is indirect compensation that the player should also appreciate.
When the announcement re: Miss State came out a few days back I believe it was around the time Miss State was signing a higher ranked player at a similar position. I wondered at the time if it was a Miss State idea for the young man to decommit.
Firstly, I’m a huge LSU / SEC fan so would have been thrilled to see this. No joke, paste the quote into google and you will see one of the articles that I read this from. OSU suggested this before the rule change to reduce the minimum game rule.