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The cool thing is that, on a given day, it’s not absurd to believe that most of these teams could defeat the other.
Plus too, he likely has some East Coast recruiting inroads
It will make for a cool subplot of what will likely be a great game…
Great point about not playing where they were…. Sometimes the style of play is a part of the decision too, though. Had Joe B. stayed at OSU, there was amazing talent in front of him and he may not have ever seen the field.
Well, to be fair, he did take a 3 win FAU team and make them 10 win using mostly the same players. Actually, thinking back, he took I think a 4 win TN team and brought them to 7. I’m not sure many agree that he lacks recruiting chops.
Deion is doing a great job, but, bear in mind that his rankings will be inflated as he’s adding 40+ players out of the portal.
Captainreb, oh, it doesn’t take anything away from the accomplishments. Another poster from that school was saying that OM was luring players over to their school and I was pointing out that it goes both ways.
I think that title developed as he was one of the few optimizing the portal before the masses. To be fair, didn’t A&M get an OM player?
Can we remember a time when Texas did NOT have a lot of incoming talent? They have one of the top classes in the country almost every year; I've always been very surprised that the coaching has led them to the records they have. Their classes make them a competitive game with any school on a given day... They just come out on the short end of the stick quite often.
I have a feeling that Kiffin and Smith have been in touch and that Blackwell was pointed towards a soft landing spot - everything happened bam, bam and just before Spring practice. Just my thoughts.
To be fair, many of the transfers have several years of eligibility remaining. These days, that’s EXACTLY how you build a program because they can’t leave. H.S. recruiting doesn’t make sense anymore. You build their bodies into football players and then they leave. Let someone else do that part, IMO.
This should rectify the void left by the Austin departure...
I am excited….. Very strong set of athletes! Given that the portal can provide an entirely new team, rebuilding is completed in the off season. Hoping the coaching chops put them on the top, 2023 will tell.
Interestingly, I heard that Auburn wasn’t entirely sold an Spencer and that O State was a little frustrated with him as well. That would mean that there weren’t bunches of spots welcoming him with open arms.
Joe Burrow was third or fourth string at OSU, Alabama has a bevy of QB’s as well. I’ve been hearing that Dart is the guy and Walker is the future. If something happens to Dart, Walker may need another year of nurturing whereas Spencer could be plug and play.
The Alabama grade seems harsh - it’s not as if those 18 players all landed at top programs / were Dallas Turner dominant. Let them have a chance to play….
Robinson is a surprise to me as I didn’t know that he could transfer twice. We now live in the world of take the money and run, I suppose. As for the defensive players, that happens when coordinators change (see DJ Durkin bringing chance Campbell to OM / soon to be Linebacker following Golding). Igbinosun demonstrated a character flaw on this one as he just signed his collective contract moments ago. Sans Mario at Temple, even coaches don’t go that far.
It is entertaining watching the fan base get down on a coach for recruiting despite a strong track record of success in the transfer portal. Each year the portal pickups have been impressive.
The decision needs to be made as to whether the playoffs are the best teams or teams with the best records. Put many of the SEC teams into a different conference and their records would have looked very different in that they’d have enough wins to be in the conversation. Posters from Auburn and Georgia should recognize that. Hypothetically, would it be fair for Georgia to be out had Alabama defeated them knowing the other conferences have no such games on the schedule? During the season, TCU’s journey was a majority of mid record teams.
It’s frustrating understanding the cfp - do you select the best teams or the best records? Heck, if it’s the latter, then 1/3 of the SEC teams should just move to other conferences where they would rarely lose a game.
Good player, however with NIL and insurance, playing another year would have helped his draft status and pocketbook
Players came back and said that’s what the fight was about
Didn’t they lose only two or three games over three seasons with his gambling technique? Alabama lost that many just this year, to be fair.
This is one of those examples of leaving millions on the table; could have had decent NIL and insurance as well. One decent season without missing a chunk of games would have put Zach in round three as one of the best RB’s in the country. There’s a real chance that he’s round 6 or 7 at best…
A few years back OM was in the Vandy echelon of the SEC so depth has to be built over time. 12 great HS recruits is an accomplishment; OM could have easily signed additional projects, but that’s not a roadmap to winning. 18 games in two years is LSU / A&M good. It’s OM great. Last year’s portal guys should be better and there will be more to help.
So if the Maryland coach wins 10 games do you really think that he won't be recruited by other programs? This logic is the same for any coach not at a blue blood program. An important point could be that Kiffin STAYED at Ole Miss despite a reported $120M contract being put in front of him. Something to think about...
Just looked for an article - curious where he solicited it publicly. Crazy scene right now, takes some of the fun out of college football
Coming from a small school in Louisiana, the buyout for a great opportunity like Florida could have been an ice cream cone if negotiated properly. He would have jumped at a contract much less than the one that he was offered.