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Piece of sh!t kid should be hung and his family exterminated to prevent making anymore like him!
He isn't going anywhere. It isn't about money. It's about all the children the local meth heads traffic to him weekly. You all just thought Sandusky was bad. Wait til the 30 for 30 comes out on this scumbag.
Working on his future. Long days of managing a local drive thru before going home to the trailer park to beat his wife, get drunk, and fondle himself thinking about his glory(hole) days. Hopefully the kids make it out without too much emotional scarring when he suck starts a shotguns thinking about how no NFL team even looked his way.
6. Kirby had to suk and swallow them all daily to make them stay.
Too bad the tornadoes hit Kentucky. Those people didn't deserve it. Coulda used them in Athens while this shyt show was happening.
Negan, why don't you sit in a tub and slice your wrists
I can't catch the "VID" as you call it. I b o n e d your mom years ago. After I recoverd from everything that tramp had to offer, I have antibodies to d@mn near everything known to mankind!
Ooooor maybe you're just a troll speaking from experience?
Just curious mobile, if it would only show the posts to the user that posted, how could you watch them hang around? I assume you were an admin for that particular page?
But only affects those who've drank from the Athens local water supply
Bama losing was great! Now we just need the pilot on UGA flight to lose control of the plane. Marshal pt 2 anyone?
Hopefully UGAy won’t be on there at all. As satisfied as I was to see Bama lose, the only thing more fulfilling would be to see the plane carrying the UGAy players and staff fall from the sky.