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Mr. Hall.... please do some homework on Mizzou. Franklin's injury wasn't season ending. Mauk appeared mid-season. That was one of Mizzou's biggest stories last year. I'm not sure how you could miss that.
Beat me to it. I'm not too certain SDS has done much homework on Mizzou's football program yet.
Well, Marcus Murphy isn't Mizzou's #1 RB. In fact, he may actually play more slot receiver than RB.
Agreed. Printz, I believe, will come away with the backup job is needed.
I think you have to put Matt Hoch on this list. He's been a force for Mizzou the past couple years and is a bring reason the D-Line has been such a success.
Seriously? Braylon Webb had 89 tackles last season. I suspect you think he's just going to fall off the map? I really would like your reasoning behind leaving him off the list.
Golden is getting the love Kony Ealy got preseason last year and Sam ended up being Mizzou's DL leader. I can see the same thing happened with Golden and Shane Ray; being the outside pass rusher, Ray will likely benefit from our DTs and Golden's ability to draw double teams. Here's to another sack-happy Mizzou defense!Ultimately, can we just have the SEC Network already?!!
So is anything going to come out of he and his brother beating a dude for no apparent reason, or is the school up north just gonna turn the other cheek?
2 points on Owen: 1) He's a True Son. He's wanted to be a Missouri Tigers most his life. It means a ton to a program when they get kids like this who will love where they're headed. 2) He ran a 4.85 at camp last week. That's pretty darn quick for a young man who has yet to step foot on campus and work with a collegiate training staff. This kid will be fun to watch in a few years.
Ray will stand up and play the Joker position quite a bit this year. Also, the way Coach Steck goes nuts with some of his schemes, expect to see Ray up as a MLB rushing up the middle when we come out in a 3 man front-nickel formation.The fact that he was hand-timed in the 4.4s this winter is just insane. On the other side with Golden, we have some insanely fast DEs. I'm anxious to see what numbers they put up as starters.
Not really a tandem, but here's to hoping Mizzou establishes some depth and have 5 guys with over 500 receiving yards. Hunt, Sasser, Moore, White and Copelin. Here's to hoping the walk-on Otte gets some real reps this season!
Well, that's the beauty of this matchup.... geography would support this rivalry. Recruiting battles will now heat up and both sides' fan bases knock one another a bit. I'm not saying this will be an amazing rivalry, but it could be fun.
This could be a very smart move for him. He needs to seek 'help' and prove to GMs that he isn't going to be a risk. This would also give him extra time working on fundamentals and getting stronger.I hope this young man can get things figured out for his own wellness and future.
Here's to hoping this is the start of a very bitter rivalry between Mizzou and Arky!
Todd McShay praised Shane Ray while watching filim on Ealy and Sam. Speed is certainly his friend, running an unofficial sub 4.5 at a Pro Day. He's a little undersized, but may have the fluidity to play OLD in 3-4 schemes. I do not, however, see him being drafted ahead of Golden.
Is it just me, or has Georgia will taken a big hit to their secondary since last season? With transfers, dismissals and even a few missed recruits, should the dawgs have some concern?
Ealy going in the first round will be a big deal for Mizzou. They've done a lot of sales on Mizzou being one of the top first round pick producers in recent years. If Ealy goes in the first, that'll be 5 out of 7 picks on defense going in the first round the past 6 I believe (I may be off a little bit). Those first round picks on the D-Line is a big sales point for recruiting. IAs a Mizzou fan, this is a big one to watch. Nonetheless, I'm so glad it's draft day!
Since everyone is writing off Mizzou again in pre-season polls, wouldn't it be safe to call them a 'sleeper?' Yes, they won the east, but apparently few think they can repeat or even be relevant.
Is it just me or has USC really missed out on some quality in-state signal callers?
With all the basketball coach drama going on... Mizzou CANNOT wait for football season.
If they're really saying he might play inside.... wow. We all know he's athletic and the coaching staff has been highly praising him, but wow. He came to Mizzou pretty raw, only playing football a couple years. The best part about that is Mizzou staff didn't have a lot of bad habits to help break and have given him fresh tools that are making him deep.
Charles Robinson???? Yeah, you mean Charles Harris.
When it comes the point where college athletes are paid, I think the longer a player stays, the higher premium they should get. It might influence some of the tweeners and later projected underclassmen to stay.